The Prince and The Frog

Summary: Misaki Takahashi is a prince. He meets a frog, who is not what he appears to be. It asks for a kiss. What will Misaki do? The Princess and the Frog kind of thing.

Once upon a time, there was a young prince named Misaki Takahashi. His favorite place in the entire kingdom was the field behind a small forest, just nearby the castle. It was his secret sanctuary that only he was allowed to go to; a field of beautiful baby romantica everywhere you looked, a large pond of lily pads where frogs, turtles, goldfish and even ducks sometimes habited. A large Sakura tree, providing shade for birds and such, birds sang, bees buzzed. It was simply just a peaceful place for the boy to relax when he felt too stressed out.

One day, Misaki walked into his secret sanctuary. Smiling, the boy sat down under the tree, staring at the pond for a moment; a lone frog, who had eyes of lavender, was sitting on it's lily pad, watching his every movement with mild interest, every now then sticking it's tongue out to eat some flies. It sat there, watching Misaki, every time the boy came to this place. Misaki giggled, "Hi Mr. frog! It's a nice day today, isn't it?" then he started reading the newest volume of THE KAN*.

Meanwhile, the frog did not stop watching him.


Time flew and soon it was getting late. He closed his manga and stared up at the falling Sakura blossoms then looked at the frog, smiling; this frog was his only friend. His parents were dead. And his big brother, the king, was always working to support them. It got lonely sometimes. Unlike everyone else in the castle, the frog didn't force him to take on unreasonable responsibilities or anything; he was just...always there, watching him, keeping him company.

The boy got up and walked over to the pond, bent down and picked up the frog from its lily pad, smiling brightly. "Goodbye, Mr. Frog! It was nice seeing you again!"

He patted the frog on the head then the boy gently put the frog back onto its lily pad. As he started to make his way out of the field, a deep voice called out to him.

"Don't leave"

Misaki blinked in surprise and turned around. He stared in confusion; the only person in this whole place...was himself. "Um... Is anyone there?"

Being unable to see anyone, he shrugged and made to leave again but the voice called out to him again. "It's me, Misaki"

", where are you?" Misaki asked, looking around again.

"Look down, my sweet prince" The voice said and Misaki did what he was told and looked down; the frog was sitting at his feet.

Misaki smiled, "Hello Mr. frog!"

"Hello Misaki" the frog said. No joke, Misaki actually saw the words come out of the frog's lips.

"AHHHHH!A TALKING FROG!" The boy jumped back and staggered backwards onto the ground, the manga falling out of his hands, landing on his back. The frog hopped onto him, until it was on his stomach; Misaki sat up and looked at it, "I...I...must be dreaming! Frogs can't talk!"

"Well, this one can" the frog said.

Misaki's face was pale and he was close to fainting.

"Misaki, I want you to kiss me" the frog said.

Misaki's eyes widened in confusion, "W...What?"

"Misaki, I'm a prince from the neighboring kingdom. A witch cast a spell on me and turned me into this hideous creature...but she said if a cute boy gives me a kiss, I can return to normal again" the frog explained.

Misaki stared in disbelief and laughed nervously, "Y-You've got to be kidding me! You don't really expect me to believe something like that, do you? That...That's the craziest thing I've ever heard!"

"But it's true. Every word" the frog replied calmly and he hopped closer to Misaki, "Please, Misaki. Just one little kiss of yours, that's all I ask of you"

Misaki thought for a moment before he scrambled back onto his feet, saying, "No, go pick someone else! If you really are a prince, then you will probably prefer a beautiful princess, anyway!"

"I don't want a princess, I want you. It can only be you, Misaki" the frog said.

"W-What, why me? Why does it have to be me?" Misaki stared at it in shock.

"Because I love you" The frog answered without a drop of hesitation.

Misaki groaned; this was the strangest day he's ever had. First a talking frog, then it tells him it's actually a prince and then the same frog who thinks he is a prince...confesses to him, Misaki Takahashi, a boy. He couldn't take so much weirdness in one day, he just couldn't. He started backtracking, "U-Um...well, I'm sorry but I can't kiss you!"


"I...I'm sorry but I just can't!" Then Misaki ran away and back to the castle.


"I can't believe what just happened...this is too weird! Maybe I'm just tired and hearing voices that aren't really here...yeah, that's got to be it!" Misaki collapsed onto his bed. He laid flat on his back for a little, a strange feeling in his chest.

A frog confessed to him.

In his entire life, the first person to confess to him...was a frog.

Misaki, who had never known love before, would have been happy in normal circumstances...but this was just too strange. He didn't know how he was supposed to feel.

He felt guilty but he knew the frog would be better off finding a cute princess.

And with those thoughts, the boy drifted off to sleep.


When he woke up, the frog was sitting on his pillow, right next to his face. "AHHHHHHH!"Misaki jump back until he hit the wall. He stared at the frog, who just stared back emotionlessly.

"Hello, my Misaki. Do you realize how beautiful you look when you sleep?"


"Misaki, I've been watching over you ever since a very long time"

"Stalker frog" Misaki muttered under his breath. He sighed and sat down closer to the frog. "Look, I appreciate that you love me, I do...but you seriously have to find someone else because I'm not gay...I'm a guy, you do realize that, don't you?"

"I am aware of that fact, and it doesn't bother me" The frog said.

"Well, it bothers me! It freaks me out!"

"Misaki..." the frog said and it hopped into Misaki's lap, "I love you, Misaki. From the moment I saw you, I have always loved you. You are beautiful and kind to animals and no matter how bad your day was, you always wear a smile on your face. You're just so adorable..."

"U-Um, even so, I-"

"Please...kiss me, and then everything will be ok. I know how lonely you get sometimes, Misaki; there are times you come down to that field just to cry"

"WHAT? N-N-NO, I DON'T!" Misaki said, blushing in embarrassment

"Don't worry, I'll make everything better. So just kiss me, Misaki"

Misaki didn't know what to do. Should he do it, kiss the frog? He got up and started pacing, thinking about what he should do. At long last, he stopped pacing and stared at the frog, blushing. What did he have to lose? If it worked, it worked. If it didn't work then he could just walk away like it never even happened.

"O...O-Ok" Misaki said. Then he picked up the frog into his hands. He stared at it, frowning, with a blush on his face, before closing his eyes, and bringing the frog to his lips to kiss it.

Suddenly, there was puff of smoke and then a tall, handsome man with silver hair was standing in front of him, with the same lavender eyes as the frog. And he...uh, was completely naked.

"AHH, I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" Misaki's blushed brightly in embarrassment and he made to turn away from this lovely sight- but the man quickly cupped his face and pressed his lips to the boy's for a second kiss. "Mmmph?" Misaki struggled but the man simply embraced him tightly in his arms and kissed him harder. The man bit the boy's lower lip and the boy gasped, allowing him to slip his tongue into the boy's mouth, tasting every inch of him.

When the man finally pulled away, he saw the look on Misaki's face; he was out of breath, his face was completely flushed and he just looked so adorable. He smirked and licked the boy's lips, "Thanks for the kiss~"

Incredibly embarrassed now, his face completely red like a tomato, Misaki uttered a quiet, "Y...Y-You're welcome..."he was staring at the floor, his heart pounding, too embarrassed to look at him. The man's nakedness was embarrassing and it made him feel things the boy had never felt before. "W...W-We need to get you into some clothes. You can't go around like's too e-embarrassing...I'll get something of Nii-chan's, don't leave this room"


"Ok, you can look now, Misaki"

Misaki, who had his back turned to the handsome man as the man was changing into his brother's hand-me-downs, faced the man and he blushed; it looked better on him than it ever did on his brother. "Y-You look...nice..."

The man smirked, "Nice? I don't look hot, Sexy? Handsome?"


The man chuckled softly, "Ok, thank you Misaki." Misaki blushed as the man shot him a smile and he stared at the ground. This was so embarrassing. The frog-turned man made him feel strange. It annoyed him how easily flustered he was around him...why was feeling like this? He didn't understand anything. Arms were suddenly around him, embracing him. "I love you. Promise to be mine for the rest of your life."

Misaki's heart skipped a beat; they were back at that topic again. "Wh-What the hell h-how can I? You haven't even told me your name yet!"

"It's Akihiko Usami. Now will you be mine?"

"N-No! Don't be so-"

"I love you. Let me make you happy, let me treat you like the precious treasure that you are, let me protect you and make love to you." The man lifted the boy's hand and kissed it, "Please, Misaki"

"I...I-I don' just..."

"You can come to live with me and I'll make you the happiest boy on earth. What do you say?"

Misaki was so confused. This man was a pervert, one he had only just met...but he had known the frog for a long time and it had been his friend. It was very special to him. How was he supposed to feel? Everything was happening way too fast and he was so confused.

"I...I don't know..."

Akihiko picked Misaki up into his arms, bridal style and smiled gently at the boy, "What is so wrong about a handsome prince wanting to live happily ever after with his true love?"

Misaki blushed furiously at the words and, his arms clinging around the man's neck, he buried his face into the man's shoulder, "N...Nothing...nothing is wrong with that..."

Akihiko chuckled softly, "I love you, Misaki." He smiled, gently stroking the boy's hair before adding, "Thank you for kissing me and lifting the magic of that horrible witch's spell; now I can finally be with you. I'm so happy."

Akihiko started taking him out of the bedroom, which made Misaki nervous. "W-Where are you taking me?"

"You'll see..."


Ten minutes later, in the throne room...

"Your majesty, please allow me the honor of your brother's hand in marriage" Akihiko said, kneeling down before Misaki's brother.


"Misaki and I are friends. And for a very long time, I have been in love with him. I can't put a hold on my emotions any longer, he must be mine. I want to be with him. I love him, I love him so much. I promise never to hurt him and I will make sure he is always happy with me. Please say yes, your majesty"


"It's alright with me; Misaki will be coming of age soon anyway. I and the queen were going to look for a bride for him but now we don't have to! You can get married to"

"Akihiko Usami" Akihiko said and shot him a very bright smile.

And with that, Misaki decided that he hated frogs.