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Advanced genetics

On a New York skyscraper sits a man clad in a red and blue outfit. His feet dangle over the edge of the ledge 100 stories up in the air he is sitting next to a stone gargoyle which he turns and addresses.

"Bruce I know I shouldn't complain, but ever since I got rid of Tomby, Doc Ock and even the Green Goblin it's been boring. Now I know what you're going to say that when it's boring that means there are less people being hurt but come on all the street crime has even dropped off the radar, I mean it's like new York doesn't need Spidey anymore." Spidey sighs looking down and seeing the pinpricks of colour, that are the people of New York, the people who thanked him for risking his neck by believing all the lies about him, calling him a menace and being afraid that he was going to hurt them.

"Okay so maybe it isn't the fact there less crime but the fact spideys not having the distracting affect I could really use right now what do you think Bruce?" the masked head once again turn the stone gargoyle. "That's what I like about you Bruce you always know what to say."

In truth it wasn't the lack of crime that was annoying Spider-Man it was the other part of his life where he wasn't a super powered wise cracker but a semi normal teenage that was annoying Spider-Man, the good old Parker luck had struck again when one part of his life was going well the other part was a mess. He was currently on summer vacation which had started 2 days ago but was feeling very alone. Harry had whisked Gwen off for a first class holiday in Europe, Liz still wasn't talking to him and he no longer had Eddie to hang out with. There was no school work to take his mind off his loneliness and what made it worse was that at the beginning of the month had been the anniversary of his darkest day and the cause of his everlasting guilt. It had been just over a week since he and Aunt May had stood at his uncle's grave. He made Aunt May go back home without him so he could have a private talk with Uncle Ben.

"So Uncle Ben I'm sorry I haven't come here since the funeral but I've been putting what you taught me into practise. I hope that makes you proud. I wish you could tell me that, that's what I miss most about you, your advice, our talks and the way you could always make me feel better." Peter took a look around to make sure they were alone. "Every life I save is in honour of you and a testament to the man you were and the man you raised me to be." The tears started to fall. "Even though I never said it to your face I think of you more as a father than anything else, you raised me and that made me the hero I am today not some bug bite, your memory is the one that gives me the strength to go on when I'm called a menace."

Snapping back out of his memories Spidey just sat there. Ever since his final battle with the Green Goblin life had been less fun, though he hadn't meant for it to happen the death of Harry's dad still was a weight on his soul. And though Harry and he were still friends the closeness they had shared was long gone. His battles during the last semester had not been as dangerous thanks to the fact no one had a powerbase to launch an offensive on the other major players. So Spidey had merely been foiling heists and defending himself from those insane people who tried to kill him every other week.

"Oh well Bruce maybe things will turn around this summer, I mean MJ is moving in with her aunt for the vacation so she will be just down the street and we can hang out. Problem is both Anna and Aunt May are still trying to get us together, I mean I like her but MJ doesn't want any kind of relationship she just wants to have fun and be a 'Free Agent', I can't really see any future with her other than being friends." Spider-Man lent against the stone wing of Bruce. "Why do so many of my problems have to do with the women in my life maybe I should just move and start fresh where I don't know anyone." As he looked over the ledge he spotted a new pattern in the lights one that could only be an emergency vehicle, he stood up backed up to edge while still facing 'Bruce'. "Well it seems were out of time, thanks again Bruce you are the best, cheapest therapist a superhero could ask for." With a wave of his hand he dived off the building into the night.

Half way down Spidey shoots out a web line and begins to swing, at the bottom of the arc he lets go and momentum he has gathered makes him fly through the air at eye watering speed. Spider-Man couldn't help but think at that moment that only he could do this and nobody could ever feel what he does right now. True he has fought villains who could fly but they relied on tech and couldn't feel the gravity pulling them down, the thrill of flying through the air free of anything not even needing to really concentrate till he needed to shoot another web line. He shook his head and began searching for what was going on.

Fire Captain Levy was on his rig checking the equipment was ready for when they arrived when he heard a voice coming from up above.

"Ahoy Captain permission to come aboard?"

He looked up and saw the now familiar sight of a man in a red and blue costume with black webbing over laying the red parts. As a fireman it was against procedure to allow somebody who hadn't been trained onto the rig but every fire department in New York knew that the spider was dam useful, not only could he could get to the tops of buildings before any equipment but he could get through areas while carrying people that no fireman could get through just by himself.

"Permission granted." He bellowed, the next second the ladder had a new occupant.

"So what we got."

"A building on 42nd street, a fire's started in the ground floor and is now spreading people are evacuating hopefully we can stop the fire before it claims too many floors." He took his eyes of Spider-Man to look down the street making sure the traffic wouldn't slow them down. "So web head you think who could help us save some lives." He realized he had been speaking to thin air however when he saw a red blue streak turn the upcoming corner. "Come on guys were not going to let the web head have all the fun are we?" he shouted to his crew.

Spidey had now reached the building and saw the fist problem was the fire escape decades of neglect was now starting to show in the creaking metal add to the that the 100 or so people weight put on it the fire escape looked like it was going to break off the wall. He used a fair amount of webbing to make sure it was properly secured and then began a sweep of the building working his way down while the fire fighters began trying to control the blaze.

He'd found a few people and gotten them through the smoke to safety by the time he had hit the 3rd floor and it was there when he started to run into problems the floor was so hot he had to run on the ceiling and the smoke was now not only affecting his vision but also his ability to breathe. He did a quick look around relying on his spider-sense to find anybody but couldn't sense anything so made for the nearest window, it was a wonderful sensation to be in the blissfully cool clear clean air. As he landed he took a second to rest against the fire truck, the problem with his costume was it kept in everything in not only was he boiling but he stank, the heat had made him sweat buckets.

"This is sooo going in the wash."

"Spider-Man we got a problem" said the fire captain he had talked to earlier.

"What is it your crew can't sing? Sorry I'm not a vocal coach."

"Our thermal imagers have picked up a body at the back of the building on the ground floor but the hallway is blocked off from part of the first floor caving in."

"Don't worry I'm on it but when I get back can you turn that hose on me I'm really going to need a cold shower."

Getting past the debris was no problem where the firemen would have had to break it apart he just ran along the wall, he soon found himself in an area where the fire hadn't spread to with a locked door. "Hello open the door there's a fire out here I going to get you to safety."

"Daddy said not to open the door to strangers." 'Oh great it just has to be a little girl the universe just has to work like this' thought spidey.

"I'm not a stranger, I'm your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man you've seen me on TV right?"

"Yes." Came a very timid voice.

"Then you know me and that means I'm not a stranger right."

The door opened a crack and a little 4 year old girl in princess pyjamas peeked out squinting up at him.

"You're really Spider-Man." She squeaked at him.

"Yep, so let's go out the window and away from the nasty fire shall we?" "But our windows are really small."

He looked in inside and saw there were several square foot windows but all were all separate. Probably as a security measure so the apartment wasn't such a target for thieves he thought, well I can't break down the wall I don't know if there's structural damage.

"Well then we're going back the way I came then." He knelt down so he was now at eye level with the little girl. "What's your name?"


"Well now Karen how about you give your favourite web head a big old hug and don't let go?"

He stood up as soon as her hands were around his neck and began running as fast as he could. They reached a corner and the first thing he saw was the fire had spread and was now devouring the carpet and the ceiling. "Hold on tight here comes the fun bit." He whispered in Karen's ear and leapt onto the wall and continued running, the only thing he could hear was the sound of his heart pumping and Karen whooping in enjoyment.

He saw a fireman up ahead coming out of a doorway when suddenly his spider sense rang with intensity that was almost paralyzing, knowing the danger was centred on him he called out "Hey catch!" and threw Karen into his arms. The fireman turned and started running and therefore missed the ceiling giving way and falling on a certain red and blue wall crawler, the flaming debris pushed Spider-Man into the equally alight floor and through it.

"Stop, drop and roll, stop, drop and roll." Shouted Spidey as he tried to put out the burning parts of his costume, he got up only to find the top of his head was now starting to heat up, he whipped his mask off his head and stomped on it putting out the flames. It was only then did he take in his surroundings he was standing in a basement area but the door seemed to be behind a ton of flaming rubble and his entrance through the ceiling was covered with even more wreckage. He could go through the debris on the floor but who knew where the door went or it could be blocked on the other side as well. He could easily jump and smash his way to the ground floor but that could bring half the building down on him. As he was pondering his escape his eyes grew accustomed to the gloom of the basement and started to pick up details that had been previously hidden.

"Well this is bad." Along the walls were shelves and on the shelves were cleaning supplies, lots and lots of cleaning supplies, lots and lots of highly combustible cleaning supplies. The ceiling fire was spreading and soon something would undoubtedly fall and all hell would be let loose. "Come on think, think there has to be a way out there has to be..."

Captain Levy was proud of his men they had kept the fire contained there was no real hope for the lower floors they had arrived too late to stop major damage but the people living there had been quick to get out. With the spider clearing out the top floor his men had been able to get all of those on the lower ones now if spidey would get back with that last person hopefully there would be no dead to grieve but the was always the possibility that they had missed someone and they wouldn't know till much later.

He suddenly saw one of his men with a little girl in his arms exit the building to the sound of cheers from the crowd, once the man had dropped the girl at an ambulance he pulled off his breathing apparatus and started walking to him, Captain Levy knew everybody on his crew so even with the heat haze and the ash he no problem recognizing Roberts he'd been with them for a year and had proven his metal. "Good work Roberts you could get a commendation out of this."

Roberts waved it off. "Can't take the credit cap spidey just handed her to me."

"So where is the web head?" Levy asked while his eyes flicked about looking for a flash of red and blue. "Don't know" replied Roberts. "As soon as he threw me the girl I turned and ran and didn't look back." Levy nodded their first priority was to save lives he would have done the same thing.

"Well the web heads going to be fine he faced a lot worse than a simple fire." Levy said trying to mask the sudden jolt of fear he felt.


"What was that?" Yelled Roberts he had taken a few steps back because he had lost his balance.

"Shockwave" was all the Captain could mutter.

A few hours later that same night on channel 5. Hello New York you're with me Charlie Cunningham at 42nd street in midtown while at the beginning of this story there was joy over the fact nobody was killed or even harmed in the fire that swept the lower floors of this apartment building, there has been a new development. It appears that New York's resident superhero Spider-Man was helping the fire department clear the building when some sort of explosion occurred, with me now as the last person to see Spider-Man fire fighter Andrew Roberts. Can you tell me what happened?

"Well I was doing the last sweep of the building when Spider-Man come running along the wall while carrying a little girl he suddenly throws me the girl while shouting catch and as soon as I have the girl in my arms I just turn and run. Then a couple of minutes later after I had got out, there was a shockwave that emanated from the building and that's all I know."

Thank you very much I now see the fire captain as just come out the building stay tuned for an exclusive interview. Captain can you tell us what happened and what is the fate of Spider-Man?

"It appears Spider-Man was in the basement of building which is where all the cleaning products were stored when the fire spread the chemicals ignited and exploded. All we found is the burnt remains of his mask unfortunately there was a large vat of bleach down there you there is no way to get forensic evidence."

If the mask survived is it reasonable to say that Spider-Man did as well?

"It's unlikely, the mask was under some debris which protected it, but it was still burnt badly everything in the open was incinerated followed by the ceiling collapsing in due to the explosion."

Thank you very much captain, well it looks like this is the end of Spider-Man, how will people remember the wall crawler as a hero, an unlawful vigilante; this is Charlie Cunningham for channel 5 news.

In a mansion on the out skirts of Bayville the image of the reporter standing next to the fire captain who was holding a scrap of red cloth with a large white eye on it, was paused while 4 extremely unusual people discussed the story.

"Well that's over thankfully." Said a small but well built man in a gruff voice.

"Logan how could you say that about the end of a human life!" said a beautiful African American woman with long white hair.

A bald man in a wheel chair set out to cease the upcoming argument and did so with the ease of practise. "Storm while Logan could have been more." He paused for a moment to find the right word. "Delicate but he has a point. This Spider-Man has been drawing unwanted attention to our kind and who knows where it could have led."

The room most unusual occupant now spoke up "Hearts that are delicate and kind and tongues that are neither - these make the finest company in the world, Logan PearsallSmith." His voice and words were an opposite of his appearance for he looked like a blue ape.

"Thank you Hank for now this argument is pointless we shall wait and see what happens."

AN/This my frist go at writing i hope you enjoy it, tell me if it worth me continuing to write this story, but if you do expect massive waits.