Kim was still grumpy the next morning, which her fellow students found odd because she was usually one of the few who didn't suffer the Monday morning back-to-school blues. It only got worse with her first visit of the day to her locker. Her frown evolved into an outright glare as the photo of Shego stared back at her from the locker door, hands on hips, clearly not giving a damn.

"What's got you tweaked, girlfriend?"

The redhead turned toward the voice and offered a half-hearted smile. "Hey Monique. It just wasn't the best weekend, is all."

"TME," the dark-skinned girl suggested, being Monique-speak for Tell Me Everything.

Kim sighed, collected her books and shut her locker door, banishing Shego's nonplussed stare from her sight. "Friday after school, we learned Shego and Drakken stole a secret military project. It took me most of Saturday to figure out that they're intending to use it to steal secrets from whoever they set their sights on, no idea who. Then last night, Shego steals from the medical center, and she... ran into my mom."

Monique raised an eyebrow at how the end of that sentence sounded. "You saved her though, right?"

"Oh, she was fine," Kim growled quietly, "She was just fine, getting a footrub from my archfoe!"

"No. Way."

Kim turned her glare on Monique and her amused tone. "It's not funny, Monique."

Monique giggled. "Sorry girl, but from where I'm standin', it is a little funny."

Kim growled in annoyance as they started wandering to class. "Well, then I guess you're gonna love this: it wasn't even the first one."

"Say what!"

"Remember that week Shego had her brainwaves flipped and was calling herself Miss Go while she taught here?"

"Yeah. You two came to Club Banana that Saturday, and thank goodness. That beige outfit was doing nothing for her."

"It was a busy weekend for mom. She spent most of it at the hospital, and when she was home she was, let's say, 'less than enthusiastic' about letting Shego stay at our house. But now it turns out they had a late night talk, and a footrub, and they... bonded. Or something."

"Damn. Your bad girl must have some major massage skills."

Kim's voice became exasperated. "That's not the point, Monique! She's not Miss Go anymore! She's evil! She shouldn't be giving anyone footrubs, let alone my mother!"

"Shego remembers everything from when she was good, right? And she didn't hurt your mom yesterday, did she?"

"I guess..." the teen hero faltered, before grumbling, "It's just not right."

"Uh-huh. You're jealin'." her best girl friend declared.

The judgement clearly surprised Kim. "Jealing? What is there for me to be jealous about?"

"You and Shego got pretty friendly while she was good. Now it turns out she got in with mama Possible too. Except now she's evil again, she's gone back to fighting you... but she's still friendly with your mom. Hence the jeal."

Kim fell into a stunned silence as the pair entered the chemistry lab and took their seats. Could Monique be right? Shego had been like a big sister to her while she was good. It had been a different relationship compared to all the other female friends she add. Monique was the best of those, but Shego had been... closer. They already knew each other somewhat, as enemies - well, more like rivals - do, and they'd both come to enjoy the fights...

"We enjoy the fights," Kim chose to voice to Monique.

"It's her job to fight you when you get in her way," came the reply.

"She said one reason for the footrub was to give me time to get there."

"Really?" Monique considered for a moment, then smiled. "I think perhaps Shego still likes you too, Kim. Maybe even before Miss Go. Maybe she'd give you a footrub too, if she wasn't busy trying to knock you off your feet."

"She did that yesterday. And she got away with the goods, too." Kim slumped over the desk in a self-imposed funk.

"You always beat the freaks before they take over the world, or whatever it is they're up to. But what about the actual fights with Shego? Win some, lose some?"

"Pretty much," Kim admitted.

"So you're evenly matched," Monique deduced. "How many other people either of you know can claim the same."

The redhead pondered that for a surprisingly long moment. "Monkey Fist, I guess."

"Another freak?"

"He has monkey hands and feet, yeah; but the point is he's a master of monkey kung-fu."

"And you know over a dozen styles, with cheerleading on top. Shego's gotta respect that."

Kim grimaced; that sounded wrong. "I wouldn't go that far."

"Well, you know her better than I do." Monique smirked, then leaned over to whisper, "Next time you see her, you think you could make me an appointment?"

While Kim playfully shoved Monique away, Felix rolled over on his cyber-robotic wheelchair. "Hey Kim, have you seen Ron this morning?"

"No, actually. He said he had something to do before he came in." She glanced at the clock. "If he's not gonna be late, he'll be in by the skin of his teeth."

Kim's prediction proved true: the teacher had arrived and was at her desk, opening her mouth to bring the class to some semblance of order, when Ron skidded into the room and only avoided tripping and falling or colliding with someone by managing some bizarre yet fortuitous combination of both without anyone getting hurt. The teacher sarcastically congratulated him for making it on time as he took his place beside Felix.

As the lesson progressed, Kim became aware that Ron was occasionally taking big whiffs out of a plastic container. She didn't get a chance to find out what he was up to during class, but she did see him show Felix what was inside the container during a muted conversation. Apparently Felix found it amusing.

When the bell rang, Kim waited for her boyfriend to catch up before hitting him with a, "Rooon, what's in the box?" using the kind of voice that typically presaged a telling off.

"Oh! Uh, here." The blond pulled the first box that his hand found from inside his backpack. "No, wait," he continued as he peered through the clear plastic to scrutinize the contents, "This one's for math."

Kim snatched it from his grasp anyway and looked inside. "Apple and orange segments?" she asked.

"You know you're not supposed to take food into class, right?" Monique added.

Ron raised a halting hand. "This isn't for eating, it's for smelling."

"Come again?"

"This is because of that sense memory talk, isn't it?" Kim deduced.

Both girls watched as Ron dug out a few more plastic containers, each with a different foodstuff. "I chose food because it's something I care about. Smells trigger memory, so I've chosen a different smell for each class."

Monique looked over his selection. "No cheese?"

"Y'know, I considered using it... but it turns out the thought of cheese kinda rules out me thinking of anything else."

"Why am I not surprised," Kim muttered.

Ron continued regardless. "Our next test, I'll take whichever one is the related thing to smell, and it'll help me remember all those annoying facts and figures I can never get straight. That's all tests and exams are, really. Checking what you remember."

"They're also to show whether or not you understand the material," his girlfriend informed him.

"Well, yeah, but that'll be a lot easier with facts and figures," he insisted, before adding in a worried tone, "Won't it?"

Monique giggled at the despairing look Kim shot her way.

Shego had appropriated the PASIV device again, claiming a desire for practice. It took a moment to make Drakken understand the difference between tests and practice, but now he could recreate the Somnacin compound, he didn't have to worry about running out of the original dream juice. In fact he was already working on a variation of the original so that, as usual, he could make up for having to steal something by putting his own unique mark on it.

Besides, he knew better than to get between his sidekick and whatever she wanted.

Let's see, Shego mused as she stared at the device's timer, if five minutes of real time equates to an hour of dream time... how long could I keep going? How long could she keep going? Phsyically, she's still coming into her prime, but she has all that energy...

Deciding to err on the side of caution, the villainess decided on half an hour. She doubted even Kimmie could fight for six hours straight, but they didn't just have to fight. It was her dream, after all...

After the last dream, Shego knew better than to use memories for this one. After briefly considering a dojo from one movie or another, she decided she wasn't thinking big enough and drew on some old memories of her dream lair. It was essentially a fortress of doom on a tropical island just big enough to have its own fresh water supply, and beautiful beaches all around. Motion detectors, laser cannons, a moat full of piranha... she'd thought it up after abandoning Team Go. These days she knew how much more she could do with the crazy technology she'd come across in the past decade, but that was hardly relevant to her current purpose.

The green girl stuck the IV into the other wrist this time; she might heal fast, but the damn thing still pinched every time she used it. Settling onto her bed, she reached over and pressed the trigger.

The fortress was more of a large tower, black with green details. Shego pondered the shade of green, darker than what she usually wore, until she realised it matched the grass and leaves of her surroundings. It was curious how her subconscious had attended to such a detail, one that had never crossed her conscious mind. In the end though, it was still her mind, and obviously it rocked no matter which part was in charge.

Crossing the drawbridge, the large jagged doors opened to allow her access. The elevator at the far end of the corridor identified what was on each floor; her finger hovered over 'gym' for a moment but curiosity got the better of her; the finger rose to 'throne room' and hit the button. The elevator accelerated quickly as it travelled the entire length of the tower to the large dome at the top.

The throne room was essentially curved windows with pillars in between, holding up a solid, albeit high, ceiling. From here, Shego could see the entire island; which she did, making a full circuit of the room until she reached the elevator again. The view was fantastic; she doubted there was an island like this in the real world.

She didn't even glance at the throne, set ten feet above the floor, before getting back in the elevator.

Kim Possible was doing warm up exercises in the gym. Shego just watched for a long moment, but her projection of the teen hero definitely moved like the real thing. Would it act like the real thing, though? If she planted a big wet smacker on the redhead, would she return it like the villainess would want her to? Assuming she really wanted her to.

Their relationship was primarily adversarial. After four years, it was practically instinct. If Shego jumped dream-Kim's bones, she'd probably fight her off just like the real one. Heck, even if Kim was into it, she'd probably fight to be on top.

"So are you going to ogle me all day," dream-Kim suddenly asked without pausing in her exercises, "Or are we going to kick each others' biscuits?"

With a surprised grin, Shego answered, "I dunno. Think you're even capable of a fight to the death?"

"After all the times you've tried to kill me already?" the teenager scoffed. "In your dreams."

Shego's fists ignited. "That's the idea," she growled enthusiastically before charging forward.