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We Are One

I know that I've been through the pain twice already, but I was getting closer each time. Now it wasn't just me going through it, but also my dear Sam. I was crying and writhing on the ground as I felt my spine grow longer and what I think was a tail pushing out of the small of my back.

"Get back everyone. It's happening," I heard a voice call. Slowly twisting my head, I saw Dan holding his arms out trying to stop the Maletas from coming over to us. Good thing to since I was now growing sharp talons.

Sam screamed beside me as I saw his tail burst out of his spine and his arms and legs shift into weird shapes. He was changing so much faster than me. I think he was becoming a full dragon on his first change. This had never happened before, but everything was changing in the world. My arms cracked and merged into the proper dragon way and so did my legs. I was still in my dress, but I noticed my corset slowly melting into me and my fire red scales started to appear.

"Oh my God," I heard David gasping out, looking at both of us. I knew it would be hard for them to see their brother changing into something they couldn't. Sam rose to his feet, his sharp talons digging into the ground. His neck stretched out and his skin was turning a light blue with silver streaking through it. I had never seen a dragon that colour before.

My neck was also stretching. At least this time it will be my full body transformation and then one more to go. I felt my hair melt into my skull and something that I think is horns push out. The bones in my face began to pull and grow, shifting into a way that would let my neck support my head. Sam was also there, but he gave the loudest roar and his wings pushed out of his back. The gossamer wings where silver and so beautiful. I looked back to Dan and spotted Jacinda with a tear running down her cheek.

"Oh my dears. Come on, you are nearly there. Just the last bit to go," she encouraged us. Then I roared as well and felt a heavy weight in my shoulder blades. Something was pushing out from my back and stretching so much, I couldn't hold the weight up any more and let whatever was growing drop to my sides. From the ground I slowly twisted to see my wings. They were finally finished.

"Wow. Now that is what I call a fire dragon," Nick said, whilst Avery was just staring. My wings dragged on the ground as I tried to move around. I was sore, but I doubt it would last long. A gentle growl sounded beside me and Sam was there, looking proud and tall. He was gorgeous. He shined like water, which was the only way I could describe him.

"There we have it," Jack said to break the silence. Finally I could lift my wings. They didn't feel heavy now and I was itching to test them out. I didn't think. I just ran a couple of steps, jumped and then I was soaring through the skies. Everyone was shouting me back but I felt so free. Maybe I shouldn't scare them so I went back but stayed in flight.

"You scared us all," I heard Sam's voice in my head but his mouth wasn't moving.

"How is this possible?" I thought. I touched back down to the ground and walked over to him, nudging him slightly with my head to the side of his.

"What are they doing?" David asked looking at us. I tried to speak to him but all that came out of my mouth was a growl. I guess they can't understand us.

"I guess we can only speak to each other in our minds Gail," Sam's voice flowed through my head.

"Well if they can't hear us, then why don't we have a bit of fun and go for a flight. It is so exhilarating. I felt so free when I was up there." He only bowed his head and then we both made a dash for it and flew out of the trees and soared through the skies. We did get a bit competitive, but that was just what we are like.

"Wow. I feel so free. This is fantastic!" he boasted as we flew around the woods. "I think we had better get back. The others will be wondering where we are. Plus I don't even know how we change back yet. Maybe Dan will know," and I flipped around and headed back. Now as I spotted everyone I was in a panic. I didn't know how to land.

Pushing backwards with my wings I started to slow down but it wasn't enough. What an embarrassment to end up like this. My feet touched the ground first but got caught under me as I stumbled forward to stop myself. Now I was lying on my back trying to twist around to get up. David and Nick where laughing their heads off. "Nice landing Gail," Nick was laughing. I just growled and shook myself all over, glad that there was no damage done, but then something hit me. Sam has slightly miss calculated the distance and instead of landing beside me, he landed on top of me. Now even Avery was on the floor laughing. We were a muddle trying to compose ourselves.

"Are you guys okay?" Dan asked coming over to me. I nodded still trying to get up. The guys where still laughing so Dan turned on them, "At least they are doing better than expected. Usually it would take a dragon a couple of days to take flight."

"But when she was protecting us from you, when you tried to kill our brother, wasn't she flying then. She flew us home," David queried.

"Yes. That can happen. A dragon can sometimes feel the urge to fly. Gail was probably getting that feeling so she was able to carry you all. I must say, she is grand," he said, walking over to me and placing his hand on my head. It was a kind gesture and I moved my head against his hand.

Jacinda walked over to me as well. "You are the most beautiful dragon Gail. You and my son will make us all proud. You know, I do miss this side of me, but I now have the greatest joy of seeing the Eternal dragon live and become our saviour." Even though I was in my other form, I thought I could feel my cheeks heating up. Sam came over to me and nudged my side in a loving gesture. I nudged him back and then looked back at Dan.

"How do we turn back?" I asked.

"Oh now we can understand you," Nick said, "I thought we would have had to become mind readers to understand you."

"Just think of yourself back your human skin and it will happen. It's that simple."

Closing my eyes, I imagined my firelight hair and my dress from the night. My skin started to tighten and I was shrinking. I dug my talons into the dirt and slowly my nails retracted. I looked to see my hands and arms come back to me. My hair fell into my face and I looked up. I was back to myself.

"Welcome back hunnie," Jacinda said coming next to Dan and helping me up. I brushed my dress off and spun to fix it.

Turning to Sam, he was still a dragon. He was so beautiful. Silver shimmering scales, like water.

"So when will he change back?" Avery asked pointing to Sam. Looking into his eyes, I could feel myself being drawn to him and in my mind I felt a voice pulling in my head, urging me to pull his form back into his human form.

"Thanks Gail," he said once he was back. I wrapped my arms around him and he didn't hesitate to hug me back. I was feeling dizzy and sick. Not what I was used to, then I felt my body retch and I turned from Sam to empty my stomach away from everyone. Once I was sure I wasn't going to be sick again. I stood up but a sudden wave of dizziness came over me and darkness took me.

It must have been hours before I woke up again. Lying in my soft warm bed, I raised my hands above my head and stretched. My muscles felt tight but it felt good. I remembered at last that last night I had finally gotten my full form. I jumped out of my bed and ran over to the mirror. The girl in front of me wasn't me. She was smiling. Her eyes where glowing and the lovely pink in her cheeks really suited her. Yet, it was me. I felt so happy, knowing now that I would never be alone.

I quickly showered and found some black skinny jeans and a red sequenced tank top, leaving my hair to flow down my back. There was some noises coming from the kitchen as I descended the stairs and peered in. Dan was making a big stack of pancakes.

"Good morning Gail," he said walking over and hugging me, "good thing you're up. I have made a special breakfast for us. Just think in a weeks' time you will turn 18 and bring a revolution to the world." That put a bit of a damper on my mood. "I know. I just hope I can make you proud."

"You will. I just know it," he rubbed my back. We sat and ate our breakfast and talked over what kind of fighting training we would have to work on.

I did my chores quickly and even started doing some baking. Whilst I was taking out some cookies from the oven my phone beeped with a text message. It was from Avery saying that tomorrow was Sam's birthday and that they were going to have a party.