Ice on Fire: Sailor Moon

Part One

Ami flopped back on the crisp, neatly made bed, closed her eyes, and tried to relax. In her mind's eye, purple black hair swirled around a figure, covering and revealing her fiery eyes. "Rei," Ami found herself whispering softly. She sat up quickly, her eyes popping open. 'Might as well get everything ready to go for tomorrow.' She walked to the closet

and pulled out one of her many white tops, a blue vest and blue pants. She smiled a bit, remembering some of Haruka's advice.

"Keep it subtle," Haruka had said to her, "one or two pieces of clothing at first. Then, once you're sure your friends are comfortable with

it, add more." Michiru and Haruka were so supportive when she had stammered out shyly that she was gay. They had given her advice about places to meet other young women, and gently dealt with Ami's crush on Michiru. They even laughed about it together, later. Of course, the others still hadn't noticed anything different. 'I'm going to have to tell them eventually,' Ami thought.

Ami undressed slowly, carefully folding each item and placing them on a chair, until she was in her plain, white cotton underwear. Pulling out a oversized T-shirt, she slipped it on and climbed beneath the covers. Before she fell asleep, she looked over to the photo's on the nightstand: there were a couple of group shots, but she focused on one of her and Rei, back when they had first been battling Jedite, standing together on the deck of a cruise ship...

"We can have fun together," Rei had said then. With a sleepy smile, Ami held that memory to her as she turned over and tried to go to sleep.

She ran quickly up the shrine steps, enjoying the sun on her face and the blood pumping through her veins, anticipating the day ahead. She reached the top step and found herself breaking into a smile as Rei came into her line of sight. Ami waved to the young woman in her shrine maiden clothes, sweeping the stones, who smiled broadly at her and waved back. "Do you need any help?" Ami asked, catching her breath.

Rei laughed. "I'm just about done, thanks." she answered. "Did you know, you're the only one who offers to help?" Rei said with a wry smile. Ami blushed.

"So what's the plan for today?" Ami asked, a bit flushed as she sat down by here. It was odd for the two of them to have time alone together, there was usually at least one of their friends with them and Ami just wasn't sure what to say or do. 'Other than jump her bones,' she thought, blushing.

"You aren't coming down with that fever, too, are you?" Rei asked. "You're all flushed." she said, as she knelt down by Ami and gracefully put her palm over Ami's brow,

"I'm fine!" Ami said with a laugh, ducking Rei's touch. 'You don't know what that does to me,' Ami thought wistfully. "Do you mind if we stop at the bookstore? Haruka asked me to pick something up for her." Ami said with a smile, waiting for Rei's reaction.

As Ami half expected, Rei rolled her eyes. "I already planned for that. I know you!" They laughed together for a minute, and Ami smiled sadly. 'You don't know me that well,' Ami thought. Rei led Ami back to her rooms and surprised Ami by quickly disrobing. "I'll just get changed..."

Ami found herself unable to look away as Rei pulled her top off, unbelted her pants, and in moments was down to her bra and panties. They had changed in front of each other before, of course, but Ami found it hard to catch her breath this time, as she looked at Rei's curvy form. In moments, skirt and blouse hugged that fair body, and Ami breathed a small sigh of relief.

They sat together at the cafe, talking quietly as they drank their bubble tea and snacked on chips. "Ami," Rei asked suddenly, "have you ever been in love? I know you've had some crushes, but is there somebody you love?" Ami looked at Rei in surprise, looking for the right words.

"I... well, yes, I've been in love. I am now, really." Ami said shyly, a bit uncomfortable.

Rei leaned forward, eager for gossip. "I'm so happy for you!" she said smiling. "Who is it?" Rei asked.

Ami put her hand to her heart melodramatically, exclaiming softly "Unrequited love!" She got a bit more serious as she continued, "It's a friend, actually, who doesn't know how I feel."

"I'm sorry." Rei said quietly, putting her hand on Ami's. "Have you tried telling him?"

"No, it's just too impossible." Ami said quietly. 'I wonder what Rei would say if I told her it's really a girl? No, I can't risk it.'

"Have you talked to Minako?" Rei asked, then they both stopped. Ami and Rei both thought about the somewhat flaky Sailor Venus, and both broke out laughing. "Never mind." Rei finished, smiling.

"We'd better get going. I promised a... friend I'd meet them this evening," Ami said, and smiled a bit at Rei's startled glance.

Ami quickly changed the subject and, after they finished eating, they moved off to Ami's favorite store: the book shop. Rei found herself watching Ami from the corner of her eye as the graceful young woman balanced a big pile of books. She was worried about her, about what she had said. Rei just knew Ami was keeping something from them, but what?

'She must be interested in a married man!' Rei thought, 'It has to be! Oh, Ami, I though you were smarter than that,' Rei thought sadly. 'Still, I can't just confront her, I mean, what if I'm wrong?' She thought about what to do on and off throughout the day, until an terrific idea occurred to her: she and the others could follow Ami on her date tonight and find out what was going on!

Makoto refused to follow Ami outright, but Usagi and Minako were willing, so they met that evening, made sure to conceal themselves in the bushes outside of Ami's place, and waited. "How long do you think it'll be?" Usagi asked plaintively.

"Shh! There she goes." Rei said, as all three ducked into the brush. After Ami had passed them by, Rei asked in surprised tones; "Did you see what she was wearing?"

Minako nodded thoughtfully. "She actually looked... kind of cute." she said thoughtfully. "Why was she dressed like a boy, anyway?" she asked frowning.

Usagi sounded confused "Doesn't she always sort of dress like that?"

Rei and Minako looked at her thoughtfully. "I hadn't really thought about it." Rei admitted quietly. She continued softly "Maybe we should leave this alone."

Minako jabbed her in the side. "Look! She's going into that building, there!" she said, excited. They waited a few minutes, and saw no sign of her leaving. "I guess we'll have to go in after her." Minako said firmly.

Rei tried to argue, but the other two were determined to find out what was going on. 'The adventure had just overwhelmed them,' Rei thought sourly. Minako led the way, and Rei took the rear, keeping an eye out. They tried the door and discovered it was locked.

"Well, I guess well just have to go home," Usagi said cheerfully. Minako knocked firmly.

Suddenly, the door opened, and a tall, imposing figure looked them over. A woman's voice said "This is a private club. Do you have a membership?" Rei, Usagi and Minako stuttered a bit, looking at the handsome woman in shock. The tall woman smiled a bit more compassionately. "Do you know a member?"

Minako smiled up at her sweetly. "Ami?" she said hopefully, batting her eyes.

The bouncer looked them over and shrugged. "OK, come on in. You three look harmless enough. Cause any trouble, though, and I'll toss you out of here so fast you're pretty little heads will swim." she said firmly, as she stepped aside to let them in. The older woman watched them walk by with a smile, thinking: 'I wonder if they're single?'

Rei, Minako, and Usagi walked down a small dark hallway, finally reaching a larger room. They walked in and looked around with wide eyes. There were women drinking , women reading in comfy chairs in the corner, and women dancing slowly together to music from the jukebox. And not a man in sight.

"Is this what I think it is?" Minako asked quietly.