AN: Kink meme fill because there is simply not enough Charon fics. It'll be done in two parts, this part being more of a set-up than anything else. Even so, this chapter and all parts of this story are rated M for smutty reasons.


She was, without a doubt, naïve when she stepped out of the vault all those months ago. Born anew to a world so unlike the one she'd come to know. She found herself playing a game where she didn't quite know all the rules. She was young and raw and alone and terrified.

So when she found herself at Megaton, experiencing her first tastes of irradiated food at the Brass Lantern, it was easy to find herself blushing at Leo Stahl's overly flirtatious comments. It wasn't even a challenge to get her into bed, flattered as she was by his attention.

Even a drugged out bastard like him knew an easy mark when he saw one.

But how could she have known? One night stands didn't exist in Vault 101. But she learned quick. Learned that a compliment from a guy wasn't a compliment but a probe into her defenses. And a favor was never given without want of something in return. Then she learned that she could do it too – she could do it pretty damn well. Could put a smoldering look in her eyes that made it easy to twist men around her finger. That a playful laugh and an accidental touch could be more effective than a gun in the face. And she learned to like the feel of warm, strong arms around her afterwards.

It's not like she slept with everyone. Didn't need to. Most of the men in the Wastes were drooling over her enough with just a little encouragement. She only slept with the ones whose company she genuinely liked. Or, if she was feeling particularly lonely, the ones she could stand having to look at in the morning.

That changed a little once she got hold of Charon's contract. Their first time fighting together – and she remembered it like it was goddamned yesterday – had made quite an impression on her. She recalled every bullet fired, every Super Mutant downed. And at the end of it all, his six foot plus frame towering over her, calm as can be. Just killed five of them single handed, no big deal.

She'd been in awe of him.

And beyond that, she wasn't sure what to make of him.

She avoided sleeping around for a little while. It just seemed… awkward, with a third wheel to worry about. She couldn't think how she'd explain it to him. "Stay out here while I get lucky." Definitely not.

But then they were in Rivet City. She'd spent a lot of time there before Charon. So when Harkness invited her back to his room, just like the last few times… Her heart leapt at the offer and she couldn't help a knowing smile from lighting up her face. Synthetic or not, he sure knew how to treat a girl right.

When she found him the next day at Gary's Galley, drinking his way through probably his third beer, she wasn't sure how to approach him about it. She felt… oddly embarrassed. Ashamed, almost. Something she'd never felt (aside from that first time with Leo). Suppressing a blush, she scolded herself for caring what her employee thought.

Of course, he didn't say anything. Looked at her with something in his eyes that she didn't quite recognize, but didn't say a damn thing. She jerked her head in the direction of the door, and they left without a word.

So she fell back into her routine. Flirting to get her way. Sleeping with the few guys who seemed worth the effort. It became easy to ignore Charon at these moments. Normally she was so good about making him feel he wasn't just her hired help. Always insisted they were friends. But she grudgingly admitted to herself that as soon as she went into Black Widow mode, he disappeared from her mind as part of the scenery.

And when she'd find him afterwards, she felt shame and guilt and dammit she knew she shouldn't.

Nothing really came of it until a stop by the Citadel. Colvin was his usual, friendly self and fuck, she'd had a hard day. She wanted to be taken care of. Feel like a lady instead of a moving target. And Colvin was as good a man as any. Better than most, even.

Never mind she had a soft spot for snipers.

The next morning when she snuck back to her room, Charon was his usual, silent, brooding, imposing self. She didn't think much of it at the time. I mean, when isn't Charon like that?

"That man's old enough to be your father."

She froze in the middle of tying back her hair. She slowly turned to look at him, astonished that he had said anything at all, and more so because of what he'd said. "Actually, my dad's about a decade older," was all she could think to say.

He scowled (well, more so than usual, anyway). "You shouldn't be doing that."

It took her completely by surprise. Where was this coming from? They had a good thing going. Now he was going to make it uncomfortable and awkward between them. A fierce sense of indignation overtook her. She was old enough to make her own choices. She didn't need to hear this, especially from him. "Well, I don't see how it's any of your damn business," she said as evenly as she was able, only a hint of her temper flaring under her cool facade.

That ended it. They left later that day and both parties were sure to never bring it up.

Their "talk," brief as it was, did nothing to end her flirting. There weren't men enough in the Wastes to sate her when she felt like being a vixen. And in her own, malicious way, she found ways for it to happen more and more. Reveled in the quiet annoyance of her companion. Would do it just to see the look of barely contained contempt and frustration.

She continued to tell herself that if he found a problem with it, well, it was his problem. But every morning brought a little more shame as she found her way back to him. Not that he said anything about it anymore. He'd already learned what it would cost him to interfere.

It was mid-July and hot as hell. Another five hours from Megaton, at least, but the sun was already setting. Fuck it all, she hated camping. And not a damn shack in sight.

She chewed her lips in frustration as Charon built a fire in the shadow of a bridge. Even if the days were scalding, the nights were bitter cold. A fire was a luxury they normally didn't risk, but there was decent cover that the light wouldn't give them away.

They sat there for hours in what might have passed for a companionable silence, nursing the last of their beer supply. She would slowly poke at the embers with a crow bar, he would stare blankly to the horizon long after the sun had disappeared behind it.

She shivered slightly. She knew what she'd be doing if she were in some place a little more civilized. Knew how she'd find a warm bed and a welcome partner more than willing to chase away the cold with her.

The idea came to her slowly, through a beer induced haze.

"Hey, Charon." He grunted in response, not turning to look at her. "Do you have to…" She licked her lips and swallowed slightly. "Do you have to do… everything I tell you to?"

He didn't answer immediately, the darkness apparently more interesting than whatever he thought she was getting at. "You are my employer, and I will do as you command," he stated mechanically, as if reading from a script that he'd never deviated from.

He still wasn't looking at her. God dammit, she wanted him to fucking see her. She got up and walked over to him. "So… anything…?" she asked suggestively as she crawled onto his lap, hands immediately tracing their way down his armored chest.

He swallowed audibly. "It is strictly limited to combat scenarios."

"Oh." The disappointment she felt was almost tangible. Never had being so forward with someone backfired. "So… this is over-stepping… ?" God, she just wanted to crawl in a hole and die of embarrassment.

Charon hesitated slightly, torn between… well, she didn't know what. Finally, he all but whispered, "You can do with me as you wish. The contract does not allow me to harm you."

Hardly a welcoming invitation, but it was enough to make her lean in and kiss him gently. She realized as she grazed his chapped lips with hers that she'd never been with a ghoul before. She was almost giddy at the idea of exploring new territory and her hands instantly went to start undoing his armor. His breathing hitched slightly and he moved to stop her, but she held onto the buckles like a vice. Knowing he couldn't stop her without hurting her, his hands disappeared as they reached a silent understanding.

When his chest was finally exposed, she did her best to examine it in the dying light of the fire. She smiled at the unusual pattern of his skin and exposed muscle. His body, charred and broken as it seemed, spoke of power.

He remained frozen as her fingers continued to test his flesh. Barely even breathed, even as she leaned back to take off her own armor. Her chest finally exposed, he seemed to find his voice.

"Are you sure you want to-"

"Shhh," she interrupted before kissing him again. Her bare chest against his, smooth against rough, she moaned slightly at the feeling.

By now she could tell he was starting to get aroused, and moved her hips against him in encouragement. This time he moaned, and pulled her closer, ghoul hands on her unmarked back. Slowly they shifted and she was underneath him, damning their pants for still being in the way. She kissed him deeply, finding his taste almost intoxicating, before pushing him away gently.


He nodded and obediently began to pull hers off, his hands teasing her bare legs just by touching them. He threw them off to the side. She pulled him down for another kiss, tongue meeting his briefly. "Now yours," she reminded gently as she felt him buck slightly.

But instead of withdrawing, he flipped her over and pulled her ass against him. She gasped at the movement, too stunned to turn around as she heard him finally undo his belt and pull down his pants. His hands traced their way from her shoulders to her hips before pushing into her.

He was rough and fast like a man desperate to hold onto his sanity. Again and again he thrust into her, forcing strangled moans from her as he fell just short of hurting her. She did her best to meet his rhythm, but it was a struggle to keep up. God, why did it feel like he was trying to possess her rather than just fuck her senseless? Of all the men she'd been with, he was the only one who had taken her with this level of need and dominance.

And god, why was it so fucking hot that he was doing it?

She mewled as she came, clawing the earth like an animal in an attempt to hold onto her own sanity. She rode her euphoria as she felt him become more erratic in his movements. Not long after, she heard the change in his breath as he strangled a moan, felt him spill inside of her and then abruptly pull away.

Exhausted, she collapsed, waiting for his arms to encircle her and keep her warm. This was the part she looked forward to the most. The closeness and the comfort. Her skin tingled at the idea of waking up like that with Charon. Why exactly, she didn't know, but her heart beat in anticipation.

But then she heard him re-doing his pants. Heard him grab his armor and put it back on. Felt a blanket hastily thrown over her. "I'll go keep watch."

And then he was gone.