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Chapter 18: End of Memories

Uzumaki Naruto smiled as Kyuubi leaned on his shoulder while they led the group of Shinigami behind them into his lover's mask room. Behind him were Yamina (Yami Kushina) and Miyo (Yami Mito), dutifully trailing behind them, remaining silent and yet not letting their guards down. And behind them was the Shinigami group.

The group held a tense silence, preparing themselves to see the mask of the beings that they have sworn to purify.

"We're here," Kyuubi said, making them all stop. It was a large door that was designed like the Gates of Hell. Massively plastered onto the two doors were large skeletal beings, with their one good arm chained to their adjacent wall. Kyuubi walked forward and put her palm on the door. It slowly opened and the Shinigami got prepared for what they expected to be a boneyard.

However, it was not what they thought.

Instead of piles of masks in a dank and putrid sewer, they found the masks neatly lined across the furnished walls of the new room. The pathway they were on held torches on either side that illuminated all the way to the very far end. And the water beneath them was crystal clear, no sign of muck. No one could utter a word.

Kyuubi smirked at their shocked expressions. "You all expected me to just dump masks in this room, didn't you? Hmph, you think lowly of me. Just because you know me as a massive beast of destruction doesn't mean that I am not tidy." She turned her predatory gaze upon the masks on the walls. "Besides, why would I want to hide the view by piling mask upon mask in a heap when I can put them onto walls so that I can see each and every one?" She spread her arms wide. "Go ahead! Look at them at your leisure! Be careful, though," her smirk doubled in predation. "Disturb where they lie and you might find yourself affected by its power."

Although shaken, they still spread out and curiously examined the masks. It was all going fine when…

"It can't be," the soft whisper of Kuchiki Rukia was heard by all in the room.

"Kuchiki," Ukitake went over to her, intent on finding out the cause for her distress. "What is it? Did the masks harm you?"

"No," she continued to give soft whispers. "It's…it's…it's…" She slowly raised her hand and pointed at a mask high above her.

The white-haired captain blinked before following her finger. Upon landing his sight on the target, he too gaped. "How is it possible?"

Kyuubi approached them and looked at the mask in question. It was a mask with flame markings on its two circular eyeholes. Her eyes glazed over a bit before she blinked and said, "Oh…that mask." She frowned a bit. "That is a weird tale, really. It was around the time I was still sealed in Uzumaki Mito, 50 or so years ago. She was old by then. Her resolve and will was weakened enough for me to unhinge her seal little by little. It wasn't enough for me to break free or use my full power. But it allowed me partial freedom by controlling her body, as you have seen with my conversation with Kuchiki Hisana through Naruto. Around that time, during the night, I sensed a new kind of Hollow enter the Shinobi realm. Although his energy is Hollow, he had traces of Shinigami reiatsu in him."

Some Shinigami narrowed their eyes.

Minato asked, "A Hollow with Shinigami reiatsu?" He turned to Gin. "Is this Hollow one of Aizen's?"

Gin shrugged. "It most likely is."

Kyuubi answered, "The hybrid appeared before me and started off on a tirade about how absorbing me would make him the strongest Espada."

"Dat's Aaroni…something," Gin replied. "I never could pronounce his name. He's da only one in da Espada dat can absorb another being to become stronger."

"Aaroniero Arruruerie," she said, nodding her head. "The bastard was so arrogant that he can defeat me that it gave me the time to bind him. He reacted too late. And I dealt with him like I dealt with all the Hollows: I ate him."

Mito exclaimed, "So you're the reason why my taste buds went whack?!"

The Bijuu shrugged. "It's either he goes to your taste buds or you go to his, and being sealed in a human is humiliation enough. As I ate him, I accessed his memories and discovered what he knew about his allies on his side back then. Moreover, I separated him from the thousands of Hollows he has eaten and assimilated all of their power."

"Hence the huge number of masks around us in this never-ending hallway," Tobirama dryly noted. "How many Hollows did this Aaroniero have, exactly?"

Gin answered with a shrug, "Last I hear, he has 33,500 Hollows in his gut."

Kyuubi continued, "I released each powerless Hollow soul and hybrid and saw them dissipate. Oddly enough, out of the rest, only the hybrids seemed to disappear in a different manner from the rest."

"Wait," Rukia suddenly said, turning to her with tears in her eyes. "What about the Shinigami they've eaten? What about them?"

Raising a brow, she was about to answer when a new voice joined the sewers.

"Oi, boss," the voice exclaimed, "Where are you?! That vixen told me through the mind link thing that you needed me for something!"

The doors to the Mask Room opened and everyone looked at it.

Rukia slowly turned her head behind her and promptly fell to the floor.

Entering the room were two people. The first was a woman with dark eyes whose matching dark hair is tied behind her with strands going down each side of her head. The second was a man who looks like Ichigo, save for the black hair and aquamarine eyes.

"No way," Ukitake uttered out, "Kaien, Miyako."

Both blinked at the group in front of them. Kaien gave a sheepish grin as he scratched the back of his head. "I guess the cat's out of the bag, huh? The damn fox tricked us again."

"I-Is that really you, Kaien-dono," Rukia softly asked.

"Well, yeah, it's really me. Do you know any other Shiba Kaien that is a lieutenant of the Thirteenth Division under Ukitake-taicho, is married to Miyako, and has Nejibana as his zanpakuto?" Immediately, he was forced a few steps back as Rukia dashed forward and embraced him tightly. He patted her on the back as he said, "I missed you guys too."

Ukitake walked forward and patted Kaien and Miyako on their shoulders, his own quivering softly.

Yoruichi walked towards Kyuubi and asked, "You put the other Shinigami and Hollows to the reincarnation cycle before. Why didn't you do it to them?"

She shrugged. "I decided to be selfish." The purple-haired Shinigami scowled but said nothing. Now, it was Gin who approached her.

"Neh, Kyuubi-san," he said with his signature grin, "what did ya see in Aaron's head? Why'd he come to yer world?"

"He felt inferior to the other Espada, who were, at least, Adjuchas, while he was a mere Gillian." She looked at Gin. "From what I have seen, I am to understand that the Novena Espada represents the Aspect of Greed. It would be easy to determine that hearing about the Bijuu fueled that greed and drove him here. And with his greed, he wanted to strike at the strongest of the nine."

Gin's grin widened. "It was always fun toyin' with Aaron. 'Hey, I'm hungry. Ya got any Hollows to spare?' 'Oh, Gillian Espada-san, it's feeding time and I've got your favorite.' It was funny watchin' him growl at me in his fish tank of a head."

The redhead Bijuu snorted softly. "Yes, I saw that as well. You were probably the most instrumental in practically handing him to me."

"Yer welcome," he replied. "I work 'gainst Aizen so I need to weaken his troops a bit, neh? And what better way than to mess with his head and point him to his doom?"

"And no one will question your motives since you like messing people up." Kyuubi turned to him with a grin of her own. "I like you already. If you had an affinity for pranks, you and Naruto would get along nicely."

Gin's grin widened. "What kind of pranks does he have in mind?"

On the other end of the room, Ishida was wide-eyed at Ichigo's look-alike at the entrance of the room. "Who is that guy?"

"He's Shiba Kaien," Shunsui answered from beside him. "He and his wife were thought to be KIA 50 or so years ago at the hands of that Hollow with flame patterns on his mask. Kaien-kun was the 13th Division lieutenant and Miyako was the previous third seat. So far, no one has taken the spot of lieutenant, either out of respect for its previous holder or they couldn't hold a candle to the previous holder's power."

"Was Kaien-san really that powerful?"

"Of course he was. He was the prodigy after Gin and before Toshiro-kun. All of us believed that, given enough time, he would have been the second youngest Shinigami to gain a Bankai, next to Toshiro-kun." He chuckled at Ichigo's direction. "Then again, Ichigo-kun is a Shinigami and he gained Bankai at the human age of 15."

"What are you guys going on about over there," Kaien shouted from the entrance. He detached from that one group and walked towards the other. He then raised a hand in a two-fingered salute. "Yo, Ichigo, I hear you stormed Soul Society with a Quincy, a former Shinigami captain, two super-powered humans, and Naruto! That was awesome."

Ichigo smirked back, ignoring the surprised looks he got. "Naruto's tendency to drop some jaws is rubbing off on me." He crossed his arms. "What about you, Kaien-san? I hear you and Miyako-san mastered your Bankais already?"

He nodded his head, once again ignoring the shocked looks from the spectators. "Naruto's Dioramas helped us out lots! That really is damn useful!"

"K-Kaien/Nii-san," two soft voices uttered from behind him, making Kaien blink. He turned around and saw the speechless visages of Kukaku and Ganju.

"Oh, Kukaku, Ganju," he smiled warmly at them. "It's been too long."


Everyone was surprised when Kukaku punched him on the face. "Y-You were alive, all this time?!" She was shaking as her fist was held high. Small drops of water went to the water below. "Why didn't you tell us? Didn't you know how we felt back then?"

Kaien smiled and stood up as he hugged his little sister, his little brother following after. "Seireitei has long since decreed me as dead. For me to suddenly appear in a captain's meeting and pronounce myself as alive, it would cause some alarm bells since, for as long as they remember, this hasn't happened ever. I'm sorry."

"Yeah, you better be," she softly uttered.

Sounds of screams and gore was heard within a dark forest as one lone figure kept using the tentacles from his large, purple, and bulbous lower body to grasp Gillian after Gillain and pull them into one of the body's gaping mouths.

The Gillians around him were trying and failing to fend off this assailant as, one-by-one, they were absorbed into his body.

The person in question has a fish tank for a head, which contains two skulls, and has a white, high-collared coat as his attire.

"Grrr," one skull growled, "not enough, this is still not enough."

"One day," the other skull added as another pair of Gillian was eaten, "we will devour that Bijuu and make it pay for doing this to us!"

In the meantime, in another area of the forest, Aizen and Tosen were observing the spectacle beyond.

"Is it truly wise to let him eat all the Gillian we've acquired, Aizen-sama," Tosen asked his master, who simply smiled. "This could set us back years."

The brunet Shinigami chuckled. "Haven't you always wondered why I never used the Hogyoku to turn these Gillian into Arrancar?"

"Yes, I often do," he replied.

"Turning them into Arrancar could potentially give me soldiers, but I have Rudbornn for a limitless army. And an army of Exequias is more than a match for an army of Gillian Arrancars. I would rather not waste time and energy turning every single one. No. These Gillian's main purpose is to influence Aaroniero."

If Tosen had eyes, he would have blinked in confusion.

Aizen clarified, "Aaroniero's ability to evolve is something he is proud of. But the fact that he is only a Gillian Espada is a source of scorn. Hearing that I've been, ahem, collecting and essentially growing numerous Gillian in this Forest is adding insult to injury. Who knows, they say? I might create an even stronger Gillian Espada and cast him away to become a Privaron. Gin, most of all, did a spectacular job of breaking his will."

"How is that spectacular, Aizen-sama," Tosen asked.

"By continually striking at his pride, it slowly erodes Aaroniero's patience and self-control. The moment it breaks, Aaroniero then would have to seek more than mere Hollows to fill his greed: in this case, the Kyuubi. He was blinded in his pursuit that he was caught off-guard and eaten. Aaroniero is arrogant, much like most of my Espada, and to see the Kyuubi in the body of an old woman would fuel that arrogance. That is what blinded him. Then, while he was simmering inside the stomach of the Kyuubi no Yoko, the Logic Kido I implanted on Aaroniero activated."

"Logic Kido," Tosen asked, "I haven't heard of such a thing."

"It is something I concocted after I studied the ingenuities of human hackers. It is based from the logic bomb. Such bombs are set to activate after specific conditions are met. With my Logic Kido, it is set to activate when power is being drawn from Aaroniero. The Kido's intent is to absorb the energy of whatever is absorbing Aaroniero's energy."

"So that means that Aaroniero has a portion of the Kyuubi's power. That means he has the potential to match the higher Espadas."

"It's not the fox's full power, just a miniature amount, more than what you detected during Kurosaki Ichigo's usage of Uzumaki Naruto's Kyuubi-enhanced seals during his skirmish to Seireitei. As he returned defeated, the more obvious of the Espada insulted him and his pride more. That is what drove him to request permission to feed in the Forest. And I, being a merciful lord, obliged." Then, Aizen gave a wider smirk. "As I predicted, he vented his anger in this Forest as he devours Hollow after Hollow to regain his lost strength. Anger is the key to utilizing the fox's power and he is going right for it. As soon as his fury has reached a high enough level to unleash that hidden power, it will start to assimilate and channel the power of the Hollows Aaroniero has eaten, making it and, by extension, him stronger." He turned to leave, followed by Tosen, and walked to the cave behind them. "There is a reason for everything I do, Kaname. The loss of Shiba Kaien and Miyako is trivial compared to the power of the Kyuubi. This shall also serve to discipline the other Espada. They shall learn not to laugh at one of their own, as it would mean to insult my choices. Insulting my choices means that they insult me." As Aizen entered the cave, he looked back at Tosen, who tensed upon seeing a cold smirk hit his face. "And to insult me is to induce my wrath."

"Why won't you return to your post, Kaien-dono," Rukia asked her superior after the tearful reunion. "10 captains can see that you're alive. Who can go against them if they say that you are back?"

Kaien gave a sigh. "I can't. Naruto gave us new bodies. Essentially, we really are alive. And from what I remember, a human can't become an active member of the Gotei, only a representative, like that orange-haired boyfriend of yours."

Immediately, Rukia's face grew alight with a blush, along with Ichigo's, and Byakuya's brow twitched.

"He's/She's not my boyfriend/girlfriend!" Rukia and Ichigo shouted at the same time.

Miyako gave a smile and put a hand to her cheek. "Oh, you two are in perfect sync with your denial. That is a start."

"Miyako-sama," Rukia added. "There's nothing going on between us!"

"Well," Ishida said, pushing up his glasses to hide one of his smirks. "Living in the cupboard of his room instead of sharing with his sisters' room is more than nothing."

"You're not helping, Ishida," Ichigo shouted.

Kaien stopped his laughing as he patted Rukia on the head. "Anyway, I can't return to being the lieutenant. Miyako and I are now live-shinobi of Uzushio, along with Hisana-sama, due to the alliance between Nadeshiko and Uzushio." They looked at the sheepish Naruto. "Besides, you don't need me. The Thirteenth Division is holding up fine. You're doing a great job on it, Kuchiki. But that doesn't mean we can't visit. You can visit us and vice versa."

Rukia tearfully nodded and said, "Be careful. I can't handle hearing you died a second time."

He laughed nervously. "Well…you'd be surprised at the amount of times I almost did."

"I think that's enough of that," Miyako interrupted. "We are alive and that is all that matters." She turned to Rukia and hugged her. "As Kaien said, you can visit us anytime you want, Rukia-chan. You can even see your sister when you do. Naruto won't deny you entrance."

"Hey, Naruto," Ichigo said a few feet away. "I think the trip to Mask Lane is enough. Let's finish the memories and continue on."

Naruto nodded and said, "Alright!" When he shouted, it made everyone jump. "That's enough of this tearjerker. Let's finish the last sets of memories and we can all be on our merry way!"

Once they were all comfortable, Naruto started showing them when he left the Shinobi realm to enter Karakura Town. Then, they saw him slowly get used to the simple civilian life and set up his own restaurant.

"Yosh," Naruto exclaimed as he finished setting the tables and the kitchen. "Now, it's time for my employee!" He put his hands in a cross-shaped seal and said, "Oiroke Kage Bunshin no Jutsu (Sexy Shadow Clone Technique)."

"A WHAT CLONE," pretty much everyone, except for Ichigo, Kaien, Miyako, and Kyuubi shouted.

A cloud of smoke appeared at his side. When it cleared, it showed a female, twin pigtailed Naruto. She saluted Naruto and exclaimed, "Hello, boss!"

It should be prudent to note that she is clothed in naught but clouds on her privates.

"Oh, by the Rikudou Sennin," Tobirama whispered in horror, "my creation has been defiled by a perverted jutsu."

Sarutobi watched as a few males flew back due to nosebleeds and the rest hold back the same nosebleeds. He massaged his forehead. "Naruto, was that jutsu really necessary?"

Naruto shrugged. "I already had Naruko-chan in mind when I made my business."

"That's not what I meant."

"Uzumaki-san," the overly-sweet voice of Unohana Retsu echoed in everyone's ears and made all Shinigami and Royal Guard tense, even the females. Everyone turned to her, to see a smile present on her face with a dark aura around her. "I hope you do not plan on revealing any more of this perversion throughout the course of this memory. There are women and children among us. One may be insulted and the other may be badly influenced."

He scratched the back of his head sheepishly as he said, "Hehe, sorry about that, Unohana-san. I'll try not to do it again but I can't promise that."

She paused to blink at him, causing her aura to dissipate. Then, she smiled again, doubling the pressure. "Please do try your best. I'd hate to lecture the son of my friend about the impropriety of his actions, memory or not."

He smiled wider. "I can't promise that. I do promise that I'll do my best." He turned to the screen, exclaiming, "Now, we move on."

The interaction caused a few whispers and murmurs but they nonetheless continued watching the memory.

As the memory dragged on, Kyuubi approached Unohana and whispered in her ear, "Don't bother trying to use your intimidation against him, Unohana-taicho." She didn't react to Kyuubi's presence. "Against the power of the nine Bijuu at once, a captain's reiatsu is no match."

"Oi, Naruko-chan, I'll be going out for a while! I got a new seal I'd like to try out," Naruto called out to his assistant.

The blonde smiled and eagerly waved goodbye. "Okay, be careful!"

Jumping through buildings, Naruto mused, "Now, where is that Hollow I sensed?" He paused as he dropped into an alley, where two Hollows were fighting over a Plus soul. "Bingo," he said with a grin. His arrival acquired the interest of the Hollows. He then cracked his knuckles as he said, "Hey, you two, didn't your mothers ever tell you?" He then dashed towards them. "Don't play with your food!"

One Hollow ran towards him. Naruto smirked, took out a kunai, and slapped a seal on it. A large hand was on its way to his face but Naruto dodged it and stabbed the Hollow with the kunai. It roared as the seal on the kunai glowed and forced the Hollow to disintegrate.

Naruto took out a notepad and wrote, "Hollow Purification Seal Experiment: successful." He didn't even look up as the second Hollow charged towards him. Just as the Hollow's fist crashed onto his location, he used his pen hand to grab the offending limb. He hid the notepad and used his now-free hand to grasp the Hollow's neck and slam it onto the nearby wall, making the Hollow roar in pain.

He simply turned his head to the side and said, "Yo, Ichigo. You mind purifying this Hollow?" He snickered at the orange-haired teens shocked expression.

"I remember that time," Rukia said. "I was halfway through my homework when I was alerted to the presence of Hollows. I wanted to alert Ichigo, who was already done with his and is on his way to the Hisui Uzu Ryu, but by the time I could prepare, the Hollow signature disappeared." The students of Karakura High looked at her. "What?"

Ishida answered, "You are obviously more intelligent than Kurosaki and yet he finished homework earlier than you?"

Rukia flushed. "There was a Don Kanonji marathon on TV. I got interested in it after that Demi-Hollow incident." The students deadpanned. She flushed more. "I blame Keigo!"

"Hey," Naruto spoke up to the shocked Ichigo, pointing a finger at him, "you going to stand there, looking like an idiot? Or are you going to purify this guy?" The finger was coated in blue energy that shot towards Ichigo's forehead. It hit spot-on and his soul form left his body.

"N-Naruto, what's going on? Why can you see me? In fact, why are you acting as if fighting a Hollow without a zanpakuto is an everyday thing?"

Shrugging, Naruto said, "It's simple. The answer to all those questions is that I am no ordinary human. I am just as spiritually-aware as you are." He sensed the Hollow about to try and escape again so he pulled him off the wall and pushed him back to it again, this time with more force, causing spider cracks on the wall. He glared at the Hollow, put his hand above the mask, and said, "Inemuri." The Hollow's eyes enlarged and shrunk a few times before it slumped.

He then turned to Ichigo again. "Well? Let's get the purifying going so that we can talk."

"Huh," was Ichigo's intelligent reply. "Oh, right," he unsheathed his zanpakuto as he approached the inactive Hollow and gave the mask a slice. It soon disintegrated, leaving Ichigo and Naruto alone in the alley.

"Goody," Naruto cheerfully said as he started walking out of the alley. "Come on. Let's go back to Uzu Ryu. I'll explain everything there."

"He blew my mind," Ichigo admitted. "It's not every day that I see someone I thought to be human actually be a capable spirit fighter." He chuckled. "Thankfully, I got over the initial shock and accepted Naruto's explanation. Anything spiritually-related no longer shocks me that much after Rukia's crappy Chappy explanation of Hollows." He was silenced as Rukia jumped at him and jammed her sketchpad of Chappy drawings at his face.

"Chappy is not crappy!" She hysterically growled. "Chappy is the best!"

"Fufufu," Miyako giggled as she hid her mouth in her hand. "Acting like a married couple," she said. "Rukia-chan, deny it all you want. Our eyes don't lie."

"I don't like this idiot," she exclaimed as Ichigo pushed her off.

After the amusing spectacle of Ichigo and Rukia having a scuffle after the former insulted the latter's idol, they continued to watch the memory.

"So what do you say, Ichigo," Naruto said, drinking his soda.

Ichigo drank his soda and smirked. "What else do I say? I'll be trained by a powerful ninja and all I gotta do is keep my mouth shut about you or your training? I'll take it."

"Great," he exclaimed. "I don't mean to brag, but with my training, you'll soon be just as strong as any Kage of my time!"

The Shinigami dropped his smirk as he asked, "If those Kages of yours took years to get to where they are now, how will you be able to build me up to their level?"

He took out two seals. On one seal, it said 'Target,' and the other said 'User.' "These are a product of my research on my former sensei's training method. This would be the first phase of your training. This manipulates one's perception of time. This would put you in an illusory world with a one-day is to one-second ratio between there and the real."

"Impressive," Tobirama praised. "To be able to replicate the effects of the Mangekyou Sharingan's Tsukuyomi is no small feat."

Naruto scratched the back of his head sheepishly. "Thanks. The Uzumaki scrolls helped with that."

The silver-haired Senju then deadpanned at him. "That still does not excuse you for tainting my creation with your perverted ninjutsu."

"Hey," he exclaimed in response. "I'll have you know it is powerful in its own right! It defeated many a man back then! It even kicked Saru-jiji's ass when I stole the Forbidden Scroll!"

The Sandaime Hokage flushed at some of the stares.

"You left that detail out, Saru," Tobirama remarked.

"And for good reason," he replied. "That was most possibly the most embarrassing moment of my life. And Naruto-kun just revealed that little fact."

"Oh," the blond nervously laughed. "I thought you told them about that. Sorry."

The group watched as Naruto taught Ichigo in a very straightforward step-by-step procedure. First, he taught him how to utilize the clone technique. Then, he used that same technique to have Ichigo learn various techniques from both Shinigami and ninja worlds.

After days of studying and lessons, Naruto decided to take it to the next step. "Now that the theory portion of the training is done, it's time for the application." He beckoned Ichigo to follow him and they entered a barren room. The only thing in the room is a glowing set of dioramas in the center of the room. The biggest of them connects the rest around it. Inside each diorama is a different setting or landscape. In one is a massive forest. In another is a frozen wasteland. In the main diorama, however, is a majestic castle.

"Why do I have the feeling that whatever those dioramas are would blow our minds," Hashirama asked.

Ichigo smirked. "Well, this blew my mind."

"I present to you the next device of instruction."

"Okay," Ichigo replied. "So what does this do?"

"This brings the whole person, not just the mind, into a world of accelerated time. The same ratio applies. One day in there is one second in the real."

Minato suddenly perked up as he approached Naruto. "Would you be willing to trade notes on how you did it?"

Almost immediately, Naruto summoned a notepad and held it out to Minato. At the cover of the pad was the word 'Diorama Resort Plan.' "Here. Just like you, I keep my notes for future references."

His father beamed and grabbed it before returning to his seat, silently perusing through Naruto's notes.

Ichigo blinked in surprise before he said, "This fuinjutsu of yours must be plenty powerful to do that."

"This is more than fuinjutsu and is more complex than the first training method. That one alters only perception of time through illusion. This type of training manipulates both time and space."

Minato raised his head with a raised brow. He then asked, "Summoning? You used the concept of the Kuchiyose no Jutsu to create something like this?" Naruto nodded. "This is extraordinary. Not even Nidaime-sama and I thought of something like this."

Tobirama huffed. "Back in my time, what would its use be? We train on the field. That is the way of the ancient ninja."

His brother patted him on the back. "Now, now, don't reminisce on old times so deeply, Tobirama. Live in the present! We get to see another great ninja rise to legend."

Naruto flushed. "Thank you, Shodai Hokage."

"Hahaha, what happened to that brazen attitude that made you call Saru an 'old man' even though he was the Sandaime?"

"It got lost on you when you made yourself the strongest shinobi since the Rikudou Sennin," Tobirama dryly remarked.

"No need for that, young Naruto," he patted Naruto on the back, "we are both SS-Ranks here. I'm just as famous as you are."

"Ahem," Mito interrupted, "if the young Uzumaki wishes to address you formally, Hashirama, don't force him otherwise. Give him time."

"Okay! Let's have a drink sometime and share some stories then, Naruto," Hashirama ruffled his hair before he allowed Naruto to continue the memory.

"What did you say," Ichigo growled at Naruto, who sipped his soda.

"It is as you heard it, Ichigo. Per Soul Society law, Shinigami who stay in the Human World past their supposed deadline will cause the head of the Shinigami group to send a representative to check on the former. You can expect your roommate to have visitors soon. Also, it is a crime to give Shinigami powers to a human so you can also expect those same visitors to visit you as well."

"And what are they going to do to Rukia?"

"Punishment is usually equal to the crime. One good turn deserves another, so to speak. For staying past the deadline, the Shinigami is, at the least, indefinitely suspended from active duty. For giving powers to a human, the Shinigami sent would usually incapacitate the given human and remove the Shinigami powers from him. The perpetrator Shinigami would then have to start from square one to regain the power lost."

Ichigo's scowl went lower than usual. "Whoever they send, I'll give them a welcoming party they'll never forget!"

"I have no doubt of that. But remember to not give away that you know more than should, to either your friends or the Shinigami." Ichigo nodded and walked towards the door to leave. "Prepare yourself, Ichigo. In your sealed state, whoever they send would either be equal to or more than a match for you."

"And the rest is pretty much history," Naruto concluded, deactivating the memory screen.

"That was interesting, Uzumaki," Mayuri said, with his grin wide. "Would you be willing to-"

"If you're thinking of experimenting on my son," Kushina glared at him, "I'll gut you myself before feeding you to those Hollows you created."

The 12th Division Captain stiffened before he slowly waved her off. "I am not so crazy as to attempt an experiment on someone who is on the same level as Senju Hashirama and Namikaze Minato. No. What I'm asking for is his notes."

Naruto raised a brow. "I have lots of notes, Kurotsuchi. You'd have to be more specific. Keep in mind that I adhere to various rules of secrecy. I will not give you any information about fuinjutsu, Uzushio's former, current, and future research, Uzushio itself, or the Bijuu."

Mayuri narrowed his eyes at him. He then said, "Fine. I want the notes of this Orochimaru person, as well as the data from that flying fortress' technology."

He stared at him for a bit before saying, "Very well. When we return outside, I shall give a copy to you." He turned to Rukia, Kukaku, and Ganju. "You might want to say your farewells to Kaien and Miyako. They are simply connected here because of the Mind Link Seal. When I end this session, they shall return to Uzushio and we shall return to the Royal Guard lodging in Soul Society."

The three nodded and did as told. Once they were done, Naruto formed some seals and released the jutsu.

As the group, save for Ichigo and Kyuubi, disappeared, Kaien approached Naruto and said, "Boss, I forgot to tell you. Jiraiya contacted us. He told me that Konoha is no longer ignorant of Uzushio's resurrection. They are still debating whether to send ninjas or not to find out if it's true. Sooner or later, though, they really will find out."

Naruto frowned and said, "Alright. I'll return as soon as my business here is done. Until then, tell Ero-Sennin to hold them off for as long as he can."

"Oh, yeah," he added, "Koyuki-san invited you to her small party in Yuki no Kuni. She's already invited Haruna-san and Toki-san." His face split into a wide grin. "You are one lucky bastard! You're gonna have a foursome!"

Miyako sighed at her husband's declaration. She then palmed her face as Naruto's face broke into an even wider grin than his and said, "Whoever said it'll be a mere foursome? You forget that I have mastered the use of the Kage Bunshin!"

Kaien blinked before he laughed harder than ever. "You are the luckiest bastard ever! Screw foursomes! You'll be having a freaking orgy!"

Ichigo copied Miyako's example and slapped his face. I always forget that Naruto's teacher is a perverted bastard and Kaien-san got along with said teacher.

"Oh, Kaien-kun," said the overly-sweet Miyako. Immediately, aforementioned husband cringed. "While I accept Uzukage-sama's lifestyle as a single man with more than one woman, it does not mean that you should focus on that particular aspect of his life."

"Uh…hehe, sorry, dear," he replied. He then turned to Ichigo. "Anyway, we'll see ya sometime then, Ichigo." Both husband and wife passed through the door, leaving Ichigo, Naruto, and Kyuubi in the mindscape.

Ichigo nodded to Naruto and left. The blond turned to the redhead and said, "What about you? Are you going to return to your body in Uzushio?"

Kyuubi chortled. "Nah, you're still too much fun for me to return. Maybe when you return to Uzushio, I would return to my body." She grasped his chin and kissed him hungrily. As they slowly broke the kiss, she whispered into his ear, "Besides, this is to show Shukaku, Matatabi, Isobu, Saiken, and Chomei that, amongst the six of your Bijuu lovers, I am the head honcho."

Naruto sighed. "I really do spoil you too much. Perhaps I shouldn't have opened our first mating night with a Tajuu Kage Bunshin."

"Dearie, the fault was yours in an attempt to please all six of us at once."

"Fine, you made your point. Come on. Let's go. It wouldn't do well to keep our guests waiting." With that, Naruto vanished from the sewers.

Kyuubi softly hummed a tune as she glided over to the open cage.

And that's the end of the Flashback Arc.

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