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Everyone was in the rooms they would be staying in so everything would be peaceful right? Nope, not at all, the only thing that happened was they all got loud in their rooms, some were fighting and others were talking and only two of them were actually sleeping which was going to be a regret they would all have when Chris would no doubt wake them up earlier then any normal human would, it was 2am and the ones who were up would no doubt be regretting it!

(Junette and Courtney's room)

"NO!" Junette yelled "I'm not going to sleep on the floor!"

"Yes, you are!" Courtney yelled back "I need beauty sleep! This bed is way too small for me! Let me push them together so I can have a bigger bed!"

"No!" Junette told her "This was technically my room first!"

"So?" Courtney asked "You're going to be going home soon anyway! This whole room will be mine!"

"Don't get your hopes up" Junette told her "I'll be here awhile"

"Urg!" Courtney threw her hands up in the air "I hate you! You should worship me! I'm a total drama veteran!"

"What's your point?" Junette asked "That doesn't matter to me!"

Junette then tried to go to sleep and ignore Courtney she knew all too well how Chris was and she wanted to be prepared for whatever was coming her way! She definitely didn't want to be the first one out, she decided the best way to ignore Courtney was to listen to some Disney music and then maybe that would calm her down, Junette decided to start off with "I won't say I'm in love" immediately after the song started it sent Courtney into a raging fit.


"Don't you like Disney?" Junette asked plopping down on her bed "I thought all girls liked Disney, What kind of twisted child were you?"

"I hate Disney" Courtney told her "It's nothing but lies and false hope! Romance is never like that!"

"Lies!" Junette laughed "You don't like the song because it reminds you of Duncan!"

"SHUT UP!" Courtney yelled "THAT'S NOT WHY I HATE DISNEY!"

Courtney proceeded to break the CD player that Junette was currently playing her music in and tossed it on the floor, she then proceeded to take all of Junette's clothes and toss them out the door, and Junette decided that it would only be fair to return the favor and do the same.

"Those are my clothes!" Courtney yelled "What the hell do you think you're doing!"

"The same as you?" Junette told her "You threw mine out so why should yours stay?"

"Because I have taste!" Courtney yelled

"That's an opinion" Junette rolled her eyes "Don't you think we should sleep?"

"I don't need sleep" Courtney told her "I've been on this show 3 years! I know exactly what Chris is going to do! I'm sure I'll do well"

"Hopefully" Junette told her "At least if you go home you're clothes are already in the hall"

"I'm already mentally planning how my room will look when you get sent packing" Courtney laughed

The two girls then proceeded to battle and fight the night away neither getting sleep

(In Lia and Sierra's room)

"So then I completely screamed at her and threatened her until she deleted her blog!" Sierra mentioned "Then once she did, I had the blog with the biggest Cody fan base!"

"OMG!" Lia squealed "That's an amazing story! I love your blog!"

"That's so sweet of you!" Sierra hugged her new friend "You're totally awesome!"

Beep Beep Beep

"Oh wow!" Lia grabbed her phone "Cody updated his twitter!"

"I know, I know!" Sierra happily jumped up and down "C'mon internet load! Tell me what Cody is doing!"

"GOT IT!" Lia squealed with delight

"Read it!" Sierra yelled "Don't leave a girl hanging like that!"

"Okay!" Lia read from her phone "It says: About to go to sleep! The past few days have been great, Sierra is filming a new season of Total Drama and I'm not, so that means I can go out in public again!"

"HE MENTIONED ME!" Sierra screamed "He does love me!"

"Lucky!" Lia sighed as she went to play angry birds on her phone

"Wow! It's almost 3am!" Sierra mentioned "Maybe we should go to sleep?"

"Maybe….." Lia told her not taking her eyes of her phone "Or we can play angry birds!"

"YES!" Sierra told her "That's way better then getting up early anyway!"

"Getting up?" Lia asked "I usually stay up all night and play on my phone!"

"I usually stay up all night and watch what Cody is doing!" Sierra told her "Let's just stay up!"

Lia and Sierra agreed that would be the best idea and continued to stay up and giggle about random things online.

(In Will and Heather's room)

"My phone says it's after 3am" Will told her "If we don't want to get eliminated first we should really go to sleep"

"Yeah, we should" Heather agreed "I bet all the other losers are staying up all night! They'll be a mess in the morning! I know Chris and I bet he'll wake us up extra early!"

"Most likely" Will agreed "You should definitely sleep, The Total Drama veterans will surely vote you out first"

"You're right" Heather hopped into bed "Good luck in the challenge"

Will went to bed also

"You too!" Will got into bed.

Heather was sure she picked the right person to room with! Will was just glad she was reasonable and agreed with him.

(In Max and Zeke's room)

"FOR THE LAST TIME I'M A GIRL!" Max yelled "I'm not lying to you!"

"Whatever" Zeke yawned you sound like my mom "Men shouldn't sound like my mom….."

"That's because I'm a GIRL" Max told him "Another thing! You need to clean up this mess! It's your mess and on MY side of the room"

"Well if it's on your side that means you should clean it, dude" Zeke told her

"It's not my mess!" Max put her hands on her head "YOU clean it! I seriously don't know how you managed to make the room stink so badly in a matter of a few hours!"

"It's a gift!" Zeke told her

"You're a curse!" Max told him "I'm sleeping in the bathroom! Enjoy yourself!"

"Can I come too?" Zeke asked

"NO!" Max yelled slamming the door shut and walking into the hallway completely leaving Zeke alone

"That dude acts like such a woman" Zeke sighed and continued to make a mess.

(In Noah and Jade's room)

"C'mon Noah!" Jade yelled "Tell me everything you know!"

"About?" Noah asked reading his book

"Everything!" Jade told him "Tell me about Heather and all the old people! You know them! We can go places together!"

"They're exactly like they are on camera as they are off" Noah rolled his eyes "Nothing changes and nothing is staged, they're all idiots every last one of them, Especially Owen and Sierra"

"So we leave them alone for awhile?" Jade suggested "That way when we make it to the final's there is only one idiot in the way"

"You got it" Noah told her "Under estimate nobody though! You seem to forget Owen did win"

"He won because he was well liked" Jade told him "That's all it is, being well liked around here"

"I think you'll do well around here" Noah smirked "You catch on fast"

"Think we should get some sleep?" Jade asked "Not that we need it, I know we'll win!"

"Never get ahead of yourself….." Noah told her "But I wouldn't mind staying up and talking to you….."

"Strictly for the game" Jade told him smirking

"Strictly for the game" Noah also smirked and agreed.

(In Duncan and Alice's room)

"So, then I was all…..Yeah, I don't even like you! And then he was all Huh? And then I was all DUDE THAT'S MY MOMS PLANT! HAHAHAHAHA!" Duncan laughed at his own story

"That's sooo funny!" Alice laughed

"Yeah, I know!" Duncan agreed "Then there was this time that I went to this party an-"

"Duncan" Alice interrupted and yawned "Not to be rude, But I'm terribly tired and would like to get some sleep"

"Oh…." Duncan realized what time it was "Sure! I'll just tell you my story later!"

"Sounds great" Alice agreed and turned off the lights in the room and rolled her eyes once she was sure Duncan couldn't see.

Once the lights were out, Duncan and Alice were each laying in their beds in the complete dark, all of a sudden Duncan started laughing REALLY loudly

"I still can't believe this random dude almost took my mom's plant!" Duncan laughed "From my living room!"

"Yeah, me neither" Alice managed to fake a laugh, she couldn't believe he had TWO girls fighting over him in the past on this show, what did they see in him? Did they sleep with him? Did they have to share a room with him? She was certain they didn't or they would have dumped his ass long ago, Alice was hoping she wouldn't have to deal with this pain in the ass for too long.

(In Geoff and Mike's room)

Mike and Geoff completely managed to redecorate their room and that's what they spent the whole night doing, the room they now lived in was every guys fantasy room! Posters all over the place of various things including celebrities, Cars and hot girls. They had bean bag chairs and a basket ball hoop in there and were currently shooting hoops while listening to music.

"Dude, it's like 4 something in the morning" Geoff complained "I'm starving and I don't want to wait until breakfast…"

"Hmmmmmm….." Mike thought "What if we go and steal the microwave from the kitchen?"

"Then we can totally have popcorn whenever we want!" Geoff added in "Maybe even…even….Dare I say it? FROZEN MICROWAVABLE FOOD!"

"Our room would not be complete without it!" Mike agreed as the two boys quickly decided to steal a microwave and something to eat from the kitchen and bring it back to their room laughing loudly all the way downstairs….there was nothing quiet about this mission…of course Chris already knew what these two were doing because of the camera's and was going to call them out on it later.

(In Wes and Owen's room)

Junette was right, Owen was gross and Wes was starting to regret living with him, however he was too nice to tell him otherwise, if you could name any bad sleeping habit Owen would have it. They went to sleep at 1am! Well Owen did anyway, Wes couldn't sleep at all, Owen stunk up the room with his constant farting and it was really disturbing to Wes that Owen who he just met wanted to sleep naked in the same room as him, Owen also snored and drooled and frequently fell out of the bed, and he also talked in his sleep.

"At least he's not an asshole…." Wes mumbled to himself "He's a nice guy, just remind yourself that! He can't help what his body does….I could have it way worse…look on the bright side…."

At 6am Chris sounded an alarm that was obnoxiously loud and woke everyone up or scared the living daylights out of them, following that was an announcement over a loud intercom


Everyone rushed down the stairs to meet Chris in the lobby, everyone looked horrible from either lack of sleep or just being irritated.

"So, let's talk" Chris laughed "How did everyone sleep?...How about I answer for you? Most of you did not!"

"Idiots" Will mumbled

"Geoff and Mike….." Chris spoke up "Interesting night?"

"No" Mike lied "We were the good people who went to sleep"

"Oh really?" Chris laughed "Spoken like a newbie! Did you forget your every move is now filmed?"

"Uh..Yeah…" Mike blushed and Duncan laughed

"What did you do?" Duncan asked

"We got hungry….." Geoff confessed

"Stealing a microwave is not cool" Chris told them "It's even worse when you steal a microwave that already had something in it! Thanks for eating my hot pocket, Geoff"

"You're welcome!" Geoff laughed "It was pizza flavored"

"I know" Chris glared "I got it from the freezer…."

"Can we move on?" Courtney asked "Nobody cares about your hot pocket!"

"Fine, let's talk about YOU" Chris rolled his eyes "Just because you were Duncan's princess at one point does not mean that you're mine or Junette's"

"TOLD YOU!" Junette yelled "YOU CANNOT HAVE MY BED!"

"I can when you get kicked off" Courtney crossed her arms

"All I can say Is this is going to be interesting…." Chris told them "I look forward to seeing a girl fight….Maybe we can throw some mud in the room later"

"I know a guy who can get some mud" Duncan winked at Chris

"I'll keep that in mind" Chris gave him a thumbs up "Max, you actually left your room last night? You are currently living in the bathroom?"

"Yes, I am!" Max told Chris while holding a pair of his pants

"Uh….why do you have my pants?" Chris asked her

"Uh…I don't know, Sir" Max told him handing him a pair of pants "I found them in your room on your dresser"

"Owen why don't you have any clothes on at all?" Chris asked "Here maybe you could use a pair of pants…."

"Thank god" Wes muttered under his breath

"Wes man…." Chris said "I feel bad for you….I saw your night and….wow…."

"Hey man" Zeke asked "What did you want us here for?"

"Oh!" Chris remembered "It's time for breakfast where I'll introduce the first challenge…..But before I do that I wanted to let you all know something"

"Which is?" Noah asked

"One of you will be the biggest loser of all" Chris told him laughing "You see the fun has just begun! The games haven't even started yet…with that being said in hopes of lowering your self esteem, One of you will be going home right now!"

"What!" Courtney yelled "You never did that before!"

"I know, I thought I'd spice things up" Chris laughed "You all know have gotten a chance to know each other! Now one of you gets the honor of being the first one out of the game!...It's time to vote!"