Warmer Climate

(Dean and Luna)

The universe just vanished out of sight
And all the stars collapsed behind the pitch black night
And I can barely see your face in front of mine
But it is knowing you are there that makes me fine

They are thrown together by circumstances. In the tiny crowded cottage, everyone else has someone and some purpose. Dean and Luna have no one and nothing, and come together almost inevitably. They walk together along the cliff top or the beach, they gather driftwood for the fires, they talk.

For both of them, it is a time of healing and relief and new-found freedom. They laugh a lot together. Dean begins to draw again – the cottage, the sea, Luna herself. Luna talks to him as he draws, and although he understands barely half of what she says, and believes even less of it, her talk is easy on the ear, just part of the unreality of this time.

The first time they kiss it seems natural and inevitable, and they walk back to the cottage hand-in-hand. In front of the others, they say nothing, act as they always have, as friends only. Their relationship is part of the healing they are both going through, they know it is for themselves only, and they know too it will not last beyond this time.

But for now, when the world seems so small, it is just what they both need.