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The KeyBearer of Youkai Academy

Chapter 1: KeyBearer + Juubi Pt 1

Naruto's gaze lingered out the window as the scenery went by. He's been sitting on this metal contraption for what felt like hours, the man with the creepy glowing eyes called it a bus, Being Naruto, naturally he was bored beyond belief, "Soooooooo Booooeeeerrrrdddddaaaaa!" Naruto thought with a yawn.

Naruto blinked, "Hmm...Why do I get the feeling I've said that before? Oh well, I'm sure it's nothing."

Naruto looked back out the window again, "Trees, Trees, and More Trees! Gah! I'm going to kill myself before we even get there. Who knew you could actually die of boredom." Thought our blonde hero.

A frown suddenly marred Naruto's face, "Who would believe that I was thrown into a whole new world by a madman trying to fulfill his ambition? Hell I don't believe it and it happen to me. How fuck up is that?"


Naruto was chained up in the middle of a giant seal matrix in some huge chamber Kami knows where, Naruto began pulling on his restraints, struggling fruitlessly to get free.

"You're not going to get out Uzumaki...These chains were specifically made to hold Jinchuuruki."

Naruto gave off a growl, "Fuck you Madara! You damn Teme! Let me go so I can kill you!" Naruto howled as he still tried to fight his bondage. An effort Madara saw as pointless, the sealing had already began, what was the point of fighting it.

Madara shook his head dismissively, wagging his index finger from side to side, "Ah Jinchuuruki...Always so stubborn. Didn't your mother teach you manners growing up?"

Naruto rage increased tenfold as he heard what Madara had said, "You fuckin' Teme! It's your fault my Mother is dead in the first place!"

"That maybe so Uzumaki, but it was all for a greater cause..."

"What could be so great to cause all this death. All this destruction, huh? Tell me!"

"Hm, I guess I'll tell you. Seeing as you're going in the next 5 minutes or so. I plan to seal the Juubi into my body, giving me power beyond your wildest dreams in order to use an eternal Tsukiyomi the moon, which will let me control everyone in the world, bringing true peace."

Naruto looked at him as if he were crazy, "You're insane! That's not peace, it's slavery."

"Call it what you want, but there's nothing you can do to stop me. How does it in feel Uzumaki? To be the catalyst to my ascension to godhood."

"Fuck you."

Naruto felt weary as the last of Kyuubi's Youki trailed away from his body, being absorbed by the statue. Naruto gasped in labored breaths as he felt as if his whole body was lit on fire.

Madara stared at Naruto's prone form in curiosity, "Hm, how curious? You seem to have survive the extraction? Just like your mother. No matter you'll be dead after while."

Madara walked towards the Gedo Mazo statue until he was standing right in front of it, "Juubi! Come to me!"

All of a sudden black tendrils of energy escaped the statue and rushed to Madara's eagered form, filling him with new-found power, "Yes! That's it! Give me more!"

While Madara was having a power high, Naruto was struggling to stand back on his feet, his tired eyes refusing to believe what he was seeing, "All those people who died in the cause to stop this man, all died in vain."

"No wait, what are you doing! I am your master! Stop! Stop it now." Glowing white cracks appeared all over Madara body as he strained to stay in control, "all I've achieve...All I've sacrificed for this moment...All wasted." Was the last thing Madara Uchiha uttered before his body burst into oblivion.

Being just reformed, the Juubi needed a host body, a body who can stand up to the extremities of pressure its tainted Youkai gives off, sensing a strong life-force capable of becoming its vessel, its Youki rushed toward Naruto, being absorbed into his form.

If Naruto thought he was in pain before well, this made it feel as if he was flicked by a butterfly, he knew that sounded lame, but let see you come up with something better when your body feel as if it was roasted alive and then dipped in acid repeatedly.

The pain soon became to much for Naruto, slumping him into unconscious, not knowing that his next battle could decide the fate of the world.


Naruto opened his eyes and found himself surrounded in darkness, trying to adapt his eyes to the dark, Naruto strained to see where he was, All of a sudden he saw a patch of light right in front of him and it only seemed to grow bigger and brighter in intensity as the darkness seemingly flew away as if they were birds. The whole area was illuminated by light that seemed to come front the giant platform he standing on, glancing down Naruto was in shock to see a picture of him, in different but strangely similar clothes to what he had own now, what was even more shocking was accompanying his giant portrait, there were three more, all which happened to be girls surrounding his; one portrait looked to be split down the middle showing to similar but different looking girls, one girl had long flowing pink her and vibrant green eyes, she had a innocent aura about her and seemed childish in nature, the other was like flipping a coin, she was the exact opposite of the first girl with her long silver hair and menacing ruby red eyes holding an aristocratic nature about them.

Glancing at the next portrait Naruto saw a girl with long pale blue hair tied up with a ponytail, she also possessed amethyst colored eyes and seemed to have a friendly nature. The last t girl had shoulder length violet hair and royal blue eyes. One thing noticeable about her is there was a sucker of some kind sticking from her mouth, she seemed to possess a loyal nature.

During the whole time of examining these beautiful girls, Naruto couldn't but think he knew these girls, like he saw them in a dream. He knew it sounded crazy, but that was the only way he could accurately express how he felt.

Looking around the platform again, which found on all sides to be blanketed by darkness, he saw something he didn't see the first look around, "A door? Where did that come from."

Walking over to the door that just showed up out of know where, Naruto stand firmly in front of it, wondering if he should venture inside. Deciding on going in, Naruto is stopped from opening the door by the sudden appearance of a voice, "Be warned Young Bearer, if you venture inside there is no going back, your life will be forever change."

Naruto features display shock at the sudden addition of the new voice, that sounded strangely feminine, "Who are you? And what is this Bearer you speak of?" Naruto for the most part didn't care if his life changes or not, he figured he was already dead and was trapped in Limbo, what could be the worst that could happen, if only he knew what he was about to face then maybe, just maybe, he would have not entered that door.

"The Bearer is the one who holds the key...as for who I am? Think of me as a guide of sorts..."

Typical ask two question and more or raised, Naruto sighed, "Okay Sendatsu(Guide)-san where am I anyway and what is the key?"

"You are currently residing in your soul and as for the key? Its better you learned about it yourself. You seem the type of guy who learns better by doing not telling."

Naruto couldn't help but agree at what she(he's assuming) was saying, "You got me on that one, but why am in my soul? I thought was dead? It should be impossible for a soul to go into its soul."

"You're not dead, You're very much alive...at least for the moment. As we speak a malevolent being is rapidly taking over your soul. Leaving it the only one in charge of your body."

"Wait so this evil being is trying to use me as a vessel? Like hell I'll let that happen Dattebayo! What is it anyway?"

"I believe your kind refers it as the Juubi."

At that one word Naruto face grew paled, I mean he hardly could beat the Kyuubi, he even needed help on that one, there was no way in HELL that he could actually hope to take on the Juubi, that something only the Rikudo Sennin could do.

"Don't loose your resolve Young Bearer, for if you fell to stop this evil now, it shall consume not only your world, but more to come."

That shocked Naruto, so there were aliens out there, " I wonder what they look like?"

Sendatsu figuratively sweatdropped at that comment, "You are a peculiar one Young Bearer."

Naruto figuratively gave her a blank stare, "I don't know whether to feel happy or offended at what you just said seeing as I don't know the meaning of that word. But anyway back on topic how am I suppose to stop the Juubi?"

"With the key."

"The key? There's that word again? Could you at least give me some details about it.""

"Acceptable...The key is a weapon of vast powers that can only be wielded by the chosen Bearer, it possess unimaginable power and is said to destroy all evil that stands before it."

Naruto whistled, that sounded like a pretty strong weapon, "But why am I the Bearer, what makes me so special that I am given the chance to possess this power?"

"The key can not be just ruled by anyone, only one who possesses a pure soul can hope to be its wielder, and you Young Bearer, possess the purest soul I have ever witness upon."

Naruto was surprise by that one, I mean all his life he was called 'Demon' or 'Monster' but this whole time his soul was purer than those who condemned him. Irony's a bitch ain't it?

"So how do I receive this Key anyway? And how the hell do you fight with a key."

"Its called a key because it has the power to unlock any lock it so happens to come upon, but in reality it referred to as the Keyblade, basically it's a blade fashioned to look like a giant key."

For some odd reason or another, Naruto couldn't help but think it sounded badass the way she described, I mean who can brag about having a giant key with untold power as their weapon? Yep only Naruto! Dattebayo Bastards and Bitches! Sucks for you!

"The Keyblade is a sentient weapon, it will only come to you the moment your life looks the bleakest and darkness tries to succumbed you, only in that moment if the light in you overcomes it, the Keyblade become yours to wield."

"Cryptic much? But basically you're saying the Keyblade will come to me as long as I don't give up in the darkest hours?"


Naruto couldn't help but grin at that, "Well then that makes me the right person for the job. Just watch me Sendatsu-chan! I'll kick the Juubi's ass back where it belongs...The Moon!"

Naruto got the feeling that she was giving him a smile, don't ask him why though, that just what he felt, "I believe in you Young Bearer, for if you fell its the end of the world as we know it."

"Right! I won't loose and I won't give up! Dattebayo!" And with that Naruto reached to turned the door handle, ready for the fight of a lifetime, but just before he turned the knob, he heard Sendatsu utter one more thing.

"Always remember Young Bearer, No matter how far in the darkness you go, there will always be light residing in you. It resides in your heart and nothing will ever be able to put it out."

Naruto could only nod at her encouragement as he opened the door and dashed towards his future...his destiny.

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