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Title: A Wynter's Tale

Warnings: Read at your own risk. It's mostly all slash.

Why did I do this again? A good portion of us at the Harem (the Kloset) were a bit sad that there weren't any more drabbles. Wynter, who is awesome, decided to start them up again (which is why this collection is named after her). All of the drabbles (one shots?) that are written by me were written during the course of Wynter's drabble-thon in July of the summer of 2011. Enjoy!

Molly wants Blaise/Neville... "Magical Hydroponics"

Blaise dashed between the rows upon rows of plants as he tried to figure out where exactly Neville Longbottom was at. Officially it was his first day working at the Longbottom Magical Hydroponics Lab but he had been coming into these greenhouses (he wasn't going to go calling them 'labs' just because others were) since sometime after the end of the Second War.

Longbottom had skipped off and gone into hiding after he became immensely popular due to his heroics at Hogwarts. Blaise had been tasked with getting Longbottom out of the greenhouses and out into the real world when a year had gone by and no one had seen neither hide nor hair of the blonde Gryffindor.

Blaise had just been apprenticing under Master Cosmo Eurofresh, from Eurofresh Greenhouses, when he was told that Eurofresh Greenhouses would be doing some project or another with LMHL. After a week of working in the labs, and much muttering and cheering from Master Eurofresh at the ingenious way to grow plants, Blaise was finally able to see Longbottom. He still looked much the same as he had at the end of the War except the cuts, bruises, and abrasions were now healed and gave him a bit of a rugged appeal with the shadow of stubble.

It was by the second week of working closely with Longbottom that he finally started to notice just how much the Gryffindor had changed. He no longer backed down and seemed to hold his body that much straighter. Quite frankly Longbottom had turned out to be the perfect pureblood in all of his mannerisms.

"Proper pureblood mannerisms my arse," Blaise growled as he skidded down another row of plants and remembered his thoughts from so long ago. "Why did he choose now to go back to his Gryffindor shyness? Honestly, if I wasn't supposed to marry the bastard in two hours I would drown him in his stupid hydroponics lab."

"Just calm down, Neville," a voice mumbled from the row of tomatoes to his left. "It's just a marriage ceremony; nothing to be afraid of. The ponce is practically already married to you, there's no point in freaking out now."

"Yes, there's no point in freaking out now unless you're related to my mother," Blaise growled and stomped his way to Neville's side and crouched on the floor to be at eye level with him. "It's just a simple ceremony to make sure everyone's happy and doesn't complain about the lack of one. We'll say our vows feed them some food and kick them off the property… then we can go have a quick tumble in the sheets just in time to see the midnight blooming of the silkworm rose. It'd be just like any other night except that there are more people over for dinner is all," Blaise soothed as he grabbed Neville's face and gave him two quick kisses. "The sooner we get this over with the sooner we can start on the flowers, Nev."

"Right! Let's get this over with and whatnot," Neville paused as he made his way down the tomatoes and looked back at Blaise with a bright smile. "I'm the luckiest guy in the world to have such an understanding husband like you."

"Yes, you are," Blaise glared and kissed him one last time and pushed him out the door. "It takes a man with great patience to be second only to plants. I'm obviously never going to mean more to you than say those rosebushes in the garden but at least I'm not at the bottom of your list."

"I assure you that the rosebushes are at the bottom of the list whenever you're concerned, Blaise," Neville said with a grin as he tried to get the worst of the dirt off his dress robes. "I might even go as far as to say you're the most important thing on that list."