All right, this idea just kinda popped into my head late last night while I was trying to sleep. These are going to be the small things that I kinda skipped or glossed over in my story. I'm thinking they will all be one shots, but not sure yet. Also, they may not be in order but they will all take place in the All I Want is You universe. If you have any ideas or anything you want to see, just tell me and I'll give it a try.

I dont own the characters or the show but I would give my left arm for Angel...perferably naked

"Mmmm," Buffy moans into their third goodbye kiss. "I'm meeting Willow before class."

"Right," Angel says huskily, not letting go of her hips. "You should go."

"This is me, going," she says, backing away from him without breaking eye contact.

"I'll see you after school," he smirks as he stalks her towards the door. His expression turns to concern when her face falls. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing," she straightens up, putting on her brave face and speaking with forced casualness. "I have to get the rest of my stuff so I won't be coming straight back here."

"You could wait until dark and I'll go with you," he says, stroking her face lovingly.

She leans into his touch, smiling gratefully with sad eyes. "Thanks, but I just want to get it over with."

"Okay. Um, here," he walks away to dig something out of his desk drawer as she picks up her bag.

"My own keys," she says excitedly, taking the key ring from his hand. "Yay."

Angel laughs as he gives her a nudge out of the door. "Go to school."

"Love ya," she says, giving him a quick peck before she leaves.

Angel chuckles as he closes the door, feeling younger than he has in over a century. He sits on the bed and leans back, tired; although he had gotten a few hours sleep after the activities with Buffy, he his still a vampire that sleeps during the day. He feels his eyes start to droop so he starts to get up to turn off the lights. He stops when he spots the tattered remains of Buffy's Mr. Gordo lying on the floor.

He still cant believe that Joyce did something so hateful to her own daughter, making her cry in a way he has never seen her cry before. He growls and knows that his eyes are flashing yellow, his inner demon angered that anyone would cause pain to his mate. He pushes the anger back, knowing that isn't what Buffy needs right now.

With a shake of his head, he reaches forward and picks up the pink cloth of the pig's skin. He runs it around and discovers that it is only one long tear along the side that is keeping the stuffing from staying inside. He looks at the stuffing Buffy was able to bring and figures it is enough to give him back his shape.

"Alright, I can do this," Angel mumbles to himself.

He gathers the stuffing and places it and the 'skin' on the bed. He goes to the single closet and shuffles through it. With a sound of triumphant, he brings his box of sewing supplies. He isn't the most skilled at sewing but over the years he has become accomplished enough to mend some of his clothes.

"Black, gray, blue," he thinks to himself, shifting through the spools of thread. "More black. Ah, white. It's gonna have to do."

He re-stuffs the pig, adjusting the skin often to make sure it will close. Satisfied that has the right amount of 'squeeziness' (Buffy is starting to rub off on him, he smiles), he sets it aside to thread the needle; this is the part he really has trouble with.

Five minutes later, he is finally able to start his task. After the first two stitches he realizes how much harder this is compared to mending a hole in a shirt. He had hoped that he could mend the pig without too much evidence left but as he goes along, painfully poking his fingers over and over again, he realizes that it's a lost cause.

"Not so bad," he tells himself when he is finished, admiring his work. He lays back, tired and quickly falls asleep, unknowingly knocking the pig to the ground.

"I think I should rename Mr. Gordo," Buffy muses, stroking Angel's bare chest.

"Mmm?" he hums, still tried from his lack of sleep and their lovemaking. "Why?"

"Because, look," she says, climbing over him to lean towards the floor. Angel grabs her so that she won't fall, admiring her rounded bottom, smoothing his hand over it. "Hey!"

"Sorry, cant help it," he smirks, sounding anything but contrite.

"Whatever, my lovah," she laughs, pulling herself back up and bringing with her.

"Maybe we shouldn't corrupt the pig, lover," he whispers into her ear in a husky voice, making her shiver.

"As I was saying," she says softly, bringing her face level with his. "I think I'm going to rename him."

"Again, why?" he smiles, idly caressing her hip.

"He's not innocent anymore," she smiles mischievously, bringing the stuffed animal up between their faces. "Look at his battle scar. I love you, but you are definitely not a plastic surgeon."

"I think he looks fine," Angel pouts, making Buffy bite her lip to keep from laughing.

"He's Frankenpig," she teases, making the toy 'walk' across her boyfriend.

"Frankenstein was the name of the doctor," Angel points out, still pouting. "And I injured myself in fixing him for you."

"I'm just teasing," Buffy relents, shifting so that she is lying on top of him. "I think it was really sweet. And if you show me where it hurts, I'll kiss it to make it better."

"Oh yeah?" he asks suggestively with a sexy smirk. "How about if you let me kiss you instead?"

"O-kay," she smiles a little confused, offering her mouth to his. Instead of kissing her, he shifts her to her back and shuffles under the covers.

"Oh!" Buffy says surprised before moaning as his tongue laps at her. "Oh Angel."

Idk how i feel about this, didnt really come out the way I wanted. What do you think?