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Pairing: Soul/Maka

Theme: Bubblegum

Rating: T? Maybe M? Don't really know.

"Please Maka?"



"I said no Soul."

"But that's not-"

"If you finish that sentence, I'll Maka-chop you," an ashen blonde girl said, glaring at her partner beside her.

Soul sunk lower into his seat on the couch, his white hair getting messed up by the pillows. The pair was at their apartment, watching a movie and eating popcorn.

Maka had asked him to pause the movie about ten minutes ago and now he wanted what she had gotten up to get.

He had watched her butt sway underneath the long t-shirt she was wearing as she walked away and into the kitchen. Hearing a cupboard door open and close, she walked back in and took back her place beside the weapon.

"What you'd get," he'd asked, noticing she didn't have anything that she hadn't had before.

"Nothing," she said before returning her attention back to the movie.

It wasn't till a couple of minutes ago that he had heard the traditional chewing that came with bubble gum did he understand what she had behind her rosy lips.

He had been begging her to get some sort of gum for the last few weeks and she simply shut him down and said that, "it'll make your teeth rot, Soul."

He paused the movie again and jumped up, "You did buy gum! Where is it?"

She smiled deviously and held up a pack of the gum that had the zebra stripes on it, only one strip remained, "I've got it."

"Good, gimme some then," he said, holding out his hand expectantly.


"What? Come on Maka, I'm the one who wanted it in the first place," Soul said, slightly pissed that he didn't have the gum in his mouth already.

"No," she said, smiling again.

"Please Maka," he said, just wanting to have his secret paradise.


"Please," he reduced to begging.

"I said no Soul."


"No buts," she cut him off, "You can't have it because it's mine."

Maka unwrapped the wrapper and stuffed the gum into her mouth before Soul could say a word. Chewing and getting the gum into its sticky form, Maka smirked and her eyes glinted dangerously, waiting for his, no doubt, priceless reaction.

Soul's eyes lit up and an evil smirk spread across his face like a wildfire. She was about to ask what he was doing when she was roughly tackled into the back of the couch. She gasped and almost swallowed her gum as her back made contact with the furniture.

"Then I'm just going to have to take it from you," Soul whispered into her neck, his hot breath skimming over her skin with delicate fingers.

He had her body immobile because his was pressed up against hers and his hands had her arms pinned by their wrists up above her head. She could feel her butt on the cushion so her long t-shirt nightgown hybrid was probably ridden all the way up to her stomach.

She blushed the color of his eyes as he kissed her collarbone up to her jaw. He lifted his head so she could see his face and licked his lips, making her shiver.

He dived bombed and his lips met her in a desperate attempt to open her mouth. Failing with that, Soul used his tongue to force open her already kissing lips and searched everywhere in her mouth. Finding no trace he leaned back and nuzzled her collar, kissing and nipping it some more.

"Did you swallow the gum," he asked, biting her neck.

"No," she giggled weirdly. Soul noticed how the word didn't come out right and knew exactly where the gum was.

Forcing his tongue back in to her defiant lips, he dived his tongue under hers and retrieved the gum.

Pulling back and taking the gum into his mouth he hopped off her and ran into his bedroom, shouting out a, "Ha-Ha! I win!"

Maka sat there for a while before she scrambled up and looked at the clock. Midnight.

She didn't even go the extra door down to her bedroom. She just walked in the first one on the right.

"It's about time you got here, Maka."

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