1st: This is basically a response to how hot Mako and Korra would be together. 'Cause yeah.

2nd: This is cracky and not to be taken too seriously.

3rd: When the show premieres a year from now this will probably be OCC. So there's that.

Mako is shaking.

He thinks it's because he's angry, but he thinks fear and worry might be attributing.

Because Korra is an idiot and she's going to get them all killed.

"How fucking stupid can—"

"Shut up!" she snarls, whirling around and facing him. They've managed to make it back to camp in one piece, but Mako can tell that she's on edge. "Just keep your mouth shut!"

Bolin is pulling out their pots and pans and preparing for dinner. He's also humming.

"No! Next time we're in a town full of anti-benders you DO NOT walk up to the mayor and tell him that his backwards thinking self needs a HEAD ADJUSTMENT."

"It was true! He does need a head adjustment!"

Bolin is currently chopping onions and singing.

"Okay, well, when we're all lying dead in the streets and the new Avatar is a fetus, I will kick your ass in the Spirit World for being such a fucking moron."

She laughs. "You couldn't even kick my ass now."

He growls, flinging a fireball at her feet.

She immediately gathers her water, and it swirls around her threateningly.

Korra always battles with just one element when they fight like this. She's told him before that she thinks it's only fair, since they're friends. He wishes she'd just throw everything she had at him. He doesn't like it when she takes it easy on him.

A moment later he's sending a stream of fire at her and she's retaliating with ice daggers.

Fifteen minutes later the majority of their campsite is either flooded or singed, and he and Korra are both breathing hard from the effort.

Bolin has raised himself and their dinner onto a platform of earth in order to avoid the onslaught. He dips his finger into the saucepan, tastes whatever is inside and then nods his head in approval.

And then Korra is marching forward and viciously shoving him to the ground. She lets out a scream of frustration and then turns her back to him and crossing her arms.

He gets to his feet and walks away, fuming.

"I mean, who does he think he is?"

Bolin isn't really paying attention. He's stirring whatever is in the pot and nodding in her direction.

"Uh huh. Yeah."

Korra rolls her eyes before turning around and walking off.

In only takes a few minutes for her to start to feel bad.

Mako may be a douche, but at least he cares.

She sighs. It is time to go apologize to him. She can see him through the thick of the forest, leaning against a tree and staring at his feet with a frown.

She makes her way into the woods, the leaves crunching under her feet. He doesn't even look up. Finally she's standing in front of him, and then she's leaning forward and beginning her apology.

Bolin is excited.

Dinner will be delicious! He's worked super hard on this new recipe and his brother and the Avatar better enjoy it. He doesn't like slaving away over their meals only to be shown zero appreciation.

It's ready now, so Bolin gets up and walks over to the edge of the woods. He calls a clump of dirt into his hands and then shoots it at the couple who are making out, just visible through the branches and leaves.

"Put your face sucking on hold because dinner is ready!"

He hears a stream of curses courtesy of Korra and he can't help but snort.


God help me.