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Oh, this is in Hermione's first POV, but the rest should be 3rd omniscient.


It was a pretty strange day to begin with. Just the first strange day to a week filled with the most strange events of my entire life.

The morning started out with Remus Lupin going over our assignment once again. Sirius Black, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Neville Longbottom, Severus Snape, and I were to go to the centre of the biggest rainforest in the world, the Amazon. No muggle had ever been here before, because it was surrounded by magical barriers used to keep them out. At the centre, thousands magical plants flourished, thousands of magical creatures prowled.

And at the very centre, the new leaders of the war, Bellatrix and Rodolphus Lestrange, Lucius Malfoy, and Mulciber were planning another attack on muggles, and therefore on the Order of the Phoenix.

So, we needed to stop the attack.

The only problem so far, though, was getting there. There were animals that jumped in my face and screamed at me, and plants that tried to chew off my legs. Ron got attacked by some strange purple plant that I-HERMIONE GRANGER-had never even heard of before. It tried to suck off his fingernails, and then latched itself on his arm and began to suck his blood.

Sirius thought it was all great fun, especially when some weird animal got tangled in Snape's hair, and he tried to pull it out for the next half an hour of our walk.

"That's it, I've decided!" Sirius said when he caught his breath and shot a well aimed spell at something chewing on Harry's shoulder. "As soon as we get out of here, I'm getting another tattoo. Who here can draw, I need a picture of Snape being attacked by that thing. That was bloody hilarious!"

"Sirius, sh!" I exclaimed in a whisper. "Do you hear that?"

I was right. There were voices coming from somewhere just ahead of us.

"Good," he said as we crouched and peered at the bodies in a small wooden hut through the cracks in the poorly built dome. "Everyone remember the plan?"

I nodded with everyone else. It was so simple. All we had to do was set their information and resources on fire and erase their memories of their plans.

Sirius pointed his wand through one of the cracks, and I could soon smell smoke.

There was a terrible scream that came from Bellatrix Lestrange. I had to suppress laughter as I watched her jump around, her skirt on fire. Her husband jumped at her, accidentally ripping her skirt off.

She didn't care. She really didn't have to. I shifted uncomfortably. She had really nice legs.

She kicked the wall down and saw the group of us standing there.

Sirius barked out a laugh. "Nice panty's, there, cousin. Now put some pants on and fight me!"

She grinned. "I thought I'd done away with you? Ah, well. It'll be fun to do it again!"

Before a spell could leave her lips, Neville's wand rose, and his silent spell flew from his wand. Whatever he'd done, it was effective, and Bellatrix crumpled, choking blood onto her bare legs.

"You bastard!" Rodolphus shouted, trying to attack Neville.

With a flourish of my own wand, Rodolphus found his legs tied and his hands stuck to his eyes.

While the others were fighting, it was Ron and my turn. We ran around to the front and fought our way into the little hut. And then we began setting fire to everything in sight.

Several Death Eaters came up behind us. "Cover me, Ron!" I shouted as I continued destroying the huts in the surrounding area.

He shouted a spell I remember him telling Harry he thought was quite funny, but it was deflected by the Death Eater and shot immediately back at Ron.

He crashed into a table and was unconscious within seconds. The Death Eater laughed.

I turned around. I was all by myself, and there were three Death Eaters with me now, one holding a very suspicious jar.

I stood, ready to fight, but I felt so vulnerable. The one with the jar smirked and began to unscrew it. He laughed, a deep, cruel laugh. "Maybe next time you should wait and see what you're up against!"

He threw the contents of the jar on me. I screamed. The liquid burned and the little creatures in it crawled all over my skin.

A different Death Eater slashed his wand at me, and I felt the skin on my neck break. I screamed louder as the little creatures in the liquid crawled inside. It was painful, it was horrifying, and, beyond anything else, it was disgusting.

I continued screaming. I couldn't move, it hurt so much.


There was a big flash of light and all of the Death Eaters collapsed. It was Sirius. He came forward and threw me over his shoulder.

"Where's Ron?" He yelled over the noise of the fight.

"He's back there!" I sobbed.

Sirius nodded but didn't stop running. He passed Snape, who seemed quite alarmed by my appearance. Sirius played off of this. "I need to get her out of here! Ron is still in that burning hut; get him out!"

"I will!" Snape yelled, and he took off.

Sirius apparated then. When we resurfaced from the crushing darkness, we were at St. Mungo's.

"We've got an Auror who was attacked by Death Eaters with Amazonian creatures, get out of my way!" Sirius yelled to the people in the waiting room.

I was still on his shoulder, crying as my skin seared and blood poured down my neck. Several people busrt into tears at the sight of me. That didn't make me feel very well about the situation.

A healer appeared with a stretcher and Sirius gently dropped me onto it.

For some reason, I could not bring myself to let go of his hand. "Don't leave, Sirius," I whispered.

He looked rather distressed. His hair was matted to his face from the sweat of the battle. "I won't."

And he didn't. The soon put me under, and when I woke up, he was still there.

"What did they do to me?" I asked, touching my neck. There was a bandage there. My skin felt very soft now, all clean. My hair was sopping wet.

I squinted in the bright lights surrounding me. My head hurt and my neck stung.

"Well, while they were bathing you to get rid of all of that liquid, they pulled all of those little black guys from your bloodstream and made sure your blood was clean," Sirius said. "Then they stitched you up and now we're here."

"Were you here when they-when-" I was finding it hard to talk. I was embarrassed that I hadn't let him leave in the first place. I was just scared. Not thinking straight, not thinking through my pain.

He winked. "I told you I wouldn't leave."

My eyes widened and I pulled my blanket up higher around myself, laying back in the bed.

Sirius laughed. "Don't worry, I didn't look."

I sighed. "And what about the others?"

"We managed to destroy all of their plans and we erased Bella's mind," Sirius said. "Which, I might add, was rather hilarious when she forgot why she was in the middle of a battle in her underwear."

I laughed.

"But everyone else got away," Sirius said. "At least we managed to burn all of their materials."

Hermione nodded, when something came to her. "What about Ron? Is he okay?"

"Er..." Sirius was standing now, arms crossed. He shuffled his feet awkwardly. "Well, you might want to just see yourself."

I looked at him curiously as he walked to the other side of the room and pulled aside the curtain.

At first, I couldn't see who was in the bed. It was surrounded by the entire order.

"They all moved to him when they found out you would be okay," Sirius said.

I, alarmed, threw my blanket and tried to run to Ron's bed. But I was weaker than I felt, and I stumbled a little bit. Sirius helped me, but I shook him off when I made it to Ron's bed, where I could lean against the bed.

He was mumbling to them about something a unicorn had the nerve to tell him.

I leaned over to Mrs. Weasley. "What's wrong with him?"

"Perpetual drunkenness hex," she sobbed quietly. "No one knows the reverse."

My hands flew to my mouth. So he'd be like this forever. Our plans for marriage were over until we could find the reverse. My heart sunk to my toes.

Bellatrix Lestrange, fighting with no pants on. Me, asking Sirius to stay with me while I was operated on. Ronald Weasley, forever drunk.

This was only the beginning to my strange, strange week.


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