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"Quiet night," Buffy says to herself as she walks through the cemetery.

She walks as quietly as she can, which she has discovered is extremely quiet. It's kind of creepy, but she figures she'll learn to get used to it. She bites her lip and looks down as she remembers her reaction to her non-reflection that morning. She doesn't regret her decision; she knows this with all of her being. But she can't help it if she misses some things, like a reflection. Or looking around during the day without her eyes burning. Or hearing her heart beat.

"Stop it, Buffy," she whispers to herself. "Bad thoughts. Bad, bad thoughts."

Walking a little faster, she forces her mind to dwell on the happier things about her new life, or unlife. First, and best, is total Angel access. Her lips curve as she thinks about him, waking up with him, sleeping with him, naked sweaty sex with him. She is pulled from her happy memories by a sound.

She instantly freezes, her new vampire instincts taking over as she listens and unconsciously sniffs the air. She frowns slightly; she senses no danger and there is something vaguely familiar about the smell. However, she pulls out her stake and creeps forward, appreciating how her night vision has improved.

She tilts her head when she realizes what she hears is a heart beat one of the few abilities she is still trying to cope with. Knowing it's not a vampire, she puts her stake away but still remains tense, wary of whatever or whoever creeps around a cemetery at night. It isn't until she is a few feet away and she spies the red hair that she recalls where she recognizes the scent.

"Willow," she calls out.

Startled by the broken silence, Willow quickly spins around. Her feet trip over each other and she falls, scraping her hands on a stone.

"Ow," she grimaces, holding her hand firmly.

"Oh I'm sorry. Are you okay?" Buffy apologizes, rushing forward to help her friend stand. A sweet, metallic smell reaches her nose and she feels a change take over her.

"Yeah, I'm okay. I just scraped my hand," Willow says, looking down. She hears a growl and turns to look at Buffy, her eyes going wide with fear. "Bu-Buffy?"

"What's wrong?" Buffy asks, not knowing she is in game face or that she had made a sound. All she is aware of is that she is suddenly very, very hungry.

"You really are a vampire," Willow says softly, taking a step back, almost falling again until a strong hand catches her. "Angel! Buffy is-is-"

"Buffy is what?" Buffy says angrily, cranky at being so hungry.

"She can't control it, Willow," Angel says softly, walking towards his love. "Its because she smells your hand. She hasn't fed today."

"I had that huge sandwich, what are you…" Buffy pauses when she raises her hand to brush her hair back and feels the ridges on her face.

"It's too soon for you to able to control it," Angel informs her, taking her elbow.

"Willow, I…I would never bite you," she turns to her friend, tears building in her yellow eyes.

"Buffy, I know," Willow says, sounding sad and ashamed. "I-"

"We should go," Angel interrupts gently. "Come on, Willow. I got some bandages at the apartment."

The trio travels in silence, each lost in their own thoughts. Once arriving, Angel first finds the first aid kit, handing it to Willow before warming up some blood for both him and Buffy. Buffy just sits down on the bed, running her fingers gently over her face, thinking.

"I didn't want to bite you," she says into the silence, surprising herself, as she didn't mean to say it out loud.

"Buffy, it's okay," Willow tries to reassure her.

"No, Will, you don't understand." Buffy looks at Angel as he hands her the mug of blood and sits next to her. "I was hungry. More hungry than I've ever been. But I had absolutely no urge to bite you."

"Because of your soul, your conscience," Angel says, drinking from his mug. He forces himself to stay in his human face, not wanting to upset Willow anymore than she is. "Drink."

"Well, its good to know that you can control your instincts," Willow says, sounding cheerful even though she is still a little nervous, watching her best friend actually drink blood. "There's a lot of humans who can't do that."

"Thanks, willow," Buffy smiles after she finishes her meal. She again touches her face and frowns at her boyfriend. "How do I make it go away?"

"Just relax, think about something nice," Angel says, rubbing her back.

Buffy stares into his eyes, trying to think. She thinks about all the kisses they have shared, but especially the recent ones, the ones that led to…more. She feels something shift on her face and Angel smiles softly at her, smoothing a finger over her cheek.

"See, it worked," he says. "What did you think about?"

"You," she says, smiling at him.

"Aww, he's your happy thought," Willow smiles, causing both of them to remember her presence. "It's like on Hook."

"Hook?" Angel asks confused, making the girls giggle.

"It's a movie, babe," Buffy tells him. She turns to Willow and turns serious. "What were you doing in the graveyard?"

"Sort of looking for you," Willow says, tucking some of her hair behind her ear. "I was heading home after helping Xander. Thought I would say hello if you were there."

"Willow," Buffy scolds gently. "Do you even have a stake with you?"

"I have my pencil," she says weakly, holding up the think wood.

Buffy shakes her head with an amused smile. "Come on, I'll walk you home."

"Bye Angel," Willow waves.

He nods, waiting until she is turned to raise his eyebrows and smile suggestively to his lover. "Hurry back Buffy."

"Will do," she says, smirking at him as she closes the door behind her.

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