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Violet Potter sighed as she pedaled through the thin streets of her hometown. She was on her summer break and was extremely bored. Hogwarts had let out for summer two weeks ago. Violet had written to Hermione and Ginny on multiple occasions but had never heard back from them. She had brushed it off as the two girls being busy.

The one thing that worried Violet was her brother. She had written to Harry on several occasions, but his responses were always brief. She knew he was taking Cedric's death hard but he wouldn't be able to recover from the trauma if he didn't try to move on.

Suddenly, one of Violet's tires started to release air. Violet sighed as she got off her bicycle and inspected the damage. Her back tire had popped and released the air. It seemed a bit odd that it had happened, but the road she was riding was a bit bumpy, so she probably just rode over a rock. She wasn't too far from her house and she could easily walk the bike. She began wheeling it back; knowing the deflated tire would still protect the metal parts of the back wheel. The sun was starting to slowly rise. She walked for a bit, not worrying about anything.

The snapping of a twig caused Violet to start to worry. She looked around. There weren't many houses around and most of the people who lived in the area were older and didn't leave their house much. She heard another twig snap and Violet started to walk faster. Suddenly, Violet tripped and she fell to the ground, skinning her knee in the process. She hissed in pain as she saw the blood slowly tricking from her knee. She started to get up when something hit her and knocked her back down. Violet looked up slowly, fearful of what had caused her to fall back down.

A Death Eater stood in front of her. Violet's whole body began to fill with fear. The Death Eater had their wand pointed right at her. Her wand was back at her house and even if she had it, she wouldn't be able to do anything. She was barely fifteen and that meant she was still an underage witch. She tried to move but the Death Eater snickered.

"Crucio!" They shouted. Violet felt the all too familiar feeling of the torture curse run through her body. She screamed in pain, hoping someone would hear her. "No use, you pathetic half-blood. There's no one around for miles." Violet whimpered in pain as the Death Eater raised his wand. She was helpless at this moment,

"Expelliarmus!" Violet heard a female voice shout. The Death Eater ran to where their wand had flown and quickly disappeared. Violet slowly stood and she felt someone helping her up. "You alright?" Violet looked at the woman who had just saved her. The woman had a pale face that was shaped a bit like a heart. She had dark blue eyes and medium length purple hair.

"Yeah," Violet said quietly. "How did you find me?"

"I've been trailing that bloody Death Eater all day," She said. "Moody's idea of my first solo mission."

"Alastor Moody?" Violet asked.

"The very same," She said. "Of course you haven't met the real Mad-Eye with that whole nasty Barty Crouch Jr, business." Violet smiled a bit. The woman she was talking to was very perky. "I've almost forgot! You don't even know who I am! Wotcher Violet! The name's Tonks." She put her hand out and Violet shook it.

"Nice to meet you," Violet said. "And thanks for saving me."

"I'm just glad I was trailing that Death Eater all day," Tonks said. "Do you live nearby?"

"Right down the road," Violet said. "I went out to take a bike ride because I was so bored." Violet looked at her bicycle, which was now destroyed.

"Well thank Merlin that happened to your bicycle and not you," Tonks said. "How about I walk you back to your house in case any other Death Eaters are lurking around?" Violet nodded and the two began walking.

"So are you an Auror?" Violet asked.

"Yes I am," Tonks said proudly. "Just became one last summer. Right before Dumbledore asked Mad-Eye to teach at Hogwarts." Her hair had turned to a bright pink and Violet's eyes widened. Tonks chuckled. "I always forget people aren't used to that."

"Are you a Metamorphmagus?" Violet asked and Tonks nodded. "Wicked." Tonks laughed at Violet's reaction.

"I get that reaction a lot," Tonks said. "It's also a reason why Mad-Eye likes to send me out to trail someone." Violet nodded.

"But I thought Mad-Eye was retired," Violet said. "Did he go back to working at the Auror office?"

"Er, well, not exactly," Tonks said. "I can't really explain."

"So it's a secret," Violet said. "And it more than likely has to do with Voldemort being back."

"I would more than like to tell you Violet," Tonks said. "But I really can't."

"Alright," Violet said. "I understand." They finally reached Violet's house. The house was completely dark.

"Is anyone home?" Tonks asked.

"Nope," Violet said. "My adoptive parents, the Daniels, spend most of their summer traveling. Usually I go with them, but this summer I didn't really feel up to it."

"So a fourteen year old girl is spending the summer alone?" Tonks asked. "In a house nowhere near civilization?"

"There's a town a few miles up the road," Violet pointed out as she unlocked the door. She walked inside, followed by Tonks.

"A farm town," Tonks responded back.

"I'm going to be fifteen in a few weeks!" Violet said.

"You're an underage witch, home alone, who just got attacked by a Death Eater," Tonks said. "I win." Violet sighed in defeat. "Can I use your fireplace?"

"Sure," Violet said. "I'm going to make some tea. Would you like some?"

"Sure," Tonks said, kneeling in front of the fireplace. Violet sighed as she walked into the kitchen. She filled the tea kettle with water and put on the stove to boil. She sighed as she could hear Tonks speaking with someone. She grabbed two mugs from the cupboard and put the tea bags in the cups. The water finally boiled and she poured the water into the mugs. She grabbed the two mugs and then headed back into the living room. Tonks was sitting on the couch looking at something on the table. Violet sat down next to her and handed her the cup of tea.

"Thank you," Tonks said. Violet noticed that Tonks was looking through her scrapbook. "Who's this lad?" She was pointing to the picture of Violet and Oliver at the Yule Ball.

"That's my boyfriend Oliver," Violet said with a smile.

"He's quite good looking," Tonks said. "Is he in your year?"

"No," Violet said. "He just finished his seventh year."

"An older boy," Tonks said with a smirk and Violet blushed. "I understand. I quite fancy men a bit older than me. I mean they're just so much more experienced." Violet felt her cheeks burning and Tonks laughed. "I apologize if you feel uncomfortable by any of this,"

"I'll be fine," Violet said. They sat in silence for a few minutes.

"Oh I almost forgot!" Tonks said, breaking the silence. "Go pack your things."

"Where am I going?" Violet asked.

"Well I can't exactly tell you that," Tonks said. "But you're not staying here. Now go!" Violet sighed and stood up. She quickly headed up the stairs. As she walked into her room, she went straight to her trunk. The truth was she had never actually unpacked her trunk. Violet had unpacked a few things, but everything else was still packed up from school. Violet packed up the few things that were lying around. She grabbed her trunk and her backpack and walked down the stairs. She heard some voices talking in the living room. As Violet walked into the living room, she saw Tonks speaking with two people whose backs were towards Violet. Violet cleared her throat.

"I'm all packed," She said walking further into the room. The two people turned around. A smile spread across Violet's face. "Sirius, Remus!" Her godfather hugged her tightly.

"Are you alright?" Sirius asked.

"I'm fine," Violet said.

"It was a good thing Nymphadora was trailing that Death Eater," Remus said.

"I told you not to call me that!" Tonks shouted, smacking Remus's arm.

"Nymphadora?" Violet asked.

"Yes," Tonks said, her hair a vibrant red. "Tonks is my surname because I hate my name. My mother was a fool for naming me it." She looked at Violet. "I wish I had your name, Violet's such a pretty name."

"Well thanks," Violet said.

"We should get going," Remus said.

"Where are we going?" Violet asked.

"Can't tell you that until we get there," Sirius said, grabbing her trunk. Violet frowned.

"That's it," Violet said. "First Tonks is secretive as to why she was trailing a Death Eater and now you won't tell me where you're taking me?" She folded her arms over her chest defiantly. "I'm not going anywhere until I get some answers."

"We can't tell you," Remus said putting a hand on his forehead.

"Fine," Violet said. She took her scrapbook from the table and sat down on the couch. "Then I'm not moving from this spot."

"You do realize all three of us can use magic," Sirius pointed. "You won't have much of a choice of where you're going in a second."

"Obviously I'm aware I can't use magic," Violet said. "But you can't take me somewhere against my will."

"I'm your legal guardian," Sirius said. Violet shrugged and didn't move from her seat.

"Just tell the girl!" Tonks said. "She has a right to know."

"She's still a child," Remus said.

"I'm fifteen!" Violet shouted.

"Almost," Sirius pointed out.

"Would you two stop being so stupid," Tonks said. "If you don't tell the girl, I will!" Violet looked at Sirius and Remus. Remus had his hand on his forehead and Sirius was looking to Remus. They looked at Violet who was still sitting on the couch with a look that said 'I'm waiting'.

"Fine," Sirius said sitting next to Violet. "You mother was pushy like that as well." Violet smiled triumphantly and Sirius chuckled, a bit sadly.

"With everything that has happened over the past few weeks," Sirius began. "We've had to create a sort of resistance against Voldemort and his Death Eaters."

"The Order of the Phoenix," Remus said. Violet looked down at her scrapbook. The name sounded familiar. She flipped open the book and scoured through the photos. When she found the one she was looking for, she pulled it out and held it up.

"I've looked at every photo in here a million times," Violet said. Sirius took the photo and stared at it sadly.

"The original Order of the Phoenix," Sirius said. "We joined it right out of Hogwarts." Sirius sighed. "A lot has happened since then." He handed Violet the photo.

"So is it mostly the original group?" Violet asked.

"Not really," Sirius said.

"We experienced many losses during the First Wizarding War," Remus said. Violet nodded as she looked at her parents in the photo. They looked so young in the photo. At that time they were only a few years older than her. She looked up at the ceiling to keep herself from crying. Violet slid the photo back into its spot and closed the book. She stood up.

"I'm ready to go now," She said. Sirius stood and grabbed Violet's trunk and Remus grabbed her backpack.

"We're going to apparate there," Remus said. "I'm assuming you're never apparated?" Violet shook her head.

"Hold on tight," Sirius said. Violet grabbed his arm. Suddenly she felt her body moving, as if it were being sucked through a tube. Her feet hit the ground again and Violet stumbled. Tonks grabbed her before she fell over.

"First times always the worst," Tonks said.

"Starting to think I might prefer traveling by broom," Violet said. She looked around. They were standing on a regular street in front of a gate. "Where are we?" Sirius handed her a piece of paper. She gave him a look.

"Read it," He said. She uncrumpled the piece of paper.

"12 Grimauld Place," She read off the paper. As she looked up, she saw the buildings moving. Suddenly, a house that had not been there before appeared. Sirius opened the gate and they walked up to the door. Remus took out his wand and whispered something at the door. Then he turned the doorknob and they walked inside.

"Welcome to my home," Sirius said as they walked inside. Violet walked through the hallway and looked around.

"You live here?" Violet asked.

"This is where I grew up," Sirius said. "Well it's where I lived for eleven years before I went to Hogwarts." Violet nodded as she looked around. She noticed her belongings floating upstairs. "Let's get some food, shall we?" Violet nodded slowly.

"Oh yes," Tonks said. "I hope Molly cooked." Tonks headed into the next room. Violet followed the others into the next room curiously. Was Molly a house elf or did she mean Molly Weasley? As she entered the room, the sea of red hair confirmed her suspicion. She noticed Hermione sitting next to Ron, arguing with him about something. Hermione looked up and saw Violet.

"Violet!" She shouted happily. She got up from her seat and ran over to her best friend. The two girls hugged.

"Hey Hermione," Violet said with a smile. She looked over at Ron, who hadn't moved. "Excuse me, Ronald, but is your food more important than me?" Ron rolled his eyes as Violet and Hermione walked over.

"Must you make fun of me?" Ron asked as Violet sat down.

"It's not my fault you eat enough to feed an army," Violet said. "I mean you're my friend and all but I don't want to have to levitate you around because you're in a food coma." Hermione giggled and Ron just rolled his eyes.

"But what happened?" Hermione asked, lowering her voice. "Sirius and Remus wouldn't tell us what was going on," Violet noticed Sirius looking over at her.

"I'll explain later," Violet said, subtly nodding her head at Sirius. Hermione nodded. Molly Weasley walked over and placed a plate of food in front of her. Violet smiled and began eating the food. She chatted with Hermione and Ron. After she finished her food she stood and grabbed her plate.

"I'll take care of that Violet," Mrs. Weasley said.

"Oh but it's the least I can do," Violet said. "After you made such a lovely meal." Mrs. Weasley smiled. Violet began to walk towards the kitchen. Suddenly, she felt a wave of cold hit her. Chills ran up her arm and Violet swore she could see her breath.

"Violet are you alright?" Ginny asked, looking at Violet with a worried expression. Violet was unable to respond as she felt the room start to spin. Then everything went black.

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