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Rhen Maurva (or Queen Rhen of Thais, as she was more commonly known) smiled lovingly at her husband, who sat next to her. Both were in front of a cradle, which held an infant. He returned her look, taking her hand and pressing it to his lips. The royal couple had a rather wonderful life as rulers of the now flourishing Thais. But now, with the birth of her daughter, Ruth, it had turned from a wonderful life to a perfect life.

Rhen stroked her daughter's pale pink cheek before taking her husband's hand and gliding out of the room. As the pair chatted, Rhen couldn't help but think of how great a choice she had made, even though at the time, she had not thought it so. Queen of Thais! She, once again, congratulated herself on a choice well made. Her husband-her wonderful, brilliant, handsome husband!- seemed to be enjoying her choice as well.

However, Rhen couldn't ignore a gnawing feeling deep inside her. It was an almost depressing realization, she noted, that she would never have such a fantastic adventure as she had once had two years before.

Still, time moves on. But she couldn't help but feel almost relieved when she recieved letters from her friends.

Elini sent a letter once in a while, asking how was the queen of Thais. One of her letters spoke about a misfortune that had befallen her: the love potion had worn off of Pirate John. He refused to speak to her-though continued to share her bed. He did, however, enjoy talking to her other husbands.

Galahad sent her the occasional letter describing his travels with 'the demon spawn'. They described his journies to Candar, Thornskeep, even once stopping at their old mansion in Sedona!

Ever the, if not mad, gentleman, he ended his letters with a 'by your leave'.

Mad Marge didn't care enough to send letters, but every once in a blue moon, sent a bottle of spoiled ale. It tasted better than her normal ale.

Devin sent his daughter a letter every two or so weeks. He apparently enjoyed immortality immensely and his most recent letter showed perhaps why: he and Talia were in love and to be wed!

He had invited his daughter and her old traveling to the wedding, though the date was to be determined. Here, her father's handwriting had wobbled, though whether from excitement or anxiety, Rhen did not know.

And finally, Lars, who always started his letters with 'Dear Peta and Sun-boy," and ended them with, "Miss me?


The contents of his letters usually praised one student-different every month-in particular, and scrutinized another-always the same student.

In his last letter, he had asked if Rhen had planned to send Ruth to Shadwood. Continuing, he had remarked that if she did, he hoped that her daughter would be a better sword swinger than Rhen, and would not have to take a whole year to be promoted to apprentice-though for anyone, a year was a remarkable feat.

"My wife is the most beautiful creature the goddess has ever created." Her husband's croon broke through her thoughts.

Rhen rolled her eyes but smiled. "Well, my husband is the sun priest to my sun." She winked.

He scoffed and opened his mouth to reply, but was interrupted with a cough. Or rather a series of coughs, starting out with small coughs, and progressing to louder, hacking coughs.

Rhen grabbed her husband and sat him on the floor, kneeling next to him.

King Dameon stared at her through nervous, wide eyes. Blood surrounded his mouth. "Help me..." he whispered.

Two weeks later~


"He will be dearly missed, as a son, father, husband, and king..." Talia murmured, the priestess presiding over her only son's funeral. Her voice was filled with emotion.

I closed my eyes, willing not to be here. Praying to the goddess herself that it was not true. Begging that Dameon was standing next to me.

But he wasn't. Dead. Three days earlier, he had died of a small outbreak of influenza. An influenza physicians had believed that all humans born into civilization were immune against, and therefore had decided against researching a cure for it.

But Dameon was born [i]immortal[/i]. Therefore, since he had been turnd mortal, and not born into it, he was not immune, if not more delicate to them, to diseases most humans were sustainable against. And even though the royal physician had tried everything-antidotes to different fevers, strange concoctions, bleeding- nothing had worked.

I brushed away the tears that had unconsciously fallen on my cheeks, choking back a sob. No matter what, I had to appear-if not truly be-strong.

But this was my husband!

Turning away from the burial ceremony, I walked back towards my castle. Until I bumped into something. Or rather, someone.

Thais's chancellor, Arthur, stood before me.

He put his hands on my shoulders to steady me, then gave me a pitying look.

"My dearest queen, I am so terribly sorry for you loss."

My loss? No, I hadn't lost anything. No matter where I went, Clearwater, Aveyond, anywhere; he would never be there.

He was gone, and my future lay in the goddess's hopefully merciful hands. I struggled to hold back my tears. The world seemed so empty-small, even!-without Dameon.

Arthur continued, "However, noting that you have not yet produced a male heir, well...I shall make this quick. You must remarry."

I stared. "Pardon me?"

"Majesty, listen to me. Your daughter will be sent away soon, to learn about life in other kingdoms, you know this. And besides, a queen cannot rule on her own, and-"

Tears stung my eyes. I pushed past the man and ran towards Thais's gate, which protected against the animals of the forest.

I had just reached the gate when, again, I bumped into another.

"Rhen, I-" A male voice murmured at the same time I moaned,

"Oh, no-"

I looked up and I found myself staring into the chocolate brown eyes that belonged to Lars Tenobar.

A small smirk played on his lips. "Miss me?"

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