One Is the Loneliest Number Keeperoliver Chapter 1

A/N: Sorry but I missed writing too much. I hope you enjoy this different approach to Harry starting out Hogwarts. He is a different Harry than we know, and his upbringing is unknown. Even Dumbledore didn't know who raised Harry, as he was missing when Hagrid went to get him. Hope this catches everyone's interest. As always, Ollie the Keeper.


A family of flame haired people entered the station, which created havoc due to the twins that were pranking different people as they came through. The matriach tried to control them but was unable to corral them and keep contact with her youngest, a young girl of around ten. Her youngest son was attending his first year, and was nervous about what he was getting into.

The twins had told him of what he had to do to get sorted into a house. He had to face a challenge, and depending on how he handled it, would determine what house he was to enter. The boy's name was Ron, and he always considered himself brave which meant he would be in Gryffindor, but he also felt he was loyal, which would put him in Hufflepuff. He was not smart enough for Ravenclaw, and he was not cunning, which left out Slytherin. He knew his entire family had joined Gryffindor House, and worried that he would be the first to join another house.

Ron wished his mum and sister goodbye, and pulled his trunk onto the train and looked for a cabin to get settled for the long trip. The first cabin he came to was locked, and someone was sitting there as if asleep. He was wearing a sweater with a hood that was pulled up over his head and he could not see his face. When Ron knocked on the door, he was ignored by the occupant, so he went further down the hall to look for another cabin.

Ron found one that was occupied by a girl and boy who were looking for something. He knocked and was asked to enter. He did, and asked what it was they were looking for. When the girl looked up to him, his heart took a huge leap, as she was breath taking. Her only flaw were her two large teeth. Her hair was a little wild, but, her curls were very fetching. She had beautiful smile, and sparkling golden brown eyes. Ron introduced him self, and she returned, "Pleased to meet you Ron. I am Hermione Granger, and this is Neville Longbottom. We were looking for Trevor, when you entered. Trevor is Neville's toad, and familiar."

Ron helped the two look for Trevor, and found him sitting outside the locked door of the stranger with the hood. Hermione knocked on the door, but like Ron, she was ignored by the occupant. "Who do you suppose it is, Ron? Why did he lock his door?"

"I guess he wants his privacy, Hermione. He sure is a strange one though. I bet he ends up in Slytherin. He is a creepy one, and very aloof. Probably a pureblood."

Neville took the oppotunity to speak his first words, "I don't know Ron, he would be with the other purebloods if he were. Malfoy, Zabini, Greengrass, and Parkinson are all pureblood families that will end up in Slytherin. They are all accounted for."

Hermione being a muggle born witch had no idea what the two were talking about. "Excuse me, but what is a pure blood?"

Neville answered her. "Hermione, there are three casts that will be entering Hogwarts. Pure bloods, Half bloods, and muggle born. Pure bloods are born to both a wizard and a witch who have long family lines of witches and wizards. Half bloods are born to a pure blood member and a member who was a muggle born. A muggle born is born to both members who are neither a witch or wizard."

"Oh, I see. I guess that makes me a muggle born then, as both my mother and father are not magical. How about you and Ron, Neville?"

"We are both Pure blood, but, neither of us are the type that the other pure bloods are. They all feel they are better than every one else. We on the other hand feel equal to other witches and wizards. We do not feel superior to any one. We believe we are all one big happy family."

Ron then added, "He is right you know Hermione. Why the most famous family known right now were the Potters. They were a pureblood wizard and muggle born witch who died protecting their son. Unfortunately, their son was taken that night, and never heard from again. He would have been around our age if he lived. He must have died when he defeated the Dark Lord that evening. It was that or Death Eaters took him then killed him later. Too bad. My sister has had a crush on him for years. His name was Harry, and he saved the magical world that evening. He was a true hero."

They talked for the rest of the trip, until it was time to prepare for their arrival. They got dressed and awaited for the train to stop.


The students were gather outside the Great Hall, awaiting for the Professor to return to bring them in. They had been insulted by Malfoy while waiting. Ron and Neville had turned the tables on him, and he walked off in fury.

Professor McGonagall came back in and took them to stand in the aisle awaiting the sorting ceremony. They listened to the sorting hat as it sang it's song. Then it was time to start the sorting. As the Professor went through the names, she came to Hermione. Hermione was called up to the stool. She sat and the hat was placed on her head. She was surprised when the hat started to talk to her, "A brilliant mind, one who never takes things for granted, brave, and loyal. You would do well in either Ravenclaw or Gryffindor. Perhaps Ravenclaw would be best for you."

"Umm sir, could you please explain the qualities of each house so that I may see if I agree with you?"

"Certainly my dear. The Ravenclaws are very smart and into research. Gryffindors are very brave and loyal."

"Then I can see your dilemma. I don't know if you listen to the students when you make your choice, but, if you could would it be possible to put me in Gryffindor?"

"My dear, since you fit in either so well, I don't see why not, better be Gryffindor."

Hermione jumped off the stool and went to the Gryffindor table, and sat with Lavender Brown who also was sorted into Gryffindor.

Soon, Neville was called up, and he too was sorted into Gryffindor, joining Hermione and Lavender. After a few more students were called, sending Malfoy to Slytherin, a name was called that brought the attention to every one in the hall.

Professor McGonagall had to look at the name for a few seconds. It was a name that she did not expect, and wondered how she had missed it when sending out the letters. It was a name she had not heard in a few years. "HARRY POTTER!"

The hall became quiet when the name was said, and they all turned to look to see who it was. Ron almost passed out when the hooded stranger walked up to the stool for the sorting.

Potter took the seat and was there for a few minutes when the hat called out , "Better be Gryffindor."

The Gryffindor table exploded with cheer for getting the hero of the wizard world. However, when he walked to the end of the table and sat alone, the other students quited down and decided to leave him alone.

The rest of the sorting was finally finished, and Ron was sorted into Gryffindor House and took a seat next to Hermione. Once seated, he talked with Hermione and Neville about Harry Potter.

He would be the center of talks for a while.


For the next three months, the two tried on several occasions to talk to Potter but, he remained seperated from the rest of his house mates. He excelled in all classes, and was second to Hermione for best grades. While they continued through the year, Hermione, Ron and Neville had faced a three headed dog, an irritable Malfoy who caused Hermione to break down and hide herself in the girls Lavatory, where a Troll almost killed her. She thanked Ron and Neville for helping her even though they couldn't figure out how they had saved her. Neville froze, and Ron's spell failed. None of them were aware of the spell that came from the back of the Lav that pulled the club from the Troll and dropped it on his head.

Hermione felt like they were protected by some invisible force, and she was quite pleased by it. Ron and Neville did not share her feelings. They were sure that Professor Dumbledore was the one who was behind saving them. He was after all the most powerful wizard alive. He would never let anything happen to one of his students. Hermione questioned this as if it was Dumbledore, then why didn't he show himself to let his students know that he was there to protect them.

The three even became involved with a mystery about a certain Nicholas Flammel. They did not know who he was, but he had been mentioned by Hagrid during a tea they joined him in. They believed Hagrid's tea may have had more than just tea in it.

It was after Christmas break when Ron found a Chocolate frog card on his bed with a picture of Dumbledore on it. He was ready to put it with his collection, when he happened to turn it over, and found the answer to the question they were looking for. He brought it to Hermione since she was the brains of the three, and she hugged Ron for finding the solution, and Ron blushed a bright red, and had a smile on his face that spread from ear to ear. He wouldn't mind more of them. Neville became quite jealous of the hug. He also wouldn't mind a hug from the beautiful girl. Neville believed both him and Ron had a crush on her. With his less than steller powers, he felt he was not much of a challenge for her affections. He saw the way the two had taken to each other, and backed off. It hurt, but, Ron was becoming more confident and smarter since they got to know Hermione.

Near the end of the year, it became more obvious what they were involved with. It seemed that the Headmaster was protecting a stone created by Flammel called the Philosopher's Stone which could give the owner immortality. They thought that it was Professor snape that was after the stone, and tried to watch him to see when he was going to go after it. They had figured it would be when Dumbledore was not in the castle. This happened one evening, and the three tried to get Professor McGonagall to do something about it, but she told them she didn't know how they knew about it, but she assured them the stone was quite protected.

They did not feel the same as she did, and decided to go after the potions instructor themselves. They went to the room where Fluffy was and found him asleep. They then went through the trap door that was being guarded by the dog. They fell through the door and landed on the floor below, passing the burned remain of a Devil Snare plant. They then went through a room that had flying keys fluttering around, but there was one that was already in the lock of the door across the room.

They walked into the next room to find a giant chess set that had been totally destroyed. They walked across the chess board and entered another room that had a Troll lying on the floor. It was dead, a pool of blood forming from the crushed skull.

When they crossed the room, it was as far as they could go, as the next room was blocked by a wall of flame. Hermione tried all the spells at her command, but none would douse the flame that stopped them from going further. "How are we supposed to stop Professor snape from getting the stone if we can't get through?"

Ron was ready to answer her, when the flames died, and something flew from the room beyond the room they were looking into. Hermione rushed through the room with Ron and Neville right behind her. The sight before them caused Hermione to break down in tears. The room was for the most part totally destroyed. The only thing left standing was a mirror in the middle of the room. There were two bodies lying in the middle of the room also. Well one body, and the remains of another, burnt to a crisp. They could not recognize the remains, but the other was Harry Potter. He was very still, and Hermione feared for the worse. She went to him and knealt next to him to see if he was dead or just unconscious. She let out a breath she was holding, as she found a heart beat in Harry. It took all three of them to get his body up through the maze and to the Hospital wing. Madam Pomphrey took him from there, and chased the three of them out of the wing. It woulkd be two weeks before they heard that Harry was awake and alert.

The three were surprised when Harry asked to see them. They walked into the wing, and found Dumbledore and Harry talking. Dumbledore got up and told Harry they would talk later, and left.

For the first time, Harry talked to them directly, "Is every one alright?"

Confused, Ron asked, "Why shouldn't we be?"

It was the first time they heard Harry laugh. "All year long you have been facing threats and dangerous situations. A Troll, a three headed dog, and finally possibly a Professor who was possessed by Lord Voldemort. I think what I asked was a fair question?"

Hermione answered him now, "How did you know all of this? We have been keeping all of this a secret from everyone."

"I have been following your progress through out the year. If a person was serious about wanting to know things, you would be surprised how easy it was. I have been with you all year. Now I wish to thank you all for bringing me up here to have Poppy heal me. I appreciate that."

"Why have you ignored every one all year?" Neville got into the conversation.

"I'm sorry about that, but in order for me to do what I had to do, I had to keep every one at arms length to protect them which included you. It will probably continue next year as well. You see, I have been training for years to prepare for the return of Voldemort."

Ron shuddered at Harry's use of the Dark Lords name, "Must you use his name so freely, like you were friends?"

"Fear of the name, is to admit he has already defeated us. It is just a name, no more. Now, please if you don't mind, I am going to try and get some sleep."

It was the last time Harry talked to them the rest of the school year. Hermione was upset, because she had all kinds of questions for him. He was so secretive. He must be awfully lonely, not talking to anyone, and keeping to himself.

She would have been really upset if she found out Harry and the twins had been talking all year in private and was helping them with their pranks.

Finally, it was time for them to leave for the summer Hols, and once again, Harry was locked in his cabin with no one else in there.

Once they were back at King's Cross Station, Hermione hugged both Ron and Neville saying she looked forward to next year and seeing them again. Ron and her hugged again, and then they were all gone back home.

When Ron's sister Ginny learned that Harry Potter had attended Hogwarts, she made a collection of questions for all her brothers. She got more from Ron than she did from Percy and the twins.

She was looking forward to her start of school the next year.


I hope you enjoyeds this different approach to Harry's Hogwarts Years. I will eventually let every one know who raised and trained Harry. Let me know how I did. Can anyone tell me what the reference is to the story title it is a song naturally. As always, Ollie the keeper.