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The day the Avatar fell was the Katara lost all hope. She had watched her brother be taken away in chains. He had screamed at her: "Run, Katara, you idiot, run!"

Zuko had looked at her from across the room.

Katara heard a shout of power and turned to see Azula coming at her. Katara filled the room with fog and disappeared. She could hear Sokka encouraging her but he was suddenly silenced.

Katara had made it to Appa and Mo-Mo in time. She went to Kioshi Island and left them there; where she hoped they'd be safe.

She went back to the Earth Kingdom—now the Fire Nation—to live undetected among the people.


Three Years Later

Katara's shift at the bar ended. She collected the rest of her tips and said good night to Jin. Katara stepped outside and pulled her cloak tighter around herself. She began the trek home; avoiding allies and widely curving corners.

Katara looked up at the sky. There was once a time when you could see the stars, but now the smog was too thick.

It began to rain.

Katara bent the water above her head to prevent getting wet. She didn't use her water bending too much; however, the authorities didn't bother her anymore. She was a master water bender yet she obeyed the rules and they didn't want to screw that up.

Katara finally reached her apartment building. She opened the main door quietly and snuck through the halls. Her apartment was on the first floor meaning, she was one of the poorest in the building.

"Katara!" yelled a shrill voice.

Katara turned around. "Yes, Ms. Lou?"

"You are late on your rent again. Where is my money?"

"I told you, I'll have it by next week!"

"Do you want to be looking for a new place to live?"

"No ma'am,"

"Then you better give me what you got right now." The landlord held out her hand.

Katara sighed and took out her tips; fifteen copper coins. She tossed the bag to Ms. Lou, who untied it and looked inside.

"Rent is four silver coins, Katara."

"That'll cover it." Katara opened her door and slammed it shut behind her.

Katara slid the lock into place and began lighting her candles. She started a small pot of cheap tea. Katara looked around her shack like apartment. There were slashes all over the walls from her mindlessly water bending.

Not one day went by that Katara didn't think about Sokka, her probably dead brother and Aang, her very dead friend. The world would literally be a better place if they were here.

Katara undressed and hung her bright red uniform up. She slid on a faded red night gown.

Katara lived at the very edge of the Earth Kingdom yet it only took the Fire Nation four months to destroy the entire culture of the Earth benders. The only nation that stood was the Northern Water Tribe. They had stopped fighting though. The only reason they still stood was because the Fire Nation doesn't care to have settlements in such a cold climate.

Then the Air Temples were destroyed. Now the riches of all Nobility have large vacation homes there. It isn't known what happened to the Southern Water Tribe. However, Katara knows they're dead.

She had felt a strange emptiness in her heart and saw her grandmother's face in a pained expression.

The kettle on the stove began to whistle and Katara poured the steaming water into a cup with a tea bag. Katara sipped her tea before going to sleep on her mat. She dreamt of her happy childhood.


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