AN: Well, here it is. My first oneshot ever and a very fluffy one at that.

Rating: T-M

Theme: Accidents happen

"Well, Soul Eater Evans, are you going to say it or will I have too."

The weapon flinched at his full name and glanced up at his meister's flashing emerald eyes and her pink lips smashed into a tight line. She was pissed, no doubt about that.

Question was, was she mad at him or was she mad at Black*star. It was tough to tell, in all honesty.

Then he remembered that it was he, not Black*star, that was trying to get the yellow futon to eat him.

Meanwhile, Black*star was probably being served cookies and milk while Tsubaki was calmly interrogated him. The shadow weapon was so much calmer and nicer than Maka, his meister.

His meister might as well been a fire-breathing dragon from the way she acts when she gets mad. She could have steam coming out of her ears and everything.

"There's nothing to say; I didn't do anything wrong," He responded back coolly, "you're just over-reacting." He was baiting her. He knew his words would draw her in like bees to honey. The meister can't help but to make sure her weapon knows when he royally fucked up.

Sure, he fucked up, but did he royally fuck up? He doubts it. But then again, she was the one towering over him like a skyscraper while desperately twitching for an encyclopedia to smash his skull in.

That's another thing Tsubaki would be better than Maka in doing; NOT hitting her partner with a huge ass book that would bring his GPA even lower.

The look on her face after he said that was absolutely hilarious. It was a face you could put on one of those you're another year older birthday cards.

"What," she snarled; setting her upper lip back farther like she was hissing. Her teeth were significantly less threatening than his but, the way the light played with the shallow shadows of her mouth made it look like she about ready to rip him apart; piece by stringy piece.

He silently wondered to himself if he would ever see that idiotic grin on that stupid, laughing sun ever again.

"You didn't do anything wrong," she said, absolutely no expression in her voice whatsoever. That worried him. Maka usually couldn't hide her emotions very well, if at all. He could easily tell if she was irritated, troubled, miserable, angry, or content. She couldn't hide her emotions; her face showed everything. Whether, it was a slight switch of position with her lips, or a barely noticeable twitch of the eye; he could tell exactly what she was hiding or trying to say.

He had known her for a good six years, and she was his partner, and he lived with her in a fairly little apartment that whole time. He was practically with her 24/7 except when one of them locked themselves in their room or they had a minor scuffle, they spent most of their free time with each other, simply enjoying their victory and the peace that came along with it.

Sure, there were still kishin eggs and bad guys to kill, but nothing to the extent that they were before Asura was defeated. Besides, they were small fry for the one star meister and weapon pairs to take care of. Soul and Maka were a three star meister and weapon pair; it came along with Soul becoming a death scythe and Maka being responsible for turning him into one. They handled the more up-scale operations that took place around the world where the normal DWMA students and teams couldn't reach.

They had gone to Paris, and Sydney, and Rome, and many other places that Maka had oh'ed and ah'ed over and had insisted they take pictures. Soul really didn't mind, his meister was having fun, which was all that mattered to him.

He decided to go along with this expressionless behavior; he would just need to be careful where he stepped. Maka's emotions were like a minefield, once you set one off, they all go off.

"Yeah. See, I knew you'd understand, because that's the kind of person you are," He stopped briefly to gauge her reaction. None. Keep going, compliment her some more, she's a sucker for compliments, "You're nice, and considerate, and lov-"

"Shut up."

Wait, wait, wait a minute. Did she just tell him to shut up while he was complimenting her? That was a first. Usually, if he ever did praise her (which was rare) she would not want him to stop. Normally, after a few kind words, he would say he could not come up with anymore and she would whack him upside the head with her one book collection of Shakespeare, which had all his stories but a few older ones.

What he didn't tell her was that he lied when he said that he couldn't come up with anymore. He could go on for days on things he liked about her. For example, he could have said how much he loved her strawberry scent or how when she got out of the shower she only wore a towel, a pretty tiny one too. Or how when it was his night to cook, she'd cook for him just because she felt like something besides instant noodles. Or, how her flat as board chest grew to be bigger. Go B-Cup. Or how she always fell asleep on his shoulder while watching a movie so he could smell her berry scented hair.

He could go on and on.

Now, Soul had been surprised yet disturbed on many occasions. One incident consisted of finding out that Black*Star wanted to marry Tsubaki. That's normal right? Nope, Black*Star wanted to marry her for her curves. And love. He's not a complete Douche all the time.

Another was when he figured out that the three of the boys would all have to sleep in the same bed. There were three beds in total, one for each team. Nah, the girls pushed the boys off into one bed. Not counting the gay remarks they got when the got back home and a sign of approval from Spirit saying that it was best because now the octopus headed teen could not touch his precious Maka-Chan, it was horrible.

Kid had an OCD freakout saying they were not symmetrical the entire night. He also yelled at Black*Star for half an hour on how he should place his body symmetrically on the bed and fall asleep that way, and also how he should stop snoring and flailing his legs and arms about like an octopus on crack later, he finally fell asleep symmetrically, taking up about half the bed.

Black*Star, who was beside Kid, sounded like a chainsaw the entire night and like was mentioned before flung his arms and legs about like a drunken octopus.

Soul, who had gotten to sleep at around two in the morning, woke up that morning to the musty, old scent of the carpeted floor. He should have just slept there from the beginning.

So, he didn't expect Maka to throw her arms around him in the tightest hug he'd ever received and practically crush the life out of him, or for her to be sobbing into his neck.

He quickly recovered and pulled her closer, shhh'ing her the entire time, "Its okay Maka, I'm fine. No worries."

"You could have died, Soul."

He flinched, feeling pain explode through his back which he had made sure not to move, till now anyway.

"Yeah…But I didn't."

"Why did you do that though? I told you not let Black*St-" She started, only to be interrupted with a bone crushing hug she was sure made him rip some of his stitches lose.

"What can I say, I'm an idiot and I should have listened to you Maka. I promise not to do that again, ever again. I can't say I enjoyed the experience," He whispered into her ear. She shivered and tightened her grip, feeling the rough stitches beneath the thin fabric of his shirt.

"Never let Black*Star ride your motorcycle again, let alone drive it," she murmured, "And promise me something?"

"Sure, what is it," he asked into her hair.

"Never ride without me again. That way, if you die in a car accident, I can die with you."

"What!" He nearly shouted, breaking the intimate moment and pulling her away roughly.

"I can't live without you, Soul. Ever," she said, her green orbs twinkling from the now spilling tears.

He sighed, "Me either Maka, me either. I could never live without you. Ever," He said, gently pulling her lips to his.

She gently pulled away and her green eyes collided with red ones, "Promise?"

"Promise," he whispered gently, capturing her lips in another kiss.

He does believe that he is addicted to that strawberry taste that only she possesses.

AN: Holy god, fluff galore! Anyways, in case you didn't get it, Soul let Black*star drive the motorcycle and we all know Black*star, so it wasn't much of a surprise that he crashed into another car. Soul flew backwards, gouging his back on one of Black*Star's newly brought Ninja sword. That would probably never happen but all the same. Hope you enjoyed reading this. It might become a series if you guys give me ideas and like themes and stuff. I would love to do that!

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