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The KeyBearer of Youkai Academy

Chapter 3: KeyBearer + Vampire pt 1


And there we are, all caught up, me dying of extreme boredom. Naruto gave another yawn as he gaze out the window, "What the fuck is this contraption anyway and why did I wake up in it? Well a free ride's a free ride I guess..."

Naruto turned his eyes to the front were he saw the creepy dude sitting down with a circular device in his hand, turning every now and again, Naruto figured he was the one operating this machinery by the motion in his body. If you're wondering how he knew he was in another world, is because Sendatsu-chan told him of course! Speaking of her...

"Young Bearer, how can you take this all in steed and not sow any emotion? I thought you would be sad at the prospect of leaving your world? For future reference this thing is called bus..."

"Why would I be sad? I had know idea that I would be even alive right now, Madara was about to kill me and I would have never seen my friends anyway, so I like to look on the bright side of life, if anything I'm happy for the chance to start over again because..."

Start Pokemon Johto Song Parody

Everybody wants to be the KeyBlade Master!

Everybody hattin' on my skills!

Everybody wants this thing to go a hella faster!

Or the Bus Driver going to get killed!

Each day I try my swag gets a little bit better!

Each day I cry trying out new types of Ramen!

It's a whole new world we live in!(Noo, Noo, Noo, Noo, Noodles)

It's a whole new place to see!(Noo, Noo, Noo, Noo, Noodles)

It's a whole new adventure and I brand fucking new!

And Naruto's gonnna kick some ass...

Cuz I'm a Fuckin' Beast! (Noo, Noo, Noo, Noo, Noodles)

Yeah and everybody know!(Noo, Noo, Noo, Noo, Noodles)

Don't Fuck with Naruto!


The Bus Driver sweatdropped, "This kid is a lively one... how does he know what a bus is?" As always Sendatsu told him.

1 hour later

"Hehe, we're here..."

Naruto stood up quickly and proceeded to loosen his stiffed up muscles, "Finally, I've been couped up to long!" With that Naruto made his way to the front of the bus, intent on walking out.

"Wait.." The Bus Driver called, getting Naruto's attention.


A creepy grin broke out across the man's face as he chuckled ominously, he creepy glowing seemed to make the scene all the more worse, "Youkai Gakuen is a scary place the likes you have ever seen... Be careful or you might just get yourself hurt..."

Naruto scoffed and turned back to walk off, but not before saying one last thing, "Seen, met, and fought worse... There maybe Goons here...but what's a Goon to a Goblin?" Naruto asked with a Cheshire grin breaking across his face.

The Bus Driver just chuckled at that before driving off, "Yep...This kid's definitely special...I give him that..."

"So if I was a giant school where would I be?" Naruto spoke to himself s he made his way through woods.

"It could be that big ominous looking buiding over there..."

Naruto turn his head fast as lightning and he indeed so a humongous tower of a school, Naruto grin sheepishly, "How did I miss that? A better questiob is how can you even see?"

"There are things in this world the human mind can't hope to understand..."

"Riiiggghhhttt... Anyway as we make our way there, I have a few questions to ask you."

"Ask away."

"As I was fighting the Juubi, it felt at certain times, that my body was acting on its own, without my control. What is that?"

"That is the ability known as 'Reaction', when certain conditions are met in battle it will activate automatically controlling your body to performs moves you wouldn't be able to form by yourself or dodging moves your natural reflexes couldn't. It's one of the many perks of being the KeyBearer."

Stars appeared in Naruto's eyes, "Sugoi1 That sounds awesome!"

"It is rather a unique ability to have..."

"What else can I d-"



Naruto turned around just in time to see a girl riding a weird vehicle of some sort before she crashed in to him, catulpulting him backwards, leaving a small indention is his path.

The girl quickly got up and ran towards the boy to make sure he was alright, "Oh my Kami! Are you Ok!" The girl asked worriedly.

Naruto grimaced as he held his head, "Don't worry, takes more than that to take me out! Dattebayo!"

Looking up to see who he was talking, Naruto eyes widen at the face of the girl who hit him, "It's...it's one of the girls from the portraint, how can this be possible, Sendatsu?" Naruto asked, so shocked he forgot to use his customary 'chan' with her name.

"Every portraint in your soul were people you would make bonds latter on with in your life, there souls are destined to connect with yours..."

"You know, I'm starting to understand your cryptic talk."

"You're sure Ok?" Asked the girl again.

Naruto hopped to his feet and sent her his famous Foxy grin, "You bet?"

The girl let out a sigh of relieve, "Thank goodness, I didn't want to cause trouble...on my first day no less. My name's Akashiya Moka. What's yours?"

"I'm Namikaze Naruto!"

The gave off a small smile before her face looked to be in a trance," What is that wonderful aroma?"

Finding a trail of blood flowing down his face, Moka made it point to point it out to him, "Naruto-san, you're bleeding."

"Wha?" Feeling something trailing down his face, Naruto put his finger up and ran it over the liquid and brought down to his face, on examination it was indeed blood, "I must have been cut, when she crashed in me."

Looking back up Naruto almost had a heart attack to find the pink-haired inches away from him, "Moka, what are you doing"

"It smells so good~" Moka breathed out huskily, staring at Naruto like a piece of meat.

A small blush made its way to Naruto face as Moka's face continued to get closer.

"Strange...Is this what you humans call courtship?"

"Not the time Sendatsu!"

Right before there lips were about turn her head swiftly to the side and let out a 'Kapuchu' before she chomped down on Naruto's neck.

Strangely it didn't hurt, but it felt really weird, "Is she sucking my blood? Should I stop her? Nah, it's not like I can actually die from blood loss anyway. I think I'm just going to let this play out."

3 minutes later

"AAAHHHHHH!" Moka exclaimed as she pulled back, pure euphoria on her face, looking Naruto straight in his face with a blush in her cheeks, she said something that Naruto wouldn't have ever expected anyone to say to a complete stranger, "I think I'm in love with you." As soon as she said that she let off a squeal and grabbed her now cherry red cheeks with her hands.

Naruto look dumbfounded at the girl who he had known less than 5 minutes."Wha? How? You've just met me! And why did you suck my blood anyway."

"A girl knows there true love and why I sucked that ambrosia known as your blood? ;'m a Vampire of course."

Naruto's eyes widen, "You're a Vampire? Like creeping in the dark, killed by stakes, and the whole shabang!"

Moka just cutely nodded, "Yep...A-and you were my first...You'll take responsibility...right?" Moka said looking at him shyly, a blush on her cheeks

"Umm, anyway how did you fall in love with me over drinking my blood?"

A knowing look grew on Moka's face, " I can't explain it, but some reason your blood is pure, I mean really pure, it overload my senses when I first started drinking it. Basically I'm addicted to your blood and I can't live with out it anymore."

"What am I? Your blood bank?"

"I was thinking more on the line as boyfriend."

"Whoa! Don't you think you're going a little too fast? We just met!"

"I know what I want and I always get what I want...Understand Naruto-kun?" Moka said with a sickenly sweet grin on her face.

"Yes Moka-san."

"That's yes Moka-chan."

"Yes Moka-chan." Naruto gulped, "Well it could be worse, its not like all the other girls are going to fall in love with me in like two seconds...Right?

"Come on Naruto-kun! Let's go to class!"

After School

Much to Naruto's ire and Moka's joy, They both shared the same homeroom and ALL the same classes, at least he made two new friends today, one being Moka and other being a cute brunette with blues eyes named Tsukina,Naruto send a glare to the sky as he made his way through the woods to his dorm, "I swear to kill the person who did this to me!"

"ACCCCHHHOOO!" The Headmaster wiped his noise, "Someone must be talking about me.

Naruto continueds down the path his assigned dorm his Sensei gave him, when he heard a familiar your voice," Let me go! Somebody help!"

"Ooh! I like 'em feisty! Just come to me Moka, I promise to be easy on you and I want bite...much!" Said a voice filled with lust, Naruto recognized it be that teme Saizou, who he already taught a lesson to earlier today, at least he thought he did."

Jumping into action, Naruto ran over to where he heard the voices, immediately located Saizou before decking him hard in the jaw, knocking his body down to the ground, "Stay away from Moka-chan!"

Glancing back at a fearful Moka, Naruto went over to her to see if she alright, "You Ok?"

Moka ran into his arms before she cry our on Naruto's shoulder, saying things Naruto couldn't fully understand, but got the gist at what was about to occur, Naruto's eyes narrowed, letting go of Moka, Naruto turned back to Saizou downed form, "Get back up you teme! I'm not done with you you!"

Saizo let out a growl as he climbed back up to his feet, "This is the last time you get the drop on me, Namikaze!" Saizo form began to shake before his whole began to morph becoming a 10 ft. tall ogre like creature, "Now, that I'm in my true form, you're nothing but a fly on the wall!"

"Back up Moka. Bring it on!" Naruto shouted as he crossed the distance between him and Saizo, hopping into the air Naruto tried to sent a punch to Saizo face again, but Saizo blocked it with his forearm before using his other arm to bat Naruto away, sending him crashing into a tree.

Naruto's body slid down the tree, before he finally fell over, struggling to get back to his feet, "Damn...this teme's stronger..."

Shaking off the pain, Naruto put his hands in a cross position and called, "Kage Bushin no Jutsu" In two poofs, two new Narutos were present. Shocking both Saizo and Moka respectively.

Using the shock to his advantage, Naruto began to charge up his signature move and ran towards Saizo, orb in hand, "Eat this! Ransengan!" Naruto shouted as he jammed blue sphere into Saizo gut, overtaking the Ogre's body in a brilliant halo before rocketing him in the distance.

"Naruto huffed in exhaustion,"I packed a lot of energy in that Rasengan... Let's hope stays down for the count." Walking back over to Moka, Naruto let his guard down, a mistake that would cause him, a blinding pain overtakes Naruto causing him to gasp raspily, looking down a metallic claw is seen sticking through his gut, blow flowing out in spades.

"That hurt, Namikaze! Now you die!" With that Saizo ripped his blood-stained claws from Naruto's back, sending him tumbling to the ground, Moka ran up to him, tears flowing freely down her eyes, "Noooo! Naruto-kun!"

Moka crouched down and hugged his body to her, not caring if his blood got on her clothes.

"Don't cry M-Moka-chan..." Naruto barely said s he clenched his eyes in agony.

Moka just cried harder at him worrying over her even if he was the one actually hurt, "It's Ok Naruto -kun, you'll be find you see! We'll be going to school and meeting up with Tsukina-chan tomorrow!" Moka said more to herself than Naruto."

Naruto gave her a weak grin, "Always stay on the bright side of things Moka-chan. Y'know that necklace around your neck is beautiful...It feels as if its calling me to touch it..." Naruto struggled to reach out for the Rosario before he clasped his hand around, marveling at its beauty. Pulling it ever so slightly Naruto was surprise to find the necklace to slipped off with ease, what was even more surprising was Moka's form was bathe in a crimson glow, that shot up so high that it seemed to touch the sky.

The maelstrom finally calmed down to reveal a silver-headed girl in Moka's place, "Oooohhhh, so that's why the two girls shared the same portrait...this place is weird."

The new Moka glance down at Naruto's bleeding form, a frown marred her face before she looked back up to face Saizo, "You want me come and get me~" Moka said with a sultry tone, beckoning the Ogre forward, right before he made contact, Moka suddenly blurred out of sight before appearing behind him with her right pulled back, rearing to go, "As if the likes of you will ever be with me! KNOW YOUR PLACE!"

Moka said before she let out a bone-shattering kick to the side of Saizo jaw, breaking numerous amount of lows with the force behind it, his body is seen going multiple of trees before finally stopping at the 7th one.

Naruto whistled, "Damn Moka-chan, all that with one kick? What the fuck did you eat for breakfast...besides me and all."

Moka sent a glare towards Naruto, "You're lucky your blood's is heavenly or I would have to hurt you for calling me that. You've seemed to have healed up has is that possible? No one, even Youkai, should be able to heal that fast."

Naruto shrugged, "What can I say? I'm one of a kind."

Moka blurred out of sight again and appeared right beside Naruto before chomping down on his shoulder, not before saying 'You sure are', Naruto's eye twitched, "I just loss a lot of blood and she wants to take more? She's lucky I heal fast..."

Suddenly a dark miasma coming form where Saizo was sent, began to fill the clearing as little small bug-like creatures began sprouting up all over the place, each creature were black and had pupiless yellow eyes and seemed to be staring at Naruto.

Naruto and Moka looked surprise at the new additions, Naruto snapped out of it first, "Sendatsu! What all those things?"

"For me to answer that, there is something I have to explain, doing your fight with the Juubi, a lot of its tainted energy escaped from your body, covering this world. Humans and Youkai alike, who happened upon this taint where turned into these merciless beings, bent on nothing but destruction. There called the Soulless, for they are beings who completely lose their souls to the darkness."

"Soulless huh? Well, there's always something."

Shadows begain to creep before a whopping 20 ft tall creature, made of pure darkness stood up with the same souless eyes, but a more human like build, it also possess tendril like hair on the top of his head, "Namikaze..."

Naruto and Moka's eyes widen at that, Moka turn to Naruto, "Is that Saizo?"

Naruto nodded his head, "I think so, if these things our tainted beings my KeyBlade should have no problem with them!" Naruto said before prepping himself for battle.

"KeyBlade? What's that?"

A flash of light appeared in Naruto's hand before it took the form of a giant key, "This my dear Moka is a KeyBlade!"

And Cut

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