Driven By Instinct

E/O Drabble Challenge, 100 words to the point, ending with "I'm driving"

Summary: John had never imagined just how successful he'd trained his kids to handle exceptional situations… Dean is 12, you do the math.

He dived up from utter darkness, unable to open his eyes. His skull felt as if it'd been neatly split by a headstone.

He jerked when someone dabbed his forehead with a wet towel, the smell of copper and stale air boosting his nausea.

"Wh'happnd?" – Jeez, a mummy would've sounded more lively.

"Ghost attacked you", a small voice, choked, shaken.

Hazy memories… coffin, pissed-off Lady in her wedding dress, heavy impact, stabbing pain...

"Dean got it". Same voice, secretly pleased.




He tried to sit up, but everything seemed wobbly.

"S'okay, dad. Don't move."

"Dean! Is he…"

"I'm driving."