Santana POV

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Chapter One - Reminiscing

The moon blasted down on the waves, emphasising the raindrops that kissed the ocean top every few seconds. The dark grey clouds covered the sky, masking the bright stars that sparkled thousands of feet above my head. I stood alone, looking over the side of the pier, feeling the prick of the cold rain sting my cheeks. Many memories were racing through my mind - how did I get here? Where did I go so wrong that I would end up standing on a deserted pier, contemplating ending all of it with a short drop and a long, watery stop? What happened?

The first day of high school was always going to be a challenge. Going from the popular girl in middle school to nothing in high school wasn't something I was going to take well. But more importantly, how was I going to climb back to the top? I fiddled with knot on my white tie vest until it was perfect, and straightened out my jean short skirt. This is the only outfit my parents deemed appropriate for a 14 year old to wear to her first day at high school, even when the weather was 57°.

As I climbed out my mothers car and kissed her cheek goodbye, I felt like a piece of Lego, tiny and insignificant against this huge building with a giant red M pasted on the front. William McKinley High School. Even the name was big. Scared the shit out of me, so much so that I could run a mile in the opposite direction, dump my education and live under Lima Bridge next to the Lima Heights Hobo named Bill. But that wasn't the way Santana Lopez dealt with nerves. Instead I narrowed my eyes and smirked, creating a glare that would even scare an axe-weilding clown away.

As soon as I stepped inside the building I had four Freshman guys stare me up and down, hovering their eyes over my C cups. One of them was muscular, tanned and handsome, his dark brown eyes sparkled at me for a few moments, but then flickered away, returning to his friends who were still staring at me. I frowned, immediately remembering I'd forgotten to take my bitch glare off my face. I walked past him, pushing my hair over one shoulder and leaving it to leave a strawberry sceneted waft hovering above his tight v neck. I watched as he inhaled, closing his eyes and then staring back at me. I smiled and caught his name as one of his friends, the giant brown haired goofy one, nudged him and whispered "You shotgunning that one Noah?" As I walked off, I realised just how goofy his name was, I wasn't going to start dating some Bible reject, and if I did, he would have to create a nickname. Despite being religious myself, I didn't need my social life to become Bible bashing as well as my home life. No disrespect to my man in the sky though, I thought to myself.

I carried on walking towards the classroom my sheet of paper said I had my tutor class in, but as I approached the door I felt my heart quicken. No, the nerves won't get the better of me. I wrapped my fingers around the cold steel that was the handle and pushed down, secretly hoping no-one would be in there. I pasted on my bitch face, As I did I heard the teacher stop talking and all of the other students head turn and stare at me in awe. I could already see how high school would play out for me and I liked it. A brunette immediately stood up and walked over to me, wearing what I could only assume to be something she borrowed from her Grandma. A dark green jumper with a white horse pasted across the front, a red and black tarten knee-length skirt with high white socks that ended just below the kneecap and a matching green hairband delicately tied around her head, the bow placed perfectly to the left of her middle parting - apparently the 70's are back. She reached out her hug, veiny hand as if too shake mine, but immediately retracted when I crossed my arms together and pursed my lips. There was no way in hell I was going to touch those man hands. She started too speak in a high annoying voice that I knew was just going to grain on me throughout the next hour of High School Introductions 101.

"Hi! My name's Rachel Berry and not to start on a cruel note but not shaking ones hand is usually taken as a rude gesture. Considering this is our first day I think we should sit down, take some time to talk and get to know one another, yes?" She said. I glanced over her outfit one more time before noticing an empty desk chair at the back of the room. I stepped to the right of her, releasing my arms from their crossed position and walked towards the desk. I placed my bag down and turned back to her, her eyes still full of hope, awaiting for me to respond with something nice. "I don't think so man-hands." A blonde girl with hazel eyes in the desk next to me started giggling, her right hand cupped over her mouth. I smiled at her, she had the head-cheerleader look about her, my instincts telling me that I'd need to get aquainted with this one.

The blonde girl leant over, while the greasy-haired bull-fighter reject of a teacher mumbled on about the school layout and whispered,

"Quinn Fabray, nice to meet you."

"Ditto, Santana Lopez"


"Sí, but now just 100% bitch." I replied, smirking at my own comment. The blonde smiled.

"Then we have something in common already." She leant back into her chair and turned her head forward. I could tell this was going to be the start of my popularity.

As my first day of high school racketed through my brain, rain started to trickle from the heavens, gently spitting on myself and everything around me. A cool breeze arrived from the west, causing me to shiver. My leather jacket wasn't going to do much, warmth-wise, even with a hoody underneath. I zipped up the front and walked around the edge of the pier, my fingers tracing along the top of the smooth squared off wooden railings, catching a new miniature puddle of rain with every centimetre my finger covered. When I arrived to the side, opposite from my original leaning place, I returned to my position. Arms crossed, leaning on the top of the railings, staring out into the mist that was silently creeping along the top of the sea. A new addition to the scenary I guess. I raised my hand to brush the wet dripping off my nose, remembering a soft, pale hand doing the same thing only months ago. A tingle shot straight down my spine, the memory of her made me shiver.

It was three weeks since the first day of high school when I saw her. She danced with such grace and serenity. I didn't think it was humanly possible for someone to glide across the gym floor like she did. She was dressed in grey knee length track suit bottoms and a tight black tank top that fitted her athletic figure very nicely. Her blonde hair was tied up in a high ponytail, a few strands of hair falling infront of her face, shaping her muscular jaw line. I felt my mouth becoming dry, and realised I had been staring at her, mouth open and all. I quickly closed it, nipping at the inside of my cheek with my teeth. A metallic flavour filled my mouth as I noticed I was bleeding. "Damn it" I whispered too myself, placing my finger inside of my mouth against the newly formed wound. I was still grasping my new cheerio's outfit that was still in its packaging and a few textbooks. But within a moment she was in front of me, grinning a toothy smile. I couldn't help but feel the corners of my mouth rising. She opened her mouth, and a soft voice spoke.

"Hurts doesn't it?"

"Wha..." I winced as I brushed my teeth against the swollen piece of flesh protruding from the inside of my mouth.

"Biting your cheek? I do it all the time when I'm dancing, nerves I guess." She shrugged.

"Nerves? I have nothing to be nervous about" I spat at her, realising the aggressive tone I had just used, I hung my head.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to aggrevate you." She stared at the floor, flickering her eyes up through thick eyelashes.

"Oh no, don't apologise. It was my fault. I didn't mean to use the tone that I came out with. No wait, the tone I came out with wasn't supposed to be. No, crap." What the hell was wrong with me? I was tripping over my own words.

She giggled and replied, "I get what you mean."

I stared at this long-legged blonde, wondering what the hell just happened. Santana Lopez never fucks up her wording, she's usually like a dog on heat. Quick to the point. I shrugged it off and turned towards the locker room. As I walked forward towards the red doors, I felt a palm brush against my shoulder. My heart jumped at the touch, I twisted my neck but my heart returned to its normal beat as I realised the blonde touching me was Quinn.

"Hey girlfriend" she smiled.

"Hey Q."I tightened my grip on my cheerios uniform. I noticed she was grasping a similar packaged red and white outfit.

"I am so putting on this uniform now, it will cause us to jump the social ladder by at least four stick thingy's, you know, the poles that are used as... yeah anyway. Putting yours on too S?" Quinn was definitely a pretty girl, but not the smartest tool in the box.

"Yeah. Hoping this will attract more attention then those goofy Jocks, Noah and Finn."

"Finn isn't that bad.." she muttered under her breath.

"Whoah, Quinn Fabray! Do you have a crush on Frankenstein?"

"Actually, we've been meeting up a lot out of school, he's cute."

"Nice Q, Quarterback and Head Cheerleader. Top of the social pile." I winked at her.

She giggled, "Yeah I guess so."

We approached the benches in the girls locker room and I placed my textbooks down. I unwrapped the plastic that was covering the uniform and I pressed my palm to the crisp fabric. I raised it to my nose and inhaled. I always loved the smell of new clothes, kind of a weird obsession of mine since I was a kid. As I did so, the blue-eyed beauty entered the room. Quinn was across the room, near the door undo-ing her checked summer dress, and the blue eyed beauty glided in, playfully nudging Quinn with her hip. Quinn turned her face, hands still untying the knot on the back of her dress.

"Oh hey B, how was dancing?"

'B', not sure what her name was but that was enough for me to refer to her as, smiled and replied, "Great actually. There's a new boy that's joined, Mike Chang. He's asian." Her head nodded and her eyebrows raised as if she hadn't ever seen an asian person before. She peeked over Quinn's shoulder at me, I slowly looked up through my dark, thick eyelashes - her gorgeous blue eyes meeting my dark brown eyes. She smiled and opened her mouth.

"Oh hey you." Quinn turned her head around, her eyes slightly shocked.

"Hey." I felt my teeth tug on my lower lip.

"How's the cheek?" She beemed at me, doing the same toothy grin she did earlier.

"Yeah, it's a lot better now thanks." I tipped my head down and pretended to fiddle with my blouse.

"Good good." She twisted quickly, chucking down the duffle bag that was perched on her shoulder. I was still fiddling with my shirt until I had unbuttoned it completely. I could feel her eyes on my peripheral vision I glanced at her, she was pulling out a cheerios uniform. I shrugged my shirt down my shoulder, feeling a breeze crawl across my abs and breasts. I grabbed the cheerios top and pulled it over my head, it slipped on almost as gracefully as B's dancing. A nice tight fit, the V neck sliding down meeting the top of my cleavage. I smirked, my eyes narrowing instinctively. My bitch face now pasted across my face naturally. I felt like queen bitch when wearing this outfit. By the time I had finishing admiring myself in the mirror, I realised Quinn and the beauty standing, staring at me, both fully clothed in their Cheerios uniform. I flinched quickly, shaking myself out of a daydream of myself on top of the Cheerios pyramid, everyone begging at my feet. I slipped off my khaki short shorts and put on my Cheerios skirt. It was short enough so that it revealed enough thigh to make the guys harden quicker than dry-fast superglue, but not so short that it was deemed 'slutty'. I quickly brushed my hair into a high ponytail, the hair tightening so much so that it felt like a Hollywood Facelift. Coach Sylvester never allowed anything less, hair was just a distraction in Cheerios. I spun around and walked towards Quinn and the azure-eyed stunner. Quinn was leaning against the entrance to the door, foot holding open the field exit red locker room door so she could stare at Finn on the football field chucking the ball to that tanned, muscular guy that caught my eye on the first day of school. He had recently acquired a mohawk, obviously trying to give himself a tough man look - looked dumb at first, but he reached his desired effect. Every morning for the past week I had seen him and his friends chuck an obviously closeted gay kid into the dumpster. The long-legged blonde pranced towards me and stuck her pinky out towards me and spoke one clear word;

"Brittany" she smiled at me and I placed pinky forward, unsure of what she wanted me too do,

"Santana" I replied. She linked her pinky round mine. It felt like a jolt of electricity shouting around my body, working its way into the veins. That one touch, and I felt complete.

"Finally a name." She breathed and we walked towards Quinn, pinky in pinky. I couldn't wipe the stupid grin I had on my face off for hours, even after school.