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Amber's pov.

It was calm that morning. Seward, Erik, Hershel, Christine, and the Doctor were already up. "Good morning. How did you sleep?" Seward asks politely.

"Like a rock. Those beds are comfortable. Well at least it's better than mine. My bed is like a rock, but with the shape of a rectangle." They all laugh. "So when is breakfast's? I am starved." I said as I sat down next to the doctor.

"When does your friend's wake up?" Christine asks with a little chuckle.

"They wake up when they smell food. So Kat should be here…" Then Kat came in the room. "…right now. Good morning Kat how did you sleep? " Hershel chuckled seeing that was how Luke was with food…unless it was Flora's cooking.

"Those beds are soft, so well." Kat said as she sat down next to Hershel. Hershel looked at Kat and blush…soon it's time for match making, my favorite activity. XD

"Well it should be ready soon. Where are the others?" Seward asks guessing what she was going to say.

"They are getting into 'proper' clothes. So Amber how did you like getting in a dress?" Kat asked.

"Horrid, I rather be in a t-shirt and jeans than this dress." Kat laugh. Then everyone else came in and sat down and we all eat in peace. Then we were all taking when Seward got a phone call from Arthur Holmwood telling him that Lucy had fallen ill.

A few days later we all went to see Lucy. She was pale as a ghost. Later that day a man named Van Helsing came to the front door and looked at Lucy we came in just as he finishes evaluating her on why Lucy was sick. "So what is wrong with Lucy Van Helsing?" Kat asked.

"I think I know…" Helsing started then Alex cut him off.

"A vampire did this. I can tell by the mark's I seen this before." She said sternly.

"Are you a vampire hunter?" Van Helsing asked wondering how she knows this.

"No, I am half vampire. My mother was a vampire hunter while my father was one of those good vampire's who work with the vampire hunter academy and help my mother to save human's to become vampire's." Alex said nicely. "I can give her some of her blood back and hopefully it can bring Dracula to be part of this mix of crazy things." Van Helsing looked at her strangely.

"I had the same reaction, but she is very much alive and can help us, though she has a strange fascination with Dracula." Seward said.

"HA! Go to our time about half the population will glop him." I said. "Well they might even glop all of you if they wanted." They looked scared now.

"I chose a vampire over crazy girl's any day." Erik said. All of the men nodded at that. The rest of the women just laugh to see how men chose the supernatural over everyday girls.

That night, we were waiting to see if he came with he did then Alex glop him. Great Alex the half-vampire glops the prince of the night Dracula. This will be a long night.

Dracula' s Pov.

I was just going in to help Lucy because the marriage thing is too much for her and I get tackled by a girl. Great, just great. "Hi, hi, hi, hi, hi …" I shut her mouth with my hand and tell her to breath. "Sorry I can't believe that this is real."

"Neither can I now will ALL OF YOU BACK THERE EXPLANE TO ME WHAT JUST HAPPEN?" They came out and stared to explain how this all happen.

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