Summary: E/O CHALLENGE: 100 words (on the nose) ending with the words: "I'm driving." Dean Winchester and the Archangel Michael, post Apocalypse.

Dean Winchester sits atop the south tower of the Brooklyn Bridge, his bright golden wings folded tightly against his bare back.

The world's still here.

He feels pretty good.

And he's not afraid of heights anymore.

"Damn. Being an angel condom wasn't bad."

"Told you," Michael says quietly.

"Sam's alive. We kicked Lucifer's ass into the Pit." Dean laughs. "Sweet."

"Well, I'm outta here, kiddo. I can drop you off at Singer Salvage."

"Uhh…not so fast. I wanna fly again."

Michael's fifty foot wingspan unfurls.

"Size does matter," the archangel says proudly.

"Yeah, it does. Dude, this time, I'm driving."