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Title: A Wynter's Tale

Warnings: Read at your own risk. It's mostly all slash.

Why did I do this again? A good portion of us at the Harem (the Kloset) were a bit sad that there weren't any more drabbles. Wynter, who is awesome, decided to start them up again (which is why this collection is named after her). All of the drabbles (one shots?) that are written by me were written during the course of Wynter's drabble-thon in July of the summer of 2011. Enjoy!

Wyn wants Harry/Bill, 'you did... what?'

Cataloguing artefacts for Gringotts wasn't as hard as Harry thought it was going to be when he first applied for the job. Sure, it wasn't the Auror Force and he wasn't off trying to get the bad guys (thank Merlin!) but he got to go to a lot of interesting places with the Curse Breakers. Why just last month he had gone to Peru to visit Machu Pichu with Bill and his crew of Curse Breakers.

The Curse Breakers had been there for three months before Harry got there and started to catalogue dangerous artefacts that they Peruvian government didn't want to get into the hands of the muggles. Amazingly enough, for only one hundred years of occupation, the Incan citadel had quite a bit of spellwork done to it.

"So, what do you think of this place?" Bill murmured as he entered their shared tent (because the rest of the expedition were apparently huge fans and had nearly detached his arm when they had tried to greet him), and sat on the bed.

Harry looked up from his perusal of the tapestry on the table. "Well, this sure beats breaking into Gringotts, that's for sure. I think just last week I was nearly mauled by a ten foot rabbit."

"What? What do you mean breaking into Gringotts?" the redhead asked as he sat up a little straighter on the bed.

"Oh, Ron, Hermione and me broke into Gringotts the day before the Battle of Hogwarts," Harry hummed, writing something he had just noticed on the piece of parchment beside the tapestry. "It wasn't easy mind you, but we managed to get inside and out (with a dragon in tow) without too many injuries. Though, I suppose getting burned by the gold of Gringotts wouldn't count, would it?"

"You did… what?" Bill nearly shouted, conscious of the fact that it was the middle of the night and there were people sleeping and not pulling all-nighters.

"Um, yeah, we broke into Gringotts," Harry said with a frown on his face and turned around slightly to stare into Bill's disbelieving face. "We were alright, afterwards!"

"You are the most amazing human being I have ever had the pleasure of meeting," Bill murmured as he grabbed Harry's head in between his rough hands. "We're lucky to have you here!" He leaned forward quickly and kissed Harry on the lips to only give a whoop of excitement and running out of the room.

"I hope I don't go crazy too soon; I'm just beginning to enjoy this job," Harry said and went back to his cataloguing.

I'll be happy to take requests as well. Feel free to do so. Next one will be Dean Thomas/Harry, "Why's there paint on my arse?"