Okay, So this is going to be Total Drama: Last one Standing!

8 Characters from the show and 8 of your OC's will have to live together in a Mansion! Of course Chris will be hosting and Chef will be cooking! (If your OC is selected then you guys will need to follow the story to help with the voting) You will be living and rooming with 8 contestants from previous seasons which will be a challenge itself! Every so often a challenge will be tossed in. It's a survival to see who will get on each other's nerves! Last one standing wins the Million!

OC's must be human and cannot have any supernatural powers!


Describe your looks:

Describe your personality:



Favorite Total Drama Character:

Least Favorite Total Drama character:

I'll pick the 8 of you and you'll know soon!

The 8 Characters who will be joining you will be announced next chapter!