A/N: Hi all! Just thought I'd do a lighter one while Lauren and I continue working on Fire! Thanks to Cori for the beta and hope you guys like this. It will be a few chaps long, but nothing too crazy. Don't forget to let me know what you think once you read :)

"Cheers, everyone!" Munch drunkenly raised his glass, offering yet another celebratory toast to his team.

Olivia rolled her eyes, but lifted her glass and swayed into Elliot's shoulder, prompting him to elbow her playfully in the ribs, laughter spilling out of her as she leaned into him further.

Fin sighed and glared at the others, wishing he hadn't agreed to be the designated driver.

It was a Tuesday night and there were a few patrons scattered throughout the bar, some playing pool, some watching the game on the jumbo, flat screen television. Classic rock music floated throughout the room, a few couples moved together on the small dance floor. They had just closed a complicated case that had been plaguing the unit for weeks. After being eluded by their perp for what seemed like an endless amount of time, Elliot and Olivia had finally located and arrested him, saving what could have been hundreds of young children from a horrifying fate. Needing the stress relief and a reward for a job well done, they'd all agreed to head down to Flannigan's Pub after work.

What they hadn't expected was to be given round after round of free drinks by the owner, who saw the story about their case on the news earlier that day.

As they all clinked their glasses together, a group of attractive women entered the dimly lit bar. Seeing them, Fin raised an eyebrow and swatted at Elliot from across the table. "Hey Stabler, you're a bachelor now. Think it's time to get back out there?" He tilted his head in the direction of the women and laughed at Elliot's deer in headlights expression. "Come on man, you're gonna get rusty and if you don't use it, you lose it," Fin teased.

"Shut up Fin," Elliot grumbled as he took a quick glance across the smoky bar at the women. He watched them scan the bar and he thought about how it had been almost four months since his divorce was finalized and how the last thing he wanted at the moment was another relationship. One particularly well-endowed blonde wiggled as she tugged at the hem of her short dress and his lips lifted into a half smile. On the other hand, he wouldn't say no to a fun companion and some good sex. But he had other ideas in mind for that; in particular, the well-endowed brunette sitting by his side. Always by his side. He smirked at Fin and bumped shoulders with his partner, causing her to spill some of her beer down her blouse.

"Damn it, Elliot." Olivia grabbed the brown paper napkins from the center of the table and dabbed at her top.

"Oh, sorry Liv. Here let me get that for you…"

"Don't even think about it," she warned, smiling despite herself. "Now let me out so I can go the restroom and clean up." She shoved at Elliot, nearly knocking him out of the vinyl booth.

His body shuddered as she practically climbed over him, her scent filling his nostrils and making him dizzy as he gawked at her retreating form as she headed to the restroom.

Once Olivia was gone, Munch and Fin shared a conspiratorial look, and then focused their eyes on Elliot.

Elliot turned back towards the table and his brow wrinkled into a frown. "What?" Elliot wiped at his nose and checked his shirt, searching for the reason for their stare.

"What's going on between you and Olivia tonight?" Munch slurred into his frosted glass.

Elliot drew his bottom lip between his teeth and looked behind him to make sure Olivia wasn't heading back to their booth. His heart rate picked up speed as he considered the consequences of saying the words out loud for a moment before deciding to do so. The alcohol coursing through his system added to his courage and he spoke lowly. "I've always been kind of curious about what it would be like to, you know…be with her, and we're all having a good time and we're both single so…I don't know…" He was babbling now and he knew it. His words trailed off as his eyes dropped down to where his restless hands were tearing at a napkin.

Truth was, he did know. At least he knew he wanted her, anyway; that much was clear. He wanted to feel her skin against his and to know what she would sound like as he moved inside her. He'd been thinking about it more and more frequently lately and if he was being completely honest with himself, he found it startling. He'd always found her looks to be striking, but recently it was becoming increasingly difficult to restrain himself from reaching out to touch her. He'd never felt such a strong urge to feel her, all of her, as he did the last few months. As he continued to idly rip pieces from his napkin, he thought about how if he could just have one night with Olivia and get it out of his system, maybe the urges would pass. Maybe the daydreams and fantasies would stop. And tonight…tonight she was flirting back. That simple fact alone caused his pulse to quicken and groin to tighten. Maybe it was finally time to talk to her and see how far they were both willing to take their attraction.

"Don't do it man. Don't even go there." Fin rubbed at his temple and took a breath. "Look, ya'll are both buzzed and you're just feeling lonely. You don't want to fuck up your friendship and partnership just 'cause you're drunk and horny."

Elliot's eyes narrowed at Fin's blunt words. "Just forget I said anything-"

"And how am I supposed to do that? If you two do something stupid and bring it to work, it could affect all of us."

"You know what? Whatever does or doesn't happen is between me and Liv, let's just leave it at that." Elliot slid out of the booth and angrily strode over to the bar, insulted that Fin would think he'd ever hurt Olivia intentionally.

"I think it's time for us to go, my friend." Munch's legs wobbled slightly as he stood and reached out to clutch the smooth edge of the table for support.


Elliot laughed heartily as Olivia grimaced after taking a shot of Southern Comfort and lime. They had both refused Fin's offer to drive them home, instead deciding to sit at the bar and see where the night would take them.

"What's s'funny, Stabler?" Olivia slurred as she swatted at Elliot's arm. She didn't usually overindulge when it came to alcohol, but between the warmth coursing through her body and the incredible grin on the man sitting beside her, she decided to live a little for just one night.

Live a little.

Olivia's lips curled into a brief smirk as she decided it was time she stopped restricting her desires regarding Elliot. She dragged her gaze across the expanse of his chest and back up to his lips. Lips that probably tasted bitter from the alcohol, yet somehow still sweet. She lifted her glass up to her mouth and slid her tongue slowly around the rim as she met his stare. She then smiled when his eyebrow lifted and he ran his tongue across his bottom lip.

""S'nothing funny now." His voice was a low rumble that sent a shiver throughout her body.

He was watching her so intently that she almost had to look away. She felt the heat rolling off of his body as he leaned in closer to reach a hand out and brush some hair away from her eye.

She closed her eyes at his touch and swallowed. "El?"

"Have you ever wondered, Liv, what it would be like between us?"

Her eyes shot open at his words and she searched his own for any signs that he was joking. She exhaled a sharp rush of air when she realized he was dead serious.

It was now or never. Olivia's head swam in a haze of liquor as she reached out to grip the edge of the bar to steady herself both emotionally and physically. "'Course I have…haven't you?"

Elliot slid his hand from her hair down to cup her jaw and then ran his thumb slowly across her bottom lip. He smiled when she took it between her teeth, biting down gently. "What do you think?"

Olivia released his thumb and moved closer towards his face, their lips practically grazing against each other. "I think you want me, Elliot."

Her heart raced and her body caught fire as she heard him moan lowly and then press his lips to hers, immediately slipping his tongue inside.

Olivia hummed into his mouth, as her lips and tongue moved against his. She sighed as one of Elliot's hands moved over her collarbone and stopped to rest at the base of her throat. His mouth was relentless and maddening and a small sound of contentment slipped passed her lips as her fingers traced the collar of his dress shirt.

She needed more.

As she pulled back to catch her breath, Elliot cupped her face, pressing one more brief, soft kiss to her moist lips. She looked back and forth between his eyes and swallowed thickly.

"So, I was thinking." Elliot exhaled a shaky breath, the reality of what he was about to propose sobering him slightly. He looked at the woman before him, the rise and fall of her chest, her full lips and beautiful eyes now clouded over with obvious lust and he pushed forward. "What would you say if I suggested that, for just tonight, we see what it would be like…to, um –"


Going by the look of complete shock on Elliot's face, Olivia realized she must have said that out loud.


"Well…yeah…something like that," Elliot chuckled nervously as he swayed a bit on his feet. "I jus' thought that…you know, we, uh-"

A lopsided grin formed on her face as Olivia pressed two fingers against his lips. "Come on El, let's talk about this somewhere more private."


The heat from the alcohol and his desire raced through his veins as he led Olivia to sit on a low dresser in his dark bedroom.

He flipped on the small lamp on his bedside table, which cast a subtle glow throughout the room. Elliot smiled as the shadows and light played upon her face. There was no denying the woman was beautiful, but at the moment, she was almost ethereal.

He stopped her as she began to unbutton her blouse, grabbing her wrists in his strong hands. "Let me," he rasped, his voice filled with hunger.

Olivia nodded and leaned into him, then began to kiss and gently suck on his neck. He shivered at the sensation as his slightly trembling hands made quick work of removing her top, pushing it passed her shoulders and tossing it aside.

This was actually going to happen.


With an almost feral growl he grabbed her chin to direct her attention to his face before he descended on her mouth. Everything then became frenzied. Their teeth clashed, tongues intertwined, and lips could simply not get enough. They tasted one another thoroughly as though it was their only opportunity.

Elliot felt his breath catch as he remembered that it was.

He needed to make it incredible. He needed to memorize each second.

His body was responding to every small sound that left her lips and he nearly lost it when she pulled away from the heated kiss to gasp loudly when his hands wandered over her full breasts to pinch at her nipples.

"Take it off," she breathed, referring to her lacey, blue bra. She then spread her legs farther apart, urging Elliot to stand even closer to her body and locked her ankles behind him.

Elliot let out a low curse as he practically ripped the lace from her chest. Her long sigh went straight to his dick as he dipped down to tongue a peaked nipple, his hand reveling in the soft skin of her bare breast.

"Ohhh," Olivia slipped her hands under his shirt to drag her short nails lightly up and down his back as she reveled in his attention to her sensitive breasts. The sensations he was commanding from her body were intense as he suckled harder, scraping his teeth against her. She grabbed his face and shivered as the cool night air caressed her wet nipples. "Lose the clothes, El."

Within seconds they were both completely naked, not wanting to wait another moment to feel each other's bare skin. The way they tore at the other's clothes made them breathless and they took a moment to drink it all in.

"You're gorgeous," Elliot whispered into her ear while he rubbed his erection slowly against her wet core. He pulled her closer to the edge of the dresser and then slid down to his knees.

He groaned, listening to her moans and soft gasps he pulled the sensitive skin of her inner thigh between his teeth, nipping and sucking his way between her shaking legs. He inhaled her scent, looked up at her and smiled mischievously before taking a taste, circling her clit with his tongue twice.

"Elliot, fuck." Olivia's hips lifted off the now slick dresser and there was simply not enough air in the room. Her muscles began to tighten and she clawed at Elliot's shoulders when his tongue plunged inside of her once, teasingly.

Elliot licked his way back up her body, ending at her parted lips and kissing each corner of her mouth before mumbling against her. "God, you taste good."

Olivia groaned and gripped his ass, kneading the flexed muscles as he began to grind into her. "Oh God, oh…condom?"

"Yeah, hold on…" Elliot felt the loss of her warmth immediately as he walked the few steps needed to pull out a condom from his bedside table, quickly opening the foil packet with his teeth.

Olivia's heart raced as she watched him. His muscled body glistened with perspiration already and she couldn't believe how lucky she was. She stuffed down a nagging feeling of momentary doubt as she recalled their agreement. "Just for tonight," she whispered to herself. Shaking her head of the thought, she looked into the blue eyes she knew so well and smiled.

It would be worth it to have him even just once. Wouldn't it?

Elliot quickly rolled on the condom and then ran his hands through Olivia's silky hair. He kissed her temple, her cheek, her lips and ran his hands up and down the sides of her body, feeling goose bumps form in their wake. "We're really going to do this?" It came out as more of a statement then the question he intended.

Olivia ran her fingers over the hard plane of his chest and torso and inhaled deeply. She could do this, couldn't she? She could have sex with Elliot and then pretend that it didn't change a thing. Let him claim her body and then watch as he eventually moved on with some other woman. Give herself to him completely and then see him every day at work as though it never happened. She could do this…right?

"Liv?" Her eyes were now damp and she sighed as he reverently glided two fingers over her face and jaw. He leaned in to nudge at her nose with his own and then smiled against her cheek.

Yeah, she could do this.

"Slide inside me Elliot…I need you."