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Violet sighed as she sat in the Great Hall. Today was the last day of OWLs and it was the Charms test. Violet was having no trouble with it at all. She didn't expect to, she had spent months studying for the OWLs with Hermione. She recalled a few nights ago when Hermione had a breakdown in their dormitory about how she was going to fail all of her OWLs. Hermione, of course, had breezed through every test so far and seemed to be making quick work of the current one she was taking.

Violet was drawn away from her test when she heard a small bang outside the Great Hall. Her gaze traveled up to Umbridge who was standing at the front of the room. The noise got louder and Umbridge tried to keep her composure as she made her way to the doors of the Great Hall. As she opened the door, she was greeted by the sight of a small sparkler. Violet smiled as she recognized one of the Weasley twin's many products. The sparkler went off and exploded into bright blue lights. Violet chuckled, knowing things were going to get much worse.

Suddenly, Fred and George flew into the room on broomsticks and used spells to cast the tests they were all taking everywhere. Violet jumped up from her seat as the twins set off more sparkler around the room. She stood next to Harry, Ron, and Hermione who all watched in great amusement. They all laughed as the antics started to destroy all of Umbridge's educational decrees. The twins flew outside and everyone in the Great Hall ran after them. Violet found herself standing next to Luna who was looking at the large W made in the sky.

"Amazing, isn't it?" Violet asked looking over to Luna. Luna just smiled and kept staring at it. Violet turned her head to see where her brother was. She turned just to see Harry stumbling down to the ground. Violet and Hermione both ran over to Harry and just watched as his eyes went blank and he breathed heavily. Finally, he came back to.

"Sirius," Was all he said. Violet looked to Hermione, both with worried looks on their face.

Harry ran up the stairs through Hogwarts as Ron, Hermione, and Violet tried to keep up.

"Harry, are you sure?" Hermione asked as they ran after him.

"I saw it!" Harry shouted, taking the stairs two at a time. "It's just like with Mr. Weasley! It's the same door I've been dreaming about for months, only I couldn't remember where I'd seen it before! Sirius said Voldemort was after something, something he didn't have last time, and it's in the Department of Mysteries!"

"Harry, please just listen!" Violet shouted. Harry turned around and looked at his sister. "What if Voldemort meant for you to see this? What if he's only hurting Sirius because he's trying to get to you?"

"What if he is?" Harry asked. "I'm supposed to just let him die? Violet, he's the only family we've got left!" Violet looked at Hermione and Ron, not sure what to say.

"What do we do?" Ron finally asked. Harry turned and continued running up the stairs.

"We'll have to use the Floo Network," Harry said.

"But Umbridge has the chimneys under surveillance," Hermione pointed out as they followed Harry.

"Not all of them!" Harry shouted, as he continued to lead the way. Harry led them directly to Umbridge's office. The door was unlocked and the four quickly entered.

"Harry who are you going to contact?" Violet asked as her brother kneeled in front of the fireplace.

"Anyone who's at Headquarters," Harry said. "I'll send a message and then get myself there as soon as possible."

"By yourself?" Ron asked and Harry nodded.

"When are you going to get it into your head?" Hermione asked, nearly shouting at Harry. "We're in this together!"

"Yes you are!" They all turned their heads to see a furious Umbridge standing behind them. "Apprehend the other three!" Some of the Inquisitorial Squad came forward and roughly grabbed Ron, Hermione, and Violet. Umbridge pushed Harry into a chair and pointed her wand at him. A few more members came in, griping onto the shoulders of Ginny and Luna. Violet felt a sense of relief run through her as she realized that Draco wasn't there.

"Found this one trying to help the Weasley girl," Violet's relief quickly vanished as Draco came in holding onto Neville. He pushed Neville at Crabbe, who grabbed hold of him. Draco then grabbed Violet's arm and pulled her towards him. She felt his arm loosen his hold and she silently thanked the universe that he was there. She looked back towards Harry who was being glared at by Umbridge.

"You were going to Dumbledore weren't you?" Umbridge asked, trying to be sweet.

"No," Harry responded and Umbridge slapped him. Violet gasped in horror.

"You sent for me Headmistress," Snape said as he entered the room. He looked very confused by the situation that greeted him.

"Ah, yes," Umbridge said, turning towards Snape. "The time has come for answers, whether he wants to give them or not. Have you bought the Veritaserum?"

"I'm afraid you have used up all my stores interrogating students, the last of it on Miss Chang," Snape said. Violet looked to Ron and Hermione. They all felt guilty realizing they had ostracized Cho, even though she had been forced to answer questions. "Unless you wish to poison him and I assure you, I would have the greatest sympathy if you did, I cannot help you."

"He's got Padfoot!" Harry shouted as Snape started to leave. "He's got Padfoot at the place where it's hidden!"

"Padfoot?" Umbridge asked to Snape. "What is Padfoot? And where what's hidden? What is he talking about Snape?" Snape turned back around and looked Harry in the eye. Then he glanced up at Umbridge.

"No idea," Then Snape left. Umbridge huffed angrily before turning back to Harry.

"Very well," She said. "You give me no choice, Potter. As this is an issue of Ministry security, you leave me with no alternative. The Cruciatus Curse ought to loosen your tongue."

"That's illegal!" Violet shouted, trying to move towards Umbridge. Draco grabbed her arm to keep her from going anywhere. Violet tried to struggle free, but Draco squeezed her arm tightly, causing her to stop.

"What Cornelius doesn't know won't hurt him," Umbridge said, before raising her wand at Harry. Just as she was about to utter the curse, Hermione stopped her.

"Tell her Harry!" Hermione shouted. Umbridge looked at her.

"Tell me what?" Umbridge asked. Hermione took a deep breath.

"Well if you won't tell her where it is," Hermione began. "I will!" Violet's eyes widened as she looked at Hermione in shock. She wasn't actually going to say anything, was she?

"Where what is?" Umbridge asked, her wand still pointed at Harry. Hermione gulped.

"Dumbledore's secret weapon," Hermione said. "It's in the Forbidden Forest." Umbridge's eyes grew big and she ran over and grabbed Hermione.

"Then you'll be showing me just where it is," Umbridge said. She grabbed Harry as well. "The rest of you watch them. Make sure they do not get away. Then she escorted Harry and Hermione out of the classroom, her wand pointed at their backs. The others stood in silence. Violet knew they had to get away from the Inquisitorial squad.

"Sorry," Violet said, just loud enough for Draco to hear. Then she elbowed him in the gut. As Draco keeled over in pain, Violet bolted over to where her wand was. She grabbed it just as the rest of the Inquisitorial Squad was about to fire spells. "Expelliarmus!" All their wands flew out of their hands and Violet pointed her wand at them. "Let my friends go." They unarmed squad members slowly lifted their hands up and Ron, Ginny, Luna, and Neville ran over to Violet. They each grabbed their wands.

"We ought to knock them out so they don't follow," Ginny said. The others nodded.

"Everyone take care of one person," Violet said and quickly moved towards Draco, who was behind the desk. She heard the thumps of bodies hitting the ground and knew she had to move fast. "Sorry." Draco nodded and she kissed him quick. "Stupefy." The spell was said quietly, as she knew her friends blasted the others with much more powerful spells. Then she stood up and turned to her friends.

"Let's go find Harry and Hermione," Ron said. They all nodded and ran out of the office.

Violet led her friends as they ran through the Hogwarts courtyard. There were still shreds of paper from Fred and George's last Hogwarts prank. The group continued onto the bridge that led to the Forbidden Forest. They could see people in the distance.

"Harry!" Violet shouted. She moved faster until they reached her brother and Hermione.

"How'd you get away?" Harry asked.

"Violet got loose from Draco and unarmed the rest of the Inquisitorial Squad," Neville said.

"It was wicked," Ron said. Violet rolled her eyes and smiled slightly. She did feel bad for harming Draco but she had to put on a front just like he did. "How did you get away from the old hag?"

"Umbridge insulted the Centaurs one too many times," Hermione said, a smirk on her face. They all nodded, wishing they could have seen the scene Umbridge had clearly caused.

"So how are we getting to London?" Neville asked. Harry sighed and shook his head.

"Look," Harry began. "It's not that I don't appreciate everything you've done, all of you, but I've got you into enough trouble as it is." He then proceeded to walk past everyone.

"Dumbledore's Army's supposed to be about doing something real," Neville said. Harry turned around to face Neville. "Or was all that just words to you?" Harry stared at Neville, not sure what to say.

"Maybe you don't have to do this all by yourself, mate," Ron said. Harry sighed and looked up at his friends.

"So how are we going to get to London?" Harry asked. Luna smiled and looked to the sky.

"We fly, of course," Luna said.

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