Akihiko missed his precious lover. Not only that, he was bored as hell. He always called Misaki, using any excuse he could come up with, just so he could talk to him and hear his voice. He would talk about his day, ask for help, the clichéd "what are you wearing?" or simply just to say I love you or I miss you, which were both said more than 10 or 20 times per day.

Whether it was because Misaki had been spending so much time with his brother that he'd been forgetting to call, or because he was annoying Misaki too much with so many useless and perverted things, only the boy himself would know the reason...but at some point, Misaki stopped answering altogether. It was like he had disappeared off the face of the earth. Many number of questions filled the lonely writer's head.

Why hasn't he called me?
Why isn't he answering his phone?
We should have talked by now!
Doesn't he WANT to talk to me?
Doesn't he miss me?
Maybe I'm bothering him too much and he doesn't want to hear from me...

And possibly the worst.

What if he doesn't love me anymore and while over there, has found someone else?

Right now, he was on the couch, a cigarette just hanging out of his lips. Right now, he was just a lifeless shell; he missed Misaki way too much. He couldn't take it anymore. Unless, he saw Misaki's cute face or heard his sweet voice...he was going to go crazy...

He sighed, flipping his cell phone open and closed repeatedly, absent-mindedly. After who knows how long, he opened it one last time and started dialing a number.


Suddenly, Aikawa burst in. She came in, just to witness Akihiko calling the airport. "Yes. I want one first class ticket to the Takahashi Kingdom-"


Akihiko gave her a death glare. "I miss Misaki"

"So? You have phone calls!"

"He hasn't been answering his phone..." suddenly, a thought occurred to him and a scared look came into his eyes, "Oh god, something bad must've happened to him! Maybe he's dying and too ill to answer the phone! He must be so scared! I have to go to his side immediately and share his last moments with him! I have to see his face one last time, I-"

As he was talking, he was rushing to the door. Aikawa moved in his way. Akihiko glared at her furiously, "Get out of the way, Aikawa, I need to see my Misaki!"

"No! There is nothing wrong with Misaki-kun! Has it ever occurred to you that maybe he's just he lost his phone or ran out of credits or batteries, or hey, here's a thought! Maybe he's too busy having fun with his brother to deal with the annoying perverted calls you give him!"

Akihiko was looking at her as if she was the insane one. And he seemed even more desperate. "This is your last warning, get out of the way!"

"He's supposed to be spending time with his brother, isn't he? Until the wedding, he's supposed to be with his brother, not with you!"

"I don't care!"

"You are not leaving this country! I will not let you, even if I have to use force!"

"HAH! You can't do anything, you're just a woman!"

Suddenly, Aikawa snapped her fingers and he felt weak all of a sudden and lost consciousness. When he came to, he was tied up in front of his computer. He couldn't move his legs or body...just his hands, which is probably all to Aikawa's plan.

"What the fuck? What's going on here?" Akihiko demanded.

"Oh good, you're awake! You're going to stay here and work like my little slave!"

"What? You're fucking crazy! Let me go!"

"Oh, don't worry, I'll give you food every 2 hours, I wouldn't let you starve~"

"That's not the point! This is probably illegal and you know it!"

She smirked, "And you said I couldn't do anything. I'm not just your editor, I'm not just a woman, I'm also a witch... or have you forgotten about that?" she laughed evilly, "Oh my, this is so much more fun than turning you into a frog! I should have tried this ages ago!"

She left the room, laughing her head off.

That woman's evil...


Despite being bound to a chair in front of his computer with no Misaki for inspiration, Akihiko remained calm. He had a plan for getting out of this evil she-devil's claws and it went something like this:

"Meal time!" Aikawa said, bringing in Pizza.

"You expect me to eat that? You want me to get fat? My fans will disappear in a heartbeat, girls won't want to buy books from a man who is ugly and has man-boobs...Do you know how many calories are in that thing? Do you even care what it will do to my health?"

Then when she finally got something he actually liked, she started feeding it to him.

"If you're going to do that, you must put a picture of Misaki on your face and remain silent at all times! I don't want to be fed by a disgusting woman but my beautiful little Misaki!"

And when he had to go...

"Aikawa, I need to go pee." She let him out of the restraints. Instead of running for the toilet, he tried to escape. She saw this and immediately snapped her fingers and suddenly he became unconscious and bound to the chair again.

These type of things kept on happening so at some point, she refused to give him any breaks for anything and only checked up on him to see if he was doing his work...but still, problems arose...it took him forever to actually start to write something, he pretended to fall asleep at the keyboard, he was found playing solitaire, checking his face book or looking up gay porn...

And when he actually did do work...

"Ok, let's see what we got here..."she said, checking up on him after a couple of days...

Akihiko Usami couldn't stand being apart from the boy. Like oxygen, he just couldn't live without his little Misaki. He missed his smile, his laugh, the way he felt when he held him in his arms...not being able to take anymore, he somehow managed to cut off his limbs, freeing himself from his restrictions...he fell to the floor and moved as best as he could, wanting to reach his lover by any means necessary... He pressed the boy's doorbell and waited...but the wait was for far too long and, breathing his last breath, he died right there...the boy answered the door and stared in horror as he witnessed his own lover, lying unconscious in a puddle of his own blood. The boy decided that he would murder Eri Aikawa, for it was all her fault Akihiko Usami was dead and never again to be by his side...


The writer wrote the novel, writing it the best he could until he could not write anymore...he died right there in the chair...his young lover grew worried from not receiving a single call from his loved one and rushed back to the man's side. The small prince cried his heart out in agony and vowed revenge on whoever was responsible for the death of his most precious person...


Weak, tired and feeling the draining effects of withdrawal symptoms from the things he loved most-which was sex, sex...and did I mention sex? - Akihiko starved to death ...but he would not be alone in experiencing the pain of death, he happily took the life of his editor. The woman formerly known as Eri Aikawa died by the hands of the writer, for there was no sin greater than separating two men in love.

Aikawa flipped page after page, twitching with anger, "Usami-sensei...mind telling me why I'm dying in each and every one of these stories?"

"What, are they not good enough? Fine, once upon a time, there lived a pretty princess named Misaki-chan. Misaki-chan was madly in love with the prince Usami-san. They lived their lives in happiness, having sex every day and every night... until one terrible day, Misaki's life was threatened by a dragon who everyone called Eri Aikawa. While trying to protect Misaki from Aikawa-san the dragon, Usami-san was killed by the dragon. Angry and stricken with grief, the princess slayed the dragon and hung her head on a stick for all to see"

"THAT'S IT, I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! YOU'RE THE MOST ANNOYING PRISONER IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!" she stormed off, slamming the door behind her.