In an effort to save the Saiyan Prince Vegeta from a grizzly end at the hand of the tyrant Frieza, the prince's guardian, Nappa, leads an escape to Earth. He hopes to give the teenage prince a chance to grow up and become strong enough to return and defeat his former master. But Vegeta didn't think Nappa's plan would include enrollment in an Earthling high school!

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Chapter One: The Master Plan

The grating buzz of the alarm clock was cut short by a fist slamming down and cracking the plastic shell. From under a heap of blankets, a teenager clad in a t-shirt and loose sweat pants pushed back the covers and exposed a scowling face half-hidden by an untamed head of hair. The boy picked up the damaged alarm clock and examined the large crack covering the top and side. It extended into the panel that protected the large, red numbers, fracturing the 6:00 AM reading.

He unplugged the device, holding it loosely by the cord as he shuffled down a short hallway into a kitchen, wrapping his tail around his waist as he went. There, a large, bald man was sliding the last of five omelets onto a plate.

"Broke another one," the boy grumbled, dropping the device onto the floor where it hit the linoleum and set electronic bits clattering in every direction. He pulled a chair from beneath a worn table and plopped down with a yawn.

"Vegeta," chided the much larger man as he stooped down to pick up the broken clock and scattered parts. He set the pile gently on the counter. "That's the fifth one this month."

"I can't help that this pathetic planet's machinery is as fragile as paper, Nappa. It can't stand up to the waking power of a Saiyan," said the teen while chewing an omelet. "It's not like I meant to break it. It just happened," he added.

"Right," said the large man. "Well, just enjoy your breakfast. You've got a big day today."

Vegeta rolled his eyes and sighed. "I told you already. I'm not attending an Earthling school. What good would it possibly do me?"

"And I've told you already. It would be the strategic move to learn as much about this planet as we can if we're going to stay here for an extended period of time. Plus, this will give you a chance to be around people your own age." Nappa set a glass of orange juice in front of the younger man who grimaced. "And don't look at me like that. It will be good for you."

"What's good for me is training. To get stronger so that I can beat Frieza. Not socializing with a bunch of weakling Earthling teenagers. I thought that's what we would be doing when we left. Training."

Nappa pulled out his own chair and sat on it, his bulk not quite fitting on the seat. "We are. And we will. But we have to lay low for a while. After Frieza killed Raditz, it was only going to be a matter of time until he came after you. And he's not going to be happy when he finds out we deserted. We have to lay low for a while. Blend in with the natural population of this planet."

Vegeta skewered a mushroom with his fork, angrily pushing it around his plate. He knew it was true. The tyrant had made it clear in his former comrade's death that he had no trouble aiding in the extinction of the Saiyan race. After Raditz's murder at the hand of Frieza, Nappa and himself were the only living Saiyans he knew of, minus a rumor of a surviving brother of Raditz on Earth named Kakarot. However, when the duo reached Earth and found the peace-loving inhabitants still alive, it became obvious to the warriors that Kakarot must have never made it to the planet to begin with.

"But that's why we busted the scouters when we left and disabled the locators on our space pods, so Frieza can't trace us," argued Vegeta. "Frieza's probably got half his army scouring the galaxy looking for us. It makes sense to get as strong as possible as fast as possible while we still can. Why come here? Earth's population isn't warriors. The strongest people here are you and me."

"We're here because it's under the radar, and that's how we're going to stay. Hidden."

"I hate hiding. Hiding is for cowards."

"No. Hiding is not for cowards. It's for your own protection." Nappa collected the empty plates from the breakfast table and put them in a large pile in the sink. "I made a vow to your father to keep you safe, Prince Vegeta, and that's what I intend to do. Now go get ready. Your school things are in the living room."

Vegeta removed himself from the table and stomped out of the kitchen. "I'll never reach my full potential on this mud ball," he grumbled to himself. He hated when Nappa brought his "sacred" vow into the conversation. It was his trump card.

He grabbed the stack of schoolbooks and backpack from the living room and glanced at the couch where Nappa slept each night. The one bedroom house they rented as far away from civilization as they could was too small for two Saiyans, and the couch on which Nappa slept was even smaller.

Vegeta felt smothered by the overprotection Nappa exuded. He took his job seriously. He had been Vegeta's guardian for as long as the Saiyan teen could remember. Vegeta knew Nappa was only doing what he thought was best, but the thought of attempting to "blend in" with such a weak race made his skin crawl.

Vegeta made his way back to his bedroom and dressed for the day. The clothing Earthlings wore seemed strange to him. As he donned the shirt, jacket, and khakis, he longed for the familiarity of his Saiyan armor, which lay hidden at the bottom of his closet. His new clothes constricted his movements.

At last, Vegeta reentered the kitchen with his backpack slung over on shoulder. "How do I look?" he asked with a sneer. "Pathetic enough?"

Nappa laughed. "You look fine. Here," he added, handing the teenager a brown paper bag. "I packed you a lunch."

Vegeta put the bulging bag in his backpack. "I'm only going along with your stupid plan so you'll stop pestering me about it," he grumbled. "It's a waste of my time."

"Just try not to blow anyone up, alright?" said Nappa. "Apparently this planet doesn't do well with unexplained deaths. Remember…"

"Blend in," finished Vegeta. "Yeah, yeah. I got it."

"Good," said the older man. "You know where to go, right? Speak to the person in the office. Got it?"

Vegeta nodded.

"You'd better get going. Wouldn't want to be late on your first day."

Vegeta gave a short wave goodbye before taking off into the sky. He heard Nappa shouting behind him. "And don't forget to land before you get to the city. Earthlings can't fly! And keep your tail hidden!" Vegeta groaned. The amount of rules he had to follow to stick to Nappa's new school plan was getting ridiculous, and it was only the first day. This was going to be difficult.


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