Well the summer holidays are here so I thought I'd go through some old fiction and see if I could revamp it and post it!

This is I suppose you could call a missing scene from A Very Supernatural Christmas – covering the time between escaping the 'gods' and the present giving! Might not be any good but I hope you give it a go! Not sure if I got everything right from the episode so apologies if I didn't.

As the sun set, casting a glittering shadow, on a bitterly cold Christmas Eve, a low rumbling penetrated the frigid air. An imposing black car glided to a halt outside a particular motel room. The driver turned off the engine, leaving a peaceful stillness in its wake.

As Dean Winchester pulled the keys out of the ignition, he released a long sigh followed by a slight grimace as a forgotten pain made itself known again.

Today had been brutal! He and his brother had been tortured by two pagan 'gods' who gave a whole new meaning to season of goodwill! Dean had been cut twice – once on each arm with his blood being caught in some sort of ceremonial cup. Why he'd had to be cut twice was anyone's guess! Dean could feel anger beginning to raise again towards these two 'gods', 'damn crackpots,' he thought.

He was shaken out of his musings by a hand gently rocking his shoulder, "You ok Dean? You kinda zoned out there a little." His younger brother looked at him with concern. Dean threw him his best reassuring smile and nodded, "Come on then, let's get inside before we freeze our butts off!" Sam groused as he began to open the car door.

Dean cast a glance over to his younger brother. The dying rays of the sun were casting a pinkish glow onto his face, but Dean could see the frown – the one that showed, maybe not to everyone but certainly to Dean – that Sam was in some sort of distress. Dean felt his blood begin to boil a little more. It was one thing hurting him for their little 'sacrifice' but they crossed the line when they hurt Sam. He didn't know exactly what they had done to him but his sibling had cried out a few times. He would get to the bottom of it!

They had completed what they had set out to do though. Killed them with their own Christmas tree – with evergreen being the only thing that would kill them. They then burned the bones. They weren't coming back! They were toast! Job well done, if a little painfully.

He was looking forward to a nice hot shower, a beer and maybe watching the game seeing as Sam wasn't interested in doing anything remotely Christmassy this year. But first things first, they had to patch each other up.

As Sam opened the motel door, he took a couple of seconds to glance back at his brother. Dean was still behind the wheel of his beloved car and seemed to be staring at nothing. Sam wondered, not for the first time, what was running through his big brothers mind. He felt a shudder run through him as he remembered how Dean had tried to cover up everything that was happening to them with his witty one-liners and his threats of death or worse! But Sam had also witnessed his cries of pain. He'd felt the deep breaths that Dean had been taking to try to lessen the pain, and more importantly, he had seen the damage inflicted on him. He needed to get it sorted out.

"Yo Dean!" He yelled his brothers head snapped up so fast that Sam was sure he'd have whiplash. "Don't forget the first aid kit!"

The older man nodded and gave thumbs up sign. Sam allowed himself a small smile, and then went inside.

Once inside their spacious, yet sparse motel room, Sam immediately set the coffee going. He knew that they both needed a shot of the black stuff.

Dean barrelled his way in and immediately sat down on the bed, running a hand through his hair, "Damn, it's been a fudgin' long day!" He groused, as he leaned forward with his head in his hands.

Sam shook his head slightly, "You gonna say that all the freakin' time now?" He queried.

"Hell yeah!" Dean retorted throwing Sam one of his famous smirks.

"You want the shower first Sammy?"

"Nah, you go first…then I'll patch you up."

Dean got to his feet, swaying slightly as he did so. He immediately waved away any assistance that Sam might have been offering. As he made his way to the bathroom taking slow, deliberate steps he told his brother, "I might save you some hot water seeing as its Christmas." He thought for a moment, "Then again I might not…Grinch!"

He closed the door behind him.

Sam allowed himself a moment to just sit a listen to the quiet around him. Unfortunately that peace was shattered, rather brutally, a little later as Dean's not so tuneful rendition of 'White Christmas' filtered into the room.

Sam gently lifted the pillows from his bed to check that his purchases that he had made the day before were still where he had left them. As he placed them back his hand caught the headboard – the hand with the missing fingernail.

White hot pain lanced through his finger and it was all he could do not to cry out! He didn't want Dean knowing about that particular injury – the gods were already dead for goodness sake. But if Dean knew what they had done, he would probably go and dig them up, just to burn them again!

Suddenly another thought crossed Sam's mind. What would Dean do to him when he found out, seeing as Sam had neglected to tell his brother about that injury.

Sam felt another shiver run through him as he heard the shower shut off…and it wasn't from the cold.

'Man that felt good' Dean thought as he wrapped the smallest bath towel in the world around himself.

He opened the door to see his brother sat on the bed and a cup of steaming coffee by his bedside.

"I saved you some hot water…I think," Dean told his brother.

Sam chuckled, "Let's get you sorted out, and then I'll go in."

He'd already taken out some disinfectant wipes, clean gauze and tape to cover the wounds.

In less than ten minutes he was done. He had been relieved to see that the wounds hadn't been too deep, so he didn't need stitches. He disinfected the wounds and covered them lightly in gauze, "Good job Sammy thanks. Now it's your turn."

Sam was shaking his head, pointing to his bed, "I might just…"

"Oh no you don't! I want you to get showered, and be back out here in 15 minutes for me to patch you up…and to find the injury that you are obviously hiding!"

Sam looked up in surprise, noticing Dean's knowing smile. 'Damn he's good' Sam thought grudgingly as he made his own way to the shower.

Well, one thing was for sure, at least he would be clean when his big brother kicked his ass!

Not sure it was any good. Not much excitement but really this is all they would be doing after escaping (in my opinion).

Let me know what you think. I've got a couple more chapters basically like this one so you'll have to tell me whether it's worth me posting them.