Carly Shay POV

My office was the perfect place to design clothes. The view of Seattle was spectacular, and the walls were covered with pictures of the people I love. My family was my inspiration; if it weren't for them I would not be this successful. My clothing line was popular and I would often see people wearing my clothes. Of course I saved special designs for family, friends, and myself. Most of my family wasn't related by blood, but I loved them like family.

Spencer, Sam, Brad, Gibby, and Freddie had always been my family. 10 years had passed since the final iCarly episode. Spencer was still a single artist living in the same apartment, but his apartment was more cluttered than before. Gibby had grown up a lot since then he was almost normal now, and sometimes he managed to wear a shirt to work. Brad was married to a girl named Ashlee with 2 kids, and still made awesome fudge. My best friend Sam amazingly had a great job, and an apartment where she lived with her family. Freddie was the only one of our group who lived out of state. He rarely visited, and I really didn't know much about his life. We still kept somewhat in touch, but we really didn't often. So basically it feels like were just friendly acquaintances, when in reality he had been one of my closest friends ever. But not anymore.

He and Sam had dated in high school, and had been inseparable. I have never asked what happened when they broke up, and I don't expect them to tell me. After their breakup they were both completely heartbroken. They both realized they could handle their feeling for each other, so Freddie went to New York. He ran away from his feelings. They hadn't said one word to each other since we were 18, which was 10 years ago.

Sam had never had a serious boyfriend since, and I had a feeling Freddie hadn't even been on a date. That was not how people who are over each other should act, but Sam refuses to admit that. In her mind Freddie was just a distant memory, that she would never have to think about. But in that locked heart of hers I knew he was the only man she ever truly loved. And when you truly fall head over heels for someone, well there is no going back. Ever. When I was younger I thought I understood what love was like, but I think I had it confused with love they show in movies. Love is so much deeper than that. Not crushes or lust that makes you heart flutter. No the feeling of being with someone who knows and understands you. Someone who loves you for you, even with all of our faults. When being with that person all the time never gets boring, and you have fun doing nothing at all together. Sam and Freddie found that deep, true love. But they let it go, and getting it back is so hard.

I am not saying they aren't happy, I honestly have no idea about Freddie, but I happen to know Sam is very happy. After high school she had tough road to travel. After we graduated high school, and the Seddie relationship was torn apart, and I went off to college. Sam was completely on her own, she had no idea who she was, or what she wanted to do with life. I didn't learn how much she truly struggled financially and emotionally until many years later.

"Carly!" The door to my office was thrown open, and my blonde best friend ran into the room. Sam was standing there wearing dark jeans, converse, and a green shirt I designed for her. Her blonde curls were messy from running, and her cheeks were flushed with excitement. She still looked young like she did in high school. Although inside Sam had changed, she was very put together, and self confidence flowed from her. Through the tough times in her life she had gotten so much stronger.

"Carly! Check your email right now!" Sam looked really excited. Apparently I wasn't moving fast enough for her because she reached over pulled my phone out of my back pocket and shoved it back into my hands. Her hands were covered in multicolored paint and some of it got on my phone.

"Sam, I really don't understand why I have to rush just to check my…." I stared at the email and read it again to make sure I understood.

Carly Shay,

As you know, this year is the 10th anniversary of the final iCarly web show. Jonson Studios is currently filming "iCarly Where Are They Now". This special show is going to include clips of iCarly, accomplishments of the cast, and musical acts. We would like you, and the rest of the iCarly cast to appear for interviews on the show.

You would be paid for you time filming, and we would be done within a month. To show our thanks the iCarly cast and their families you will be given an all expense paid trip to Hawaii. Please consider the proposal, and get back to us as soon as possible.

Thank you, Jonson Studios

"Sam we need to call a family meeting, everyone is a part of this."I looked up at Sam and she was already texting everyone to meet at Spencer's apartment. Patience is a virtue Sam will always have trouble with.

Sam pulled out the keys to her Mustang, and I grabbed my purse. We were both silent in the elevator, lost in our own thoughts. We would decide together as a family. A very,very weird family. But as a family everything would make sense.

Our family meetings were always at his apartment. Did I mention he took out all the furniture, and put pillows on the floor? Yeah its weird, but also really comfy. I think we should sell it and call it funky chic. Brad, Gibby, Spencer, and I were all sitting on the floor amongst the billion pillows, and Sam and Ashlee were sitting cross-legged on the counter laughing about something. Ashlee had gold, blonde hair, hazel eyes, and hair pulled back in a high ponytail. She was a sweetheart, and we had all grown close in the six years they had been married.

Spencer stood up and raised his voice to get everyone's attention. "Ok, let's hear what everyone thinks. Why don't you start Carly?" Spencer wasn't a very patient person, and he wanted to finish family meetings quickly. So when he found his old spoon hat, Spencer decided the hat would speed up our meetings.

I put the tarnished spoon hat on my head. "Well, I say we should all be a part of the reunion show. iCarly was so much fun when we were teens, and it would be fun to relive all the good times. I miss iCarly, and it was such a big part of our lives growing up-."

Sam pulled the hat off my head, nearly yanking out a section of hair. I glared at her, and rubbed my head. She just sent me the Puckett smile. The one that means you know you love me, and can't stay mad at me. She used that on Freddie a lot in high school. And it always worked.

"I agree with Carly, sounds like a great idea. I talked to the family, and they are so excited. And who doesn't love free trips to Hawaii! Oh and I have been dying to go back to the Nisshodo Candy Store for years." Sam stared off into space, probably imagining a tropical beach vacation. With candy.

Gibby turn to speak was next, and he decided to stand up and take off his shirt. He didn't do it anymore because he was weird, he just thinks he has great abs. I have to admit he has been working out quite a bit. "All the ladies out there need to know that I look good and that I am available." He made a weird face, that was probably supposed to be sexy.

Brad looked uncomfortable when Gibby decided to leave his shirt off. "I love this idea, and I can't wait to tell everyone about my family." Brad said smiling at Ashlee. Their sons Brent and Cole kept things interesting around here.

Spencer started babbling about which sculptures he was going to make for the show. Everyone tuned him out, and became lost in their own thoughts. I couldn't wait to tell my boyfriend Jason about the iCarly show. Jason was not the kind of guy I pictured myself falling for, but we fit together really well. He was adventurous, spontaneous, and pretty much the complete opposite of me. He loves the outdoors, and he plays a lot of sports. We were friends in college; I actually dated his best friend for a while. Years later we ended up falling for each other, and were still together today. He was the first guy who I didn't have a crush on at all, in fact I really didn't think he was my type. Our relationship just happened, and it feels right. My problem in high school was I tried to jump into love. That never turns out well. But when I met Jason I actually fell into love by accident. It made all the difference.

"Well, we are all in agreement; this calls for a celebratory dinner! Let's get the kids, and take everyone out somewhere special." Spencer jumps up, and does his excited dance.

"Wait, what about….Freddie?"Gibby asks.

Freddie hadn't come back for our college graduation, his moms cat adoption ceremony, or even Brad's wedding. OK so the cat adoption sounds stupid, but it was really important to his mom. We all went to support her. And it had turned out really fancy, the cats even had diamond necklaces. Anyway, so why would he come back for this? I don't think he would.

Sam spoke quietly, "We might be able to get him to come back, because I have a plan that is so crazy it might work." She turned and waited for someone to speak first. Oh, a Sam plan almost always works, granted it is usually insane.

The five of us looked at each other, and then nodded slowly. Sam took this as a signal to take control, and she thought for a minute before she looked at Spencer. "Spencer, can everyone stay at you apartment tonight?" Spencer nodded.

"Okay everyone; listen up here's the plan for tonight." Sam's plan was crazy, and it was going to be a very long night.