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Chapter Three: Bumps, Kicks and Brawls

Shikamaru POV:

My roommate is apparently not as fond of sleep as I am, its 5:30 in the morning and he's busy arranging some books on a bookshelf on his side of the room, but on the other hand the shuffling is somewhat calming as I pretend to still be adrift in the boat of sleep. I wonder if my subconscious woke me up before my alarm clock for the second day in a row because I don't trust him. If it has it needs to stop he can't kill me and get away with it here.

"Are you going to put anything in that corner of the room?" I'm lucky I'm one of those people that freezes with fear, instead of flinging my covers around like an idiot, because it gives me time to recover from the idea that he knew I was faking it.

I sat up and looked to the corner he was referring to, other than some of my favorite games and a few articles of clothing, I didn't bring much else, "Nah, do whatever you want."

My roommate, Gaara was his name right, didn't say anything else, so I just sat in my bed letting the yawns escape so I didn't get in trouble with that principal guy again or one of the annoying teachers on the claims that I am "rude" .

Annoying and rude aren't the same thing.

For no particular reason at all, that blonde chick popped into my head. She mentioned that Gaara here has a temper that should be feared, which is defiantly not helping my sleep issues, so I wonder if he has a reputation from it. I can feel this scary vibe coming off of him, he's intimidating but that doesn't mean he should be feared right? I haven't seen him do anything crazy yet, he seems to be very calm, so not provoking him is all you have to do, and that makes him like everyone else.

That's when I told myself that I was probably just trying to reassure myself in a subconscious manner so that my subconscious itself would let me freaking sleep. With a groan, I got out of my bed and decided to find a couch downstairs.

So much for my personal goal of sleeping in my own bed at least once this year.

Ino POV:

I hate her.

Sakura spent all her time this morning stealing my make-up before I woke up, then washing my shampoo down the drain and I think a few of my favorite shirts are missing.

Well she's not going to get away with that shit.

Hinata and Temari, who heard my scream of fury rushed in to check on me and or now currently standing around trying to talk me out of my current activity.

Throwing all that bitches shit out of the window.

"Calm down, this is going to get you into serious trouble.", Temari tried to reason, reaching out for my hand as I grabbed her stupid ass a-cup barely there pretend bra and tossed it out the window, pulling away from Temari in the process.

"Ino….please…this is really bad…" Hinata stuttered through with her attempt, as I started taking drawers out of her dresser and dumping them out outside the window. There was no point in wasting my time trying to grab everything.

A horrified scream rose from the ground and tickled my ears with pleasure, "INO, YOU STUPID PIG WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?"

"THROWING OUT ALL YOUR CRAP! IDIOT!" I yelled back, feeling satisfied with her infuriated scream. Temari pulled Hinata out with her, muttering about avoiding the oncoming fight that would soon shake the walls of the entire room.

I waited for her arrival, tearing up everything of hers that I could in the meantime. I knew she was approaching as soon as I heard her stupid abnormal sized feet pounding on the floor, I could hear her heavy breathing as she shoved the door open and came flying at me.

This might get me in trouble but every blow I land to her face will be worth it.

Kiba Pov:

This morning was great even though I was late for class, under the girl dormitories there was this pink girl screaming at this other chick who was supposedly her roommate for throwing her things out the window. Pretty much everyone gathered around to watch what is now being called, "The Pantie Rain" by some of my fellow classmates.

The only issue I have though is everyone is buzzing about it around me but there is no one to actually talk to about it to, no one to laugh with me about the craziness of it all. Well…there might be one person who I can share this with.

"What are you calling me for? Do you know what time it is?" My sister nagged me through the phone, it's not like she has been sleeping, it's almost time for lunch, she's just messing with me.

"You won't believe what I saw today." I whispered excitedly into the phone, hoping that my teacher wouldn't catch on. "These two chicks got into a fight!"

"Gross, keep your porn fantasies to yourself please." My sister replied dully, I could hear barking in the background, she would be busy soon.

"That's not what I mean! DAMMIT!" I growled, slamming my desk with a little too much enthusiasm.

"Kiba Inuzuka." I heard the female voice of Kurenai, my teacher for this class, her heels clacking as she tapped her foot. I suddenly realized that the whole room was quiet, except for that one blonde kid, Naruto who was laughing at me. My eyes narrowed in a glare that only made him laugh harder, before I turned a pleading look to Kurenai, she crossed her arms and simply said, "Go to the office."

My mother is going to waste no time killing me when she visits.

Sasuke POV:

Sakura has been absent with all of my classes, which is the only reason I'm not slaughtering my roommate at this moment. Kakashi decided to announce a special project to promote "bonding between roommates" so now we all have to work with our roommates on a project worth more than half our grade in the entire class, because Kakashi is a lazy grader.

That means I get stuck with the idiot.

Luckily, everything is simple enough to understand. We have to write a paper about our roommate telling their history, family, likes and dislikes and tons of useless information. But that requires talking to the loser and I'm just not that up for it.

So I decided to type up a worksheet for him to fill out about the basics, and have him give it back to me in a few days, but of course the idiot doesn't understand that.

"What is this?" The idiot asked as he hovered near my screen, I swatted him away and continued to type away on my laptop.

"It's something for you to fill out so I can write the paper, I'll do the same thing for you so shut-up and let me work." I tried to resume working but his hands came flying on my keyboard, inserting random characters into my nicely formatted questions.

"No, I can't write a paper based on stupid questions! How am I supposed to write a paper about you when I don't even know you?" Naruto said, or at least I think it that speaking as loudly as you can without any volume control what so ever is his actual voice.

"The questions aren't stupid, you are." I replied, grabbing his hands and throwing them aside. He took a second to huff, before leaning in and grabbing the neck of my shirt. "Let go of my shirt before I slaughter you."

"No! I'm not afraid of some guy like you! You think you're so cool!" The kid yelled, I glared into his blue eyes that looked glazed over even when thinking. I reached up and grasped his wrists, tearing them away successfully and throwing them to the side.

"I don't think I'm cool, but I do know that I am better than you." Idiot crossed his arms, and sat on the table, facing away from me, mumbling under his breath about how much of a bastard I am.

"Then I won't work on anything at all. I can just fail this semester and make it up in second. I'm fine with that." He finally said, speaking up for me to hear but not turning around to see my response.

"What? Seriously, you would rather fail than do it my way?" I half-yelled, "You're more stupid than I thought."

"I doesn't matter. If we do it your way than the result will be the same, because I need more than a question sheet to write a paper about a person.", this stubborn stupid kid, someone who makes a fool of himself all the time and doesn't bother to admit it.

"I'm going to talk to Kakashi." He didn't reply to that, so I just let him sit there while I walked up to my least favorite teacher's desk to ask the favor of my life.

And was promptly turned down, with what I think was a smile and a wink to top it off.

Temari POV:

My father is going to go insane, but not as insane as I am right now. Ignoring the Gaara problem I decided to focus on the birthday problem instead. The lucky thing about it was that we were being let out today, so I could actually go shopping. The bad thing was that I had no clue where to even start.

"Excuse me; have you seen the kid called Kankuro?" I asked this random kid walking with a group of his friends, he shrugged at me and all of them shook their heads as they continued to walk in the opposite direction.

Damn, he would have his presence known all over the place, his hot temper makes him loud enough sometimes. A headache poked at my thoughts, so I took a seat on a nearby couch while rubbing my temples gently. This is a mess, at this rate nothing good is going to happen. Gaara will get into a fight after hearing my father's frustrations about rooming arrangements because my father will be more likely to make a bigger deal out of it if we don't get the gift correctly.

"Is there any reason why you are sitting on my bed looking so depressed?" said a slightly familiar voice, I looked up to see Gaara's roommate, Shikamaru. He had a cool soda in one hand with some books in the other, but he held out the soda to me before taking a seat next to me. "Do you want this? Everyone mooches of me anyway so it doesn't matter."

"Do they?" I said, pressing the can to my forehead.

"Yeah. I just bought them all lunch, I left early to get some sleep though. I'm not going to lie your brother is scary." Shikamaru mumbled, letting a yawn escape. He's kind of a coward isn't he? But he still looks, somewhat attractive. Maybe he will make a good friend.

"That's true, but I don't think he will hurt you unless you do something he doesn't like or get in his way while he's in a bad mood." I advised, "You might want to get out of his way soon though, my father is not going to be in a good mood when he finds out we haven't gotten him a single birthday gift tomorrow, which will cause him to attack Gaara with some sort of nagging or tension. I wanted to convince Kankuro to skip his detentions, or maybe find Gaara and ask him to help me find something for him this evening."

"That's not going well though is it? Maybe I can help you since it affects me, it wouldn't be butting in on your business and it would be far less troublesome for me in the future." I looked over at him as he set his books on the floor and leaned back closing his eyes.

"But you don't know my dad." A very picky man, who will expect a gift that fits him perfectly without any excuses about anything, it will be impossible.

"Then I will ask Kankuro for you, I met him this morning while I was sleeping on this couch and he woke me up complaining about how annoying it was that I couldn't just sleep in my room. It seems like I'm running into you people an awful lot." He continued to grumble, "So there is really no helping it right?"

"Well….as long as you ask Kankuro that will be enough for me. I don't want to bother you, so as long as you get that information it's enough." I stood up, but something in me was a bit reluctant to leave after saying something that sounded a little harsh, "You can call me and let me know later okay?"

"Yeah, sure." He replied, lying down on the couch, "See ya."

"Bye." Well…maybe it's not as serious as I thought, as long as that guy really keeps his promise.

Sakura POV:

Detention with Ino and some other kid was horrible. All we are doing is sitting around at a small table in front of the teacher's desk in an abandoned classroom, pretending to work, and trying not to look at each other. Though I did manage to give Ino a friendly hand gesture that she returned with a glare, the other kid, Kankuro, laughed at us but seemed to change his mind when our glares turned on him.

I forgot how much power we have when we get angry together.

There was a knock on the door, distracting Asuma who was in charge of guarding us for the time being. "Hey, can I talk to Kankuro there is something important I need from him."

It was the familiar voice of Shikamaru, someone who has known Asuma for several years now because Asuma is friends with his dad. I remember talking to Ino about it when we went over to his house together once and saw Asuma for the first time, but that was in the past.

Here and now Ino is the past to.

"Sure." Asuma said, turning back to the book he was reading as he let out a breath of smoke from a cigarette he wasn't supposed to be smoking, waving his hand for Kankuro to go. "Just don't get caught and get me in trouble."

I wonder what Sasuke is doing right now, has he thought about me? Has he thought about Ino? What if some other girl has gotten the nerve to talk to him without me around? Then what? He will go with that girl, falling for her, and forget that I even exist.

"Don't even dream like Sasuke is yours, having a man and hanging around him are two different things." Ino whispered from across the small table, Asuma didn't even look up from his book.

"Well at least to him I'm not completely invisible pig." I stuck out my tongue at her for good measure, and her eyes narrowed.

This day was horribly embarrassing.

Naruto POV:

Sasuke is arrogant, angry, and one of those guys who everyone thinks is cool, but really isn't because he's just a bastard but his looks blind everyone making them think otherwise.

"Will you stop following me." Sasuke said for about the fourth time that day.

"Not until you agree to do things my way." I challenged, he turned to me, glaring me down.

"Do you realize that school is almost over? That I will have you follow me to abandoned field somewhere and beat the shit out of you when they release us for the weekend?" I thought about it, wondering if he would really do that. Of course he would, he almost hit me the other day didn't he? Well that doesn't mean I couldn't beat the crap out of him either!

"You can't beat me up! Don't even threaten me! If you're going to threaten me just do it!" I didn't even see his hands move.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~TIME SKIP~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

"Do you have any idea how much trouble you are in?" said Kakashi who sat on the seat in front of us, we were waiting in the office, and Sasuke sat in the chair on the other end of the row glaring down Kakashi. Kiba was laughing a few chairs down from Kakashi, but he was in trouble to from earlier today and I laughed at him then.

Can't blame him too much for laughing at me now.

"Leave us alone, Kakashi." Sasuke snapped, and then he had a sudden look of fear that was suppressed as he looked in the opposite direction again. At least the bastard has something else in him besides anger.

"You shouldn't leave small children alone in a room littered with broken glass scatted on the floor should you?" Kakashi said, a slightly bored expression crossing his face. Sasuke gave him a strange look, maybe he imagined a small baby surrounded large shards too. On the other hand he is an angry-I-think-I'm-so-cool kind of bastard, so maybe he is just too good for images, "The correct answer is no Sasuke, and perhaps you are not willing to admit that you are a toddler attempting to stand on your own underdeveloped legs, about to fall into the glass, because you would rather believe that you are a big boy who can handle anything by yourself, but that's all children at some point Sasuke. There are some things you just should listen to, you know?"

I exchanged a glance with Kiba, who shrugged and sunk into the chair to prepare for a nap. I peeked over at Sasuke, wondering what his reaction to being called a child would be but his face was looking away so I had no clues about his thoughts.

I wonder how much trouble I will be in with Iruka. Now that image….makes me feel like a small baby surrounded by glass. I won't be able to go outside of school grounds for a little while either. Sasuke and Kiba are in the same situation as me. Maybe I can talk to Kiba, a guy like him and a guy like me could stir up plenty of trouble for fun!

Now that sounds like a punishment!

Gaara POV:

I have perhaps made something of a friend, not a friend, but something like a friend. The girl I met recently, the only one to ask for my name, is in the library right now. She is looking around, moving books and arranging posters on the walls, or bookcases themselves.

"What are you doing?" I asked after a long moment of doing nothing but watching her, I skipped my class this period because with the thought of my father's arrival looming I felt the need to get away from as many people as possible, she jumped a little dropping the tape in her hands.

"Oh-um, I work as a library aid in the afternoons, b-but sometimes I like to come in and help during the last half of lunch too." She picked up the tape and resumed her task, "I didn't realize you were there, you were really quiet."

I didn't make any noise on purpose, I wanted to be able to fade into the surroundings for once rather than stand out in the crowd of leering people. "I like quiet places."

"Really?" she said, maintain her focus. She doesn't stop working no matter what; the task is all that truly matters to her right now. She's just putting up posters, but her leg must be hurting from tripping and sliding down or up the ladders, her hands must be raw and covered in small cuts from the tape dispenser and the many papers to sort through. Her fingers have been smashed by the tons of books that have sometimes fallen directly on her in groups of heavy weight.

She takes her time to fix every wrong, work out every error or slight mistake and in that she is somehow letting a world that doesn't notice her that not only is she there but she has passion and determination. She wants something from this place, more than anyone ever will.

But this place also wants something from her, more than anyone ever will. It wants life, in her eyes it needs to be made to the world. She wants people to be comfortable her, she wants others to find what they are looking for. I think that's why she talks to me maybe, because she perhaps can tell… that I am not a whole person who's looking for someplace where I can be.

"Do you want some cookies or a drink or both? I made some snacks for visitors today but not very many people come in here." I thought about it, for me having so many others in here would be a pain, but for her it would bring joy.

She doesn't believe she can run from her family, but I do it every day.

How different we are already, and I barely know her. "I would like some."

She leaves and I wonder why I feel an unfamiliar feeling at the thought of an empty building, a feeling that isn't good but not the worst feeling in the world. I don't know what it is, but it seems to loom above me. Then suddenly I recognize what the feeling is.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~TOTALLY UNSERIOUS TIME SKIP~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The first period of the day is over, I can hear the sounds of running footsteps, shouts and excited howling from the other students as they prepared for to leave from the dorm room I escaped to earlier. Don't they sound so excited? I find it very annoying considering that tomorrow all hell is going to be staring in my face, a hell called the presence of my one and only father.

Feeling myself tense up I decided to watch my roommate as he prepared to leave as well. He seemed to take his time; right now all he seems to be doing is staring in the mirror at his hair. Something he doesn't seem to be happy about.

Suddenly there was a thud on the door, my so called sister probably wanting me to go shopping with her right? My roommate takes his time answering the door as well, to the point that Temari looks slightly irritated to be left out in the crowd of scrambling boys pushing around her.

She storms in, glancing at me before turning to my roommate. I was expecting her to say something slightly rude to him but instead she just asked, "Did you talk to Kankuro?"

"Yeah." My roommate replied, "He gave me a list of things, should we go now or wait a bit and let the crowd clear away?"

Temari pondered, looking from the door to me for a second before shaking her head at some inner thought and replying, "No we better go now."

So does she know him? My roommate or what? I wonder if she does things like this and worries so much because she loves our father or because she fears him, because they are both really true for her. To love the one you fear, I don't understand that, I thought it was safe to say that the feared are unloved.

So does Temari love her father, or fear him?

Shino POV:

My roommate is a brooding brat today. I thought he would be like everyone else, squirming with the anticipation of opportunity to escape the jar in which they have been placed. So what is keeping him here? He is not like me, someone who has waited all day for this moment. The moment when I was the only one filling the halls, a moment where I could pretend that I was simply alone in a castle like place and not the one in the background surrounded by many but non-existent to their eyes.

"This is why I like bugs." I muttered, my roommate noticed and watched me strangely as if I was talking to him. "I like them because they acknowledge my presence. The crawl on my arms, or my fingers, They land on me, fly to me, and they always know that I am there. They are unique and beautiful in individual ways, but also unwanted. That is me."

My roommate took a second, staring at me more. I wonder if I was unclear but he soon rolled out of his bed and walked closer to mine, sitting on the floor and glimpsing at my beetles nicely placed in frames. He tapped the glass lightly, his lip turning out in an expression that I am unfamiliar with, "You're not a bug Shino, you're a person you know? You're the only person I think, that knows of me here. Everyone else already has friends to hold on to it seems."

I stared at the boy a bit more as he stared at each and every insect on my table.

He knows my name.