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Chapter 1: What the Fox?


One spiky-haired boy stood in front of two large gates as he stared back at his loved ones: a ramen chef and his daughter, his little brother and his little band of pranksters, a man with pineapple-haired person with a scar going through his nose, a timid, shy, blue-haired girl who was blushing beet red, and a brown-haired girl who was giving him a sad smile.

He turned his blond head towards his, somewhat, escort for the night: a teen with tamed, black hair and onyx black eyes. His black cloak, which was designed with red clouds, is flowing with the wind. With his monotonous voice, he said, "Come, Naruto-kun, we have no time to waste."

The boy, Naruto, nodded and said his last goodbyes to his friends before leaving with his guard.

I am Namikaze-Uzumaki Naruto. I have lots of names in the outside world, which I will not tell because I don't feel like it. I will only say one name and that is the Konoha no Itazura no Kami (Leaf's Prank God). However, that name is still in dispute since I am no longer a Konoha Shinobi. I have been banished just for bringing back their favorite Uchiha harmed and unconscious, without regarding my own situation: two holes, one on my lung and the other right at the chest, and other severe wounds. They went behind my surrogate grandmother's back and banished me. I was supposed to have Kyuubi's chakra cut off via a strong seal and a seal that prevents me from speaking about Konoha and its secrets a day after the banishment.

However, the Kyuubi has other plans. The Kyuubi, knowing that I was about to be severely weakened, made a deal with me: in return for the fox supplying me with his chakra, I would get stronger. At first, I was suspicious about it, but, Kyuubi upped the ante. In addition with supplying me with demonic chakra, he gave me three things.

First, he gave me knowledge about my parents, which were quite a shocker. My mother is a kunoichi that originally came from the destroyed region of Uzushiogakure no Sato. Her name is Uzumaki Kushina, or, as she was known back then, the Akai Chishio no Habanero. She was also the secret second jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Yoko. My father, on the other hand, is a Konoha shinobi. His name is Namikaze Minato, or, as he was well known throughout the country, the Konoha no Kiroi Senkou. He is also the Yondaime Hokage no Konoha (Fourth Fire Shadow of the Leaf). At first, I was angry with him for sealing the Kyuubi within me. But, eventually, I forgave him because he knew that I would need it someday and he trusted me with it. There is another but I won't say it.

Second, he gave me his full consent to control all, and I mean, ALL, of his power. He directed me towards my father's grave. At first, I was quite disturbed disturbing the dead. But, I relented. My father would have wanted me to do it. He sealed half of Kyuubi's chakra into his body since my body can't handle the dark energies of Kyuubi's Yin chakra. Since I was adapted to it now, I could absorb the other half without repercussions. Well, there are repercussions. The repercussion is that it hurts like hell. He told me that, after I leave Konoha, I should go to the village where they could teach me how to control his chakra.

Third, and last, he gave me a new brand of techniques: they were the Shinigami's techniques. He managed to get the knowledge while the Shinigami is sealing half of the Kyuubi's power into my father. It's quite sneaky but the Kyuubi isn't Kyuubi if he's not tricky. These techniques were Hoho or Fast Movement, Hakuda or Hand-to-Hand Combat, Kido or Demon Magic, and Zanjutsu or Cutting Techniques. Kyuubi explained to me about the Shinigami's own helpers and Soul Society, a place where dead souls go. It's sort of like 'heaven'.

With those three things in hand along with stuff I got from my loved ones when I left, I left Konoha the night before I was supposed to be branded with useless seals.

When I left Konoha, I visited numerous places, 99% of which I will not mention if some of you are biased against them. The only place I will mention and where I went first was my homeland of Uzushiogakure. There, I learned about Fuinjutsu, Kenjutsu, and my family history. After that, I visited other places.

I did the other villages a few jobs for good favor and all that. But, there was one thing that I didn't even notice happened. Some girls of the places I visited harbored feelings for me. I was surprised by it. I had so many relationships, I lost count. To make things even more interesting, I told them that I had someone else and they said that they didn't care as long as I treat them with the same respect I treat the others, uniquely and individually. In short, I am in polyamory, the state of having multiple relationships while on full knowledge of everyone involved.

You're surprised I know that word, don't you? The Kyuubi matured my body and mind during my training in controlling his chakra. However, I still retained some of my old attitude.

I wanted my girlfriends to know each other better so I made a seal that allowed them to communicate with each other with mere thoughts with a concentration of chakra. It is designed to open their communication when they gather chakra towards the seal, which is located at the base of the neck. If they want to see each other, they could go to sleep or into deep meditation and the seal will bring them to a prepared place in my subconscious where they could continue their conversation while getting to know each other better. However, they're not allowed to leave the room, since they could get lost in my subconscious. After all, my mind is full of empty and full rooms. One such room is the room where the Kyuubi is held. There are other 'tenants' in my subconscious, but I will not tell it.

Moving on, I became in-/famous in various countries. After all, I learned lots of things while I was on my training. I was even in the SS-Rank category in the Bingo Book. I'm the fourth to gain it. The other three were Senju Hashirama, Uchiha Madara, and Namikaze Minato, in chronological order in which they gained it.

I learned that Kyuubi has the power to grant his jinchuuriki the power to jump through dimensions. The reason he didn't give it to his two first jinchuuriki is that he knew they wouldn't use it. The Kyuubi granted me the ability. I decided to jump through the dimension where these Shinigami helpers were mostly situated in. It's around the place called 'Karakura Town'.

With that, I gave my goodbyes to my loved ones before I jumped dimensions.

Namikaze-Uzumaki Naruto has left the building.

Nighttime-Kuchiki Rukia's Retrieval

Abarai Renji smirked as he lowered Zabimaru onto the fallen form of the boy that stole his friend's power from her. The boy in question, Kurosaki Ichigo, held his wounded shoulder.

Renji was about to completely lower Zabimaru when Ichigo recovered and swatted away Zabimaru with his zanpakuto. Reji was shocked that he recovered.

Renji's captain, Kuchiki Byakuya, merely raised an eyebrow to indicate his interest.

Ichigo began crossing blades with Renji. Ichigo overpowered Renji and was about to deal the finishing blow when his zanpakuto was suddenly cut.

Ichigo was surprised at this and began studying the situation. He saw Byakuya and thought that he couldn't have done that. That theory was shot down when he saw what was in Byakuya's hand: it was the broken part of his zanpakuto.

Byakuya dropped the blade before reappearing behind him.

Ichigo was wide-eyed. What was going on here? His thought patterns were cut off when he felt immense pain emerge from his chest and blood emerged from it.

He fell to the ground. Renji recovered and pinned Rukia, who was trying to help Ichigo, down. Byakuya stared down at Ichigo's prone form. He monotonously said, "Even when falling, you're slow. I cut off your ability use Shinigami abilities. Moreover, that wound I delivered will slowly kill you. Just stay down and die like a low dog." He turned around and was about to leave when Ichigo's hand rose and grasped the leg-sleeve of his shikakusho. He turned his head slightly and said sofly, "Let go of me."

Ichigo gave a very dark laugh that put Renji, Rukia, and Byakuya to guard. The reason is that the laugh wasn't a Hollow's, a human's, or even a Shinigami's. It was demonic in nature.

Ichigo's head rose to show red slit eyes. Byakuya's and Renji's zanpakuto's became very wary of him. With a guttural and deep voice, he said, "Make me, Shinigami!"

In another place

A teenage boy looked up from his meditation. He said, "I believe that my time for laying low is over."

In a warehouse

Eight individuals stopped what they were doing when they sensed the demonic outburst before they shrugged it off as from someone they knew.

In a shop

A blond man with a fan frowned. "I don't recognize this reiatsu at all." He stood up and left to where it originated.

Back to Ichigo

Renji's and Rukia's eyes widened. Byakuya's just widened slightly.

Ichigo's free hand flexed before going for a clawing uppercut. Byakuya pulled back. The sound of tearing fabric filled the area. Byakuya narrowly avoided being wounded by that claw attack. The only damage he received was the torn leg-sleeve that occurred when he tried to escape the boy's tight grasp and one damaged kenseikan on the top of his head.

Byakuya narrowed his eyes at the possessed Ichigo who was standing up and cracking his knuckles. He put a hand to his zanpakuto and said to his lieutenant, "Renji, put a Bakudo on Rukia. I will need your assistance against this boy."

Renji nodded before he said, "Bakudo no Yon: Hainawa." A yellow rope emerged from his hands and tied Rukia around the lamppost. With that, he grabbed Zabimaru and walked to the side of his captain.

Zabimaru said to Renji, "Be wary of that boy, Renji. He has a bijuu's energy."

Renji asked, "What is a bijuu?"

"The bijuu are nine creatures that were made by a god from the energy of a demon. Their names are, as arranged from weakest to strongest, Ichibi no Shukaku, Nibi no Bakeneko, Sanbi no Kyodaigame, Yonbi no Saru, Gobi no Irukauma, Rokubi no Namekuji, Nanabi no Kabutomushi, Hachibi no Kyogyu, and Kyuubi no Yoko. The Ichibi can handle Gillians; and, if pressed, Ichibi could handle an Adjuchas while around a desert. The Kyuubi, on the other hand, could take on a handful of Vasto Lordes at full strength. On Soul Society terms, he could take on all of the captains, your soutaicho included, and still have enough strength to destroy Seireitei." (I know that I'm overpowering the bijuu a bit. But, who cares? I like it.)

Renji paled. "That's not possible. No one could have that much power."

"Well, the boy has Kyuubi's energy. Surely you felt the output."

"Oh, my God, what the hell is he? How did you even know about them?"

"I'll answer the second question first. Every zanpakuto knows about the bijuu, just as every Hollow knows about them. However, unlike Hollows, we were told by the Spirit King. Hollows found out about the bijuu when they wanted to invade the bijuu's dimensional plane. Only one out of every group returned to tell the tale. As to what the boy is, he is merely a boy that has been temporarily possessed by Kyuubi's energy. He is still dangerous as it is."

"Well, I better be careful, then."

Renji put a hand to his zanpakuto and said, "Hoero, Zabimaru!" His blade changed to a long 6-part blade, connected with stretchable threads.

Renji charged towards the possessed Ichigo while swinging Zabimaru.

In Soul Society

A couple was cuddling on top of a roof.

The female sighed sadly. "I wonder how our son is doing."

The male replied, "Don't worry, dear. I'm sure that he's safe and content where he is."

They continued their cuddling before someone appeared behind them.

The male said, without turning around, "Do you have something for us, Kurotsuchi-fukutaicho?"

Said fukutaicho bowed a little before speaking, "Pardon my intrustion, but there has been something that requires your, along with your subordinates', attention."

The couple turned towards her. The male asked, "What is it?"

"The scanners that we put on a Karakura Town picked up an unusual energy outburst, near where Kuchiki-taicho's and Abarai-fukutaicho's reiatsu signature. After a thorough scan, that unusual energy outburst was demonic in nature."

That got their attention. "What kind of demon?"

"Upon searching, it was from a bijuu: the Kyuubi no Yoko, to be exact."

They stood up quickly. The male said, "Take me to your taicho." He turned to her wife. "Inform the others."

They left to go to their respective tasks.

Later at the 12th Squad Office

The group was assembled right in front of a large computer. The squad's captain turned from his seat to look at the arrivals.

"Ah, you've arrived. Good," he turned back to the computer, "anyway, we have detected an unusual energy reading from the human world where we put a monitored it, as Nemu have told you."

The lead male, a blond, spiky haired person who was standing at 5'8" asked, "Are you sure it's the Kyuubi's?"

"Of course, we ran it over with numerous records and proved it. It is indeed the Kyuubi's."

The blond frowned before turning to his wife, a woman of 5'4" and has long, flowing, red hair that reached her knees. "Check it out. Bring two others with you."

The redhead nodded. She turned towards her two best friends and said, "Let's go."

Back at the human world – some time later

A severely-wounded Renji slowly stood up as Zabimaru fixed itself again. His taicho, on the other hand, only had cuts and scratched on his body.

The possessed Ichigo scoffed. "Ichigo had trouble with you? Man, he really needs to shape up!"

He was about to charge when a Senkaimon appeared behind him, three people walked out, and five chains burst forth from the ground and tied itself around him. He stopped and smirked. "I haven't seen you in a while, Uzumaki Kushina."

Byakuya narrowed his eyes as he sheathed Senbonzakura. "What are you doing here, Uzumaki?"

The said Uzumaki scowled. "Yeah, it's nice seeing you, too, Kuchiki. Also, it's been a long while, Kyuubi."

K-Ichigo darkly smirked. "What brings out this lovely visit that you even brought Hyuuga Hitomi and Uchiha Mikoto?"

"I was tasked to check this anomaly, an anomaly with your centered around it, out, along with helping Kuchiki here get Rukia-chan to Soul Society."

K-Ichigo's smirk increased. "Also, you wanted to ask me about the status of your dear Naruto, do you not?"

Kushina's eyes narrowed. "Now that we're on the subject, tell me."

"Your son is doing just fine. He's living a good life with his loved ones. In fact, he even sends his regards."

"Don't lie. I was told by Sarutobi that he doesn't know about me and his father. Also, he said that his life in Konoha was less than pleasant. Now, tell me the truth!"

"Nope, I'm not telling."

Kushina growled before using shunpo to appear in front of K-Ichigo and slapped him hard. "Tell…me…now!" She said.

K-Ichigo refused to budge.

Byakuya said, "We had the situation under control, Uzumaki. There was no need for you to interfere."

Kushina snapped at him. "Shut up, Kuchiki! This has been made my business when Kyuubi is involved. You have your job and I have mine. Rukia's in your hands, take her out of here!"

Rukia felt a little bit hurt at the lack of '-chan' suffix. She liked being called that by the person she considered to be a mother. Kushina, along with her husband, had many children looking up to them, from Seireitei to Rukongai, even more than their other accomplices. She considers herself one of those many children. They had that air of parenting around them.

However, it is not wise to anger Kushina or her husband, whom is considered to be rarely angered; serious, mostly, but angered, rarely. There was a rumor that a very heavy drinker from the most dangerous Rukongai district tried to have his way with her and groped her. Needless to say, the biggest thing they found of him next day was his finger. When people asked her about it, she just blinked and dismissed the rumor. When they asked her husband, he said that while it is a rumor, it is still not wise to anger her. Since it came from her husband's mouth, they took it to heart.

Back to the situation at hand, Byakuya narrowed his eyes. "So it is." He turned around and addressed Renji. "Come, Renji, we have no more business here."

Renji replied, "Hey, taicho, what about the carrot top?"

"Leave him to Uzumaki and her accomplices." He simply answered. "Open a Senkaimon. I have no desire to stay here longer than I should."

Renji nodded, took Rukia off of the lamppost, opened a Senkaimon and went through it.

We're back to Kushina and K-Ichigo. Kushina growled, "I'm getting tired of dealing with you, Kyuubi. Where…is…my…son?"

K-Ichigo smirked. "Since my time is nearly over, I will grace you with two facts. The first fact is that the village that your husband protected banished your son." Kushina's, Mikoto's, and Hitomi's eyes widened. "Moreover, the village will have to live with the fact that they let go of the most promising ninja they will have ever gotten. He has the same rank as the Shodaime Hokage, Yondaime Hokage, and Uchiha Madara in the Bingo Book." Their eyes widened more in disbelief. "The second fact is that, after I am gone, you cannot bring the boy to Soul Society for questioning. First off, the boy is an aide of a fugitive. Bringing such a person in is against Soul Society's laws. Second is that the moment the boy is taken for questioning, there is a seal that will wipe his mind of me and your son. It is a failsafe that both your son and this boy accepted in case."

K-Ichigo slowly closed his eyes and drifted into unconsciousness. Kushina gritted her teeth as she let go of the boy and punched the nearby wall, causing a large crater to appear on it. Kushina slowly let her tears fall from her face.

Mikoto and Hitomi walked towards her and comforted her.

Mikoto said, "Come, Kushina, we have to tell the others about Naruto-kun."

Kushina nodded.

Mikoto opened another Senkaimon and the trio went through it.

Moments later, Urahara approached the area. He snapped his fan shut. "Hmm, the mysterious energy disappeared. Oh, well, I have to heal both Ishida-san and Kurosaki-san."

After the canon events of Ichigo waking up in Urahara Shoten and Urahara telling him about his powers

Ichigo left Urahara Shoten and went for another store, while making sure he wasn't followed. The shop he entered was 'Hisui Uzu Ryu' or 'The Jade Maelstrom Dragon.'

The moment he entered and closed the door, he was tackled by someone who shouted, "ICHI-KUN!"

Only a few people could tackle him and, even then, only one will Ichigo allow succeeding. And that one is the girl hugging him.

The girl was blonde, whose hair was tied into to ponytails at the side of her head. If one were to look closely, one would see three whisker marks on the sides of her face. The girl was wearing a black and orange jacket (it is Naruto's Shippuden clothes).

Ichigo sighed again as he pushed the girl away. "You do know that you have your brother to tackle?"

Said girl, Naruko, pouted, upon letting go, showing her cerulean blue eyes. "Mou, he was too busy with seal-making and meditating."

Ichigo nodded before asking, "Anyway, Naruko, is he here? I want to talk to him about something."

Naruko nodded. "Yep, he's at the back."

Ichigo nodded back before walking around the counter and entering the back room. Upon entering, he said, "I have something to tell you."

The person he was talking to looked up from his meditation. "Is it about last night when Kyuubi possessed you?" Ichigo nodded. "What about it?"

Ichigo reiterated what happened the night before. When he finished, the person frowned as he stood up.

"I see. So, they are part of it. I believe that now is the time for me to show myself to the light." The person said.

Ichigo's eyes widened. "So, does that mean?"

The person showed himself to the light. The person stood at 5'7". He had spiky blond hair, cerulean blue eyes, and three whisker marks at the sides of his face. He was wearing a full orange suit with a stomach girdle and silver guards at his shins and arms. On his legs were two pairs of scrolls. On his back was a strapped bag with a blade that is colored blue, judging from the hilt and an orange rope tied at the tip of the hilt. (He's wearing Naruto Shippuden: Ryujinki clothes.). The blond grinned. "Yes, Ichigo, my time of laying low is over. It is time for the Hiraishin (Flying Thunder God) to rise up in ranks once more."

Ichigo grinned as well.

Namikaze-Uzumaki Naruto has shown himself.

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