Upon seeing the trailer and snippets of the film adaption Guys and Dolls and thoroughly studying the original Broadway plot, I became enamored by both of the lead male characters as well as their saucy, headstrong female lovers. But alas, I could not make up my mind which character to base this fic on. So, I've made a compromise. I'll focus it on both. Sky and Nathan, Sarah and Adelaide, and their lives after the Crap-Game incident. 'Almost' no gambling has left the men utterly depressed and their marital issues haven't been helping. But when the time comes to have children…. *cue montage music*

The chapters will probably be short, so these will most likely end up being a series of drabbles, although they will have a visible plot-line to them. Wrote this on a whim so not sure if I'll continue.




New York City, New York

The bar was a cacophony of smoke, laughter, singing, jeering, betting, and fighting. No better place to have a few drinks and some conversation after a long day of work and planning out the next gambling escapades.

Sky took a swig of his beer, a cigarette in one hand, a slight grin twisting his lips.

"Wait a minute here, Nathan. You ain't thinking of running the crap-game again, huh? You know your doll would kill you."

Nathan chuckled and took a drag on his cigarette. "She'll kill me for just about anything I do these days, Sky. I'm used to it. Ha, she begged me to marry her for fourteen years. I did. Thought it would stop the drama, the tears, the 'Oh Nathan, when, when?'"

"And the drama has yet to cease, I know, let me tell you, brother." He stared into his drink forlornly.

"What, you mean the innocent, kind-hearted dame, out to save the wicked, scarred soul from a life of crime and sin, has been giving you, her newly-repented, revived and lawful husband… drama?"

Nathan feigned an expression of shock. Sky glared at him darkly.

"Alright, listen here. I may have quit gambling but that don't make me no angel. Nathan, I'm telling you, I can't take no more of this holy-roller business! Everything's bible verses and let God take you to his kingdom! Now, I'm a good Christian, Nathan, I go to church. But this chick's livin' in the Bible belt!"

Nathan laughed, blowing a thick cloud of smoke. "You're just now figuring all this out, are you Sky? You didn't think from the very beginning that a doll like Sergeant Sarah, bless her heart, wouldn't be all 'let the lord be your savior' and start up the prohibition again!"

Sky eyed his beer bottle plaintively. "Jesus, I hope that doesn't happen again. Worst years of my life." He took a sip.

"I bet you were part of the smuggling."

"Were you?"

"Since I was a juvenile delinquent." He gave an innocent grin. Sky laughed quietly.

"Old Reliable Nathan Detroit, stirring up trouble wherever he roams." He sighed. "Too bad he ain't able to stir up trouble now."

The two men were silent for a moment, reminiscing over their gambling days. The past few years had been grueling. Upon their weddings, Sarah and Adelaide had threatened to leave the two if they didn't give up gambling for good and get real jobs.

Nathan gave up his attempt at a newsstand and decided to work at a bank, a line of business the involved the one thing that he was good at dealing with: money. Sky, being the more persuasive individual, took up a job at car dealership, working as a salesman, aside from occasionally helping out at the mission.

The pay was good, the work kept them busy. But alas, it just wasn't good enough. There was no risk-taking, no heart-pounding, no exhilaration. It was all so… so mundane, so… so… boring. Though neither of them would dare admit it to their wives, they both sorely missed the days when they'd be rolling the dice at the crap-games, on the run from the cops, betting their lives on winning the game.

"Christ, Sky, what are we gonna do with ourselves? We cannot live like this anymore."

"I'm with you there." He glanced over at Nathan. "You think the dolls would understand if we just dabbled in a few games here and there, nothing too serious? I mean, what's the harm? Long as we ain't running the game, we should be alright."

Nathan drummed his fingers thoughtfully. "Well, one thing's for sure is we know we can't just up and quit our jobs and go back to the cards. But… you know, it is a hobby of sorts."

"Exactly, a hobby, a pastime. Nothin' criminal about it. I mean, hey, Sarah's gonna have to get used to the fact that a whole lot of people in this world of ours ain't straight, but that don't mean they don't got a sense of religion, a sense of repentance. You know what I mean?"

Nathan grinned at him. "Yeah, I know what you mean alright. Say, what about we head home and tell the girls about this proposition? Be all innocent about, you know? Act as if it's some… some –."

"Addiction? One we simply can't get over. It's destroying us, ruining our concentration. An' if we don't have concentration, how do they expect us to do our jobs?"

"Sky, we got ourselves a nice little strategy here. Sooner or later, who knows? We might actually be able to run a few games, long as we keep the illegal business to a minimum."

Sky laughed and held up his bottle. "Now don't go getting ahead of yourself, Nathan. Voices carry and we don't want the cops breathing down our necks again."

"Ha, yeah. The dolls would divorce us in a second then." He grinned and held up his own glass. "I propose a toast to our devilish little selves."

"To us."

"To us."

They knocked back the rest of their drinks and departed, each grinning more deviously than they ever had.

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