Welcome to the crew.

Rob Lucci had noticed the strange ship immediately, moored on the very same island he and his team had docked on not a week beforehand. He'd frowned, not recognising it at first, but of course he'd never even seen the ship's blueprints, much less seen it BUILT for that matter, but after getting a glimpse of the flag wafting gently in the calm breeze, that straw hat on the jolly Roger, he knew for certain… this was the Mugiwara crew's second vessel, he figured that they'd have probably obtained it in Water 7 shortly after they escaped Enies Lobby 2 years ago, he found it strange how well the ship suited the childlike rubbery captain and the crew it carried, for the ship… looked so unlike every other pirate ship he'd seen.

Rob Lucci had noticed the strange ship immediately, moored on the very same island he and his team had docked on not a week beforehand. He'd frowned, not recognising it at first, but of course he'd never even seen the ship's blueprints, much less seen it BUILT for that matter, but after getting a glimpse of the flag wafting gently in the calm breeze, that straw hat on the jolly Roger, he knew for certain… this was the Mugiwara crew's second vessel, he figured that they'd have probably obtained it in Water 7 shortly after they escaped Enies Lobby 2 years ago, he found it strange how well the ship suited the childlike rubbery captain and the crew it carried, for the ship… looked so unlike every other pirate ship he'd seen.

It didn't adorn the usual 'intimidating' type of figurehead; no… instead of a skull, or a dragon, or something equally intimidating, a cheery lion-like figure adorned the stem of the ship, the usual dark threatening colours were replaced by reds, yellows, gold's, white and the smooth light brown of the wood used to build the ship… he could only guess what type of wood was used in the building of this, rather magnificent if he did say so himself, ship… it had to be a strong wood, Iceberg wouldn't have allowed his saviours to leave his city without a ship that could carry them to the ends of the earth and back that was for sure.

Sneaking onto the ship had been far too easy for his feline grace and cunning, slipping past the sleeping swordsman on deck like a mere shadow in the night, he understood how easily the green haired man could sense danger, he'd been quick, agile and swift as he snuck into the large ship, much larger than their first, probably twice the size.

He searched the ships rooms with the silence he was renowned for, looking for the captains cabin, surely there had to be one on the ship… the captain couldn't sleep with his crew after all… no captain would… would they?

He found the female cabin easily enough, an average sized room with two dressers, two beds and a line of cupboards on the far side, two big, red and rather comfortable looking chairs and a table in between them right dead centre of the room, neat, tidy… and it held the scent of flowers, he turned and eyed the women in their beds, remembering that sweet scent from Enies Lobby… Nico Robin… she was so close, he knew that if he made an attempt on her life, she'd surely alert the rest of the crew to his presence, he wouldn't be able to silence her quick enough after all, he had to admit though, from the first to the last time he'd seen her… he'd noted that the woman was remarkably beautiful, he remembered hearing a marine mention how she was 'hot' way back on Enies Lobby, he remembered internally agreeing but outwardly, not looking as though he'd actually noticed… he honestly doubted he could go through with killing her in her sleep, it'd be such a waste.

Then there was the ginger long haired Navigator who had defeated Kalifa… he'd be able to silence her quick enough and he wouldn't really care about doing it either, she seemed to cocky to him, but it would wake the sleeping Oharan, he doubted it was entirely worth it.

Figuring the men's quarters would be below, as the females were above, he slipped out of the room and down the staircase, turning on his heel to the right, he walked to the arch-like door in the middle of the ship and twisted the handle, opening it with a light click, he froze for a second, glancing to the left, to make sure he hadn't awoken the swordsman sleeping on deck.

When all he got was a snort and a continuation of the nearly unbearable snoring from the one eyed man green haired man, Lucci pushed the door open; marvelling slightly at how no sound was produced, well oiled hinges he guessed… whoever they'd had join them in their crew was surely an apt shipwright… perhaps Paulie had followed them, it would make sense… he didn't really have anything in Water 7 besides his job and his debts after all.

What he was met by wasn't the sight of quarters, but a large aquarium type room, filled with exotic fish, large and small, Missile Manta ray, Balloon catfish, caltrop starfish and blue-striped clams… even Beat Alligator and Ice fish swam languidly in the clear blue waters of the aquarium. Couches lined the base of the large tank, a centre piece with a servers lift in the long cylindrical tube of wood, chairs surrounding the circular table set into the wood, he guessed from this that the kitchen should be above the rather spectacular if that were there… Kaku would have surely loved this ship but after watching the fish with feline curiosity for a brief moment he removed himself from the room.

He glanced from side to side; taking care not to mess up the strangely placed grass on deck, before he noticed a door, hidden to the left of the staircase he'd walked down, it was likely to be the males' quarters.

Stepping up to the door, he twisted the handle, keeping an eye on the green haired man, Roronoa Zoro if he remembered correctly, the man who had defeated the second strongest of CP9, Kaku, he was sure he could hold his own up against the man though, the captain was his only main concern. When he was certain the man hadn't awoken, he slipped through the door and into a large… albeit messy room. Bunk beds lined the right side of the room, a square of mats in the middle of the rooms' floor, a pile of randomly assorted clothes in front of the beds, their own wanted posters adorning the walls like they were trophies, he raised an arched eyebrow, it was much different to the female quarters that was for sure.

He turned to look at the beds, the rest of the crew was ever present, the sniper, who he was certain adorned that stupid mask back in Enies Lobby, it could only have been him, the little pet, who undoubtedly… wasn't a pet, any fool could realize that fact, the thing had a devil fruit after all. The cook who had beaten Jyabura… he smirked, Franky, more than likely the designer of this ship no doubt.

Then his eyes caught the sight of something extremely odd… a skeleton? He stepped closer to get a closer look, if he remembered correctly from old Wanted posters and the news of the skeletons success in the music industry, this was the acting captain of the destroyed Rumbar Pirates, and the musician of the Mugiwara pirates, he could only take a guess at how a skeleton could join a crew though, but he figured it had something to do with Monkey D Luffy's way of doing things.

He looked around the rest of the beds, empty… but there on one of the beds… a straw hat. The captain DID sleep with his crew, Lucci found that strange, most captains had their own cabin, but then the rubber man wasn't exactly like most captains he figured.

After realizing Monkey D Luffy wasn't in the room, he vacated it, only to get a whiff of what could only be described as meat, but since the cook was asleep… who would be in the kitchen, everyone else was asleep… either Luffy had another new crewmember or… Luffy was in the kitchen.

After making his mind up, Lucci climbed the staircase and turned to the left towards the door towards what he'd figured was the kitchen, it was right above the aquarium as he'd deduced earlier.

He thought about what he was about to do, he was about to walk in on the person who'd actually managed to beat him, the person who had pretty much destroyed his life… and he hadn't quite planned what he'd be doing after it either. He grabbed the handle nevertheless and turned it, pushing the door open, it creaked… the only door he'd opened that had creaked, he didn't know WHY it hadn't been oiled correctly like the others, he doubted he'd ever really find out, but it creaked nonetheless, alerting the raven haired rubber captain inside, his immediate reaction?

"I'M NOT EATING ANYTHING, SANJI" Lucci just stared at him, obviously the boy WAS eating pretty much everything in the fridge, if his bulging rubbery cheeks and the bones from whatever he'd eaten still half sticking out of his mouth had any indication to that fact. Then the boy realized the man in the doorway WASN'T his ever watchful cook… but someone else, a brow raised, he swallowed to allow a confused look to spread across his face 'eh… who're you?' the tone wasn't spiteful, as a captain who'd beaten him probably would use, but genuinely curious, Lucci's left eye twitched, the boy ruined his life and then FORGOTTEN about it? But that was the only expression he allowed to cross his face.

"You have forgotten? Well Mugiwara… you can rest assured I have not forgotten" that snapped Luffy's memory back, that voice, that bored deep yet commanding tone of voice, Water 7… CP9.

Immediately he was on guard, food ALMOST forgotten, he couldn't really forget his food now could he, he stood still, staring at Lucci with something akin to recognition and anger, but not quite, there was a curious gleam in his brown eyes, Lucci could sense the boy didn't quite know what to do in the situation.

"I won't let you take Robin, Pigeon bastard" confidence radiated in the boys whole stature, Lucci remarked at how the boy had changed, the large cross-like scar decorating his chest, the change in attire, his hair had grown slightly, then again they all had grown since Enies Lobby.

Lucci simply shook his head, putting his dangerous hands into his pockets. "I'm not here for your archaeologist Mugiwara, I'm no longer with the Government" he answered coolly, Luffy's angered expression melted to pure curiosity now, it struck Lucci as strange that the boy wasn't immediately attempting to fight him, he had to stop assuming all pirates were the same.

"Then what do you want…" Luffy questioned, his eyebrow raised, his posture a little more relaxed 'and what are you doing here?" Lucci didn't know why he answered the questions, self preservation instincts perhaps?

"Myself and the other ex-agents… we were on the island, however only I noticed the ship, I didn't know what was going through my mind when I stepped aboard, but you should talk to that swordsman about staying diligent on his watch post" Lucci rolled his emerald eyes to emphasize his disappointment with the lack of guard on this ship… the ship of a man who's bounty was WAY over average in an astounding amount of 400,000,000 beli, but then again why would he NEED the security, the boy could probably fight his way out of HELL unscathed Lucci was sure of that, he'd made quick work of Impel down to prove that fact too.

"Neh Zoro's fine where he is… why aren't you working with the government anymore?" Luffy asked, sitting down on the counter top, almost too relaxed considering the dangerous man in the doorway.

"Spandam blamed us for the failure on Enies Lobby… with that failure our titles would have been stripped and we would have been erased… we ran, and now we're island hopping to evade capture from the Marines" Lucci responded, almost emotionlessly, almost being the key word, even the absentminded rubbery captain could tell Lucci had pretty much lost EVERYTHING with that defeat, he could tell it had effected him on some emotional level. He decided to change the subject.

"… Where's your pigeon?"

"At the hotel resting with the others" Lucci responded evenly, he hadn't wanted to wake up his little feathery companion, Hattori had had a distressing few years after the defeat; he deserved his rest whenever he could get it.

"… So you've been running from the marines for 2 years?" Luffy asked, his head tilted to the side, Luffy could only summarize that it was definitely similar to a pirates' life. Lucci simply shrugged his shoulders 'why didn't you join someone's' pirate crew?' Lucci's response was simple, narrowing his eyes into one murderous glare and a scowl that could cause heart attacks to people with weak hearts. "It's not THAT bad!" Luffy let out a loud hearty laugh, completely unaffected by Lucci's signature 'you're going to die now' scowl.

"It's a disgrace to an ex-government-

-Ah but its freedom! You get to do whatever you want whenever you want to, don't have people telling yo-

-If you have a captain, yes you do" Lucci cut Luffy off just like Luffy had done to him, Luffy let out his signature 'shi-shi-shi' laugh, while Lucci marvelled at how relaxed the air seemed to be, there was no tenseness, no anger… just calm conversation really, Luffy hadn't seem to realize how strange it was.

"Not all captains give out orders right left and centre" there was another trademark Luffy trait, his grin.

"Oh? And I suppose you don't keep your crew on their toes, you don't order them around, keep them in line?" Lucci sneered, but to his surprise, Luffy shrugged and shook his head, the smile still in place only a little less large.

"My crew do whatever they want whenever they want to, we're equals… I'd give my life for my crew as you should know, and they'd do the same for me, not all pirates are cutthroats, Pigeon guy" Luffy grabbed some meat on the bone from his pile of food and bit down on the soft tender meat

"I have a name." Lucci sighed, trying not to think about how nice it would be to have all of that… he had his team yes… and they sure enough protected him as he'd protect them… but they had no semblance of what they wanted to do with their lives, they were just going through each day with no hope or dreams, nothing to live for.

"Hmmm..." he genuinely looked like it HURT to think "Lucy…" Lucci's left eye twitched "wait no that's a girls name… Lucci, that's it right?" Lucci responded with a simple nod of his head "you don't have to just stand there you know, Lucci, if you're not here to hurt anyone you can sit down" Luffy nodded to the chairs at the large square table facing the rather impressive kitchen, that cook must have been a first class one if he took this much care of his kitchen.

Lucci, with his usual grace, moved to the chairs and sat down; facing the rubber captain "it strikes me as odd…" he remarked


"That you don't find this at all strange or that you're not defensive in any way… we nearly killed each other 2 years ago, yet you're acting as if we're 'friends'" Lucci raised an eyebrow, folding his arms across his muscled white shirt clad chest.

Luffy shrugged his shoulders and bit into the meat on the bone once again, swallowing what he'd torn off before responding "you're not here to hurt anyone though, why should I try and hurt you, I've already beaten you once and since you only hurt my crew once… you don't deserve a second beating, not really done anything else to me or my crew to deserve it have you?" Luffy smiled, putting the empty bone down

Lucci shook his head in response to the question, he was right, he hadn't hurt his crew twice, just the once… then something caught his attention, the smell of flowers, he glanced around, until he caught sight of a blue eye on the wall, disappearing into a burst of petals after being noticed… "Nico Robin knows I'm here, I should go" Lucci stood up, not wanting to cause any trouble, like Luffy said… he'd only harmed them once, a second time would require a second beating, and he didn't quite feel like being put into a second coma.

"You know… if you promised not to kill the enemies we face… you could always join us, you and the others… I bet Zoro would love a practice partner, and we have spare beds… Franky could build a new one for the girls' room for that secretary person..." Lucci had just stared at him after 'you could join us' frozen in his tracks… admittedly shocked at the offer, who wouldn't be… well if they were in Lucci's position of course.

"… Why not killing anyone?" Lucci questioned with a raised brow

"I don't kill… and neither do my crew… I think its best to let them live with their defeats… but yours kinda sucks a bit more than normal doesn't it, shi-shi-shi" Luffy sniggered, Lucci shook his head and walked to the door

"At least speak with your crew before offering such a deal…" Lucci twisted the handle to the door, pulling it open

"I'll ask them then, come back tomorrow at around… err… 4-ish?" Luffy cast the elder man a signature grin, gaining a brief nod in return as Lucci left the ship, his mind set on the fact that Monkey D Luffy's crew, would never agree to such a preposterous idea.

Thus, he quickly departed from the ship without looking back, heading back for the hotel he and the others were staying at, hoping to slip back in as unnoticed as he'd slipped out.

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