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"Ah! I can't believe I'm running late!" I cried, smoothing wrinkles out of dress—which was ice blue with a darker blue trim—and hurriedly reaching up to mess with the dark blue sash under the bust. Once I was satisfied, I took my hair out of the messy ponytail it was in and reached for the zodiac keys on my bedside table. It took only seconds for me to locate the key for Cancer. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, focusing a little of my energy on the small golden key to let Cancer, who was staying with Elfman, know that I needed him for a minute.

A small poof sounded a bit behind me to my left and was immediately followed by the spirit's recognizable voice when he said, "Did you need something from me, ebi?"

"Cancer!" I breathed a sigh of relief, turning to him. "I need you to do my hair pretty quickly today, okay?" I'll do my makeup while you do that."

"Got it. How do you want your hair styled today, ebi?" the Giant Crab spirit snipped his scissors in an anticipatory manner, but I was too rushed to care about it.

"It doesn't matter; quick, cute, and casually formal…if that makes sense? I don't want to stand out, though. It's not my day today!"


I rushed to grab my makeup bag and sat down in front of the vanity in my Fairy Hills room as Cancer got to work on my hair. He was so quick and efficient and gentle that I hardly realized he was messing with it until I finished the light makeup I was putting on and watched him finish styling the stylish messy bun. My usual two strips of hair that framed my face were left down and it took him only a few seconds to curl them.

"That's perfect, Cancer!" I stood, clipping a blue rose pin into my hair. "You can go find a good seat with Elfman and whoever else, now!"

"Don't be late, ebi!" he warned, disappearing with yet another poof. I snorted; of course my spirits would start to talk back when they got to stay out and live around me for months at a time. And today, all of the spirits would be out for the entire day, and probably for the rest of the weekend. The festivities probably wouldn't stop for a while.

Shoes, Lucy, I scolded myself silently, you've gotta find your shoes!

I rushed out into the living room area of my Fairy Hills apartment and went immediately to the shoe box on the coffee table, opening it to reveal the dark blue heels I knew would be in it. I took them out quickly, strapping the two-and-a-half inch beasts to my feet with the dexterity of a woman who has worn heels far too many times in her life. Once that was done, I snatched up my matching blue handbag and took one last glance at the clock. I was back on time, although it was a little tight. With that knowledge, I turned off all the lights in my house as quickly as possible and headed for the door. I couldn't be late for this—she would kill me!

Once I'd exited Fairy Hills after passing a few of the other girls who didn't have to hurry so badly to the event, I broke into a run. It was never fun to run in heels, but I had grown used to it since joining Fairy Tail all those years ago and especially since I had been able to come home a year and a half ago now. Heels were part of my daily ensemble once more, and it was much too often that I forgot to wear sensible shoes when I went on a job with Natsu or with the old team.

The canal flowed to my left but I ignored it completely, forgoing the thought of walking on the ledge because I was in a hurry and because I would probably fall into the water with my luck.

Finally, Magnolia's famous cathedral came into view and I kept running straight towards it. The clock tower on top indicated that it was now seven forty-seven. My heart beat painfully in my chest and although I knew I just had to be there by seven fifty to be safe, I would have preferred being earlier so I could talk to the bride more thoroughly and maybe make sure she didn't really have any of those pre-wedding jitters. Considering who the blushing bride was, I didn't think she'd ever run away, but I still didn't want to risk it.

The side door of the cathedral opened as I drew nearer and a redheaded woman peered out, gazing up the streets with a stern look in her eyes. When she spotted me, she visibly relaxed a little.

"There you are, Lucy!" Erza said, mildly relieved as she held the door open for me. She wore a lovely dark blue number with ice blue trim, the opposite of my own dress. "We were starting to worry!"

"My alarm clock didn't go off!" I groaned, slipping inside as Erza let the door fall closed. I took this moment to put my hands on my knees and tried to catch my breath. I also found a few seconds to be extremely thankful for the new charm I'd bought in the last week—the anti-sweat charm. I ran all the way to the cathedral in the center of Magnolia from Fairy Hills, which took a good five minutes even when running the entire time, and I didn't sweat at all. Thankfully. "How's she doing?"

"A little nervous, but otherwise she's fine," Erza reported, motioning for me to follow her down the hall to the room where the bride-to-be and her bridesmaids and maid-of-honor were supposed to wait until the wedding.

When the two of us entered, the blue-haired Levy McGarden tackled me and cried, "Lu-chan! You made it! We were starting to worry! What happened?"

I laughed a bit sheepishly, scratching my ear as my best female friend stepped back. The dark blue dress she wore went with her hair nicely, while it contrasted oddly but almost stylishly with Erza's red hair. I didn't want to tell them about my alarm clock again because it almost sounded like an excuse. It may have been entirely true, but it still sounded like a very lame excuse.

"It doesn't matter, she's here now, ain't she?" the brunette from the other corner of the room said, winking at me. I was glad Cana chose to speak in my favor. And as was expected, she looked absolutely stunning in the dark blue bridesmaid dress, just like the other two women.

"I'm sorry I was running behind," I apologized to everyone, but mostly to the woman clad in white over by the mirrors. "Something happened in the breaker box for my room and the power surged…so my alarm decided not to go off this morning."

It really does sound like a lame excuse. I knew it!

"Juvia understands," the blue-haired beauty said, and I could hear the nervousness in her voice as she turned around to face me. Her wedding dress was a sleeveless number, with a lovely ruffle effect and a lengthy train. The veil was attached to a silver tiara with sapphires inlaid, and Juvia wore a pretty sapphire necklace to go with it. Along the edges, there were blue embroidered designs that reminded me of water. And Mavis, was it all gorgeous! Gray was one lucky bastard today—I was sure of that. "Juvia is fine as long as Lucy is here now."

"I'm here," I smiled at her, walking up to her to give her a hug. "Don't worry about a thing, Juvia. You look absolutely stunning!"

"T-thank you, Lucy," she stuttered cutely, and I couldn't help but giggle at little. I was so glad that Juvia and I had become so close in the last year and a half, and it was such an honor for her to have picked me as the bridesmaid in her wedding.

"Lucy, it's your turn," Levy suddenly piped up. "Juvia has been having us go check to see if Gray's standing at the altar yet. It's about five minutes 'til, so go take a peek! Please?"

"Yeah, I've got it," I smiled, gave Juvia's shoulder a comforting squeeze, and turned to head out of the room and upstairs for a little glimpse of the room where, in just a few short minutes, Gray and Juvia would become Mr. and Mrs. Fullbuster.

When I reached the top of the stairs, I didn't dare get completely within sight of the open door; I peered around the corner stealthily to see Gray just taking his place in front of the priest, straightening his jacket and looking just as nervous, if not more so, than his bride-to-be. And I had to admit that Gray had cleaned up well for the occasion. There was a white rose in his buttonhole—his boutonniere, to be more precise—and his tie, which he reached up to tug at anxiously, was the same dark blue as the bridesmaid's dresses. It matched well with the light blue shirt—the same light blue of my dress.

Next to him, talking to him rather calmly, was the pink-haired best man—my boyfriend. Natsu was dressed much like Gray, only the rose in his buttonhole was an icy blue—again, like my dress. The shirt and tie were the same as Gray's. It wasn't the first time I'd seen him in a suit, but it still got me just like every other time that Natsu could clean up so well.

A grin started to spread across my face; this was going to be a fantastic day.

I turned away from the sight of the groom fidgeting nervously as the late guests filed in to find seats. Most of Fairy Tail was already seated inside, plus a few of the townspeople and even a few people that Gray and Juvia had done jobs for, but there was still a small trickle of people walking in.

My smile was still in place when I stepped back into the girls' dressing room a few moments later. All three sets of eyes turned to me, shining with questions. Juvia's were perhaps asking the most questions at once; is he there? Did he run? Does he look handsome? How much longer?

"He's there," I assured them all with a smile. "He looks kind of nervous, but he's not running or anything, Juvia. You don't have anything to worry about, okay?"

Juvia flushed and nodded embarrassedly.

Just afterwards, there was a knock on the door.

"Ya decent in there?" a gruff voice called out, and Levy's face brightened considerably for a moment. It was unmistakably the voice of her boyfriend and the man who was going to walk Juvia down the aisle. He'd been her friend for the longest time, and even Master Makarov fully supported the idea—just as long as he got to walk one of his other 'daughters' down the aisle at a later date.

"Yeah!" Cana called back, rolling her shoulders a little. I could tell she was unused to wearing so much clothing, like Gray, but she would do it for them. After all, they didn't show it very often, but Cana and Gray had actually been really close friends since he'd joined the guild and so Juvia had insisted on having Cana as a bridesmaid. Anyone important to Gray was important to his girlfriend and soon to be wife.

The door clicked open and the iron dragonslayer leaned against the doorframe, eyeing the five women in the room. His eyes lingered briefly on Levy, who grinned and waved energetically at him to earn a nod in return, and then he let himself find Juvia.

"Ya look good there, squirt," he said, a wolfish grin stretching his lips. I watched as Juvia beamed—it must have been really nice to have her oldest friend be there to support her in the biggest moment of her life and even to walk her down the aisle. "We've got to line up outside the doors now. They're about ready to start."

"Already?!" Levy cried, glancing at the clock to ensure herself that time had indeed passed so quickly. I had to do the same, but I wasn't as surprised as Levy was because I'd been fully aware of the time since I had been running late since I woke up this morning.

"Let's go," Gajeel said, holding his arm out to Juvia. The water mage nodded, striding over and linking her arm with his. I watched her take a few preparatory breaths. Levy rushed forward to pick up the train of the dress. She would be carrying the train and Gajeel would be walking the bride down the aisle, but she was a bridesmaid and he was also a groomsman, so after the bride reached the dais they would each file to their respective sides.

When the group of women plus Gajeel made it to the top of the stairs, outside the now closed doors, it was to find the ring-bearer, Bisca and Alzack's four year old son, named Al after his father, and the now eleven year old Asuka as the slightly older-than-average flower girl waiting for us. Cana and Loke lined up together as the first bridesmaid and groomsman pair, followed by Erza linking arms with none other than her boyfriend Jellal Fernandez. And after them is where the two younger members of the procession fell in, right before the woman who held the position of the Maid of Honor…which would be me. Behind us waited Juvia and Gajeel, with Levy ready to carry the train of the bride's dress. Everything was fairly traditional about the setup, save the fact that there were no parents involved in the whole affair and that a groomsman and a bridesmaid were both attending to the bride rather than preceding her. But I knew this would all turn out perfectly.

Just then, the doors swung open in the instant that the music for the bridal procession started, and the bridesmaids and groomsmen began to march in…well, they seemed to glide in smoothly. First walked Cana with Loke because they were the only two involved in the procession that weren't dating one of the others. Next, the redheaded Erza floated in beside her dashing beau. After a few beats, Asuka gave her younger brother a gentle push to get him started on walking towards the front while she stepped up beside him, showering the aisle in flower petals and a cheerful smile.

I beamed at everyone as I walked in between the pews before looking up as I drew nearer to the front. Natsu and I shared a smile before I mounted the dais and took my spot.

And then the bride glided up the aisle. It was like she was walking on air—she was so graceful and so fluid in her movements that it seemed like her feet didn't even touch the ground. I could barely look away, but I had to catch a glimpse of Gray. And, just as I'd expected, he couldn't take his eyes off of her. It was obvious that the bride and groom were madly in love, and it was so touching to see it.

"Who gives this woman in marriage?"

The voice of the priest somewhat startled me, and I turned my attention on the bride, who stood at Gajeel's side at the top of the stairs to the altar.

"I do," Gajeel sounded more solemn and serious than I'd heard him sound in a while, and it made me grin at the thought that he wanted to do his best to make Juvia's big day a pleasant and memorable one. He was doing the right thing, too.

And with his words, Juvia detached herself from his arm and stood across from Gray whilst Levy and Gajeel both took their spots among the bridesmaids and groomsmen, respectively.

The entire room erupted into a huge cheer and round of applause as soon as the priest announced that Gray could 'kiss the bride'. And, as it was Fairy Tail, it was no simple, chaste little kiss for the sake of grandparents and parents. It was a fierce, passionate kiss that simply fell short on the French kiss front. At the end, the bride and groom were both flushed in the cheeks but grinning like a madman and madwoman. They weren't the only ones, either, because as I looked around I couldn't see a single person who wasn't smiling.

"Congratulations," I turned to them, and Juvia was laughing and crying all at once as she threw her arms around me. Her left ring finger bore a glittering ice-colored diamond on an unorthodox white-gold band.

"Juvia is so happy!" the blue-haired water mage cried into my shoulder. I patted her on the back, grinning. It was still kind of surreal that Juvia was no longer Juvia Loxar…and that Gray was actually married…but it would all be a lot easier to believe given some time. And it helped matters that I had seen this coming for a while now.

"That's fantastic!" I told her, squeezing back so she didn't choke me. "But if he doesn't treat you right, you know you've got all of us to knock sense into him!"

Levy giggled and agreed and Erza also agreed sternly. Cana laughed, clapped the bride on the back, and said, "I know some tricks to keep him in line, too, so if you need any help at all just come to one of us, okay?"

"Lucy! Erza! Cana!" Gray's voice whined from behind his wife, and we, the three girls who had somewhat insulted him, turned to look even as Natsu stepped forward and wrapped his best friend and rival in a headlock. Erza, for once, just smiled at their playful wrestling as the other groomsmen came up to Gray to tease him some more.

"Everyone, let Reedus get some pictures!" Mira's voice called over the noise that had broken out. We stepped out of the way and allowed the artist to quickly paint a picture of the bride and groom at the altar, and then he wanted a portrait of everyone who participated so we all climbed back up to array ourselves around and behind the bride and groom. It took only a few short minutes, and then the celebrations began to change venues.

When Juvia let out a shriek, I wasn't the only one who spun to look at her in concern. We needn't have worried because her new husband had just swept her into his arms bridal style.

"Let's go party!" Cana called, and the guild members whooped and cheered as Gray led the procession out of the church, a violently red-in-the-face Juvia clinging to his neck with a wide smile on her face. Laughing, I followed with Natsu at my side and the rest of the guild came after the wedding party. It didn't matter that the guild was halfway across town; Gray was determined to carry Juvia all the way to show off his lovely and effervescent new wife.

Mirajane rushed ahead with her siblings and the Raijinshuu Tribe in order to set up the guild for the party, Master Makarov tagging along by riding atop Elfman's shoulders. The whole scene attracted a lot of attention from everyone in Magnolia and upon seeing the two mages in the front in wedding garb, several citizens stopped to line the street and cheer.

For my part, the stupid grin stretched across my face just wouldn't leave. This was proof of how much our guild meant to the town in which it was formed and based, and just knowing that we had such an impact was flattering. When Fairy Tail was happy, it seemed like the entirety of Magnolia was happy.

The guild was just as loud and noisy as usual as we all filed in to begin the reception. Reedus wanted a few more pictures, so the bride and groom posed by the cake that was ready for later and then there were pictures with the bride, bridesmaids, and I as well as pictures of Gray with Natsu and the guys. There were goofy pictures and serious pictures and I was surprised at how fun the whole thing was. But of course, this was Fairy Tail; I should have known it would be fun from the start.

For about an hour, everyone just mingled. Everyone else wanted to give the bride and groom their congratulations and so the bridal party stepped back and chatted amongst ourselves while the rest of the guild monopolized the attention of the newlyweds. Shortly afterwards, though, Master Makarov announced that brunch was about to start and I made my way to the seat I had been assigned, just to the right of where Juvia sat beside Gray at the center of our table. The other bridesmaids sat to my right with Asuka on the end. The same set up was true for the men's side, although Alzack sat at the end with his son on his lap so that the younger Al didn't cause a ruckus.

Throughout dinner, I kept up a nice conversation with Juvia and Erza, those closest to me, with Gray occasionally pitching in from Juvia's other side and Cana and Levy from Erza's other side. With that happy atmosphere, the meal passed rather quickly.

In the lull before dancing started, Natsu stood up and the rest of the guild quieted to hear.

"I wanna make a toast to this idiot," he nudged Gray with a teasing smirk, "and to Juvia. We've all known Gray for too long and it's kinda nice to see him settling down. It's also a little weird, though," a few people laughed at Natsu's entirely ineloquent approach to a best man's speech. "I guess it will take some getting used to. But if I've got to say something good about it all, it would have to be that Gray deserves it. He might be a stripper and an exhibitionist and a droopy-eyed ice bastard, but he's still one of us. That means he'll be loyal and a probably a good husband…so, let's all make a toast to their happy family!"

I rolled my eyes at the way Natsu phrased it all, but raised my glass of wine along with everyone else.

Natsu beamed, took a large drink, and sat back down. Gray rolled his eyes at Natsu and the dragonslayer maturely stuck his tongue out in return. I smiled softly to myself as I took my turn as the maid of honor to stand up and give a toast.

"This time I'd like to make a toast," I looked out at everyone, raising my glass in front of me. "I'd like to make a toast to the happiness of the Fullbuster family, as Natsu already said, and also to Juvia's persistence! Thanks to your refusal to give up on Gray, he's now sitting next to you, dressed in a tux, and you're wearing rings that bind you together for the rest of your lives. So…congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Gray Fullbuster."

I knew it wasn't as eloquent as I would have liked, but it was still a lot more literate than Natsu's. And besides, I knew that my feelings had reached the happy couple and that's all that really mattered to me.

I drank with the rest of the guild and sat back down.

Music started up barely ten minutes later and Juvia and Gray were ushered out onto the floor to have the first dance. I watched Reedus drawing quickly to preserve the moment and I couldn't help but smile again, watching him concentrate and watching the two people who were very much in love twirling together on the dance floor. Halfway through the song, though, Juvia motioned for us to join in. Erza stood and pulled me up with her, walking over to grab the men on our way to the floor. Cana and Loke got up, as well as Gajeel and Levy, and the bridal party minus the ring bearer and flower girl stepped out onto the floor with the dancing duo.

I let myself revel in these moments, and I thoroughly enjoyed watching Juvia's content expression change to ecstatic glee. She was bursting with happiness and seemed to glow, and it made her radiant. I wonder if all brides exuded the same delighted, excited aura. The lovely blue-haired Mrs. Fullbuster disappeared from my sight as my handsome pink-haired dancing partner twirled me around and a laugh bubbled up as he drew me back towards him.

The cutting of the cake, the cake itself, and the champagne to go with it was a scene that Reedus captured perfectly, but it was so charged with excitement and energy that it was hard to recall exactly in what order the events were in. No one could stay very calm for very long.

During the father/daughter and mother/son dances, it was Gajeel who danced with Juvia and Cana who danced with Gray. It was the same idea as before—their oldest friends of the opposite genders would serve as replacements, although one's true family could never be replaced. I couldn't help but wonder who I would dance with when I got married for this portion, and who would hand me off? It would probably be Master Makarov or even Capricorn…the thought made me grin. Everything made me grin today, but that was okay. It was supposed to be a happy day and so far it was shaping up perfectly.

The couples took the dance floor again, occasionally sipping at punch in brief pauses and watching others dance. It was fun to watch who danced with who and how Mirajane reacted, as well as amusing to see her dragged away from manning the bar by Fried Justine, who pulled her closer as they started to dance. Gray came over and asked for a dance since Loke had hijacked his new wife, and I laughed as I agreed.

I love Fairy Tail. I couldn't help but think about how much I loved the guild, especially at a time like this.

"Everyone, gather around the stage!" Mirajane called, standing on the stage herself. She beamed and continued, "It's time for the bouquet and garter tosses!"

Many of the men whooped at the fact about the garter toss, and I let myself grin at it as I held a hand out to Mira when she stepped towards the front of the stage to hop off as Gray and Juvia mounted the steps. The white-haired woman smiled her thanks and took my offered assistance, landing on the ground with relative ease. It was only a three foot drop, but I still didn't like the idea of that in heels like those that Mira wore.

"Juvia, toss the bouquet first," Gray said, smiling at her. She nodded in agreement and Gray raised his voice, "Hey, dumbasses! Move out of the way! She's throwin' the bouquet first!"

The men grumbled as they moved out, but the girls started to chatter excitedly as Gray stepped away from Juvia so she could throw it. She turned her back on everyone and someone squealed as the bouquet flipped up into the air.

I couldn't really tell much in the chaos that ensued. It was Fairy Tail, of course, but I still hadn't quite expected everyone to be so crazy when it came to catching to bouquet. I was jostled around, pushed forward and backward and nearly sprawled across the floor before the bouquet had even reached the top of its arc. The jumble of limbs and dresses became a mass of confusion and I barely knew what the next few minutes were all about. The clearest part of it all was looking up, spotting something falling, and holding out my hands, but that was still a blur in my mind.

People started cheering and Levy wrapped her arms around me.

"Oh, well! I wanted to catch it, but it's fine for you to, too!" the bookworm blue-haired mage beamed at me, and I blinked confusedly until I looked at what was actually in my hands.

"Congratulations, Lucy!" Juvia beamed from the stage, and I smiled back at her, waving a little.

"Oi, Natsu, y'hear that?" Gray called over the head of the women. "Lucy went and caught the bouquet!"

I joined in the laughter that followed the teasing statement as the rest of the girls and I moved out of the way for the guys and the garter toss. Cana slapped me on the back, smirking at me, and I pointedly rolled my eyes at her, to her amusement. She chuckled and squeezed my shoulder, gliding off to the bar where she picked up an entire bottle of champagne and started to drink it, making a face at the taste.

Before any of us girls knew what was happening, a loud cry rose up from the men at the garter toss, and a few guys wolf-whistled. Juvia was trying hard not to laugh and failing and Gray was leaning on her shoulder, unable to keep himself from laughing.

"Hey, what are you doing?!" Natsu's voice rose from the group as Macao and Wakaba came into view with the pink-haired dragonslayer between them. I raised my eyebrows at them in curiosity, and they promptly stopped in front of where Levy, Erza, Laki, Bisca, Alzack, the kids, and I were. The two older men wore huge grins that almost made me worry, but then they pushed Natsu forward.

"Hey, Natsu, show Lucy your present!"

It was at that moment that I saw Juvia's dark blue and icy blue garter in his left hand and I started to laugh. Levy was the next to notice, and soon there was more good-natured laughter ringing out in the guild. Gray and Juvia had descended from the stage and pushed Natsu closer to me. Levy in turn pushed me closer to Natsu and Lisanna ordered the music to start.

As the two recipients of the tosses, Natsu and I danced together as the final little section of dancing commenced.

It was another hour before the revelry started to draw to a close, and Gray and Juvia had everyone gather so they could say their sincere thanks and send everyone off. They were both glowing even though they looked completely exhausted and it was a great sight. I never thought attending the wedding of some of my nakama would be as fun as this, but it was and I was exceedingly proud to still be alive in order to be a part of it all.

"Thank you all for coming!" Juvia said, beaming at everyone and waving as she linked her arm with Gray's. "It's been a great day!"

"Yeah," Gray agreed, trying to be cool. The grin on his face was just a bit too exuberant. "Thanks for everything, guys."

Everyone bid the happy couple farewell and went on their way. Natsu and I were the last to leave the married couple behind, Juvia and I sharing another embrace and Gray and Natsu doing the weird man-hug-bump thing that I just couldn't figure out a good name for.

Natsu and I went for a little walk, our arms linked together. I leaned my head on his shoulder gently and we just wandered around at our own pace, content with the day and with everything that had happened.

We found our way to the park where we had confessed our feelings to each other and it was still one of my favorite places even though the rainbow sakura trees weren't in bloom. I hugged Natsu's arm more tightly, the bouquet held to my chest in the other arm. Natsu's free hand was in his pocket, where the garter he'd caught still rested. And it was nice that we could convey our feelings in this manner with no words necessary. Our relationship had only grown stronger and I was so thankful for that.

I love you, Natsu.

He already knew it, though, so I didn't need to tell him. And I knew that he loved me so I didn't need to hear him say it again.

We turned to leave the park after a few minutes of walking the various little paths throughout it and he began to walk me home. His arm slid out of mine, his right hand slipping down to link fingers with my left.

Glittering from our joined hands in the moonlight was a little silver ring on my ring finger that I had been wearing for a few months. Now that the hype over Gray and Juvia's wedding was over, I was sure someone else would finally notice, but I didn't really care anymore. It was nice that we weren't bombarded with questions like Gray and Juvia had been the minute their engagement had come around, but now that I knew just how fun it was to get married among this crazy family of ours, I knew that I wouldn't mind the ruckus in the end.

Natsu squeezed my hand tightly, beaming softly down at me as we stopped in front of Fairy Hills, and I smiled in return.

I leaned up as he leaned down into a quick farewell kiss, and I found myself anticipating the day that the two of us could do this in front of the whole guild at the altar, just like Gray and Juvia had done today.

But I still had a long life ahead of me to spend with Natsu; what was a few more months of waiting for him to put that diamond ring on my finger?


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