Luna in Wonderland

Pawprints In The Snow

Chapter One: Follow the Rabbit

"Hmm hmm hmmmm... " Luna hummed silently as she walked down the street, occasionally tripping over her own two feet. Which was not such an issue when you're Luna Lovegood. "Oh dear me," she whispered as she fell, catching herself with her hands, the sidewalk scraping them ever so slightly. "What a bother." She wiped her hands on her white apron, leaving thin read streaks down the front. "Oh darn," she said, not really phased at all. luna just continued on her way.

"Dad, I'm home!" She shouted, opening the front door of the small cottage. She got no response, and figured her father was off at work. It was a weekday, after all. She pondered all she could do, and settled with reading her book, Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. That made a few hours pass by, and when she paused to check the time it was long due her father be home.

Worried for her guardian, she wandered harmlessly outside, shutting the door behind her. Luna glanced both ways down the cobblestone street, seeing no sign of her dad's signature white-blonde hair. Panic was settling in, and Luna began down the direction of her father's work- the headquarter's for The Quibbler. It was very dark out, much too for her to see well, so she pulled out her wand and conjured her Patronus for light.

The silver rabbit guided her down, illuminating everything in her path. "Curious," she mumbled, "... it's like Alice following the white rabbit." But, her Patronus did not lead her to some bushes an unusually large rabbit hole. Instead, it took her tothe hard wood front doors of headquarters. Luna tugged hard on the door, finding it locked and sealed shut for the night. "That's rather odd. Where could my dad be?"

Luna turned to her rabbit for answers, and was it her imagination or did the rabbit just wink at her? "Can... can you guide me to my father?" she questioned the floating animal, and it nodded in response. "Away we go then!" Luna cried, and the rabbit took off at breakneck speed, down winding roads and side-alleys.

And finally it came to the opening of the woods. No one in the village dared enter the woods, for it was rumored plenty of dark beasts dwelled there. "Don't be silly," Luna told her Patronus. "My father would never go in there on purpose." Oh, maybe not on purpose, but by force he would! The Patronus picked up on her feelings and nodded once more.

Slowly it progressed into the woods, leading her deeper and deeper in. They then came to a clearing, brightly sunlight even though it had to be somewhere around midnight. "Peculiar," she whispered, but in awe. She tugged gently at tree branches and gingerly rubbed the red rose flower petals. Luna was fascinated by the place. It seemed to glow with an internal light unlike anything she had seen before.

And then she heard her father's voice. "Luna!" he cried, the shouting coming from every direction.

Startled, Luna jumped and anxiously scanned the area. "Father! Where are you!"

"Down here!" He replied. Luna stared downwards, seeing no hole nor trap nor anything. Just luscious green grass.

"Down where?"

"Down here! In Wonderland!"

Luna froze in her tracks. That name was all to familiar. Wonderland. The name of the world Alice stumbled upon. Could her father really be there? No, of course it was all just a dream. "Stop fooling around," she accused. "Where are you?"

"I told you," Xenophelius shouted, his voice growing week and hoarse. "I'm in a strange place called Wonderland. In a castle." Could it be? The Castle of Hearts?

"I... I'm coming Father!"

She could hear her dad sigh in relief as though he were right next to her. It was unnerving that his voice was so close, yet so far. "Great Godric... thank you Luna. Now hurry, before-"

He was abruptly cut off, and Luna heard many gagging and choking sounds. They filled her ears and tears sprang to her eyes. "Dad? Dad! Dad!" She fell to her knees, weakness spreading through her body. Her blue dress flowed out around her, tears leaving dark stains where they landed on the soft cotton. Her Patronus glided down and sat next to her, gazing at her with big white eyes.

"Can you take me there? To Wonderland?" She demanded more than asked. She had already once lost a parent, no need for her to loose the other. The rabbit nodded once more, and blinked. Luna started crying again, tears of fear and relief mingling together. She wiped them away, putting on a brave face.

Fists clenched at her sides she focused her attention on the rabbit. "Let's go," she pronounced, determination ringing from each word.

"My Queen, the girl-"

"What about the girl?" The Queen rudely interrupted the knight.

"The girl. She has taken the bait. You were right, the capture of her father was enough incentive to get her to come down here."

A wicked grin spread across the face of the Queen. A crazed mein radiated from her, and the knight shrank back a tad. "Excellent. Looks like the pawn has moved into place."

"Ye-yes your Majesty."

Success flooding her viens, the Queen turned her attention to her prisoner, the one and only Xenophilius Lovegood. "The plan has worked, Xeno. You're daughter has fallen right into my trap." Xeno began to tremble, fussing about the loss of her daughter. He would have made a snarky remark to the Queen, but that came to no avail thanks to the gag over his mouth.

"Excuse me, you're Majesty," the knight dared to interrupt. The Queen sneered at the inselent fool. "But now what do we do now?"

She relaxed in her throne, gazing out over her knights, bishops and rooks. "And now, we wait."