Chapter 3

DISCLAIMER: If I owned Harry Potter James, Sirius, and Peter would have never existed.

Lily Evans woke up to complete darkness. She felt around and realized there were curtains surrounding where she had been sleeping. She pulled back the curtains to reveal someone's bedroom.

There was a wooden nightstand painted black to her immediate left. On the nightstand was a lily flower, a paperback Muggle book (A Dog's Life: The Autobiography Of A Stray by Ann M. Martin), a black leather book that she thought must be a diary, and a picture of her and Severus when they got married.

Wait a second, Severus? She suddenly remembered all that had happened that day. She had woken up in the Hogwarts Hospital Wing to find Severus crying at her bedside. She realized that this must be Severus's bedroom and she was lying in Severus's bed. She felt herself get suddenly scared. She was lying in a bedroom alone in almost complete darkness. The last time this had happened she had been beaten unconscious by a drunk Sirius. She slipped out of the bed and grabbed a green cloak with the initials L.M.E. (Lily Marion Evans) embroidered on it in gold thread out of the closet. He kept my cloak she thought as she fastened the gold clasp around her neck. She felt around in one of the pockets and her wand was still inside. Lily turned around and checked herself in the full-length mirror on the wall (she noticed her hair was a mess so she charmed it brushed). She then conjured some shoes for herself (white ballet flats to go with her white sleeveless lace-up dress) and walked out the door.

A/N: Here's another short chapter for you! They look longer than they really are when you upload them to if that makes any sense. A Dog's Life: The Autobiography Of A Stray is a real book and one of my favorites. I don't own it either.