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Olivia turned in his lap to rest the inside of her thighs against the outside of his. The movement caused him to squirm and release a soft moan. "Liv, I thought we were going to talk. Not that I'm complaining…"

"Can't we talk like this?" She smiled and buried her face in the crook of his neck, her soft hair tickling him.

Elliot closed his eyes and pulled her flush to his body, taking in the moment and feeling grateful that she hadn't turned him away at the door. "Of course, Liv." His voice softened as she nuzzled against him. He smiled, not used to this side of his partner, but finding the feel of her in his arms this way comforting. "I probably shouldn't push my luck here, but what's with the sudden change of heart?"

"Oh, there's no change of heart. I still think you're an asshole for what you did." She looked him in the eyes and arched an eyebrow. "You're just going to have to figure out how to make it up to me…"

"Ahh, well, I can think of a few ways." He softly pressed his lips against hers and kneaded her thighs. He heard her sigh and felt her relax and give in for a brief moment before stiffening slightly and pulling back.

He knew it couldn't be that easy.

"Elliot, let's be serious for a minute. What are we doing here? This is a big deal and I don't know about you, but it's nothing I really expected to feel." She tilted her head and brushed a hand over his cheek.

Capturing her hand, he kissed the inside of her wrist before responding. "I'm just glad you feel something too. I mean, I always knew there was something there, for years; but the other night, when I just expected fun, it was like suddenly I realized I was allowed to feel more, you know?"

Olivia nodded as her lips curled into a slight smile. "But what was up with this date? Why didn't you just tell me this yesterday?"

He played with the edge of her shorts with his fingers and his heart rate quickened when she kissed him right under his earlobe. "Mmm, Liv, I didn't know if you felt the same and honestly, I wanted to try and forget about our night. We'd made an agreement and I know that dating you will not be easy…"

She stopped her ministrations and gave him a cross look. "Well, what the hell is that supposed to mean?" She attempted to get up from her position in his lap, but his strong hands firmly held her down by the hips.

Elliot chuckled and pressed a quick kiss to her temple. "Let's be honest, Liv. We're gonna fight all the fucking time, it's gonna cause all kinds of problems within my family initially, and then there is the disaster that will inevitably happen at work once Cragen knows."

He watched her features go from angry to pensive as she swallowed harshly, her eyes shining with unshed tears. "So is it even worth it to try?"

He leaned in to kiss her slowly, running his hands through her hair and hoping that she would understand how much she meant to him. He felt a wave of relief wash over him when her warm hand cupped the back of his neck as her thumb rubbed back and forth over his nape.

It was simple now. This woman made him happy and they'd figure out a way to make it work.

Breaking this kiss, Elliot panted softly against her cheek. "As much as I wanted it to be originally, this was never just about sex. You are one of my closest friends and we've shared this intense, complicated connection for at least a decade. After the other night I realized how much more we could be, despite all of the potential problems that lay ahead." He paused to run his hands over her thighs, slipping them under her shorts to cup her ass, pulling her in even tighter to his body. "By the way, that date was set up by Sean before anything ever happened between us and I was miserable the entire time. I wanted it to be you there instead and I probably should have just cancelled. I want to try this- us- despite everything, so yes, Liv, I think it's worth it. Do you?"

Olivia looked back at him with wide eyes, a huge grin slowly forming on her face. "Geez, Stabler, I only asked you a simple yes or no question."

Elliot released the breath he was holding in anticipation of her answer and rolled his eyes. "You're a real pain in the ass sometimes, you know that Liv?"

She laughed and rolled her hips in his lap, then reached around to pinch his backside hard. "Speaking of ass…"

He practically growled as he lifted her off the couch and laid her out on the carpet. "You're really asking for it, aren't you?"

"Bring it on, El," she pulled him down over her and began to unbutton his dress shirt.

"I gotta say I really love this side of you Liv." He removed her tank top to reveal her bare breasts and ducked his head down to lavish them with attention.

His heart pounded as he watched her smile and look down at him when he swirled his tongue around her nipple. He felt the sound of her sigh against her chest as she threw his shirt over her shoulder and arched into his caresses.

Elliot's eyes closed as he felt her short nails scratch down his back and sides, stopping at his belt buckle and opening it quickly, along with his button and zipper. He groaned when her soft hand slipped inside to cup him over his boxer-briefs, his body jerking as she gave him a gentle squeeze.

"Liv," he gasped against her heated skin, releasing her sensitized nipple. He craved her taste and ran his tongue down over the curve of her breast, then lower, leaving a wet trail down her stomach and then stopping to slide her shorts and panties down her long legs.

Olivia bucked beneath him the moment the tip of his tongue made contact with her clit. "Oh, hmm, Elliot," she whimpered as he flattened his tongue and ran it up and down the length of her core.

He looked up at her, blue eyes sparkling with mischief as he settled his face in between her legs, wrapping his arms around her thighs and holding her hips still. His dick was almost in pain with the need for release, getting harder with each groan and sigh that passed her lips as he continued to work her with his tongue.

He was already addicted to her taste.

"Fuck, oh God, oh God!" The next thing he felt were Olivia's thighs clamping him in place as she screamed out and shook uncontrollably.

"Shit, Liv," he panted against her inner thigh once she loosened her hold. "God, that was…God." She had no clue how sexy she was, he thought, but he planned to make her see.

Olivia's chest heaved with the effort to steady her breathing as she looked down at Elliot who was removing his pants and boxer-briefs. "You are so good at that," she proclaimed, throwing an arm over her eyes.

With a goofy grin on his face, Elliot reached into his pants to grab his wallet. It contained a condom, which he quickly opened and rolled on, before moving to kiss and nip his way up Olivia's body until he reached her full lips. He pulled her arm away from her eyes and chuckled at her dazed expression. "Hi."

Olivia laughed as she rolled them over so that she was on top and hovered over his erection. She looked down at the man beneath her and inhaled sharply. His muscled body, his sexy face and gorgeous eyes were all hers now to enjoy in a way she never could before two nights ago. She sighed contentedly as she sunk down over him, reveling in the way he filled her completely.

She leaned down to kiss him and he groaned into her mouth as she began to slowly swivel her hips. Her tongue massaged his at the same maddening pace she set with her hips and she still couldn't believe this was real. She shivered when she felt his rough hands smooth over every inch of her skin and then stop to knead the muscles of her ass, encouraging her movements up and down his hard length.

Breaking the kiss, she whispered against his lips as she continued to ride him, her pace quickening. "We're really going to do this? Us…in a relationship?"

"We sure as hell have to try 'cause I'm not letting you go anytime soon."

Olivia rested her forehead against his and shattered around him when she felt his thumb firmly circle her clit as they moved together.

Elliot's muscles tensed as he tried to hold on to prolong his own climax, but as soon as he felt her come and look down at him with that penetrating, lust filled stare, he plunged over the edge. He pushed up into her and pulled her hips down, cursing and panting for air as his orgasm took over.

Gasping for air, Olivia lifted off of him slowly, and then collapsed at his side.

Once his breaths slowed and his heart rate normalized, he was finally able to form a coherent sentence. "You okay over there?" He teased, rolling over to kiss her shoulder and wrap her in his arms.

"More than okay," she said with a wink, nuzzling into his damp body.


"Yeah, El?"

"You ready for everything ahead?" He ran a hand over her side to rest on her hip.

Olivia looked into his eyes and smiled.


The following morning, Elliot and Olivia walked into the precinct together, confident in their newfound romance, but nervous as hell about the consequences. They had already discussed what they planned to tell Cragen about their relationship but they felt completely uncertain as to what his reaction would be.

"Hey, look who decided to show up and grace us with their presence at this late hour."

"Shut up Munch," Olivia and Elliot responded in unison.

Munch raised his eyebrow and looked over his glasses at his partner who was sitting across from him at their adjoined desks.

Fin shrugged and then gasped sharply, drawing the attention of the others in the room. He faked a coughing fit to cover up as he remembered how he'd left Elliot and Olivia alone at the bar the other night. They'd been acting off ever since and now here they were, both late for work and at the exact same time. Watching them as they settled in at their desks, he noticed that they both looked…happy.

Holy shit, they'd definitely slept together.

Munch observed his partner as his facial expressions changed, then looked over to the recipient of Fin's gaze. He had to admit, Elliot and Olivia did seem a bit…different. His lips lifted into a lopsided smile as Elliot reached across his desk to lift a piece of lint from Olivia's blouse with his thumb and forefinger, his hand lingering longer than necessary. They appeared to be having a conversation with their eyes and he almost laughed out loud when he watched Olivia's cheeks slowly flush a deep pink.

Deciding to have a little fun with them, he cleared his throat loudly, getting their attention. "So, uh, where were you two this morning anyway?"

Elliot immediately pulled his hand back from Olivia's top and glared at Munch. "I decided to grab some coffees and there was a long line at the deli."

Olivia rolled her eyes and shook her head in amusement.

"Hmm, then where are the coffees, Elliot?" Munch smirked at his co-worker's obvious discomfort as Elliot's expression changed from cocky to embarrassed.

"I uh, we drank 'em already and what's with the third degree, Munch?"

"Hey man, give them a break. Obviously something's going on but they're not gonna tell us if you keep harassin' them."

Olivia groaned and pinched the bridge of her nose. "Is it that obvious?"

"Aha! So you admit something is going on."

"Munch," Elliot warned.

"Look guys, we'll tell you what's going on after we talk to Cragen, okay?" Olivia sighed and glanced at their captain's closed office door, then peered over at Elliot who gave her wink. Smiling, she stood from her chair and reached her hand out to him.

Elliot smiled anxiously back and took her outstretched hand, linking his fingers through hers as he got up and led her to Cragen's office. He turned to look at her with both apprehension and excitement as he reached out to knock firmly on the wooden door and wondered what their future would hold.