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Games with Eragon, Chapter 1.

Eragon, Arya, Nasuada, and Murtagh sat around a kitchen table deep inside Ellesmera. The war had long since been over (by long since I mean it was about 3 days ago) Murtagh was free, and they were all bored.

"Why is it that now that the war is over...I feel like I am not needed?" Asked Eragon. "You are needed" Replied Nasuada "We just have nothing to do!" Arya started banning her head on the table, that had been sung out of a pine tree.

"ARYA!" Eragon exclaimed "What is wrong?" When she didn't reply he quickly jumped out of his seat and held her in place so she couldn't move. However, after the elf became aware of what had just happened she was able to twist out of Eragons grip. "Too easy." she thought.

"ERAGON!" Arya boomed "What in all of Alegaƫsia do you think you are doing?" "I...Ummm...I was stopping you from banning you head...I didn't want you to get hurt..." The tips of Eragons ears started to turn red.

"I wasn't going to hurt myself" Replied a amazingly calm Arya. "Then what in the name of all that is good were you doing?" Eragon replied. He was getting angry "Giving you all something to worry about. Goodness I will never get used to humans and there tempers!"

By this time Nasuada and Murtagh were quite entertained by Eragon and Arya fight. "How much do you want to bet they will end up together some day?" Mertaugh said "I would bet my any amount of money!" Replied Nasuada eagerly "WOAH! I was kidding! You really thing Arya feels the same way about Eragon as he does about her?"

Nasuada sighed. "Men can be so..unobservant.." Buy this time Eragon and Arya were in a slapping fight throwing insults left and right. "Do you think we should stop them" Said the varden leader "You know... before it gets too serious?"

"You ruin all the fun! But I suppose you are right...OKAY YOU TWO BREAK IT UP!" Eragon and Arya only slightly paused to see what Murtagh was screaming about. But Arya quickly took advantage of the Fact Eragon was distracted.

The elf pelt into the air and tackled Eragon, clawing at his face. "Not again" Murtagh commented to Nasuada but secretively he was smiling. Inwardly of course. HE quickly picked Arya off of Eragon. He was surprised by how light she was. And pinned Eragon down firmly with his foot.

"Now both of you STOP IT! Your acting like children. He placed Arya back in her chair, and gave Eragon a deadly look that said "I can't believe you did that!" Eragon quickly got the massage and sat in his chair. "I...I'm...I'm sorry Arya. Can you forgive me?"

Arya sighed "I suppose I will, Eragon." "Alright" sighed Murtagh "As much fun as that was..we still do not know what we are going to do for the next who knows how long!" Everyone except Arya sighed "Why don't we do what the elf's do?" Arya asked

"And what might that be?" Eragon asked, even though he thought he already knew. "Well, we sit and enjoy nature." "Because," Eragon replied slightly annoyed "Your the only elf here and that is BORING!"

Arya looked offended...again "ACTUALLY! I have an idea!" Murtagh shouted before Arya could tackle Eragon again. "We can play a game I played when I was a kid! It was one of the only fun things in my life!"

"what is it called?" Asked a curious Nasuada "It's called..."

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