"Come on little girl hand it over do you want it or not." So many questions were going through my head: should I trust him, what if it is too late, would Claire approve of this, weren't rules meant to be broken? Then just as I was about to hand it over I had a flash back it was Claire and I sitting in front of the fire she had just told me she was going to college half way around the world

"Don't trust anyone but yourself," she said "Always be true to who you are." I still wasn't satisfied I reached down and found envelope 4 when you are having second thoughts. I began to tear the envelope open.

Now to understand this story you should have showed up at the beginning. But, you seem like a nice person and I am in a good mood today so I'll start from the beginning.

Letter #1, it arrived on a muggy Friday morning, it was a pink and brown polka dot envelope, so it had to be from Claire, the polka dot queen.

Dear Stella,

I know this is going to sound crazy but you are my sister you should be used to my craziness by now. Follow my instructions very carefully and don't tell anyone about this

#1, pack a backpack with everything you need

#2, bring no money $$$$ I will take care of that if you do everything as I ask you will be okay

#3, no cell phones, pagers, laptops, or communication devices are allowed

#4, if anyone asks you a question answer by saying my name is Kat with a K, age 16, and I am #33214

Knowing that you should be fine now go to Sam's and tell him nothing just stand there and he will give you an orange package with $1,000 dollars in it get yourself a passport and a ticket one way to London as soon as possible(save some $ for a cab).

I know that I have a lot more explaining to do than that but all you need to know is I am being followed by not someone but something and I am leading it away from what they want because they think I have it and I need you to reach it before they do. It is pretty much that simple I hope you aren't mad at me and I can't blame you if you don't want to help after what I have done to you. But the Callaway sisters stick together. At least I hope so.

Good Luck,