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"Momma! Momma! Look at me!"

I squinted, allowing my eyes to adjust to the sunlight. My head turned and attention focused so it was on a three year old girl, with slightly tanned skin, brilliantly blue eyes and long, dark brown hair that drapped in loose curls over her shoulders. She was swinging up high a swing in the playground, waving at me frantically.

"Wow sweetie! That's high!" I replied, smiling at the girl.

"I know momma! Reeeeeal high. I can almost touch the sky! Look!"

She squeaked excitedly; her voice high yet adorable. Her little hand released the metal chain of the swing and headed towards the sky, I gazed at her with awe and a dorky grin pasted my face. I bent back my neck slightly to get myself comfy once more, and a palm brushed a piece of hair away from my face, sending shivers over my skin. A pair of brilliantly blue eyes were staring at me; peering into my heart and grinning at the sight.

"Hey baby."

Her lips moved as the words escaped her mouth. She leant down and pressed a single kiss to my forehead, her fingertip touched my neck, slowly stroking the skin from under my ear to my shoulder.

"Hey gorgeous."

I responded, beaming a toothy smile at her. She giggled and continued to tickle my neck, sending even more tingles down my spine. Her eyes darted towards the swings where the little girl had been, and flickered to the slide where she now was.

"Lily! Sweetie, please. Be careful."

She said; her tone slightly raised to notify the young girl not to speed down the playground equipment. I turned my gaze back to her, and my mouth curled up at the corners into another grin. Britt was such a good mother, I always thought she would be; but seeing her in action was just... amazing.

"You're a natural at that y'know." I murmured, craning my neck back further into her lap.

"At warnings?" She questioned, furrowing her eyebrows in confusion.

"No, at being a mother." I answered, her face lit up and her bright blue eyes glistened as she turned her attention to the little girl.

"Well she reminds me mostly of you, considering she's half of you that's a good thing. But I'm an expert at you, so I guess if I'm a natural mother, it's all really because of you." She answered, not meeting my curious eyes.

"That kind of didn't make any sense babe. But I know what you mean." I whispered as she brought her face closer to mine, our lips touching quickly. As soon as she leant back against the bench, my lips tingled as they missed hers.

"I love you Britt Britt." I murmured, watching her stare at the playground - completely oblivious to my gaze. She snapped her head down to mine, delighted by my words.

"As I love you Santana." She retorted, using my full name as an expression of how sincere and serious she was about the statement. We continued gazing into each others eyes until a figure bounced up the slight hill towards the bench we occupied, and she broke the eye contact to look at our daughter. Our daughter. Even thinking those two words sent excitement crawling over my skin, causing it to shiver and butterflies to form inside my stomach.

"Can we go get ice cream now mommy?" She asked; tugging at the hand of the beautiful blonde that I was leaning on. I sat up, running my hands over my loose hair to make sure it was smoothed down.

"Hmm, I'm not so sure you've been good enough." Britt teased, Lily's face fell into a small pout, almost identical to the same face Britt used to pull.

"What do you think mommy?" She angled her face towards me, raising both eyebrows and smirking. Her using the name that I'd now took as my second name sent shivers down my spine.

"Please mommy! Please!" Lily now moved her hand to meet my forearm, it still amazed me how little her hands were as they gently tapped my arm. Her eyes were widened in hope, her mouth turning up at the sides.

"Yeah, it's time to be getting home anyway. We'll stop by Turner's on the way back yeah baby?" I answered; slowly getting up and sliding my sunglasses down my head to cover my eyes. Britt stood in sync, smoothing down the back of her dress and entwining our fingers.

"Yayy!" Lily yelled; jumping up and down excitedly.

"Ssssh honey, please lower your voice. All the other kids will get jealous." The blonde uttered as Lily covered her mouth with her tiny palm, muffling the giggle that she and Britt both shared. The young girl shuffled in between Britt and, linking hands with both of us.

"Let's all go for ice cream." Lily declared, swinging our hands as high as she could.

We arrived at Turner's ice cream stall, where Britt and Lily both ordered ice cream. I wasn't hungry so I just watched in awe as my wife and daughter munched on their cold snack. Wow, wife and daughter - the thoughts and memories of our wedding and Lily's birth ran through my mind, revealing two of the three happiest days I've ever lived had. We started walking down out of the park and turned down the road which possessed our home. Lima looked so beautiful in the daytime; but it was nothing compared to the sight of the two things that created my life walking beside me eating their ice cream.

"Miss Lopez-Pierce! Miss Lopez-Pierce! Excuse me! Please! " A voice yelled from behind, I furrowed my brows in confusion as I turned to face a young girl, around the age of 15. She had dark brown hair that flowed over her shoulders; her eyes were almost black and she had tanned olive skin - almost identical to me in my sophomore year at high school.

"Wow. You're so beautiful." She beamed, staring at me with awe. I heard a giggle come from Brittany's lips, and I felt a slight tug on my hand as Lily looked up at me with a curious expression.

"Well thank you little girl, what's your name?" I asked, reaching my hand out to shake hers. She obliged, and flinched at the touch.

"Sandy Rodriguez m'aam." She answered, her eyes still wide. In her other hand she clutched a notepad and pen, I was suprised that she didn't snap the Sharpie in half due to the tight grip that was visible through white knuckles attempting to poke out through the back of her hand.

"P-p-please could I h-h-have your au-autograph." She managed to stutter out, still gazing at me with awe. I turned my head to meet beautiful blue eyes, that were glazed with love and staring right at me. My heart flipped and stomach filled with butterflies, something that wasn't unnoticed by the blonde looking at me.

"Hmph." Britt coughed, nodding towards the young girl in front of me. I shook out of my daydream and turned to the little girl, signing my name with a note on the bottom. As soon as I handed the notepad back, her eyes widened at my note and she held it in both her hands with such admiration.

"You're amazing. I can't believe you're actually standing in front of me." Her legs were bouncing up and down in excitement, her eyes looked at me with such wonderment it was almost embarrasing.

"It's lovely to meet such a huge fan Sandy, truely inspirational." At the last word, her mouth gaped open into an 'o' shape. I finished up with my note, handing her the pen and notepad back.

"Thank you so much Miss Lopez. It's been a dream come true meeting you." Before I could answer, she whirled away, studying at the notepad in front of her. I linked hands with Lily once more, who held the blondes hand and we proceeded home.

"Oh and Miss Lopez-Pierce!" She yelled, turning to us once more. "You are the most beautiful family I've ever seen. Such an honour to meet all of you. You're my inspiration." And she ran round the corner, a flush covered her cheeks as she disappeared.

"You made someones dream come true today Santana Lopez-Pierce. How does that make you feel?" She asked through dark lashes, her ocean blue eyes gazing into the corners of my soul.

"Indescribable, I've never done it before. It's just... Wow." I managed to speak in between long breaths. Britt opened her mouth to speak but we'd just arrived home and Lily had already decided to jump up and down on the sofa.

"Lily, you know you're not allowed to do that." Britt scoulded softly; Lily's mouth formed into a pout and her shoulders sunk as she stepped down from the sofa, bringing her hands together to twiddle in front of her. I took a step forward and wrapped my arms around Britt's waist, resting my chin on her shoulder to stare at the young brunette in front of me.

"She's like a miniature you." I whispered into her ear, my hot breath tickling her neck and she shuddered. I pressed a single kiss to the spot below her ear, she tightened her grip on my arms and stroked softly with her thumbs.

"Wanna build a fort Lils?" I asked, her face immediately lit up and awaited Britt's confirmation - a nod was sufficient and the little girl bounded up the stairs to her bedroom. I took this chance to spin Britt round, and kissing her passionately. Our lips melted together; savouring each other's taste with each flick of the tongue. Before we could deepen the kiss even more Lily appeared, crooking her head to the sight of our actions. I watched Britt's cheeks turn a gorgeous shade of pink as I released her and beckoned Lily over.

"Let's get building." I whispered, the excitement in the big blue eyes of our daughter shone so bright I nearly had to put on a pair of sunglasses. She bounced around the room just like Britt did when she was excited; her smile was huge, like it was cornering up to her ears. A soft palm grazed my neck, pushing aside my hair and placing a kiss there;

"I'll make supper." Britt whispered, stroking her fingertip up and down my spine. I relaxed back into her embrace, just feeling the warmth and love that emitted from her body. With one last kiss to my shoulder, she proceeded to the kitchen to cook and I helped Lily build.

Lily threw about the blankets and pillow, using the coffee table and sofa as walls. A huge pale green blanket made the roof, which draped over the back of the sofa, and hung diagonally down to the farthest edge of the table. She created a side entrance in between the sofa and table, so we could crawl in and play. But before we could do so, Britt called us for dinner.

About two hours later; Lily was fast asleep inside the fort with myself next to her. She'd curled up under my arm, snuggling her head into my shoulder. I brushed her hair behind her ears just watching her with such amazement, I couldn't believe she was half me - the thought just created a massive loving grin to take over my face.

The fort wasn't huge, but large enough to fit Britt in if she'd wanted too; however she was washing up the dinner dishes so she was currently preoccupied. I stared up at the pale green blanket thinking about everything that'd happened over the last two decades. It amazed me that Britt and I had powered through everything, despite all the shit that was thrown at us, we'd managed to push past it and end up together. I'd never really believed in soulmates before I met her - but something snapped inside of me, and I knew that she was the one for me. I smiled at the thought before her beautiful blonde face made an appearance through the entrance.

"Hey baby, I think it's time for Lils to go to bed." She tilted her head in our daughters direction, I nodded and gently shook her shoulder.

"Lily, sweetie, it's time for you to go to bed." The tiny brunette mumbled something in her sleep before twisting over and facing the sofa. I scooped my arms underneath her small frame and brought her out, carrying her up the stairs to her bedroom. After tucking her in and kissing her on the forehead, I exited the room, closing the door behind me. Changing into my pajamas (grey tank top and black short shorts), I headed downstairs to see the legs that seemed to go on forever dangling off the side of the loveseat opposite the TV. A smile caught me by surprise as I wandered over, shrinking down to and resting my chin on the arm next to her legs.

Her eyes darted over the magazine to meet mine, she grinned and her eyes sparkled. That look made tingles shoot down my spine and warmth spread throughout my body.

"What you doing sweetie?" She asked, still grinning.

"Just looking at the most beautiful thing that's ever existed." I answered as if it was the most natural thing in the world, and it felt like it was.

"No you're not." She replied; my eyebrows furrowed to question her statement. "Because I am."

My heart fluttered and stomach flipped, I leant up crawling over the arm and settling in between her legs. My body pressed flush against her as our hips collided, I allowed my fingertips to trace patterns down her arm whilst the other was pushing a golden lock behind her ear.

"You are so beautiful Brittany." I stated, her teeth tugged at her bottom lip before a flick of her tongue moistened her pink lucious lips.

"As are you." She commented, pressing a kiss to my nose. I shuffled my body upwards slightly, allowing her to take my full body weight before craning my neck to allow our mouths to meet in a brief kiss. I planted several more pecks on her cheeks, mouth, nose, forehead, quickly causing a giggle to erupt from the pit of her stomach and vibrating both our bodies. Her foot brushed up my calf, leaving shudders to form throughout my being. Her hands splayed across my back, creating circular motions.

"Promise me you'll love me forever?" Britt muttered, our eyes still connected.

"I thought I promise you that with this?" I answered, slightly confused. My hand found hers as I raised it, allowing the silver band ring to glimmer in the light.

"I know, but I mean a promise made from here." Her free hand allowed a fingertip to press to the left side of my chest.

"The only reason that is beating is because you're in the world, right here, right now with me. Now until forever. I would make you that promise, but there'd be no point."

Brittany's eyebrows furrowed and her eyes slightly saddened, clearly she didn't know where I was going with this sentence.

"Because this right here," I punctuated the sentence by pressing my hand over hers, which was now pressed against the skin above my heart, "Belongs to you. And always will."

The sparkle returned to her eyes as the words flew out my mouth, her breath was hot on my face as I realised we'd be leaning in as I spoke.

"I love you Brittany Lopez-Pierce, I always have, and always will. My heart beats for you, and only you. Nothing is ever going to change that." Sincerity washed throughout my tone.

The glorious toothy grin that I'd first seen back in Freshman year, my heart melted as I watched the most beautiful person in the world's eyes glazed with eternal devotion.

"I kinda love you too Sanny."

She chuckled teasingly, I brushed our noses together in an eskimo kiss before tickling her. She wriggled underneath my touch and my fingertips danced over her waist and over the skin of her ribcage. Her eyes were squeezed shut, head thrown back and mouth wide open in a hysterical giggle.

"Sa... San... P-ple-please..."

She breathed out in between laughs, attempting to catch her breath.


The giggles kept coming from both our bodies, and despite the demanding tone she used I didn't stop, and apparently she didn't mind. She applied pressure to my body with her, causing us to flip off the couch. I landed on the floor with a thud, my back throbbed at the impact and my hands tightened around her waist. Our bodies collided causing my thigh to rub against the crotch of her shorts. A gasp sounded from both of our mouths simultaneously as we both realised that we were now alone. Our daughter upstairs asleep and the only sound that could be heard was our hearts pounding and our heavy breathing.

Britt sat up, throwing her leg out from in between mine and beside my waist, straddling me. My palms found the outsides of the blondes bare thighs and my nails grazed into her skin softly. Her bottom lip disappeared between her brilliantly white teeth and I could see the cogs in her mind racing furiously. Instead of waiting for her to make up her mind, I sat up slightly, allowing her ass to slide onto my thighs as my lips met her neck, sucking and nipping gently against the creamy skin. A few kisses were placed on her collarbone which protruded from her gorgeous skin before my tongue trailed its way up to her jawline. My teeth biting gently at the bone before nuzzling my nose against the soft skin on her cheek. She withdrew her head and stared at me; my eyebrows furrowed at her sudden movement. I could see behind her bright blue eyes that she was trying to figure out how to say something, and all of a sudden I became nervous, shivers gliding throughout my body and taking place in my fingertips which were shaking at the small of her back.

"There is no place I'd rather be, than right here, right now, with you."

She uttered, looking me straight in the eyes. A memory flashed to the front of my mind, replaying like it had been recorded from the moment before.

My hand shook; but a grip tightened around it calming me down. I could feel the nerves tingling throughout my body, the throat dryand palms sweaty.

"San calm down, it's going to be fine." The blonde whispered against my ear.

"I know, I'm just nervous." I muttered, I could hear how shakey my voice was.

We entered Lima Bean, where I was approached by a few fans asking for autographs. I obliged happily as it took my mind off current events momentarily, and the blonde stood next to me waiting. However one fan, a girl aged twenty-ish stood in front of me a little longer than Britt had liked; she had long blonde hair and grey-blue eyes and tight clothing that sculpted her slender frame. As she handed me the pen to sign the CD, she allowed her fingers to linger on the back of my hand. I snapped my head up to meet her shady eyes which were narrowed slightly, a supposedly 'sexy' smirk pasted her face as she watched me acknowledgement of her touch.

"Sorry, accident." She said seductively, breathing at the last word.

Heavy pressure was applied to my other hand, I turned to examine a beautiful face which currently held a scowl. Brittany's piercing eyes were now greying in anger, I heard a grit which I assumed was her teeth judging by her clenched jaw. Her breathing quickened as her eyes narrowed at the blonde in front of us.


I murmured, raising my right eyebrow at her. She turned her head, but her eyes never left the girl in front of us.

"Can I help you with something?"

A sassy voice said, I flicked my gaze to the smaller blonde who was currently crossing her arms and an evil smirk covered her face. Britt released my hand and took a step in front of me, standing between myself and the little blonde. She towered over the girl by at least a few inches.

"Back. Off."

Britt warned, I watched over her shoulder at the smaller blonde push her chest forward and take a step towards my girlfriend.

"Or what?"

She asked, smirking at Britt whilst darting her eyes at me. I heard Britt's breath quicken and I placed my hand on her shoulder, before attempting to whisper in her ear. She twisted her neck towards me, acknowledging my presence but before I could she spoke;

"I got it San."

She said firmly, I backed away, watching how she acted with this girl.

"Or I'm gonna kick your ass back to the Shire so you can rejoin Frodo and the gang."

Her voice was stern, warning the girl to back off. I grinned at how protective she was over me, I'd never witnessed B jealous, and it made my heart flip and the butterflies flutter around in my stomach.

"Ha. Like you could."

The smaller blonde answered, emphasising the 'you'. Britt took a step forward so her face was only inches away from the girl and bared her teeth, scowling intensely. I stood still, my arms crossed studying her reactions to this girl whilst hiding a smile.

"Don't fucking push me dwarf. I will hurt you."

Britt hissed. I wasn't used to was Britt cursing - hearing it sounded strange because I knew how gentle she really was. It was completely adorable that she was defending my honour. Apparently it was only because I knew her so well, because the smaller blonde was now wearing a scared expression, her eyes wide and flickering between me and Britt.

"That's my girlfriend. No scratch that, my fiancée."

I couldn't hide my grin any longer and I smiled whilst letting out a small chuckle. Hearing her call me that felt so fucking good, it was almost overwhelming how much I loved this girl. As if she could hear my thoughts, her hand reached back to grab mine and intertwine our fingers, squeezing gently.

"So waddle back to smurfville. They called and said they were missing their village idiot."

The smaller blonde whipped around and headed out the cafe doors. Britt turned round and took a step towards me smiling. I couldn't believe what had just happened.

"Britt... Damn girl."

"You're mine, no-one elses." She said matter-of-factly, the anger had completely disappeared.

"That was seriously hot. Never seen you get jealous before."

"She was basically eye-sexing the crap outta you. Only I can do that."

She whispered, winking and pressing her lips to the tip of my nose. I chuckled and nuzzled my neck into her collarbone, placing a quick kiss there as she wrapped her slender arms around my frame. Her vanilla aroma intoxicated my brain, momentarily fuzzing up my brain and causing me to forget my surroundings.

"Right, come on. It's time to tell them."

Britt commented, releasing me from the embrace and sliding her fingers back to mine. We headed towards a table at the far back which was currently occupied by most of the Glee club. As we walked over, they all smiled at our arrival and like always, Berry took the lead. She stood up and placed her hands together in front of us;

"Hello you two. May I enquire as to why you summoned us here on this lovely day?" She asked, blinking several times at us and smiling innocently.

"Well, we've actually got something to tell you."

I said nervously, my voice cracked at the end and Britt squeezed my hand reassuringly before pressing a kiss to my bare shoulder.

"We're getting married."

We both spoke in unison, I watched Britt's eyes beam with excitement at my words. The whole Glee club stood up and ran towards us; nearly throwing us to the ground as they embraced us. Several 'oh my gods' and 'congratulations' sounded from different voices; I couldn't see who was saying what as my face was currently buried into several bodies. Quinn apparently saw this coming and along with Berry, whipped out several magazines that were covered in brides.

"Wha..." My eyebrows furrowed at the sight of the two bickering over the table decorations.

"Oh please Santana, you're not as opaque as you think. We've seen this coming for months, hense the magazines." Berry muttered, her eyes never leaving the page as they scanned the various sets of flowers.

"But I just proposed today... How?" I stuttered, I couldn't believe it myself but I was running out of words to say.

"You two are made for each other San. You know that. You're soulmates, c'mon, you know you two were always going to end up together." Quinn said nonchalantly, shrugging her shoulders at the words that made my mouth gape. I turned to see an equally stunned Brittany, who was currently staring at the faces of the glee kids - none of them looked even remotely surprised.

"Even I knew." A voice whispered; I turned my gaze to see Wheels rolling his way over to us. Britt stared down at the floor, I could see the guilt she felt as the disabled boy approached us.

"Artie..." Britt whispered, tugging on her lower lip whilst her hand trembled slightly in mine.

"No Britt, honestly it's fine." He smiled at her, immediately soothing her quaking hand.

"I've accepted it, I guess I knew all along that we weren't going to last forever. Santana," He turned to me, breaking the eye contact he was attempting to maintain with the blonde beside me;

"You're the one for her. And I'm kinda happy for you two if I'm honest. If it wasn't for you, I'd never met Angela."

A red haired women walked up beside him, placing her hand on his shoulder gently and meeting his loved-up grin. Before I could, my organs cringed and it sent a shudder through my spine. My face scrunched up slightly and I could see Britt giggling under her breath. But, the realisation that if it wasn't for the guy sitting in front of me, I wouldn't be with the love of my life. All the times I'd been a complete bitch to him, and he was mature enough to give up the woman he loved because he knew he wasn't her soulmate. That was just, well incredible.

"Thank-you Artie." My voice was low, but honest. Artie snapped his head towards me, eyes widening as he saw the sincerity in my expression.


"You don't have to say anything. Just take the thanks and wheel off."

I grumbled, my bitch side making an appearance. He was a good guy for giving up my girl; but I still disliked him greatly for calling Britt stupid, not that I held grudges or anything. He did as I said and disappeared into the queue with the red hair pushing him. Britt squeezed my hand and grinned at me, causing my heart to skip a beat as my coffee eyes swirled with her sea blue orbs. My lips pressed to hers as an instinct and I felt her smile into the kiss, causing our teeth to bump slightly. A chuckle erupted from the kiss as we parted, my nose scrunched up at her as her tongue poked at out me.

"Alright, keep it PG-13." Puck exclaimed, rolling his eyes.

"Perv." I uttered under my breath, a snicker came from the blonde next to me as we sat down. Immediately; we were swarmed by Berry and Quinn throwing wedding ideas at us - my eyes rolled as I was drowned with thousands of words.

A few hours later we managed to escape the crazed wedding freaks and slipped out into the fresh air of the cool winter's night. Giggling histerically; we walked to the viewpoint, two blocks down from the cafe. As we approached the view Britt gasped, taking in the beautiful sight of twinkling lights contrasting against the dark bluey/purple background which was known as the sky. We found a tree which stood on the near-edge of the area, with a slight hill leading up to it. I pulled Britt with me, sitting down with my back pressed to the bark, legs open and allowing Britt to slide in between my legs with her back to my chest. My arms enveloped her into a tight embrace as they slid around her waist; intertwining our fingers after my palm brushed the back of her hand. She was still gazing at the beautiful view as I pressed a kiss to the left side of her neck, pulling the blonde locks over her right shoulder. I felt her shiver under my touch and I squeezed tighter, watching her hot breath form into tiny clouds as it collided with the bitter chill of the winters air.

"You cold B?"

"No baby, I'm toasty. My heart's warm with love, therefore so am I."

She commented, resting her head into the crook of my neck near my collarbone. I lowered my head to rest on her shoulder and traded my stare from the viewpoint to the millions of stars sparkling above us. Britt sensed my diverted glare and accompanied me in watching the stars.

"Wow." I whispered, a foggy cloud of my own breath escaped my lips.

"Yeah. Wow."

She repeated, smiling whole-heartedly up at the view. I watched her neck crane as she tried to mentally count how many there were,m and I couldn't resist as I pressed a kiss to her cheek. She grinned at the touch and turned her head slightly so my lips could meet hers. They connected like they had thousands of times before; but this kiss was so passionate, so full of romance it felt like we were in our own little bubble of love. Our lips moved together as my heart melted from the sensation it was sparking all over my body, like fireworks. We pulled away, as our lack of oxygen got in the way once again, to my disappointment and Britt pecked my mouth several times before settling back into my embrace and returning to the stars. Just as I looked up, a silver line darted across the sky.

"A shooting star!" She yelled, raising our hands and sticking out her pointer finger to the line that trailed behind it.

"Make a wish." I whispered into her ear, pressing a kiss to her temple. I saw one side of her lip disappeared as she chewed it between her teeth, twisting her head towards me and looking me straight in the eye. Before I could get completely lost in her piercing blue orbs, she spoke;

"I don't need a wish. I've got everything I'm ever going to want right here."

I watched her eyes gleam brighter than ever before as I realised how truthful her words were. My heart fluttered ferociously as I leaned in slowly towards the blonde. Unlike before, there was a slight hesistation as our lips were only two millimetres away from each other. She exhaled heavily, washing me with her sweet, intoxicating breath and closed the gap. I always knew how in love I was with her, but this kiss just confirmed everything I'd ever wanted and would need for the rest of my life.

"There is no place I'd rather be, than right here, right now, with you."

The feeling was so overwhelming, but I enjoyed the dizziness I got everytime she touched or kissed me. And in that moment, I was happier than I'd ever been before. With that thought, our lips met once more.

"San?" Britt murmured, raising her perfect eyebrow at me as her palms brushed up and down my bare shoulders and arms.

"I love you, you know." The words came from my heart, honest and sincere.

"I know." She said nonchalantly, "I love you too, with every piece of my heart and soul."

"Forever and always?" I questioned, barely containing my heart as it throbbed harshly against my ribcage, trying to bottle up the intense emotions that currently ran through my arteries.

"Always and forever, baby." She answered, leaning down and pressing her lips to mine in a slow, passionate, lingering kiss.

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