Kaku stood at the door to the library for a few moments before finally working up the courage to knock on, then enter, he didn't know WHY he'd knocked, perhaps it was the idea that he was just a guest on the ship, not an actual crew member still plaguing his mind, he couldn't believe that the crew who had destroyed them 2 years prior… had just so happily accepted them into their lives… and trust.

Just as Franky had predicted, the orange haired navigator sat at on one of the chairs in the middle of the circular room, reclined back and writing in a small book, more than likely one of the few log books; back facing him.

"You know Kaku-san, you don't have to knock" there was a teasing smile in the voice of the fiery red-head, he could take a guess and say the smile was curled at her lips, however her long wavy hair shielded his view, and she wasn't facing him.

"And you don't have to call me Kaku-san" he responded, closing the door behind him, not letting her teasing tone get to him

"Touché" she replied a split second after, she turned the swivel-chair around, placing the small brown book on her lap, the pen neatly resting between the pages so her place wouldn't be lost. "Can I help you?" she asked, he was right, the smile was definitely there.

"Franky told me that this crew do odd things all the time… I was wondering if I could find out about the kind of odd things you've gone through in the past" he explained, raising an eyebrow in a curious manner, she responded with a shrug of her shoulders, and then she motioned to one of the chairs in an offer, an offer which Kaku accepted, sitting down, one long leg crossed over the other and his arms crossed over his chest, she raised an eyebrow.

"Why so serious? Relax a bit" she let out a light laugh, leaning back in her chair, he frowned slightly, looked down at how he was sat and corrected his posture to one more fitting for his old undercover shipwright persona, she smiled "much better. So what exactly do you want to know?" she asked, the smile ebbing away into a curious stare

"What kind of things has this crew been through, Franky, said that the crew has a tendency to do crazy things… so I was wondering what exactly I'm to expect" he asked, altering his hat ever so slightly so it didn't get in the way of his large round eyes.

"Hmmm… well I wasn't the first in the crew, that was Zoro, but I know what Luffy's first venture was" Kaku leaned forward slightly, showing his interest, she simply smiled "he first appeared in a barrel on the Pirate Alvida's ship, apparently his dinghy had been sucked into a whirlpool or something and he decided a nap in a barrel was in order" she let out a slight laugh, Kaku couldn't help but gain a small smile, the captain was indeed how he first appeared in water 7, child-like and fun loving. "The next time I saw him was in a small town in the East Blue… he had Zoro with him then, my guess is he must have picked him up sometime in between, how he managed to get Zoro to join him I don't know, since Zoro was originally known as a Pirate Hunter" she smiled before standing up, placing the book on the table and walking over to the book shelf "after that I have all of our adventures recorded"

Kaku watched her; she'd changed a LOT since he first saw her in Water 7, her bright orange hair once short, now reached down to her mid-back, her body more curvaceous, if that was even possible, the young woman had always been rather well curved, not that he made a habit of noticing these things.

They'd all made some very large changes, the crew had grown up considerably in the amount of time they'd been at sea; be it body changes, hair changes, even style changes were accounted for, but then his own team had changed slightly also.

Lucci, well Lucci was still Lucci, not much could change about him, besides the obvious lack of top-hat and overly-well-dressed attire, he still remained the same.

Kalifa had decided to have her hair cut not too long before they were found by the Straw-hats; it now resided just below her shoulders in a stylish chopped look which fit stylishly with her glasses.

Jyabura's hair had grown longer however he'd still maintained his moustache to the same length as it had been 2 years prior, his style hadn't much changed either, still maintaining his oriental look

Blueno hadn't changed at all; it was as if 2 years hadn't even gone by for the large man!

And he himself, the fastest of the rogue agents, he still never took his cap off, his hair having grown so it reached just below his jaw-line in choppy layers, he maintained a more casual style of clothing still having the high collared shirts, however, no matter if he'd grown older in the short time… his long hair made him look much younger than he was, and much more innocent when coupled with his large eyes.

Nami picked out a small collection of books, there were around 4 of them, all varying in size, she walked back over to the desk and laid them out along the flat surface.

"Where do you want to start?" she asked, sitting down again

"At the beginning" he answered immediately after, she smiled and plucked the oldest looking one up, crossing a long leg over the other and opening it, he leaned back in his chair and listened as she started to read, writing in the newer looking log book completely forgotten.

Meanwhile down in the kitchen, Sanji had put off putting out the meals for the crew, finding it more interesting to find out what talent the large Doa-Doa no mi user had in the ways of cooking that was until Luffy ran in yelling for his lunch… he was swiftly kicked back out and the meals were served shortly after.

"Neeehh Sanji~" Luffy whined from the floor, where he'd been indented into the wood by a good strong kick from his chef, which undoubtedly Franky would fix later on. The event earned strange looks from the newcomers in the crew, he WAS the captain, wasn't the captain supposed to eat first?

Lucci, having returned from his tour of the ship, in complete leopard form he sat on the railing outside the kitchen door, his tail swishing side to side languidly, he took a glance with his sharp feline eyes towards Robin, asking an unvoiced question; she gave him a smile before responding quietly

"Sanji is of strict belief that women should always eat first" she supplied before gracefully entering past the spotted feline however Nami was nowhere to be seen, nor was Kalifa.

"I will retrieve Kalifa" Blueno spoke evenly before opening a door in thin air and disappearing through it without a trace, 'such a useful devil fruit power' Lucci thought before slinking off of the railing, re-forming into his human form with practiced ease, but instead of walking inside, he retained the rules the chef had given and simply leant against the railing, waiting for the two other females on the crew to enter the dining room/kitchen.

"Has anyone seen Nami-swan?" Sanji asked, looking around as though he'd just lost his favourite lighter, usually Nami would be there… she hadn't gone off his cooking had she? He suddenly looked rather sullen and decided sulking in a corner was in order, without even giving anyone a chance to supply him with an answer.

"Eh Kaku went up to chat to her earlier, probably in the library curly-bro" Franky called from the door, instantly the blonde cook brightened and he dashed out the room.

Zoro walked up to beside Lucci and sighed "I'd suggest getting food quickly, friendly warning… Luffy takes no prisoners when it comes to food, if you don't get some, you won't get some…" he warned before walking into the kitchen and swiftly grabbing a few things before walking right back out, as though he'd never been there… Sanji would never know… and Luffy wouldn't get his food either.

Lucci stared after the green haired man before silently walking into the kitchen and sitting down on one of the few chairs, not moving to take anything though; he simply looked at the food, thinking about whether or not to chance it.

A few moments after Jyabura ran in, full wolf form, he jumped up on his hind legs, grabbed a few items of food from the table before dashing out again… without even stopping to notice the stares he earned from the strange action.

"He and the skeleton are probably too busy to dine with us" Lucci supplied from the side, offhandedly

"Hm…dining… I've never heard our lunch times put that way before" Robin smiled as she looked down at the spaghetti on her plate, the long strands of pasta curled and woven into each other, a rich tomato sauce, finely chopped onions, peppers and a blend of various herbs and spices to make the sauce rich and creamy, bursting with flavours, to which Blueno had helped of course, just not as much as Sanji had made.

Elsewhere on the Sunny, Sanji had walked up to the library and opened the door to find Kaku sat right next to Nami reading the log books with her, she was reading out loud but leaning into him ever so slightly so he could see the book for himself, and he didn't seem to mind it either… the close proximity of the two made the chefs blood boil… he just had to ruin it.

"Nami-swaaaaannn~!" he called rushing into the room causing both occupants to nearly jump out of their skins, Kaku's somehow completely hidden blade unsheathed and pointing directly at Sanji, whom would have ran RIGHT onto it if he didn't have a quick reaction time, the second Kaku realized who it was he pulled the blade back, shock evident on his face

"…Please don't do that again, I could have skewered you…" Kaku sighed, putting the blade away

"Eh shitty swordsman, couldn't skewer a kebab" Sanji grumbled, immediately taking a disliking to him for two reasons, one he was a swordsman like the shitty marimo, and two… he was too close to Nami, and he'd only been there NOT EVEN A DAY.

"Sanji-kun there's no reason to be rude" Nami sighed, putting the book down and standing up "now what is it?" she asked, frustration evident on her face, she had been rather enjoying talking to Kaku, he was smart, he was funny… damn was he cute, and he was yet to make a pass at her! He was fine by her standards.

Completely ignoring her first comment he bowed gentlemanly "lunch is served Nami-swan~" he grinned, a heart in his only visible eye and a large goofy grin on his face. Kaku stood up and sheathed the blade back into wherever he'd pulled it from and walked to the door

"Shall we head to the kitchen, Nami-swan" Kaku smirked, obviously taking the piss out of Sanji's behaviour, to which earned a smile and a nod from the orange haired navigator, whom walked past Sanji and followed Kaku out.

Sanji grumbled and walked after them, a frown on his face, Kaku had easily woven his way into the crew, they all had… even Blueno had earned his favour in the kitchen… they hadn't even been there a DAY… no wonder they had been so good at their government jobs, they were far too good at integrating themselves into any crew or organization.

Blueno returned to the kitchen shortly after he'd left just as Kaku and Nami walked into the room, he appeared out of the portal he'd opened, Kalifa following him from god only knew where, noticeably more than half of the food on the table had already disappeared, they watched her for a moment before she decided to answer the unanswered question with "I was exploring… the bathroom is very nice" she smiled

"OW thanks for the compliment soap-sis!" Franky cheered, taking it as a personal compliment that the woman liked his design/creation.

"That's sexual harassment" she replied evenly, adjusting her glasses with a small smile, Franky simply face-palmed and sat down again, remembering that distinct trait of Iceberg's ex-secretary. "Where is Jyabura?" she asked after a moment, looking around the room, noticing the distinct lack of wolf zoan.

"Same place Luffy and Brook are I'd guess" Sanji replied, lighting a cigarette, if he was greatly surprised that Luffy WASN'T still at the table, he didn't show it, he was too busy watching Kaku, sat next to Nami… to close.

Lucci leant closer to Robin and smirked "your chef is radiating anger towards our swordsman; perhaps you can…remedy this" he suggested, his voice low, a trick he'd learnt which always got women to do as he pleased. Robin calmly ate a baguette which was evenly coated with the spaghetti sauce before cleaning her mouth

"And how would I do that?" she asked almost silently, "your swordsman is too close to Nami-san… he will be angry until Kaku moves… or until Kaku proves himself worthy of sitting near her" Lucci raised an eyebrow before leaning back in his chair, crossing his arms across his powerful chest

"Kaku" Lucci spoke evenly, the long nosed swordsman looking up immediately and over to Lucci "come here" Kaku stood up and did as instructed, as though he was hardwired to do as Lucci instructed

"Is something wrong?" Lucci motioned him to lean closer until he was close enough to lean up and whisper

"Steer clear of the navigator until you earn the trust of the chef, you're angering him" Lucci warned almost silently before letting Kaku go and getting up "excuse me" he then vacated the room, having not eaten a thing.

The occupants of the room stared after the dark haired carnivorous zoan for a few moments, before Robin looked around the room, realizing nobody was going to go after him and find out what was wrong with him, she stood up and followed him out, ignoring the choked 'don't' from Kaku's direction.

"Rob Lucci" Robin spoke, her voice raised ever so slightly, a frown creasing at her brow, he stopped in his tracks and turned on his heel to face her without a word. "I know you're more than likely unused to being asked so I doubt this won't come as a surprise to you, but what is wrong?" she asked, the frown present. In response he raised one arched eyebrow then leant against the white railing.

"Not that it's any of your business" he spoke with an air of arrogance that she believed didn't suit him, nor was consistent with how he'd been acting since they arrived, immediately alerting her to the fact that something must have been wrong "I'm simply not used to such a… lively atmosphere"

Robin shook her head, crossing her arms over her chest "you'll find it's always like this, best get used to smiling and having a good time, it's general rules on this ship" she smiled before walking back into the kitchen to finish her meal before Luffy spontaneously reappeared.

Lucci finally made up his mind to return to his seat and actually attempt to eat something, however as he went to walk in, a hand shot past him and grabbed a large bowl of spaghetti from the table and out of the door to the grassy deck below, where an odd trio consisting of 1 rubber captain, 1 living skeleton and 1 giant wolf… all in that order, chasing each other for the bowl of spaghetti around the deck.

One thing came to mind for Lucci 'what the HELL, have I gotten myself into?'