Chapter One: Introductions and Dorms

Sasuke POV

This place is nice enough, but I wouldn't be going to the best school in the entire country if it were shabby.

The only problem is Itachi, but that's fine I'll outshine him soon enough anyway. There's no need to worry about it. Not as much as sharing my room with an idiot.

Here at The School of Kahona (1. don't know if I spelled that right, 2. couldn't think of anything better), people stay two to a dorm. There are three dorm buildings for the males and three more for the females. The male dorms are numbered 1,2,3 in nice print signs, while the female are numbered 4,5,6.

Each building has a total of 3 floors, and the first floor is always complete with a kitchen and lunch area, a few living areas, vending machines and a small computer room. If you don't already have your own computer.

The other two floors have twenty rooms on each floor, carrying a capacity of about 100 students per dorm meaning only 600 students actually attend this school if they haven't dropped out.

My room is on the second floor room 6 of the male dorm building number two, and all I can think while climbing the stairs is who I might end up with.

When I reach the top, about 50 kids where wondering around with their own bags. I groaned inwardly, this was not going to be a fun experience. There were two hallways that came together at the other end of the building where there was another staircase, so says the map in my hands, but I cant see a thing.

My room is in the first hallway, third room down because the odds were on the left and there are 10 rooms in each hallway.

I headed towards my destination, looking down on at my map minding my own business when some idiot bumps into me.

"Oi! Watch where your going?" I glared at the idiot, whose blue eyes were glaring right back. He was blonde to, well doesn't that say it all. (No offense people, trying to get into Sasuke mode, and it's working a little: D)

"Hm." I replied, not even wanting to give him the time of day. I just want to get to my room, and out of the crowd as quickly as possible. The blonde glared more intently before holding up his map.

I looked up while trying to ignore him, noticing I happen to be standing right in front of my door only this dobe is blocking the way.

"Hey! Are you even listening to me! Can you help me find room 6, I've been standing here for hours looking!" I brought my attention back down to him.

You can't be serious?


I really can't wait! I hear every dorm room comes with its own bathroom, even though you can still use the public showers. It will be much easier to get ready in the morning and the beds are nice, and you can decorate your own half of the room with anything you want. Meaning everything will be perfect.

What can I say?

Looks are important, and just like everything else. If you're not the best then what is there to look forward to in life?

It will be nice to see Sakura again to, I saw her name on the student list for who got in. She's not going to win against me, and come here to get Sasuke all to herself without a bit of a challenge.

I'm not going to let her.

I walk into room 3 laughing a little at myself for the plans I have, only to come face to face with the one I'm laughing at.

"Well, well, well look who it is!" I said, smirking, as Sakura turned around to sneered at me.

"All I see is trash, I though this place had more class then to let you in Ino." Sakura replied, wiping the smirk off my face.

"At least I don't look like a mutant, giant forehead freak." I replied crossing my arms, as I threw my bags on the bed closest to the door.

"Still using that line pig?" Sakura retorted, rolling her eyes at me, "I don't have to do this, I'm going to request a change of rooms."

"That's perfectly understandable." I said, sitting on my bed and crossing my legs, "Just another victory for me to claim."

Sakura paused, her hands on her hips, he face going red with anger "What was that?"

I merely smiled back, "You heard me mutant."

I will win this war Sakura.

Temari POV

I managed to make it to my room, room 5, without any problems. But my neighbors seem really noisy, it's been less than a few seconds since they entered their room and they are already arguing.

I started unpacking as soon as I sat my bag on my bed on the right side of the room, and was almost done by the time my roommate walked in.

"Heā€¦hello." Said a small voice, I looked over to see a girl with large distinctive foggy gray eyes and no pupils, her hair was long and black cut so that the bangs framed her face. She smiled slightly, setting her bags on the other bed. "My name is Hinata."

"Temari." I said, reaching my hand out for her to shake, which she did reluctantly. She seemed nice enough, quiet, and shy.

"This is going to work out just fine." Now if only I didn't have to worry about my brothers killing each other.

Gaara POV

I don't like this idea at all.

My father wants me out of the house, and that's great because I don't want to be home either. But for him to send Kankaru and Temari with me was a stretch. As if that wouldn't irritate me.

Fine. People are avoidable, but to be stuck in the same room, that's something I'm not living with.

"Where are you going Gaara?" Kankaru asked my back as I was heading out the door.

"Changing my room." Was all I said, letting the door slam behind me. People made a large gap in the hallway for me to walk through. And as I looked at all their faces as I passed only one thought came to my mind.

The last thing I need is people.

Kiba POV

My roommates a freak.

I've known him 10 minutes and still don't understand a thing about him. Other than the fact that he likes bugs, sunglasses and dresses weirdly.

This is my fault.

Originally I wasn't going to come to this school, I was afraid of being away from my family. But things changed in a real fucking short time and now I'm here just to get away from my family.

In a dorm with a freakish guy I'm never going to understand and only a camera and some clothes in my ownership.

Life is just perfect. NOT!

Naruto POV

"What's that?" asked my new roommate, glaring at me from his side of the room, I looked at what I was holding to the wall almost ready to pin up above my bed.

"It's a calendar." I replied, pushing the pin in, "Do you have a problem with it?"

"Yeah I do." Replied my roommate, I glared, this guy is a real stuck-up jerk so far. I don't even know his name.

"Well to bad, this is my side of the room." I stuck out my tongue at him; normally I would try to work it out but not for this jerk. "I don't want to live with you either."

"How did someone like you even make it into this school?" My roommate grumbled unpacking his things.

"I earned it." I grumbled back, but the truth was I was adopted after going through almost every foster home available. And the guy who adopted me happens to be a teacher here so of course I got in.

But I still had to take the exams, and write my papers.

I had to do what everyone else had to do, that's only fair. This guy has no respect for anyone, so why does he deserve to be here?

But I still have to live with him for the next four years of my life, so I sit back down on my bed and try to be cheerful, "I'm Naruto Uzumaki what's your name?"

"None of your business." Said the guy, walking out of the door; "I don't want to make friends with you."

He slammed it shut, leaving me sitting on my bed with a single calendar hung up and the rest of my bag lying on the floor unpacked.

What a jerk.

Shikamaru POV

"Which bed do you want?" my childhood friend, Choji, asked me. I looked in between the two beds laid out on opposite sides of the room.

"I'll take the one closer to the window." I replied, setting my stuff on the bed. My parents sent me here; I don't really know why I blocked out my mothers nagging while she was lecturing me about the reason.

But I'm here, with Choji in the same room.

Better than nothing, at least no one will nag me here. I can be free to do what I want on my own terms.

I lay down on the bed, looking out the window and up at the sky. "Hey, Shikamaru do you think there will be plenty of room for a refrigerator?"

"Probably" I answered, when suddenly there was a knock on the door. Choji and me exchanged looks, before he walked over and opened the door.

Standing there was this kid with really red hair, and deep dark circles around his eyes. He was wearing black clothing with elaborate red designs forming a dragon on his shirt. The guy was threatening, but also extremely short to look at next to the super tall Choji.

"What is it?" Choji asked, the guy handed him a pink slip of paper. Choji read the paper looking over at me with a worried look on his face. "I have to switch rooms, sorry Shikamaru."

"It's not like you can control it." I replied, wondering exactly how this was going to work out. This guy partially scares the shit out of me and now I have to share a room.

The guy walked in the room waiting for Choji to leave.

"Bye Shikamaru!" Called Choji shutting the door behind him, me and the other guy looked at each other.

"Give me space and we wont have any problems." The guy said, his voice surprisingly deep.

"Agreed." I replied, closing my eyes and hoping I can fall asleep as fast as possible.

So much for freedom and having things the way I want them.

Shino POV

I inspected my collection of Coleopteran insects, trying to ignore my obviously disgusted roommate.

I came to this school hoping maybe to find someone like myself.

Instead I have an over emotional roommate and lots more normal everyday people who fit somewhere in the world crawling through the halls.

That's why I have my bugs, not only because they are one of the most interesting things in the world but also because they provide me company that no one else can manage to give me.

There are always my grades as well.

I'll create a new world for myself, something to look forward to.

Sakura POV

Ino can kiss my ass.

After fighting with her for hours about who is getting the bed closest to the bathroom we both gave up and decided to head downstairs for dinner. There were a lot of options for food, and I didn't know what I wanted to eat first.

Eventually I just picked up a sub sandwich deciding to stick to my diet more and headed for a nearby table to sit with Ino and these three other girls.

There wasn't much of a choice considering everywhere else was full. All the tables in the room were round and had six chairs at each.

The brunette girl with her hair in buns smiled at me as I sat down, "My name is Tenten, what's your name?"

"Sakura." I replied, looking over at the dark haired girl who always wears the same jacket every day no matter the weather, "And your Hinata right? You went to my middle school."

Hinata smiled at me, "Yeah."

"I'm Temari." Said the other girl sitting next to Hinata, she was blonde with green eyes and her hair was up in a few ponytails.

"Hey." I greeted her, and looked over at Ino who was ignoring me and making conversation with Temari.

"You not eating pig?" I asked, interrupting her conversation.

"Nope. I ate too much today." She replied, "I wouldn't want to put on some extra pounds, your just lucky Sakura because it all goes to your forehead."