Summary: Ever wonder how the plants got their jobs? Ever wonder what they were doing before they shot zombies down? Well, here's your answers.

This was done out of sheer boredom. I was sitting here trying to write another Dramione One-shot when I saw my cousin playing PVZ. I then thought about what they might've been doing before they joined the zombie fighting team (yeah, boredom). I thought I'd start with the first so I did.

So without further ado, here's Peashooters story. (Ps: First time I've written in third person. Please don't judge too much.)

It was a long day at the factory and Peashooter was quickly getting tired of his job. His boss had him extracting Carbon Dioxide from some nearby humans. If getting near humans weren't scary enough. If they ever figured out that some plants can actually think for themselves... He involuntarily shuddered at the thought.

His living conditions weren't all that great either. His flat mate, Letta-Berry, was very annoying. He was just as nagging as Peashooters ex-wife. All the time, Letta-Berry would say that Peashooter was nothing and that he should get a real job. His idea of a real job was becoming an experimental plant for the humans. Obviously, Letta-Berry had lost his mind during one of their tests, Peashooter thought as he watched Letta-Berry stick his head in and out of the freezer.

He sighed again as he sat in his favorite pot. He thought frequently about moving to another country and figuring his life out as he went. He smiled at the thought. He needed an adventure. It was the one thing that he craved for.

He sighed as he moved to his flower bed. Maybe tomorrow he would actually go out and pursue his dream. Maybe tomorrow Mother Nature would shine her grace upon him and give him some good luck. Maybe tomorrow...

His thoughts drifted off and he quickly fell asleep.

When Peashooter woke up the next morning, after having the best dream he could have ever had, he decided that he would do it. Today was the day he would go out in search of a different job. He was going to set out for a job filled with adventure and excitement.

As he read the morning leaflet and sipped his fresh cup of Carbon Dioxide, he saw an ad that needed plants. A man named Crazy Dave needed plants to fight zombies on his neighbor's lawn. It was just like in his dream!

He packed a suit case and dragged it along behind him as he nearly ran along the pavement. He finally came to the house described in the paper. He saw that across the road there was a grave yard. He also heard loud moans and groans from the same place. Those must be the zombies, he thought nervously.

Interrupting his thought and almost making him wet his stem, a crazy looking man with a pot on his head started mumbling gibberish. To his surprise, though, Peashooter understood every word. The dialogue bubbles really help, he thought, in surprise.

The man in front of him was Crazy Dave and he actually was looking for plants that could fight. Thank goodness Peashooter was on the archery team at Arboretum High; he definitely knew how to aim.

He was so happy that Crazy Dave had given him the job he had always wanted. Everything was perfect.

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