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Katara and Sokka stared at each other in unbelieving shock.

"Where have you been?" he finally asked.

"Morrowind, mostly," she answered.


"It's a new province," Katara said dismissively.

"Oh . . . how are we going to get out of here?"

"I have no idea. There is no way we can easily walk the streets."

"No kidding," Sokka winced at little at the pain in his leg.

Katara took a deep breath. "I don't have any water—

"Don't worry about it."

"No, I can heal it."

Sokka looked at her questioningly.

"Trust me,"


Katara move her hands over Sokka's leg and focused on the blood beneath his skin. She manipulated it; forcing it to move faster and to heal the broken bone. It wasn't an easy task.

Sokka watch her curiously. At first it felt strange but soon after his leg began to feel better.

"When did you learn how to do that?" he asked when she finished.

"I practiced by helping hurt animals."

"I though you swore never to blood bend again?"

"I was a child, Sokka."

"You still are."

"I'm almost eighteen,"

Sokka blinked a couple times. "Oh yeah,"


"WHAT?" The Fire Lord screamed. The soldier shook under the Lord's glare.

"The prisoner, Sire," he said unevenly, "has escaped. He was rescued by a water bender."

"What water bender?" The Fire Lord shouted.

"She wore a dark cloak to conceal her identity . . ."

Fire Lord Ozai sent a tunnel of flame at the unfortunate man and burned him to a crisp. The soldier's body fell to the ground. The Fire Lord motioned for one of the servants lining the walls of the throne room to come to him. The obedient woman walked nervously toward her Lord.

"Go get my son and have this mess cleaned up."

The servant bowed and backed out of the large room.


Prince Zuko rode his black horse down the path to the execution site. His father demanded he find the rebel and the prisoner. Zuko ordered his soldiers to look through every ware house, every inn, and every house until they found them.

The soldiers recklessly stormed the town.

The Prince, however, dismounted from his horse and looked around the execution stage. He picked up the rope and examined the fine cut. It looked as though it had been cut with a knife but witnesses reported a water bender. That was exactly what he feared.

Zuko looked around the stage a few more times. He heard the sound of laughter and looked around. All of the bars and inns on the corner were busy with drunken people—except one. Zuko walked toward Olav's Tap and Tack. He entered the inn.

Very few people were gathered in the inn-a small group of citizens gather around one table; whispering.

"Sorry, sir, but we are—Prince Zuko!" an elderly man dropped to his knees and bowed at the Princes feet. The people gathered at the tabled hurriedly followed his example.

"Rise," Zuko said with a wave of his hand. Each one of them did. "You," Zuko gestured to the citizens near the table. "Leave," he commanded. They all scrambled out of the inn.

Zuko looked down at Olav. "I noticed your inn is the only one not open. Why?"

Olav gulped. "Uh, Sire, I-I, um . . ."

"Spit it out, peasant!"

Olav jumped at the booming voice of his nation's Prince. "The water bender, the one that ruined the execution . . ."


"She cooked here. I didn't know she was a water bender when I hired her, I swear!"

Zuko's jaw locked for a moment and Olav coward.

"She?" The Prince hissed.

"Yes, my Lord," Olav shook with fear.

"What did she look like?" Zuko worked to keep his temper down.

"Uh, dark skin, brown hair, blue eyes . . ."


"Long hair and it was curly . . . she had very big blue eyes . . . she was petite and she . . ."

"She what?"

"She held herself with confidence,"

"What was her name?"

Olav bit his lip. Zuko grabbed the man by his collar bent fire in his left hand.

"Or I'll burn this place to the ground." Zuko glared at him through narrowed eyes.

Olav hung his head. "Katara, her name was Katara. She said she was from Morrowind,"

Zuko let the fire in his hand die and he let go of the inn keeper's collar.

"Do you know where she is now?"

"No," Olav hung his head even more.

Zuko stormed out of the inn. He mounted onto his horse and rode though the city—town.

Katara, he thought. With the thought came flashbacks galore; pirates, battles, insults, an endless chase, and a necklace. Zuko took a deep breath and shook his head. His past was chasing him now.

"Prince Zuko! Prince Zuko!"

Zuko slowed his horse until she came to a stop and turn to find the source. A middle aged woman came running toward him.

"Prince Zuko!" she yelled again.

The woman bowed before the prince and the spoke rapidly.

"I know, I know, where they are!"

"Speak!" he replied.

"I understand that the female has quite a bounty?"

Zuko took a deep breath. "You shall be rewarded,"

"The old basket ware house."

Zuko turn and rode quickly that way. The woman yelled something at him but he didn't pay attention.

He approached the empty building slowly and then dismounted from his horse. Zuko quietly snuck around the warehouse to the back door. The door was locked and he kicked it in. The sound echoed around the building.

Zuko snuck through factory quietly. Adrenaline was pulsing through his veins. Zuko looked around, trying to find Katara, oh, and Sokka.

She found him first.

Katara jumped Zuko from the back. She locked her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck.

Katara flexed all of her muscled and tried to choke the enemy out. She didn't realize who exactly this enemy was.

Zuko grabbed her arms and shot heat through his palms. Katara yelled and her grip loosed slightly. The fire bender threw her over his back and onto the dirt floor. Katara momentarily had the air knocked out of her. She and Zuko made eye contact at the same time. They both froze.

Zuko took a deep breath and brought his fist down but she rolled out of the way of his fire. She was back on her feet.

"You have no water," Zuko said. His voice was just as she remembered; cold.

Katara glared at Zuko with the fury of an awakened dragon. He glared back. Both of them held a fighting stance.

Suddenly the building echoes with the sound of many pairs of armored feet. Zuko smiled. Katara could hear the men and her heart pounded. Sokka was still in far too much pain to fight. She looked at Zuko and then unexpectedly sprinted.

Zuko hadn't expected her to run toward the enemy, but he followed after her.

Katara sharply turned the corner that led to her brother.

She heard him scream before she saw him.


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