One Is The Loneliest Number Keeperoliver Chapter 7

A/N: Where to begin. First off, since Harry is no longer lonely, the title has to change. Second, with there now beibng 11 in the group, I have to find a title for the next segment. Third, pairings will start to pop up. Fourth, what will become of Draco. You will see the reason for this in this chapter, and no, he will not be number twelve to the group. That does not mean he will be bad.

Now on to another subject, The Door To The Past. I really upset a number of my readers with this one. Yes, future Harry dies, and no he will not be coming back to the living. In the upcoming sequel, the present young Harry will begin his life, free of the threat of Voldemort. It does not mean that another threat is not in the horizon. Let us just say that the Elder Wand does recognize time lines. Harry will also grow up with sisters, one by blood, and one adopted. I think that is all I can give you for now.

Well with all of this, I guess I should start this final chapter. I hope you enjoy it, and look for the sequel which should be out soon. Two, maybe three days. It all depends on if I can find a title to the sequel of the Door. As always, Ollie the Keeper.


Dobby was excited to start his first day of his freedom. He could feel it in is heart. Frredom was the sweetest word he ever heard. The sweetest feeling he ever felt.

Harry was being obstinate, not wanting to wake up. The smile on Dobby's face grew, as he conjured a picher of ice cold water to dump on young Harry's head.

Harry jumped out of bed the minute he was hit by his cold bath. "Dobby, I warn you now, pay back is a bitch, and it will happen when you least expect."

"I look forward to it Harry Potter. Now please get dressed so that we can get started with our day. I think we have much to do."

Harry knew Dobby was right. He had to introduce Dobby to Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Neville. Then he had to talk to the rest of the eleven. There was also the point he had to find one more to add to the fold. Eleven was not a number he wished to work with.

The rest of the dorm had already left, so Dobby felt it was safe to go to Harry and wake him. Harry had him disillusion himself so as not to be seen, and headed to the hall for breakfast. Dobby had already eaten in the kitchen with the other elves. He had also talked with them to get their feelings for Harry's idea. When it was time to start, there were over one hundred who wished to train to be an army.

Dobby forgot to disillusion himself when he left the kitchen, and it brought about a most unfortunate situation. As he entered the main hallway, he met his ex-young Master, Draco Malfoy.

"Dobby, what are you doing here at Hogwarts?"

"Dobby is a free elf, and may go where ever he wishes Draco Malfoy. He no longer is the house elf of the Malfoy family."

"How can that be? Father would never free you. Now get back to the Manor, before he sees you missing. You will have to punish yourself for this."

"No sir, Dobby will not. He is free by your father. He gives Dobby socks. Dobby is free."

"He gave you socks? When?"

"Yesterday. Here in the castle, and in front of a witness. It is true, abd Dobby is free. Now if you pardon me sir, I have an appointment to keep." and Dobby walked off leaving a bewildered Draco Malfoy.

Father would never free Dobby, he knows too much about the Malfoy family. He would become a liability, and would have to be removed before that happened. Draco was now expecting a letter from his father, making his wishes know. Wishes that Draco really had no heart to fill. With all of his banter, and cocky attitude, he could never kill a living creature.

Dobby sat in thye abandoned class room, now hidden under a disillusion charm. It was not long after that students started to file into the room. Fred and George were first, followed by Harry, Ron, and Hermione, and finally Ginny and Neville.

Harry began, "Thank you for agreeing to come here and listen to what I have to say. Just to let you know, you have been excused from classes no matter how long this takes. I will tell you the reason for this as soon as the last two members arive. Hermione, don't worry, I know we have charms, but believe me when I tell you Professor Flitwick understands why you are here. The rest should be here just about now." Harry felt the arrival of the three as they approached the door to the room. In walked Sirius, Remus, and Professor Flitwick himself. It looked like Hermione gave a sigh of relief when she saw him. Harry noticed this and couldn't hold back a grin. Ron saw it as well, and took her hand to calm her down.

Then Harry began his idea of creating an army. "Listen guys, what I am going to say..." Harry was interrupted by some one clearing their voice. He looked down at Ginny and saw her point to herself and Hermione. "I stand corrected. Listen Ladies and gentlemen." Both Ginny and Hermione nodded at him. "I have talked to Professor Dumbledore, and he agrees to my plan. I told him I wished to start training an army comprised of students, adults, and magical beings. In order to do this, we need a starting corps in order to train all that will be with us. Once we have trained, we will become leaders of this army. There will be twelve of us to begin with. There are eleven of here right now, and I am still looking for the last person." He watched as Fred started counting the people present.

"Harry, I think you count is a bit off."

George took over, "Ya mate, we only count ten."

Fred, "Unless you count George and my awesomeness as three."

Harry smiled at the twins, and there banter. "You do know that you are not that awesome, don't you?"

The shocked look on Fred and George's faces was priceless. "Surely you don't mean that?" asked George.

"As silly as this sounds, I most certainly do. And I do believe your count was wrong Fred. Dobby come here please."

Dobby appeared when he stood up, much to the astonishment of the rest of the group. Fred looked at this and said, "I stand corrected. There are eleven here. That was pretty sneaky though Harry."

Harry acted like he ignored this, "My plan is this. We train as a group, until we are knowledgable enough to train the rest. Dobby has told me that he can get about 200 elves to join the army. I figure we can get that many students as well, and with hopefully 100 adults, that would give us an army of 500. Training will be vigorous, tiring, and hard but rewarding. Once we are trained then we seek out the others to train. I would say one year for us, and then how ever long for the rest. It will be a never ending training, as we have to be ready at all times. Are there any questions?"


He looked over at Ginny, who got his attention. "Yes Gin?"

Ginny looked like she took a bite out of a lemon when Harry called her that. "Can I make a suggestion for you last member?"

"Of course Ginny."

"Luna Lovegood should be added. She is a bit eccentric, but is real nice. She is also deceptively strong in magic, and quite brilliant, almost as brilliant as Hermione. You have seen how smart she is. It's a shame that her and Neville didn't work out though. I still don't understand why she broke it off with him?"

"Do you think she would want to join? I mean this is going to be rough."

"I can ask, and let you know this evening."

"Sounds good. Are there any other questions? Any one with seconds thoughts about joining?"

Fred grabbed Ron's arm and raised it in the air, making it look like Ron did not want to join. Ron tried to pull his arm away, and when Fred let go, Ron hit Hermione in the shoulder by accident. He started to apologise, when she hit Fred with a charm that caused him to hiccup./m It would last about an hour. She took Ron's hand and said. "It wasn't your fault Ronald. Don't worry about it."

Ron just fell further into Hermione's golden brown eyes. How could anyone be so beautiful, and not be aware of it. He would never look at another girl again. He knew if they stayed close, he would ask her out next year for a trip to Hogsmead. Possibly as a date.

Hermione also felt something for Ron. 'I wonder how Ron feels about me. I think I like him. I know I like him, but is it more than as just a friend. I hope so. His blue eyes are like calm water with no ripples. Calm enough to want to take a swim in them. Oh I do hope he likes me.'

Ginny saw the look between her brother and her friend, and smiled. 'Lookes like my brother is falling for Hermione, and the feeling is returned. OOOH this could be fun. I'll have to tell Fred and George about this. What fun they will have. Me too for that matter.'

Dobby was feeling like he was finally accepted as a person, rather than as a slave. He was excited to start the training. He couldn't wait to begin.

He didn't have to wait long, as after the classes were through for the day, the all ate in the kitchen early, in order to get a longer training period in. Harry was walking back to the dorm to change clothes when he saw the blond girl walking around looking every where for something.

"Excuse me Luna, what are you looking for?"

Luna turned to him, and Harry saw her amazing silver eyes shine in the moon light coming through the windw. Her smile lit up the hall and her demeanor was of that of a happy go lucky person.

"Oh, my roommates and I play this game where they hide my clothes and shoes, and I have to go looking for them. It quite fun most of the time, except when I am running late for a class. Right now, I am looking for my shoes. Oh look, there they are."

Harry looked up and saw a pair of odd colored shoes hanging from a rafter. He watched as she extended her hand, and the shoes flew right to it. No wand, and no words were muttered.

"Luna, has Ginny talked to you about what we are doing? She told me that you would make a brilliant member of our team."

"Oh yes Harry, and I told her I would think on it. But if Neville is on your team, then perhaps it would be best if I were to pass on it. I know I hurt his feelings, but something told me that he wasn't the one for me. His perfect match will be found soon."

Harry shook his head. This girl is amazing, and just like Ginny said quite strong. "Please say you will, we really could use you, and Ginny and Hermione would welcome another female in the group. We just finished our first training session, and if you started now, it would be like you had started with us. We really need another person in our group, and you would fit in nicely. Yes, Neville was hurt in the beginning, but he got over it. It may be best if you talked to him, and tell him what you just told me."

"Thank you Harry Potter. Ginny told me you were nice. I see why now she said that. When is the next training session? I think you are right about me telling Neville why. I tried to explain it to him, but I think he was too hurt to understand. Since it has been a while maybe he can understand it better."

"Very good Luna, I think he will understand, and to let you know, training is tommorow morning at 6AM. We start with a run, and then we learn spells."

"That sounds like fun. I will be there. By the way, where is there?"

Harry laughed at her question. "I'm sorry, I don't mean to laugh, but your question struck me as funny, the way you came out with it. We meet at the entry of the Quidditch pitch."

"OK, I'll meet you there. If I am late, I will be looking for my clothes most probably."

"Do they do this to you every day?"

"Mostly. Like I said, it is fun, but sometime I think it is a bit too much."

"Do you mind if I walk you back to your dorm Luna? I would like to talk to your dorm mates."

"That would be fine Harry, thank you." and she grabbed Harry's hand and they walked to the Ravenclaw dorm. Harry had the feeling he was holding hands with his sister, or cousin. This upset him for some reason. He knew that there could never be anything between the two besides friends.

Once inside the common room, Harry saw the Claws all laughing and pointing at Luna as she came in. This stopped when they saw the look on Harry's face.

Cho Chang, a fourth year, and her friend Marrietta Edgecomb stepped forward. "What is a Gryffindor doing in our dorm Luna. You know this is forbidden."

"Excuse me, but, it is not forbidden if the person is asked in by a house member. Luna asked me in. Now I have something to say, and you all better listen. Luna has told me about this game you play. I don't particularly like it. It sounds like you are tormenting her. She has done nothing to any of you to warrant this treatment. If it doesn't stop, I will go to Filius and get him involved. And yes, I am allowed to call him Filius. After all he is my uncle. Do I make myself clear on all points?"

"Do you really expect us to believe Professor Flitwick is your uncle, ."


Two minutes later Filius walked into the Dorm. "Yes Harry, what is it you need?"

"Uncle Filius, these students do not believe you are my uncle. They are also tormenting a fellow student in Luna Lovegood."

"Is this true Miss Chang? And yes, Harry is my nephew by wizard law."

Cho Chang felt a lump in her throat. She knew she couldn't lie to her Head of House. Harry would be believed before she was. So she answered truthfully. What Harry said is all true Professor. Wen have been doing thing to Luna and causing her to be late to a few of her classes. Mind you not all of us, but I am one of them that has. There are like six of us in on it. Anthony Goldstein has taken points from us when he catches us doing it. We are sorry Luna, and will not do it any more."

"Do you mean our game is over. Oh poo. I was having a little fun with it. It was bothersome when it made me late for class, but other than that, it was fun."

"Miss Lovegood, don't encourage them. Miss Chang you said there were six of you, so that will be 25 points from each for a total of 150 house points taken from Ravenclaw. Miss Chang you will serve two detentions for your part in this, as well as Miss Edgecomb, as she is never anywhere you are not. One will be served with Professor Snape, and one with Hagrid. Now Harry, I suggest you leave here and get back to your dorm. I will see you in the morning."

"Yes sir. Oh, and I expect to see Luna there as well."

Filius looked at the young lady in front of him. "Is that right Miss Lovegood?"

She smiled at her Head of House, "Yes sir. Harry asked me just a bit ago. It sounds like fun."

Filius shook his head, "No Miss Lovegood, it is not fun. It is a lot of hard work, extra work and long hours. There will be a little pain. However, if I know you, it will be fun. I look forward to seeing you in the morning on time, if the rest of you get my meaning."

A round of "Yes Professor." filled the room.

Harry left and went to the Gryffindor dorm to tell the rest he found their last member. Ginny was happy to hear that Luna agreed to join. The thing that bothered her was the look on Harry's face when he said it. When the rest went back to what they were doing, she went to him, "Harry, is something the matter? You don't look too happy about this."

"It's nothing Gin. Just something that happened that confuses me."

Ginny had that same look the last time Harry called her that, and Harry noticed.

"Well can you talk to me about it, Harry?"

"I will if you answer a question for me afterwards."

"Certainly, if I can."

"OK, after I got Luna to agree to join us, I asked her if she wanted me to escort her back to her dorm. She said yes, and took my hand and started off. When I first saw her eyes, I thought they were the most beautiful I had ever seen. I thought I could fall for those eyes. But when we held hands, it was like I was holding hands with my sister, or a cousin. I knew then I could never fall for her in that sense. I could love her, but only as family. Sort of like you and Ron, Fred, George, or Percy. Do you understand?"

"I think so Harry. Now you wanted to ask me something?"

"Yes, Gin. Do I make you mad when I call you that? Gin I mean. You get this look like you just ate the sourest lemon ever. Do you want me to stop calling you that?"

"Ouch, I was hoping you hadn't noticed. No one has ever called me that, and it sounds like the lazy way to say my name. But after hearing it a few times, it is starting to grow on me, and I am beginning to enjoy hearing you call me it."

"Then you won't mind if I continue to call you Gin. I hate to say it, but Ginny sounds like a little girl's name. You are not a little girl. In fact you are fast becoming a young lady. I see a beautiful girl in your immediate future Gin."

The smile on Ginny's face brought a smile to Harry's. "Harry, thank you. You are the first person to think of me as something other than a little girl. That includes my family. As for your nickname, You're right it does sound more mature than Ginny. Maybe that was why I couldn't take to it at first. I have always been thought of the baby sister, or the baby girl, or too young for this or that. It was the way I thought of my self. Brainwashed I guess. You have brought me out of this, and for that I will forever be greatful. Would you be mad if I did something right now. Something personal."

"I could never be mad at you Gin. What is it you want to do?" And before he could do anything, Gin leaned in and kissed him on the cheek. Instinctively he reached out and hugged her before she could break the kiss. The act did not go unnoticed by the rest of the people in the common room.

"Hey Potter, get away from my baby sister." Ron yelled. Fred and George just gave cat calls and cheers of encouragement. "Go for it Harry. Plant one on her lips bro."

Gin broke off the kiss and looked up into the beautiful green eyes of Harry's, then she turned on Ron. "I will only tell you this one time Ronald. Harry has just pointed out to me that I am not a little girl. And so you know what, He's right. I am not a little girl anymore. And to prove it." Gin turned back around and kissed Harry on the lips. She passed out in Harry's arms from the feeling of the fireworks going off in her head and the weight of her body on her weak legs.

Harry had a far away look on his face, "No, definitely not a baby anymore." He then looked over to Ron. "Ron your my friend, and being my friend, I have to warn you, you call her baby sister again, and she may hurt you. Also, I don't know what Gin and I have going, but I would like to see where it does go. Not the way you are thinking Ron. I could not to that to Gin. I mean in if we like each other as more than friends. If you don't think you handle that, then sorry. Gin has a mind of her own, and nothing you can say or do will change her mind."

Not knowing she came around, Harry was surprised when he heard, "And I don't care what you think. This is my Harry, and If I want to kiss him , I will. Did I just say what I think I said?"

"Fraid so Gin. I may have to brand myself to keep other possibilities away. Sorry Hermione, it looks like I'm off the market."

"Fine. It looks like I will have to look elsewhere. Hey Fred what have you got planned for the next 140 years?"

"I don't know. I will have to ask Angelina."

"OK then George, how about you?"

"I have to ask Katie?"

"This is not going well. How about you Percy?"

"Penelope Clearwater."

"REALLY? Well isn't that a kick in the pants. Looks like I'm out of options. Oh wait, there is always Draco Malfoy."

The sounds of people vomiting filled the room. "It was just a thought people. Goodness gracious. Now there is no one left for poor little me."

"How about me Hermione?"

"But you're just the baby brother, Ronald. Do you think you can handle adult sophisticated me?"

"I could try."

"Good enough for me, come here and give me a hug you big baby."


As promised, Luna met with everyone the next morning. She was pleased to see Remus and Sirius, even though she didn't know who they were. She started talking to them to get to know them, and then talked with Dobby to get to know him. She had Dobby blushing telling him how cute he was. Fred and George laughed at her antics while running. It was like she danced the whole time, taking leaps and doing spins while holding her arms out.

However, when it came time for the spells, it was different Luna. She was beyond what Ginny said of her. When she was disarmed by Remus during a duel, Remus thought it was over. He then saw her reach out her hand and the wand was back there throwing a spell he was not able to stop. His pants fell to his ankles, and he was standing there in his wolf boxers. He was minus his wand as well. It took ten minutes to get every one to stop laughing. Filus was rolling on the floor laughing he thought it was so funny.

"Laugh it up shrimp. I would like to see what you could do that is better." Remus replied

Filius stood up, but was still laughing. He took a stance across from Luna and their duel started.

It wasn't long before Filius was the brunt of Remus' taunting. Filius was hanging in the air by his left ankle, and Peacock feathers were tickling him around his ears. Even he could not hold in his laughter.

"Excellent Miss Lovegood. Even Hermione could not best me on the first try. No offense Miss Granger."

"None taken Professor." Hermione laughed out.

No one noticed the look in George's eyes as he watched Luna and her magic. He was looking forward to the upcoming year with this silver eyed beauty. Katie was not going to like this one bit, but Luna was a Keeper.

Dobby could not believe they way he got along with everyone. He was praised by Harry and Hermione for his progress, and pranked by the twins. He also pranked the twins which thrilled them to no end. With the running he was doing, and with the rest of the workout, plus the diet he was on where he had to eat what the rest did, Dobby started to grow muscles. He was no longer frail looking. He was no longer old looking. He was no longer Dobby the house elf. He was just Dobby. Friend to the rest of the Phoenix Pride.

They called them selves the Phoenix Pride because of the different houses that would be in the upcoming army. Something thay could all gather around and not feel like they were abandoning their house name. No single founder name would be appropriate. Perhaps it would change later, but for now it would work.